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Mikhail Khodaryonok: Western talk about a 'new stage of Ukraine’s counteroffensive' is just a cover-up of the operation’s failure


This week, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) began the main thrust of their counteroffensive and transferred thousands of additional troops for the attack, the New York Times reported, citing the Pentagon. According to the newspaper, these soldiers were in the reserve force and many of them were trained in the West. The site of the “main thrust” is south of Orekhov, in Zaporozhye Region. Some of the reserve formations that Kiev hadn’t pulled into battle before have already been transferred there. If Ukraine manages to break through the Russian defense, this will allow the AFU to move towards Tokmak and then to Melitopol near the Sea of Azov.

Other sources among US officials said the latest Ukrainian offensive could be a preparatory operation before the main thrust or it may provide reinforcement for the existing units.

Similar information was published a few days earlier by the German daily newspaper Bild, which stated that the second phase of the counteroffensive would begin immediately after the  frontline territories are cleared of mines. 

A statement by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also backs up these conclusions. Earlier, he said Ukraine may achieve success when it fully deploys all its resources. 

Meanwhile, we are approaching a sort of anniversary – the AFU’s much-hyped counteroffensive has been going on for almost two months. However, everyone is fully aware that this operation isn’t going according to the original plan. This allows us to draw some conclusions.

So we may safely say that the AFU has not even gotten close to reaching its immediate goal in the course of the counteroffensive. 

For this reason, discussing the AFU’s “further goals” is not even worthwhile. Theoretically, these could involve the defeat of the enemy’s first operational echelon, its operational (and in some cases, the nearest strategic) reserves, and the capture of key objects and areas in order to achieve the goals of the counteroffensive. For the AFU, a successful accomplishment of the counteroffensive’s further goals would mean a return to 1991 borders. But so far this remains only a dream for Ukraine’s military and political leadership. Consequently, we may say that the counteroffensive operation has been carried out, and the set goals have not been achieved.


Douglas Macgregor: Odessa and Kharkiv Fall Under Russian Control and Authority

Douglas Macgregor: Odessa and Kharkiv Fall Under Russian Control and Authority

In this video uploaded on 31 July 2023, Mike Krupa holds an in-depth discussion with retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor on the current geopolitical events in the United States of America and across the world.

Ukraine and Human Extinction

Ukraine and Human Extinction

This year, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moves the hands of the Doomsday Clock forward, largely (though not exclusively) because of the mounting dangers of the war in Ukraine. The Clock now stands at 90 seconds to midnight—the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been.

And worst of all, Russia’s thinly veiled threats to use nuclear weapons remind the world that escalation of the conflict—by accident, intention, or miscalculation—is a terrible risk. The possibility that the conflict could spin out of anyone’s control remains high.

Mecklin encourages dialogue between Russia, Ukraine and NATO powers in order to de-escalate tensions in ‘this time of unprecedented global danger.’ He quotes UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who warned last August that the world has entered ‘a time of nuclear danger not seen since the height of the Cold War.’

We came a hair’s breadth from nuclear annihilation during the chaotic and unpredictable brinkmanship at the height of the last cold war, and in fact had numerous close calls that could have easily wound up going another way. As former Secretary of State Dean Acheson put it, humanity survived the Cuban Missile Crisis by ‘plain dumb luck’.

There’s no logical basis for the belief that we’ll get lucky again. Believing nuclear war won’t happen because it didn’t happen last time is a type of fallacious reasoning known as normalcy bias; it’s as rational as believing Russian roulette is safe because the man handing you the pistol didn’t blow his head off when he pulled the trigger.

But that’s the kind of sloppy thinking you’ll run into when you try to discuss this subject in public; I’m always encountering arguments that there’s no risk of nuclear war because we’ve gone all this time without disaster. One of the reasons I engage so much on social media is that I find it’s a good way of keeping tabs on the dominant propaganda narratives in our civilization and understanding what people are thinking and believing about things, and nowhere have I encountered more fuzzbrained comments than the times I’ve written about the need to prevent an entirely preventable nuclear holocaust.

