Sunday, October 9, 2011

News From Around The World

The Middle East:

Quartet envoys to meet before deadline to resume talks

“We’re not pinning high hopes on the Quartet meeting,” PA tells 'Post'; optimistic that the Palestinians will get votes for statehood bid.

Two weeks after the Quartet issued a proposal for renewing Israeli-Palestinian talks, and 14 days before the talks – under that proposal – are to begin, Quartet representatives will meet Sunday in Brussels to discuss how to move forward.

The PA, meanwhile, is pursuing its efforts to secure the support of at least nine members of the UN Security Council in favor of its statehood bid

PA negotiator Nabil Sha’ath said the Palestinians have launched a “diplomatic offensive” aimed at winning the backing of as many countries at the UN as possible for its statehood effort.

And below we see a new twist that hasn't been discussed thus far:

He pointed out that until a few months ago only 94 countries supported the statehood bid, whereas today the number stands at 131 – two-thirds of the 193 members of the UN General Assembly. If the PA received a Security Council recommendation, it would need to win a two-thirds majority in the General Assembly to be accepted as a member state.

Israel ready to strike Syria, Lebanon, Gaza

Israeli officials have reportedly warned Syrian dictator Bashar Assad that if he uses the downfall of his regime as an excuse to launch missiles at Tel Aviv, Israel will respond with a massive assault against Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.

Unnamed Israeli government sources told News First Class that the threat was relayed to Assad via European intelligence agencies.

Israeli commentators have already stressed that if Assad feels he is going to be toppled, he will have nothing to lose by launching a last minute attack on Israel. In fact, by doing so he has much to gain, as a missile assault on Tel Aviv would solidify Assad's legacy as a dedicated enemy of the hated "Zionist entity."

Syria Cuts Oil Production in Response to US, EU Sanctions

Expose: The Vatican is Cozying Up to Iran's Ahmadinejad

The Vatican is building a strong friendship with Iranian authorities and clergy.

The Holy See’s course with Iran’s Ahmadinejad began in 2009 at the United Nations, when at the first day of the “Durban II” Conference, the Iranian president, the only head of state to attend, made a speech blasting Israel as “totally racist” and referred to the Holocaust as an “ambiguous and dubious question”.

When Ahmadinejad began his rant against the Jews, all the European delegates left the conference room. The Catholic delegation didn’t say a word.

That's just a starting point. More below reveals a much deeper movement occurring:

Recently, Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai, head of the Lebanon’s Catholic Church, sent his envoy, Father Abdo Abou Kassem, to Teheran for the weekend, to attend a conference in support of the Palestinian Intifada and of a “Zionist-free middle east”

A few days before that, a delegation of clergy members of Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly visited the Vatican in Rome. They met with top Catholic officials.

In June, the Vatican sent Archbishop Edmond Farhat, who is the official representative of Vatican politics, to Teheran to attend an “international conference on the global campaign against terrorism”.

Last autumn, Vatican representatives met with Muslim leaders from around the world in Teheran for “a three-day interreligious dialogue”.

The Catholic and the Muslim leaders announced the cooperation “in the search for the common good”. They also promised to work together in “answering modern challenges, promoting moral values, justice and peace and protecting the family, environment and natural resources”.

Last autumn Tauran returned to Teheran to praise Iran’s “spirit of cordiality” and “the friendly Ahmadinejad”, despite the allegation, according to the annual list compiled by Open Doors International, Iran is the second worst persecutor of Christians in the world.

An Iranian delegation and an authoritative Vatican delegation held a closed door meeting in Rome on the theme “Faith and reason in Christianity and Islam”, which concluded with a meeting with Benedict XVI.

When the Holy See acts, nations take notice. How should the West and Israel interpret the new Vatican friendship with the Iranian Holocaust-enablers?

In the U.S.:

Van Jones Media Mouthpiece Gets Russian Cash

Progressive TV and radio star Thom Hartmann took time off from covering Van Jones and his “Rebuild the Dream” movement on Wednesday to briefly talk to this columnist about his relationship with the Vladimir Putin regime of Russia. The conversation quickly went sour when Hartmann objected to questions about how much he is being paid by Moscow. He grabbed my video camera, covering the lens briefly in the process, and stomped away, objecting to “gotcha” questions.

There is much much more in this lengthy article - a highly recommended read - just this tidbit is worth posting however:

While Jones made remarks in his own conference speech about losing his White House job, he also mocked Beck, noting that he had lost his program on the Fox News Channel.

Progressives demanded Beck’s ouster after he began exposing billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros, a major funder of the liberal-left.

The STORM document is about the history of a communist group that Jones led and whose members traveled to Cuba. He has, however, tried to leave his communist past behind as he reinvents himself as an American patriot trying to “rebuild the American dream.”

At almost every stage of his career, he has been supported by money from Soros.

In the World:

Want a RFID Chip In Your Pants? No? Well They're Coming

Here’s an article from the BBC that (enthusiastically) announces the insertion of RFID chips in many everyday products like jeans, foods or cars, allowing the constant monitoring of pretty much everything. Sure, the article “addresses” privacy concerns (mostly downplays them) but it mainly sells RFIDs with arguments like “it could save the lives of old people stuck in a building on fire”. Most people find that inserting computer chips that can connect to the internet with personal data completely useless and, frankly, creepy. Despite this fact, there is a huge push to promote these chips and to sell them to the public.


