Friday, October 28, 2011

Syrian Protesters Demand "International Protection"

The situation in Syria continues to heat up rapidly:

Syrian forces kill 24, protesters demand international protection

Syrian forces shot dead at least 24 civilians on Friday when they fired on demonstrators demanding international protection from President Bashar Assad's crackdown on seven months of unrest, activists and residents said.

Syria's opposition National Council has called for international protection. It has not explicitly requested military intervention, although street protesters have increasingly voiced that demand.

Most of the killings took place in the central cities of Hama, where Assad sent tanks and troops to crush dissent three months ago, and Homs, a center of increasingly armed opposition to his autocratic rule.

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Dozens killed in Syria protests; activists urge NATO action

Then we turn our attention to another one of the tipping points:

Gilad: Iran is Currently the Biggest Threat to Israel

Amos Gilad, Director of the Defense Ministry’s Diplomatic-Security Bureau, said on Friday that Iran is the biggest threat to Israel, and called on the government to prioritize the Iranian issue and take action, though he did not specify what action he thinks should be taken.

Gilad said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was the first to hear intelligence that Iran is aiming for nuclear missiles and said, “Netanyahu sees this as a tremendous threat. The Defense Minister of Defense is also aware of the threat and understands that is a central threat.”

The next statement brings to mind a nation that is living "securely":

Despite the impending threat from Iran, Gilad noted that Israel is currently in very good shape in terms of security, perhaps in better shape than it has ever been.

Even in the face of this threat:

In his remarks on Friday, Gilad also addressed the threat emanating from the Hamas terror group, which currently controls Gaza. He hinted that Hamas wishes to expand its control.

“Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose vision is to establish an Islamic empire at the expense of other regimes, such as Mubarak and Assad,” he said, adding: “Hamas wants to take over Judea and Samaria and eliminate Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party.”

Hamas is also organized, financed and run by Iran.

Ever notice how all matters in the epicenter are unfolding exactly as the prophetic scriptures would indicate?


Seth said...

This is why we take a literal view of prophecy. When God says something will happen a certain way, He means it. Such a privilege to be living in this last generation and to be a witness to the fulfillment of prophecies made thousands of years ago. It's almost comical that we get worried over little things in our life. If God can make sure details get worked out on such a big scale, I think He can handle our little every day struggles. Lord, I believe. Help me with my doubts. Thank you, Jesus.

Scott said...

Absolutely, Seth - great points. I completely agree

Robin said...

I agree, Seth . . .when it comes to prophecy a literal view is most likely accurate. When I think how many times in the past (prior to Arab Spring) that Egypt was so far from abandoning Israel . . .and look at Turkey" And now look at what's going on over there . . .the entire Middle East has done a complete 180.

However :) My mother inlaw and I were in a similar conversation just yesterday about Babylon. She's a very avid reader of Arnold Fruchtenbaum and his teachings and is absolutely convinced Babylon can't be anywhere else but in Southern Iraq. But I've been researching the topic, albeit only a couple of days . . .but the more I look into it, the more I think it's entirely possible/likely it's Rome. So while I believe in most instances, God was literal, in some instances, vagueness was used to prevent changing history because all these things must come to pass before we see the end . . .and would happen quite differently if we knew the Rome were Babylon . . .it would have been completely destroyed centuries ago.

DrNofog said...

"...Rome,-is the only city in the world that sits on 7 mountains..."

Scott said...

Who's that "NoFog guy I keep seeing quoted?

There other factors as well. The only good reason (IMO) that he would have to 'cloak' the actual city's name would have been a Roman City. Also, it has to be a location where the seamerchants etc would see its destruction.

Also there seems to be imagery in Ch. 17 that is consistent with 'Rome'.

I can't find more compelling reasons in the other scenarios that are often discussed.

Robin said...

DrNoFog . . .please share how you're able to search threads? There's such a wealth of information posted in commentary that I fear would be completely lost were it not for your links. I was looking for the thread you linked earlier and couldn't for the life of me, locate it LOL. Think you could get the link to the video you posted in that thread to work again? It's no longer hyperlinked, for some reason. :)