Sunday, October 2, 2011

Upcoming U.S. Elections: Will They Be Suspended?

As hard as it is to believe, there seems to be some merit to the possibility that an effort to thwart the upcoming elections is quietly underway.

Again, it is worth repeating - it is very very hard to believe that something like this could ever take place in America, but it is most definitely worth watching. Just in case.

'Suspended Election Revolution" Does it Play?

Presented for you now, an exercise in considering the incredible: that Barack Obama, et. conspiratorial al. would plan to suspend elections in an orchestrated national emergency, perhaps a false flag operation blamed on his opposition.

I do not say this will happen, nor am I selling the idea.

Nor am I. It seems to incredible and too outrageous to even consider. However, it is also worth remembering the strange times that we are living in these days, particularly considering the nearness of the hour of the approaching Tribulation. In that context anything is possible and in an effort not to have "head in the sand", it may be worth keeping one eye on this remote possibility.

It isn't like politicians haven't raised the issue:

The point is, this should be scrutinized and in principle when such things are fully sounded out, their probability — that is, the opportunity for them, lessens.

And the objective in this: with an open mind, to gain the situational awareness necessary to keep from being duped by normality bias (what we are accustomed to, what we think we know) and by agitprop.

“Forewarned is forearmed.” If you would embark upon such a war-gaming journey of the mind, we suggest six initial steps, given below.


Make sure you are familiar with North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue’s “joke” that by sober evaluation was not a joke, but a flatly put suggestion called by some a “trial balloon”: that congressional elections should perhaps be suspended.

You can hear the quote in the link contained within the article. There was no joke attempted here,

What a coincidence! Gov. Perdue, it is time to recall, is one of ten appointed by Barack Obama to serve on a very NWO-ish sounding Council of State Governors, arrayed around the country, purposed to handle responses militaristic and otherwise, to national emergencies.

That might seem to be just the kind of council (and remember the Russian word for governing council is “soviet”) that would deal with the suspension of our Constitutional governance and the imposition of something instead which would lay in a spectrum between that and dictatorial, martial law.

We also cannot forget about the newly formed Council of Governors and the role it may play in the future:

Connecting the dots on Obama's Council of Governors

As stated, the idea of any attempt to thwart elections seems too outrageous to even contemplate.

The uprising that such action would create is also impossible to contemplate, regardless of whatever "crisis" was occurring at the time, whether real or contrived.

However, in these last days, all possibilities should be considered and at a minimum, watched closely for further developments.

These are strange days as we approach the Tribulation and it is hard to know just how bizarre and surreal things will become - on this side of the "gathering up" of the Church.


Jeremiah 9:24 said...

The only thing that I think could possibly lead to a successful suspension of elections in the U.S. would be the Rapture. (There would be appointments to fill the missing seats, of course, just the same as when a sitting legislator resigns.) Anything short of the Rapture, you'll see civil unrest to make Libya look tame.

Scott said...

I hope you are right, Jeremiah. I really do. But on the other hand, many of the things I have seen over the last two years are things I never thought I'd see while my time on earth, so to me, almost anything seems possible now, regardless of how bizarre and unbelievable. We shall see. But again, I surely hope you are right.

Mrs. C said...

Well this gave me a wee little bit of a freak-out! obummer wants to control the electrical lines in the country! YIKE!

"Fed Plan to Consolidate Power Over Nation's Power Highway Has States Nervous"

The Obama administration is looking to consolidate control over the nation's power highway, pushing a proposal that would put one federal agency in the driver's seat when it comes to reviewing and approving power-line projects across the country.

Caver said...

Jeremiah, I certainly hope you're right....but fear you're wrong. I just don't see how they can hope, at this point, that they won't be swept out of power and their programs rolled back as much as possible and as fast as possible. Their goal is a fundamental transformation of America....and elections would put a major hamper on that.

Oh, don't get me wrong.....I think they've already crossed the line and succeed but it would be a lot faster and cleaner if they can keep power for a while longer and I personally think they'll do anything to do that.

We see evil and darkness coming out from every rock and dirty corner now. They have unmasked. They can't afford investigations and light.

WVBORN56 said...

I'm with Jeremiah on this one. I think we are long gone before the elections and certainly before suspended elections. Jesus said He was coming back as a thief in the night and as in the Days of Noah when it was still a time of business as ususal. See ya'll soon!

hartdawg said...

All i have to say is this....if they suspend elections there will be such and uproar and rioting,every politican in Washington will be in mortal danger

Unknown said...