There are several interesting articles on quakes today - particularly the last two (video in last link which is worth watching) which reveals the ominous signs coming from the Canary Islands:

Alarming Puerto Rico Quake Swarms Continue

I don't know about you, but this continuing swarming of earthquakes in the Puerto Rico area has me on edge for the people of the Caribbean. They haven't been warned, they haven't been notified.

Even scientists are puzzled about the lack of warning.

Strong aftershock rattles Christchurch, New Zealand

One of the most powerful aftershocks since a couple of months occurred at 07:34 PM (19:34), October 9 2011o. Early reports are mentioning a strong shaking. GEONET, New Zealand reports a magnitude (Richter) of 5.5 at a depth of 12 km (see more details below)

Strong Sustained Quake Swarm In Canary Islands

An intensified sustained earthquake swarm is now taking place at the Canary Islands and it appears the magma is now on the move again bubbling closer to the surface and incinerating more rock in the process.

Over the last 24 hours, we’ve seen the depths of the tremors rising up to within 11 km from a depth average of about 14.5 to 15 km. The number of seismic volcanic tremors has also doubled at El Hierro since Wednesday.

On Wednesday, October 5, there were 79 recorded seismic events. On Thursday, there were 160 and on Friday, October 7th, there were 177.

Canary Island To Blow Within One Week?

The problem is La Palma. The rock is unstable and will collapse into the sea causing a super mega Tsunami which will hit lower Europe with the full force hitting the East coast of the USA.

And a little humor to end this news brief.

"Evil Corporations": A picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

The picture says it all.


Jec said...

You know, many people prepare left behind letters to those who will be here after the rapture. But I think there is going to be a big influx of people who will finally see the truth and be saved if the pre-tribbers prepare their after the fact (Isaiah 17:2) letters before all this unfolds. We are really getting closer and closer to this unfolding.

Diane said...

FYI: If you go in and read the article about the Canary Islands, it is corrected to say "East Coast " Yikes !!! Diane

jill said...

Ok this might be waaaayy left field thinking BUT I was pondering the dust up over the 'mormonism is a cult' comment by one of the Perry supporters. I know there are lots of opinions out there but I believe that not believing in the diety of Jesus does not make one a part of 'the bride'. So I was thinking about how if the Lord tarries that Having a Mormon as president would mean HE/SHE would still be here after the rapture and with a foundation in scripture would see the TRUTH and lead in turning to Christ during the Tribulation until the BEAST puts the Kabosh on it. just musing about it and thought I'd share :)

DrNofog said...

Re: "Evil Corporations" & Day of Rage.

Anon mentioned "...things that D. Wilkerson had in his book the Vision. But, one of them was major riots around the country"

Wilkerson was condemned as a 'false prophet' because his visions were not fulfilled right away. I spoze 'they' think the same about God's 3500yr old 'prophecies' too...

TPTB are seriously wanting to bring back the 'glory days' of the 1968 riots as a necessary step for martial law and dictatorship, but "High"-quality "cannon-fodder for the revolution" is getting harder to find these daze...

Robin said...

So the Catholic Church is cozying up to Ahmadinejad, huh? Talk about dejavu . . .they took up with Muslim Clerics in Serbia, killing hundreds of thousands during WWII. Wonder how that ties in with Malachi's prophetic vision and Pope Benedict's possible retirement announcement next spring?

Robin said...

BTW, the BBC story about the chipped britches actually ran two weeks ago . . .why do you suppose it wasn't carried by US media? Hmmmmmm

Robin said...

This 2004 story on what scientists believe could occur if the Canary Islands volcano blows might be of interest to some:

A volcano alert has been issued. . .looks like the US East coast would only have 7 hours notice. It's very densely populated and those affected, the same affected by hurricanes except would extend from Boston to Miami. It took a few days to evacuate when the last hurricane hit. Is could be catastrophic and really should be closely monitored.

WVBORN56 said...

Jill interesting theory but if the rapture occurs before the general election I can not see any republican getting elected. Should the Lord tarry post election you could be right but I am hoping evangelicals see past Romney and Perry who the MSM support and appear to me to be bonified RINO's. I am pulling currently for either Bachmann or Cain.

Caver said...

WV, I echo your sentiments but with one addition.....I would add the name Rick Santorum (sp) to the list.

Very, very conservative if I remember correctly....and pro life anti gay rights.

WVBORN56 said...

Caver I love Rick Santorum and I see plenty of him on the Pittsburgh news which is what we get here in Morgantown. The only problem for him is he seems to be near the bottom currently of the 8-9 republicans.

Waterer said...

Oh I hope we aren't going to go political. This is a bad mix with Gospel.
Our citizenship is in Heaven and we are ambassadors for the King. If we really were having coffee and chatting with private friends our political stuff could be interesting to talk about . But this blog is for everyone.
Please let's NOT do this.
Frankly, We still have the job of praying for our leaders and calling them names ( Obummer) and picking the favorites when we are looking to be useful in the end game is a waste to me.