The most common response I get is something along the lines of ‘Well if there is a nuclear war it will be Putin’s fault,’ as though whose ‘fault’ it is will matter to us while we’re watching the world end, along with the related ‘Well Russia shouldn’t have invaded then’ and ‘Well Russia should stop threatening to use nukes then.’ People genuinely don’t seem to understand that in the event of a full-scale nuclear war, it will really be the end of everyone. They still kind of imagine everyone still being there and shaking their fists at Russia afterward, and themselves sitting there feeling self-righteous and vindicated for correctly saying what a bad, bad man Vladimir Putin is.

They don’t understand that there will be no pundits discussing the nuclear armageddon on Fox and MSNBC, arguing about whose fault it was and which political party is to blame. They don’t get that there won’t be any war crimes tribunals in the radioactive ashes as the biosphere starves to death in nuclear winter. They don’t understand that once the nukes start flying, nobody’s shoulds or shouldn’ts about it will matter at all, and neither will your political opinions about Putin. All that will matter is that it happened, and that it can’t be taken back.

Another common response when I talk about the looming threat of nuclear war is, ‘Oh so you just don’t care about Ukrainians and you want them all to die.’ The other day some lady responded to a Twitter thread I made about the need to avoid nuclear armageddon by saying that I must love rape and war crimes. People sincerely believe that’s a valid response to a discussion about the need to prevent the single worst thing that could possibly happen from happening. It really doesn’t seem to occur to them that they’re not actually engaging the subject at hand in any real way.

The Beast System Approaches: Transhumanism And The Globalist Promises To 'Improve' God's Design Of Man

Transhumanism: Globalists Promise To ‘Improve’ On God’s Design Of Man

It sounds like bad science fiction, but it is rapidly becoming reality. Some of the most powerful people on the planet think they are going to “upgrade” human beings — or at least some human beings — through genetic engineering and technological schemes such as “brain implants.” Yes, really. In fact, they are publicly touting alleged benefits, supposedly including eternal life, and even evolving into “gods.”  

If that all sounds crazy or even diabolical — good, it should, because it is. And yet, the technologies to make some of these nightmarish visions possible are progressing so fast it would make your brain spin. In some cases, the tech already exists. Meanwhile, children around the world are being prepared to embrace it through public schools and “entertainment.”  

World Economic Forum chief Klaus Schwab, the global frontman for the so-called “Great Reset,” has been celebrating it all for years as part of what he calls the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” In his book on the subject and in speeches, Schwab outlined a plan to merge people with computer technologies, brain implants, and even to genetically “improve” them.  

“Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will not stop at becoming part of the physical world around us — they will become part of us,” Schwab writes in his book Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a narrative that he has been peddling for almost a decade in speeches, articles, essays, and books. “Indeed, some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves.” 

“Today’s external devices — from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets — will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains,” he continues in the book. “These implantable devices will likely also help to communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally through a ‘built-in’ smartphone, and potentially unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brain waves and other signals.” 

Schwab, who oversees a sprawling organization bringing together political and business leaders from around the world, goes on to suggest that governments can and perhaps should mandate submission to such intrusive technology. “As capabilities in this area improve, the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess guilt or even possibly retrieve memories directly from people’s brains will increase,” adds the professor, saying governments could even require “a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.” 

Eventually, humans will merge with technology and become one with it, according to Schwab. “At the end, what the Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities,” he declared at a speech at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and many since then. And he means it, too.

Under the guise of “convenience,” thousands of Swedes have already implanted microchips in their hands. These RFID chips can and do function as vaccine passports, money, and keys all rolled into one.

Meanwhile, the “mainstream” media has been marketing the chips to Americans for years. There should be no doubt that this will accelerate as governments and central banks around the world move against cash in favor of “digital payments” while the World Health Organization advances global digital “health” certificates. At some point, refusing to have one may make it difficult to operate in society or even to buy and sell.

But the microchips under the skin are just one small step compared to what transhumanist advocates are planning. Already, government schools are using technological tools that can peer into the minds of children. Around ten years ago, the U.S. Department of “Education” issued a report titled “Enhancing, Teaching and Learning Through Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics,” offering a sneak preview into the future.

