Saturday, October 8, 2011

U.S.: Assad must go. Five killed at funeral for assassinated Syrian Kurdish leader

We're keeping a very close eye on Syria right now for the reasons stated before:

Assad: Syria will "Shower Tel Aviv with Rockets"

This warning was issued by Assad in response to the possibility that the U.S. or any NATO countries would intervene in Syrian affairs or at the Syrian border. This warning sounds a lot like a set-up for the expected prophecies which are described in Isaiah 17.

That takes us to today's news:

US: Assad Must Go

Targeted assassinations now dominate Bashar Assad's savage confrontation with the popular opposition to his rule.

For the first time in seven months since President Bashar Assad embarked on his bloody crackdown on dissent, the White House has called on him to "step down now before taking his country farther down this very dangerous path."

Spokesman Jay Carney's wording implied that Syria was set on the path to civil war in the wake of the murder of Mashaal Tammo, the popular head of the opposition Kurdish Future Party and former member of parliament. Friday, Oct. 7, killing him and seriouslyl injuring his son.

While the Syrian News Agency attributed the murder to "an armed terrorist group," DEBKAfile's intelligence sources disclose it was the work of a death squad run by the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Directorate commanded by Jamil Hassan.

The contest between the regime and the opposition has shifted in the last two weeks from street confrontations between massed protesters and government forces backed by tanks – a contest in which Assad has more or less gained the upper hand - to a shadow war of reciprocal targeted assassinations of prominent figures on both sides.

So does this represent an idle threat by the U.S., or does it serve as a warning to the Assad regime?

Only time will tell, but the situation in Syria continues to deteriorate.

We may be on the verge of seeing "responsibility to protect" come into play.

If so, things will become very interesting in the Middle East.


Seth said...

I can almost hear the voice of Jesus calling me up. I'm getting more excited as I see these developments.

On a side note, please pray for God's grace to get me to Monday. I've been having a rough day with my stomach today. His grace is sufficient, so that's what I need.

Misty said...

Praying for you today and also for Monday

Dylan said...

Seth, praying for your stomach.

Alice said...

Seth, you are in my prayers!

Scott, how long have you been earnestly watching? Did you start this blog in '08? Just curious because I continually marvel at all who preach/teach/follow prophecy, some of whom have been doing it for DECADES and DECADES!

I have days when I think the rapture will be any day, any moment now, followed by days where I convince myself we've got years, if not a couple more decades. Does anyone else do this?

Anyway, for this reason, I'm VERY thankful for your blog, Scott, and other watchers who have hung in there through the decades like Hal Lindsey.

Just my random rumination of the day... ;)

Scott said...

Thanks Alice

I have been following prophecy since the mid-80's and the blog started about 2-3 years ago (I forget really) - it was originally just intended to be for a bible study group I had done, and wanted a way to keep up...It started with email address list and then I decided a blog would be much easier. Then, somehow it mushroomed:) No idea how or why - Its a "God Thing" I guess :)

Caver said...

Well, each and every time the Obummer says this, there has been a change. Sometimes we acted behind the scenes, sometimes Libya. If I was Assad and looked at the history, I would have to conclude Obummer and his world "control" crowd had just declared war on me.

You're right Scott....this is exactly what the Responsibility to Protect was created to do before its ultimate use in Israel...IMHO.

Seth...prayers for lifting of your pain and healing, Brother.

Alice....believe me, we know the feeling. Starting several years ago both Mrs C and I began to be convinced our time will be between Isiah 17 and the middle of Gog/Magog.

We both feel we will be presented with an unbelievable witnessing opportunity for a short window but it will be to a very hostile and angry world. Prophecy will have been fulfilled to the "T" and many will come....but many will be repulsed and livid over the carnage brought.

We shall see. Maybe we'll get a chance to discuss it at our Pot Luck dinner the second Friday after The Feast. Oh, it'll be at our mansion. :)

GG said...

Dear Seth~

So much for eating something nice before you go in. I am praying for some nice soothing and settlement through the weekend. I am praying for the surgeons hands as well as your body for a speedy recovery.

God Bless!! Rest Easy...


Anonymous said...


James N Nashville here. Praying for you.

Great development. If there is one thing we can count on in Obama it's that he'll do anything to get re-elected. It's amazing the most predicted softee on the military has now been involved in more operations than we ever thought he would be. Make no mistake he calculates every move. A guy who said all that would be scaled back is doing everything he can to bring Gog and Magog to fruition. Amazing. God is using him just like a little puppet.

Tasarwen said...

Seth, I'm praying for you. Just keep in mind how many of us are lifting you up. I'm sure it will be a comfort to you. *big hug*

Jec said...

Scott, George Soros has his hands all over this "Responsibility to Protect". This is just more of the same old New World Order unfolding.

Seth, praying for a calm and peaceful weekend. May God continue to surround you with His healing presence and His hand to recovery you quickly and into the first part of next week.

Scott said...

He sure does - there have been a number of articles pointing that out. It seems that he is behind a LOT of the evil we see around the world today.

Unknown said...

As Christians we look at the Middle East and see God is in control and prophecy is being fulfilled. The Muslims have their own view of end times, but believe they can speed things along by bringing about an apocalypse. Muslims are waiting for their 12th Iman who will bring about a global caliphate. Simply put, they are eager for WWIII and will sacrifice Damascus or Tehran to bring it about.

Anonymous said...