I disagree. We have already been trained to cheer for the execution of US citizens without trial. Al Alwaki proves that the Constitution can be set aside when the people are sold on the need.

DrNofog said...

We were told the siege, storming, & machine-gunning of innocent women & children at Waco was justifiable because Koresh was a 'child-molesting cult leader' [because his eschatology was 'different' from the 'main stream'], and an 'anti-gubmint extremist' with a 50cal machine gun, and the only people that grumbled about it were 'dangerous right-wing militias'...

And we bought it hook, line, & sink-US...

A few American pastors commented:

"If 'they' can do this to one group, they can do it to any group now..."

BTW, the survivors testified against the gubmint liars and won the lawsuit [but that doesn't help the dead, or the precedent now set]...

hartdawg said...

Michael,we are not talking about more pat downs at the airports or no prayer at schools, we are talking about no more democracy and dictatorship. this will require much more conditioning....but still you may be right

Jec said...

I can't help to think that what we have seen since the POTUS took office is nothing short of demonic miracles. God has given us many preludes and a taste of things to come with what we see going on. Just the fact that BO got in as president was a sham!, pushing through health care, no records of his past, and all of the bail outs, just to name a few. And don't forget the oil spill. I can't imagine BO letting up...he's in there for the long haul and will do anything to stay in power. The puppet show is only half way through.

Diane said...

Mrs C has a beautiful post(s)about the Jewish wedding customs, posted on yesterday's (Saturday's )blog. If you missed it, I urge you to go back and read the post. Thanks so much, Mrs C, for all of your timely and wise posts ! Diane

WVBORN56 said...

My specualtaion is this... can he (Obama) do it? Yes, will he do it? Probably. Will the church be here to see it? Lord willing, no! :)

I can not see the church rolling over on a dictatorship here in America. This will most likely occur in the tribulation or after the rapture of the church. The stage is set IMO and I think what is occuring with Turkey in the ME with regard to Israel is extremely interesting! We are oh so close.

Waterer said...

Thanks Diane and Mrs.C-
The bridegroom /bride wedding analogy was wonderfully told. I have heard it from Scott but the reminder is exquisite.

Caver said...

Michael Hrovat, I disagree with you greatly on that one. American citizen or not, he changed sides and is fighting in a war against us. We call that a traitor.

An enemy combatant in a hot war is a valid target. The fact that he's a traitor to boot only makes the bulls eye bigger and brighter.

This was not an execution in any shape, size, or or form. To call it an execution is throwing a PC label on it. That may work with politicians in debating halls but not on the front lines.

Mrs. C said...

Hi Sister Diane,:)
Its my great privilege and pleasure to share what Zola Levitt taught me early in my walk with the Lord. As he was a Born Again Jewish Believer, his teachings, such as the Jewish Festivals, Feasts, and the Jewish Wedding were amazing to me, and still are!
As a young'n in Christ, I just absorbed them with great excitement and joy! For me, Zolas teachings as a Jewish Believer, helped me greatly understand, connect the dots to completion, so as it were, about our Lord Jesus, and our Loving Father. After all, Jesus is still Jewish, that didn’t change, and for me, when you love Him you want to know everything you can possibly know about Him! Knowing all about the Jewish ceremonies, Festivals etc., brought His Word to the fullness of life for me. Jesus sang the Psalms on His way to worship at the Temple, He celebrated and honored the Jewish Feasts, Festivals etc. Our Loving Father, designed the details in everything, and as an awesome Father, made it simple so we His special adopted children, understand.
It warms my heart so greatly!
God Bless You Sis! :)

Mrs. C said...

Hi Waterer :)
It is my privilege to share, and brings such joy, hope, and yes tears of gratitude every time. Yes indeed, it is wonderful! And as you so perfectly said, “exquisite” indeed!
God Bless You! :)

WVBORN56 said...

Good call Caver, Al Alwaki was an enemy and a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Dear GG......I am ONLY giving my
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I never said I was an adviser.
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And I still believe that .....

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As far as AC is concerned, I know
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I was just using that the clear
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and the timing of the rapture.

Stephen !!!!

Diane said...

Yes, Mrs C, there is usually such a special annointing when Jewish believers (they used to call themselves "completed Jews") speak and teach. My hubby and I used to know some Jewish believers, but they are now with the Lord. How wonderful that we, as Gentiles, are grafted into God's family, with His other people, the Jewish believers. Diane

DrNofog said...

Scott, I heard you're a fan of MacPherson's "works"...

Mrs. C said...