Among other schemes, the document touted some of the highly intrusive technologies already used in federally funded “education” programs. These included “facial expression cameras” and “wireless skin conductance sensors.” The tools are able to detect children’s responses to various stimuli and peer into their minds while computer systems and algorithms vacuum it all up and feed it through increasingly advanced al Intelligence systems to make sense of it all.


Rumors Of (Nuclear) War: Russia's Medvedev - We'd have to use a nuclear weapon if Ukrainian offensive was a success

Russia's Medvedev: We'd have to use a nuclear weapon if Ukrainian offensive was a success

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who has sometimes raised the spectre of a nuclear conflict over Ukraine, said on Sunday that Moscow would have to use a nuclear weapon if Kyiv's ongoing counter-offensive was a success.

Medvedev, who is deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, a body chaired by President Vladimir Putin, said in a message on his official social media accounts that Russia would be forced to fall back on its own nuclear doctrine in such a scenario.

"Imagine if the.. offensive, which is backed by NATO, was a success and they tore off a part of our land then we would be forced to use a nuclear weapon according to the rules of a decree from the president of Russia.

"There would simply be no other option. So our enemies should pray for our warriors' (success). They are making sure that a global nuclear fire is not ignited," he said.

Medvedev, who has cast himself as one of Moscow's most hawkish voices, appeared to be referring to part of Russia's nuclear doctrine which sets out that nuclear weapons can be used in response to aggression against Russia carried out using conventional weapons which threatens the existence of the Russian state.

Ukraine is trying to retake territory which Russia has unilaterally annexed and declared to be part of its own territory, a move condemned by Kyiv and much of the West.

Putin said on Saturday that there were no serious battlefield changes to report in recent days and that Ukraine had lost large amounts of military equipment since June 4. Kyiv says its forces are making some progress in their drive to retake territory, albeit at a slower pace than desired.

Kremlin critics have in the past accused Medvedev of making extreme statements in an effort to dissuade Western countries from continuing to supply Ukraine with arms.

BRAZIL: Socialist Lula da Silva IMPOSES Gun Control on All Citizens


The socialist President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has overturned all the policies of former President Jair Bolsonaro that eased access to firearms in Brazil and led to a reduction in crime in the country. Lula’s dictatorial decision confirms his intention to control firearms among citizens in Brazil, as previously anticipated by TGP in May.

The new gun decree introduces new restrictions based on left-wing ideological criteria rather than technical aspects. The new law prevents civilians from acquiring firearms and prohibits citizens from buying .38, .40, .45, ACP, and 9mm caliber guns. Lula has also banned the purchase of semi-automatic firearms.

Those who possess firearms with prohibited calibers will have to sell them to the State. Lula will establish a gun buyback program for the now-prohibited weapons.

Bolsonaro’s gun policy brought positive results for Brazil. Recently, data from the Brazilian Public Security Forum indicated a 2.4% reduction in the number of violent deaths in the country, dropping from 48.4 thousand victims to 47.5 thousand victims

Despite the positive numbers, Lula has chosen an aggressive gun control policy. His favorable stance towards left-wing dictatorships in Venezuela and Nicaragua has raised concerns among citizens who own firearms, as they fear the dangers of totalitarianism with these gun control policies in Brazil.

Russia 'Ready' For Clash With US Over Syrian Skies, Putin Says

Russia 'Ready' For Clash With US Over Syrian Skies, Putin Says

President Putin in a Saturday statement given to the press significantly ramped up his rhetoric regarding a potential clash with the United States over Syria.

TASS media quoted him as saying that "Russia is ready for any scenario" if it comes to that, but still "does not want a direct military clash with the US." 

This summer has seen a series of near-miss incidents between Russian fighter jets and American MQ-9 Reaper drones. In two incidents this month, the US drones were actually damaged from the encounters, which has reportedly involved the Russian warplanes shooting flares or else possibly dumping fuel. 

The US drones can be damaged by these flares, which according to the Pentagon has happened. When asked about this, Putin stressed in the new comments that "we are always ready for any scenario, but no one wants this."

