Monday, October 24, 2011

The Reality of the "Occupy" Movement

It is important to understand what is really going on with the "occupy" movement. It is a movement intended to take down capitalism, and in turn basic freedom. In its place the vision would be a form of Marxism and all one has to do it look at a photo essay to see this reality.

This is very much related to prophecy as it is a world-wide movement and a movement which is very consistent philosophically with what we know will be coming once the Tribulation arrives. Even though this particular set of photos pertain to Oakland, it's the same everywhere:

Is Occupy Oakland as Bad as they say?


Diane said...

Scott, what do you think about the giant "island" of appliances, trash, and other debris, from the Japanese earthquake/tsunami headed to the US pacific coast?(Brian Williams, nightly news) Diane

Scott said...

Diane - I saw that ! Wow - I wonder if there is a way to burn that debris at sea?

Anonymous said...

Well, if you have ever been to Oakland, the tent city there could be an improvement lol!

Unknown said...

Anonymous- LOL.

I was in San Francisco years ago for a meeting and the locals kept commenting how wonderful the morning rain had been. I finally asked why and they said the rain flushes the urine from the streets. Yuk.