And yet, stocks continue to rally.
up TWO weeks straight !!

Despite all the EVIDENCE of
another RTP, bulls seem to
continue to buy and buy....

It seems like Obama and the EU
are NOT ready to put Assad down.

i think they are worried about
the consequences of that.
They should be.

An RTP against Syria will
participate and IMMEDIATE
CRASH in the Dow.....

I think that is why they are
holding back...

Stephen >>>>>>

Unknown said...

The RTP is the endgame. Libya was practice for Israel. When Israel defends against attack, the world will call it an over reaction.

Mrs. C said...

It will be Israel, and Israel alone that will attack Damascus, just as Gods Word tells us.
Either pre-emptive through intelligence (which is their history), or retaliatory against an initial attack from Syria (most likely chemical). Israel has been preparing for a multiple fronted war for quite some time.
God Bless!

GG said...

Things are unfolding fast. I am just sitting down to enjoy my morning coffee and the news I was brought to this:

All this talk about Damascus has me so grateful for all the help here to learn about it.

Sorry Scott if this is in your upcoming morning news. Just wanted to get this to you in case you did not see it yet.

Thanks Mrs. C!

God Bless!!


Mrs. C said...

Morning Sister GG :)
My privilege, as always :) Have to lol, because Im seeing the same kinda "stuff" this morning in the headlines. This is interesting

"Iran Tells Turkey: Change Tack or Face Trouble "

Little do these little evil ones know, that God will diminish both of them to pathetic tagalongs of Gog.
God Bless You Sis!

GG said...

It is amazing to see things happening so fast. I also read about some graves being desecrated in Israel during one of the most holiest of times. I keep thinking and praying for Israel for trying to be peaceful through all that is coming at them.

I am also praying for the children and innocent families of Damascus. My heart is heavy for them in these last days.

Have a great Sunday!

God Bless!!


DrNofog said...

Will Turkey be the Trigger??

It's always fascinating that in so many prophecies God tells us how it ends, but never exactly who or how the trigger gets pulled...

And usually it's a totally unforeseen set of circumstances, such as Turkey [allegedly still a NATO "ally"] and NATO threatening to slice off the northern portion of Syria to "secure" a place for the opposition protesters!

One has to wonder at the so-called logic that TPTB is feeding the world thru the lap dog media.

But then, when did the Illuminati ever need or use a reasonable excuse for war when one looks back after the shooting dies down and the dust settles...

Follow the logic on this one:

Syria says "If you hit me, you already know good and well what's gonna happen. I'm gonna... ...turn around and hit this other guy that I hate even more than you!!"

Diane said...

I want to give another plug for "Know Your Enemy" by "The Fuel Project". It was initially recommended by someone on this blog (thank you :). It is 78 short (approximately 10 mins ) videos and well worth watching! I access it thru "google", also "The fuel Project" has a Facebook page. Diane

DrNofog said...

Rosh Hashanah came and went. No ME war, no rapture...
Yom Kippur came and went. No ME war, no rapture...

Seems "my Lord delayeth His coming..."

Hmmmm, wonder where those men and maid-servants are that I wuz thinking could use a good beating about now...

DrNofog said...

On a 'related' side-note that I ran across here:

Tensions rocket over east Med offshore drilling

Since "...Both Turkey and Greece are part of NATO, and any open conflict between the two countries could have the effect of disrupting the stability of the alliance..."...

If the NATO alliance 'fell apart' [like it wouldn't be already part of the 'Plan'], that would leave a power vacuum in the EU/Med that would give impetus [and credence] for the UN goon squad to step up to the plate for the next R2P skit...

Just a thot...

Scott said...

Thanks for that link DrNo - Very interesting developments and I could easily see (and have been waiting for) a break-up of NATO and the EU consolidating their military forces as a result.

Scott said...

Wow - I missed your earlier comment and I hadn't considered that development:

"Syria says, 'If you hit me, you already know good and well what's gonna happen. I'm gonna...turn around and hit this other guy that I hate..."

Now THAT is some food for thought.....

Maybe this whole scenario was set up all along?

DrNofog said...

Scott said... "...Maybe this whole scenario was set up all along?...", pretending this would be new to him [like he doesn't already have a loooong recorded history of being a 'conspiracy theorist'],...
Hinting... "...I have become less and less skeptical about so-called "conspiracy" theories..."

And knowing these things have been "in the works" for a long, long time and don't pop up over night:
"...prophecy shows that Satan has clearly had several practice runs at building his New World Order..."

And wut!?! No comment on my link to Luke 12:45... I know that was lurking in the back of your mind...

Scott said...

Heh :)
Good point DrNo...Its just that this particular "conspiracy theory" escaped my mind somehow!

But seriously - its a fascinating premise and it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see it play out that way

GG said...

Hi Doc~

Some things are still lingering in my head I am hoping you can add better clarity to. Did these other dates come and go as well?

The time period the U.S. Government was taking a little break? (can't seem to recall what it was for but I remember October)

The alignment of the stars during the Jewish holiday. Remember that video?

Elenin passes close by?

There have been so many dates tossed around that some things have come and gone. I may be missing a few others. I just wondered if these had happened? Thanks for the help on this. Sorry, I can't give specifics but my head is not clear this morning :)

Hi Mr. C~

Sounds like you have been very busy. I hope things have worked out peacefully for you and Mrs. C with your previous work project. Nice to see you posting :)

God Bless!!