"On an American initiative, we once created a special mechanism to prevent these conflicts; we have department heads that communicate directly with each other, and consult on any crisis situation," he said of a military-to-military contact hotline intended to avoid inadvertent clash. "This shows that no one wants clashes.”

These near-misses over Syrian skies also come amid the backdrop of the Ukraine war, where the nuclear-armed superpower rivals keep inching toward potential direct conflict. Russian media has framed Putin's new comments as also a warning directed against NATO broadly, in the contexts of both Syria and Ukraine.

Previously, we've pointed out that In Syria, successive US administrations going back to Obama have justified any and all US military actions as based on "countering ISIS" - even though at this point the Islamic State has long been driven underground and was defeated. Russia and Syria have charged that the US really just wants to steal Syria's oil and gas resources, as part of the continued economic war against Damascus.

Days ago, The Wall Street Journal appeared to agree with this assessment, in a rare and surprise admission...

WSJ on the US occupation of Syria: US claims to be "combating the remnants" of ISIS. Yet US troops "are operating in the east, far from the northwest enclave where suspected ISIS and al Qaeda leaders have been operating." So what's in the east? Syria's oil and wheat.

'The Stage Is Being Set For A Grand Deception?

If They Are Openly Admitting That They Have Recovered “Non-Human” Bodies From UFOs, What Do They Have Planned Next?

[Just a quick question...These supposed "UFOs' can travel light years, but they get to earth and continue to crash? Do these 'alien pilots' need more training in how to fly these things? And....they travel light years to come here (70+ years) and just watch us? Are we that interesting?  Just food for thought....]

I definitely understand that this is a topic that a lot of people don’t want to talk about.  If there really are “non-human” creatures flying around in the skies above us, that is a really big deal.  What are their intentions?  Are they hostile?  Most people have enough problems without having to consider such things.  For a long time, the U.S. government worked exceedingly hard to suppress legitimate information about the UFO phenomenon, but now there has been a dramatic reversal.  All sorts of extremely shocking things are being revealed to the public during congressional hearings, and that is something that never would have been allowed in the old days.

So why is this happening?

Are they trying to prepare us for something?

As I write this, highly anticipated testimony from former intelligence official David Grusch continues to make headlines all over the globe.  He had previously given interviews to a couple of news outlets, but when he testified in front of Congress he was under oath.

So if he didn’t tell the truth he could potentially go to prison.

He testified that the U.S. government possesses multiple alien craft and the remains of their crew; that government contractors have “misappropriated” money to fund these ongoing programs and that there have been efforts to silence those who come forward that may have even included murder. In addition, Grusch said the U.S. was working to reverse-engineer alien technology and that people were hurt in the process of attempting to do so. He said he had a list of witnesses, both cooperative and hostile, for future hearings that could provide additional answers through firsthand accounts.


Hopefully we will get a chance to hear from that list of witnesses.

Because the American people deserve the truth.

To many, the most interesting portion of Grusch’s testimony came during an exchange with U.S. Representative Nancy Mace

MACE: Okay. You say that the government is in possession of potentially non-human spacecraft. Based on your experience and extensive conversations with experts. Do you believe our government has made contact with intelligent extraterrestrials?

GRUSCH: Something I can’t discuss in a public setting.

MACE: Okay, and I can’t ask when you think this occurred. If you believe we have crashed craft as stated earlier, do we have the bodies of the pilots who piloted this craft?

GRUSCH: As I’ve stated publicly already in my NewsNation interview, Biologics came with some of these recoveries. Yeah.

MACE: Were they, I guess, human or non-human biologics?

GRUSCH: Non-human. And that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program I talked to that are currently still on the program.

MACE: And was this documented evidence, as video, photos, eyewitness? Like how would that be determined?

GRUSCH: The specific documentation I would have to talk to you in a SCIF about.

MACE: Gotcha. Okay. So and you may or may not be able to answer my last question and maybe we get into a skiff at the next.

So Grusch is claiming that the U.S. government is currently in possession of non-human spacecraft that have been recovered.

And he also says that “non-human” biologics were discovered with at least some of these craft.

If this is really true, members of Congress need to follow up on this really hard.