Sister Diane, :)
Oh my goodness, I haven’t heard that term "completed Jew" in a very, very long time. Yes indeed Sis, I agree completely, they do indeed have a special anointing!
Yes by His Grace, we are gratefully grafted in! Praise God Forever!
God Bless Sis! :)

Scott said...

Ahhhhh yes, you have a good memory DrNo....Here I am all relaxed after a nice Sunday with the family and there you go, trying to get me all fired up again :)

I did not one small error in my past comment on the issue. MacPherson's infamous and inaccurate, disingenuous book actually spent ~ 1/2 on the MM story (rather than 2/3) but I am too lazy to get up and do a page count :)

As stated, I have yet to see a post-tribber or mid-tribber (including pre-wrath) attempt to have a scriptural discussion on a line-by-line basis. (have you ever seen such?)...

Typically, it is based on a single scripture followed by the usual MM story or some silly notion that the pre-trib view only came to existence in the 1800's - something that has been categorically disproven (as if it mattered anyway)....

But no, DrNo - you will not succeed in getting me all fired up...I'm back to my Sunday evening of relaxation, and my pulse and BP are both humming along at baseline :)

Scott said...

"note" not "not"....Before you catch me on yet another typo :)

DrNofog said...

Actually, I was just using some 'rapture trickery' as bait to draw you in...

Do I git any brownie points fer quoting you [although I'm still totally mystified as to why I suddenly picked you as an "Authority Figger"]?

Scott said...

That is a mystery - but it was your call....Are you arguing with yourself again???

Dave down under said...

Wow that's a long read. You guys are being conditioned for a dictatorship BIG TIME. I remember the story back in April about the 100,000 box cars supposedly sitting in bushland over there waiting to be used. Obama taking away certain rights, changing government policies to install the ten planks of communist policies and other such nasty stories coming out of America. Forgive me when I say you all seem very relaxed and reserved about your nation disappearing down the democratic toilet. Then again I remember a guy called Barry Smith warning the world that your country was founded on demonic principle', the streets of Washington DC fit example. I'll be honest I keep on waiting for a news story of a daily mass exodus from your great country. Hang in there guys, your in my prayers and so is your president. ( nuclear explosions going off underground, The mysterious Denver airport; this tribulation will be "doosey")

Scott said...

You make some excellent points.
Thanks so much for your prayers too (where exactly are you down under?)
Anyway, its interesting that you would mention the aspect of "relaxed and reserved". This is something I have been contemplating quite a bit lately - as my personal nature is to be a 'fighter'. Its leading to a post I am actually writing right now and it should be up soon. Take a look brother and thanks for stopping by!:(
God Bless

Robin said...

Executive Orders are already in place to suspend the election in the event of catastrophic circumstances. As a atter of fact, it was widely thought that George W Bush would do just that when the economy collapsed prior to the 2008 elections. Several Democrats floated the idea and there was some concern in the media that he would, of course, it didn't happen.

But times have greatly changed since 2008. And honestly, I find it extremely difficult to believe that if we ARE living in the end of end times, and I sincerely believe we are, then it's not likely another person will be elected who'll turn everything around and completely change the trajectory our nation is currently on. I want more than anything to hope it CAN, but I think God has a plan and all this is part of it.

Thing is, there's no question our nation is one of the greatest ever in existence . . .and hundreds of thousands have given their very lives to ensure the continuity of this Republic and it would be wrong for us to simply throw up our hands and accept "change" because it's part of God's plan. I have to believe He'd want us to defend our freedoms right up to the day He calls us home. But it's worth noting, America isn't mentioned in end times prophecy. Either something will occur to render us a nominal player like economic collapse or a catastrophic calamity. Yes, the Rapture would significantly set America back . . .but it would conceivably have a similar affect on much of Europe too . . .and they're mentioned in prophecy . . .which makes me lean more toward natural disaster of cataclysmic proportions. But another four years of this administration and we could just be swallowed up by those buying our debt.

Dave down under said...

G'day Scott. Thanks for your reply, I'm in Brisbane which is the capital city if Queensland. Great Internet sight Scott God bless you and the USofA.

Unknown said...

Caver, Al Awalki was also a dinner guest at the Pentagon after 9/11 because he was someone they could work with. How about the Japanese Americans who had their rights taken by FDR under the pretext of safety. I have been called many things, but never PC. Was the government lying when they bought him dinner or now? The Constitution spells out therules for dealing with treason. They were not followed for him. What guarantee do you have for your rights?

Unknown said...

I agree with you completely. We have troops in Afghanistan protecting poppy fields because the government says the Afghanis need the cash. The same government runs sting operations on Amish raw milk producers. And the masses nod in agreement...