In fact, if I was a member of Congress I would be absolutely furious that the intelligence community has been keeping this a secret from lawmakers for so long.

On the same day, a couple of fighter pilots also testified to Congress about their experiences with very strange UFOs while in the air

The House Oversight subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs heard additional witness testimony Wednesday from former U.S. Navy fighter pilots Ryan Graves and retired Commander David Fravor, who both claimed they had encountered aircraft of a nonhuman origin. “These sightings are not rare or isolated,” said Graves, who served in the Navy for over a decade. “Military aircrews and commercial pilots, trained observers whose lives depend on accurate identification, are frequently witnessing these phenomena.”

Graves told lawmakers that his aircrew encountered UAP during a training exercise off the coast of Virginia Beach, Va, when their lead jet came within 50 feet of what he described as a “dark gray or black cube inside of a clear sphere.” He estimated it to be five to 15 feet in diameter, motionless against the wind, fixed directly at the entry point. The mission was immediately terminated, and his squadron submitted a safety report that he claims received no official acknowledgement of the incident.

If U.S. military pilots really are “frequently witnessing” UFOs during missions, we have a right to know.

But even though all of this has been revealed under oath in front of Congress, most Americans don’t seem very moved.

One commentator has suggested that this is because the mainstream media hasn’t told them what to think about all of this yet…

the reason the alien news isnt “sticking” or taking off for most people is that there is no meta-narrative provided. the people in charge arent telling them what to think about it.

they dont have their own meta narrative about this topic, so its just, bizarrely, useless info.

I think that is such a great point.

Time after time, the general public doesn’t have a strong opinion about a particular issue until the mainstream media tells them what that opinion should be.

Isn’t that sad?

Eventually the mainstream media will develop a narrative about these new UFO revelations, and millions upon millions of Americans will eagerly adopt that narrative.

But will it be the truth?

As I have repeatedly warned my readers, I believe that the stage is being set for a grand deception.

So much is being assumed about who these “non-human” creatures are and where they are from.

And I believe that most of it is a bunch of nonsense.

For years, we have been waiting for our government officials to tell us the truth, and now they are revealing a little bit.

Unfortunately, I am entirely convinced that the limited amount of truth that they are allowing to reach the general public is simply setting the stage for even greater lies.

Power Companies Could Remotely Switch Off EV Chargers To Reduce Grid Stress

Energy providers could have the option to switch off home EV charging stations remotely to reduce pressure on Queensland’s electricity grid.

The proposal is part of the Australian state’s Queensland Electricity Connection Manual (QECM), which provides a framework for the grid’s operation.

Section 8 of the QECM proposes that EV charging equipment may be limited or switched off by operators Ergon Energy and Energex (distributed network service providers or DNSPs) if it has an output of more than 20 amps—a standard domestic single-phase EV charger uses 32 amps.

The use of such “demand management” schemes is largely unique to Queensland and is also used on residential pool cleaning machines, hot water systems, and air conditioning units under the Peaksmart program.

Peaksmart gives households a cash rebate; in return, the operator can turn off air conditioners remotely during peak operating times (summer) to reduce pressure on the energy grid.

The large-scale roll-out of such programs has been earmarked as a potential catalyst to close down coal-fired power stations faster—amid the net zero push—and to, instead, adopt more intermittent renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and battery.

Federal Nationals MP Keith Pitt, himself an electrical engineer, says a proposal to use demand management on EV charging reveals that operators have little confidence the grid can handle the uptake of electric cars expected in the push towards net zero.

“EV take-up could increase peak demand by as much as 60 percent right across the National Electricity Market,” Mr. Pitt told The Epoch Times.

“That would mean you need a 60 percent increase in generating electricity capacity, transmission, and distribution. So that’s every substation, every cable, every supply point, every house—it will cost an absolute fortune.”

The federal Labor government has set a lofty goal of having 3.8 million EVs on the road by 2030—there are currently 83,000 in use.

Further, the government is also pushing to expand the charging network, aiming for 100,000 for businesses, 3.8 million chargers in households, and 1,800 publicly available fast chargers.

The initiative comes as part of a wider push towards net zero by 2050 and to reduce emissions by 43 percent by 2030. Further, the Labor government hopes to have 82 percent of the National Electricity Market powered by renewables.


Trips to Europe will require visa and personal data from travelers starting in 2024: 'Quite Orwellian'

'Quite Orwellian': Trips to Europe will require visa and personal data from travelers starting in 2024

Want to jet off to Italy, Spain, or France? Starting in 2024, all travelers going to European Union countries will have to not only book their flight and hotel and bring their passport, but they also must fill out an online application before traveling on their trip.

The online application requires authorization and to pay a fee through the European Travel Information and Authorization System. The system is expected to be operational in 2024.

Travelers will be required to fill out personal information, including date and place of birth, home address, parents' names, phone number, email, nationality, education, occupation, planned travel destinations, and criminal history.

Nile Gardiner, a former aide to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, called the new EU program "Orwellian."

"I do see this as big government overreach here. It’s quite Orwellian with the amount of information that EU officials are requesting," Gardiner said to Fox News host Neil Cavuto.

Most applications are expected to clear in a few minutes, but some applications could take four days and possibly up to 30 days to process. Once approved, your authorization is valid for three years.

"U.S. travelers that wish to travel to the European Union will have to go through this application process. It is intensely bureaucratic. It will be hugely inefficient," Gardiner said.

He added an important prediction: "This is the most important aspect here: I fear that EU officials will be using this to keep some individuals out of Europe from the United States whose political views that they don’t like. So there’s always potential for this kind of misuse of this kind of system."

The EU is legitimizing the new system for the purpose of enhanced security.

"It’s quite the other way around. You have large numbers of Islamist terrorists operating in Europe that pose a threat to U.S. national security. At the end of the day, this is about enhancing big government bureaucracy and control. I think the system is going to be a hugely unwelcomed addition. Going to Europe will put a lot of U.S. citizens off from traveling to Europe, and can it be misused for political purposes by EU officials. I wouldn’t trust the EU to handle this properly at all," Gardiner concluded.

California's Orwellian Invasion Of Privacy Could Soon Go National - It Hinges On One Church's Lawsuit

California's Orwellian Invasion Of Privacy Could Soon Go National. It Hinges On One Church's Lawsuit

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, local, state, and federal government agencies embarked on a major campaign to undermine the constitutional rights of American citizens, including people of faith. Pronounced among this constitutional wreckage is Calvary Chapel San Jose, which currently faces $1.2 million in COVID-19 fines (initially it was $3.87 million) after being targeted by an invasive and warrantless government geofencing operation.

Geofencing is a location-based tool used by the government to track individuals through their cell phone data. This tool is typically used in police investigations of criminal activity and requires the government to request a warrant – which is limited in time and scope.

The County of Santa Clara used this tool against Calvary Chapel San Jose under the auspices of researching what they term “super spreading” (despite the fact that the county cannot trace one confirmed COVID-19 case to this church) and is now using it against them in their on-going attempt to collect fines from the church. This geofencing operation, which effectively amounts to a targeted sting operation by the government against churchgoers who were not suspected of any crime, took place over the course of two years with seemingly no oversight, boundaries, or limitations.

This obvious invasion of privacy and targeting is not only a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but also represents a terrifying precedent if allowed to go unaddressed: as it stands, the County of Santa Clara is effectively arguing that, as long as they call it research, any level of government can target and spy on any individual or group for any reason at any time for any duration, and, if they so choose, they can then wield the collected data against said individuals or group. This is not just un-American; it’s downright Orwellian.

The Fourth Amendment states that the government must have a warrant for searches and seizures to protect the privacy and property of American citizens, and stringent criteria must be met, as determined by a judge, in order for this warrant to be granted. Warrantless fishing expeditions, especially geared at enforcing where, when, and in what manner individuals exercise and express their faith and beliefs, is not within in the purview of any level of government and is a practice counter to the foundational concepts upon which our Nation was built.

All Americans should be paying attention to Calvary Chapel San Jose’s case: your rights and liberties depend on this case and the precedents that are set here. We must understand that growing technological capabilities do not necessitate a limiting of our personal freedoms. 