Caver said...

Michel, yes, you are right. But he changed sides and has been actively engaged in our destruction and killing our soldiers.

He was not killed at a dinner table making peace.

He was killed while applying his trade of war and conquest.

No, IMHO, he made his decision and he met his fate...just rewards for his decisions.

Scott said...

I completely agree with your comment re- seeing the U.S. elect a leader who would suddenly turn things around. Indeed. Given the polls, that pushes me a LITTLE more in the direction of wondering if we'll ever see free elections in this country again.

However, there is one caveat - we could elect such a leader, IF the rapture takes place soon after - at least soon enough after so that such a leader had no time to reverse course (which will take some time)...

We'll see

Scott said...

Thanks Dave. We all may need to move down under soon - I hope you have room to accommodate all of us!

Alice said...

Scott, you mentioned that you've never seen a scriptural discussion on a line-by-line basis by a post tribber or mid tribber. It jogged my memory of a sermon I heard on Christian radio last March. I had to dig a bit, but found it on (love that site!).

It's Dr. James MacDonald. Are you familiar with him? He's senior pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel in one of the suburbs of Chicago. I do like him--he's very good--I just don't agree with him on this! In any case, he comes the closest I've yet heard of making a line-by-line scriptural comparison of Matthew 24 to Revelation 6, concluding that the rapture of the church is pre-wrath.

Here are his two sermons on it. I know you are very busy, so don't feel compelled to listen. But I'm also pretty sure you can find lots of problems with his exegesis! ;)

Part 1

Part 2

Scott said...

Alice - I'll try to get to this when I have time to sit down and listen. I'll be surprised if he covers every issue AND maintains a literal view of each scripture, but I'll certainly give him a chance:
- The wedding analogy
- John 14:1-3 in the context of the above
- 1 Thess 1:10
- 1 Cor 15:50
- Rev 3:10
- Rev 4 and an explanation of who the 24 elders are and wearing the victors crowns
- The order and sequence of Revelation, and the "missing Church" of Rev 6-18
- John's "ascension" in the spirit in Rev 4
- John's seeing the representation of the church in Rev 4 via the burning candles
- The Church seen in Heaven in Rev 19.
- Daniel 9 and the explanation that the 490 years is reserved for "Daniel and his people" (excluding the Church).
- Why the Church would have to face God's wrath (again) despite the promises offered by Jesus via salvation
- A description of when the Bema Judgement takes place

He covers all of the above?

Alice said...

haha! Nope, he doesn't come close to covering all of that! I guess I'd have to listen to his entire series on Revelation to really understand his perspective. As you listed first, I think the wedding analogy is the toughest to ignore!

So, on second thought, you might NOT want to listen to those two messages--unless you just want a reason to YELL at your computer!

As I mentioned, I thought of them only because what you said made me think of listening to him back in March. Also, although I've done some reading on it, I'd never actually HEARD anyone give a MESSAGE on and attempt to support a pre-wrath view, so it was somewhat interesting.

Scott said...

Heh :)
I know what you mean...I used to get all fired up, but now I just shake my head and chuckle, because I've heard it all before...(Unless DrNo tries to get me fired up - sometimes that works:)
But my interest in always tweaked - I usually listen JUST to see if they have come up with anything new (99.999% of the time, they have nothing new to offer)

Funny story...I was doing a bible study years ago, and had noticed a guy had been sitting in the back of the room, not participating...After 2-3 sessions, he approaches me after the session had ended, and stated that he thought I was doing a disservice, because people wouldn't be prepared to endure the Tribulation as a result of my teaching....And then he immediately launched into the Margaret Macdonald/Darby thing, as if I had never heard it....I just had to chuckle. I mean, its actually gotten funny to me after all these years.

Scott said...

OK...I just started listening. I've heard this before. On the radio. He is SO wrong and he does the "standard". Strawman arguments primarily. He chooses arguments based on things that we don't even discuss. Another typical ploy. he even mis-quotes John 14:1-3 in order to make his case which is disingenuous - and his misquote was deleting a key part of the passage.

I do recall listening to him as I was in my car and I was "talking" back to him while I was in my car :) (alone, fortunately).

Alice said...

Well, I hope I didn't get you all fired up or raise ur blood pressure or anything over this!

I'm going to go listen to his mis-quote of John 14. Perhaps I was asleep when that was discussed... His radio show comes on at 5:30am here, when my clock radio is set to wake me up. Perhaps I hit snooze that day...