While tools like geofencing can be effective in criminal investigations with the proper warrants and parameters, the implementation of expansive geofencing operations against churchgoers is more reflective of the Chinese Communist Party’s use of technology to enforce “social credit scores” in China. In the United States, the purpose of the government is to secure and protect the unalienable rights of the people. It is not to spy on American citizens to enforce its own political and social agendas.

If a California county can spy on a church in this way without limitation, what is to stop the federal government from weaponizing the Department of Justice in the same way against whatever political organization, rally, or candidate that is not currently in power? Should local or state governments be able to surveil gun clubs and gun stores in the name of research to collect data on law-abiding gun owners? This, again, is a dangerous precedent.

Americans should be upset and concerned about the lengths to which government officials are willing to go to violate the rights and liberties they’ve taken oaths to uphold.

Our organization, on behalf of churches and Americans whose rights are being violated across the country and to curb our government’s capacity to continue this type of egregious overstepping. Instead of targeting churchgoers across the country, our government should have focused its efforts on protecting our rights during a national emergency, not diminishing them.

When another global emergency happens, and when Americans need faith the most, we will make sure the government does not interfere with Americans’ ability to worship in fellowship.

When it comes to temperatures in Italy, BBC lies and lies and then lies some more

When it comes to temperatures in Italy, BBC lies and lies and then lies some more

Italian architect and film producer Robin Monotti has been highlighting dubious claims made by the BBC about temperatures in Italy in recent weeks.  The BBC was not happy and its “climate change disinformation specialist” did a hit piece on him.  Monotti fact-checked BBC’s article and pointed out its false claims, yet again.

On 19 July, BBC Weather tweeted: “Another scorching day ahead in southern Europe.  Whilst temperatures won’t be as high as yesterday in northern Spain, we could see highs of 46 or 47C for the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. #europeheatwave”  The tweet has had 1,6 million views.

The same day,  Monotti tweeted: “BBC tweets a temperature for Sicily which is 10°C HIGHER than the BBC app for Palermo, Sicily. What’s going on?”  His tweet has been viewed 1,1 million times.

On the same day BBC was tweeting temperatures of 47oC while its app was displaying 37oC, No Tricks Zone explained in an article what had happened.  The #europeheatwave hysteria started when climate sensationalist media outlets, such as Relotius Spiegel, uncritically cited a sloppily and manipulatively formulated 13 July report from the European Space Agency (“ESA”).  ESA’s report first referred to “air” temperature and then later specified that it was, in fact, referring to surface temperature. 

Surface temperature refers to the temperature right at the ground surface.  Usually, weather reports use “air” temperatures which are measured two metres above the ground.  The surface temperature is much hotter than the air temperature.  In Sicily the temperature reached only 32°C over the weekend of 15 and 16 July – a far cry from 48°C reported, which illustrates the huge difference between ground surface temperature and readings taken two metres above the ground.

“Once the trickery was exposed, Spiegel quietly changed the wording in its 14 July report … It’s clear that the authorities and media tried to pull a fast one on the public but were caught again, thanks to careful readers,” No Tricks Zone wrote.

Read more: Europe’s “48°C Horror That Never Was”…ESA, Media Sharply Criticized For Manipulative Reporting, No Tricks Zone, 19 July 2023

Not to be deterred by contradictions within their own reporting nor by the backtracking of other news agencies, BBC Weather stuck to its script and on 23 July tweeted: “One of Europe’s highest ever temperatures is possible for Monday in Sicily; 48C! The European temperature record currently stands at 48.8C.”

On 25 July, BBC Weather made yet another claim about temperatures in Italy.  It tweeted: “The highest temperature in Europe so far this year was 48.2C recorded in Jerzu, Sardinia yesterday. It’s also the highest recorded July temperature for Europe.”  The tweet has been viewed 226,700 times.

Monotti tweeted: “BBC weather claims 48.2°C for Jerzu, Sardinia yesterday. Jerzu weather station itself maximum for yesterday is instead charted at 41.5°C.”  His tweet has been viewed 187,300 times.