Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paving the Road to the Tribulation

Today we see one more step on the road leading to the Tribulation. We are watching preparations being made towards a totalitarian police state - and in turn, the conditions being set for the rise of the antichrist. The world that is currently being created is the perfect set-up for the antichrist and his rule.

New Street Lights To Have "Homeland Security" Applications

The title is somewhat misleading, as the information and the two videos contained in this link go far beyond streetlights and reveal how far down the road of tyranny we have gone.

New street lights that include “Homeland Security” applications including speaker systems, motion sensors and video surveillance are now being rolled out with the aid of government funding.

The Intellistreets system comprises of a wireless digital infrastructure that allows street lights to be controlled remotely by means of a ubiquitous wi-fi link and a miniature computer housed inside each street light, allowing for “security, energy management, data harvesting and digital media,” according to the Illuminating Concepts website.

The transformation of street lights into surveillance tools for Homeland Security purposes will only serve to heighten concerns that the United States is fast on the way to becoming a high-tech police state, with TSA agents being empowered to oversee that control grid, most recently with the announcement that TSA screeners would be manning highway checkpoints, a further indication that security measures we currently see in airports are rapidly spilling out onto the streets.

The ability of the government to use street lights to transmit “emergency alerts” also dovetails with the ongoing efforts to hijack radio and television broadcasts for the same purpose, via FEMA’s Emergency Alert System.

The first video has apparently been removed. Take a look at the second video before it gets removed. It reveals where we are as a society - a society that is perfectly ripe for the antichrist to appear. Fortunately for him, much of his work is already being done in advance.


Anonymous said...

I read the BOOK 1984 in 1972 when
I was 19, now I see it becoming
reality, in 2011......this is
getting really sick, but I GUESS
the time is here.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,
I work for a company that makes equipment for our troops, etc. (need to be vague). Today we had an all-hands meeting, a sort of pep talk. During the meeting a video was shown of some of our products and how and where they are used. I couldn't help but think that someday those same products would be used against U.S. citizens. The video ended with a very patriotic song and the flag waving with comments of *our freedom*.

I mentioned to my co-worker that too bad we are losing our freedom little by little. She said "what freedoms are we losing?" I mentioned that we are fast approaching a communism/socialist society and she said 'I don't think so". It is so sad that people don't see what is happening until it becomes too late. I am so thankful that I was referred to this site so that I am not ignorant to the facts as well.

Thank you for your efforts!


Scott said...

Stephen - I read it around the same time that you did. I think it should be required reading, but kids these days have never heard of it

Thanks Kathleen....No, most people have no idea of what is really going on in the world. That is actually one thing that really surprises me - because its not that hard to find the information. Its readily accessible, but most people aren't seeing it. I don't understand that, I really don't. But perhaps its what we know from Daniel 12 "Only the Wise will understand"....

WVBORN56 said...

Kathleen it seems the world is blind. I guess for some people if it does not directly affect them all is well?

Seth said...

Are the thought police next? Double-plus bad. I read it in high school and remember thinking how it was just an exageration of communism, but seeing it actually be possible is kinda creepy. Tribulation is coming, which means so is the rapture.

Anonymous said...

WV, you are right. Before I came to this site, I was blind to these facts. I didn't really think about how close we really are.

It is just like before I became saved, my eyes were blinded by the enemy. Then once the Holy Spirit removed the blinders, I tried to talk to other people about salvation, but they just don't see it.

Interestingly, the Lord used the Left Behind book (the first in the series) to get me. After reading it, I was scared to death that I would be left behind.


Scott said...

You're right Seth - and as I've said before, I firmly believe this is why we are to be looking up right now - towards Christ and towards His coming. Jesus knew how ominous and how scary this world would be just before His coming, and its also why He started Olivet by saying "Fear not, these things must happen"....

Anon - I'm so glad to hear that (well, the first part anyway:)

The world is blind to what is happening now - maybe because the world that they are about to enter is too inconceivable to even comprehend.

Its sad, but 1 Thess 5 really makes it clear. There are two parallel tracks right now - one for those in darkness and one for those in the light. The closer we get to the Tribulation (and of course the Rapture) the more distinct that separation becomes.

WVBORN56 said...

Kathleen, you are right on regarding the Holy Spirit at work in the believers life. As a long time Christian I sometimes forget just how significant that fact is in our life. I was saved and baptised at the age of 8.

Anonymous said...

I read the book 1984 before I became a Christian. it REALLY scared me; I thought, is this
REALLY POSSIBLE that this world
could have thought cops ??

and room 101 ??

and in 1984, when nothing happenned, everyone just laughed
it away and SCOFFED at it...

but then came 2011....

I guess better late then never...

George Orwell is finally right.
In 1970 there was even a song
titled 1984 by this rock group.
Scott, do u remember that ????

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

Dutch Treat said...

Scott: Just saw the second video. Pretty scary; but then kind of appropruate for a President who appoints Czars. I agree the world is blind to all this; but they'll wake up real quick once we're gone. Thanks for all you do for us.

Diane said...

I needed glasses for sometime before I got them, probably at about age 10 years old or so. I got them in the fall, about this time of year. After I got my glasses, I remember how amazed I was to look out the window and see individual brown leaves on the ground. Before, I just thought the ground was brown. And so on and so on.

I guess that is how it is with so many people. They are gradually blinded until they do not realize or see how things are changing. Unless the Holy Spirit opens someone's eyes and gives then "sight" (like my glasses did for me) they will be unable to truly see the things of the Spirit of Christ .

I am thankful for this group, as I know we are all praying for the Holy Spirit to take the "spiritual scales" from peoples' eyes, before it is too late . Diane

Dave down under said...

Another movie I enjoyed about the end times was "A Thief In The Night". It starred Russell Doughten and Patty Dunning. The movie was made in 1972. I've heard a lot of people say it scarred the living day lights out of them when it first come out. By todays standards it's not scary but it does have a strong evangelistic theme running through it. Three more movies were made in the series. I dont remember the second but the third was "Image of the Beast" and the fourth "This Prodigal Planet". Russel Doughten stares as a nominal Christian Pastor who never really grasped the concept of salvation in Jesus Christ and as a result he was left behind. I thoroghly enjoyed all four movies as corney as they were.

God Bless. David Armstrong

DrNofog said...

Mrs. C,
It's good to have you back again, and I look forward to your comments & 'lively' discussions.

However, I have been very, deeply disturbed for well over the past day about how you personally chose to come back...

I think you have done "waterer" a serious injustice.

EI advised "Waterer" not to rehash all the details anymore & let it all go, as "water under the bridge"...
...and she received it as "good to go", without anymore controversy or hesitation.

I did not want to "step in it" here on my own 'male' impressions and so I asked for a 2nd opinion, and moreover, a 'female' perspective; - my wife peeps in here on very rare occasion & I asked her to read what you had posted and the 1st words out of her mouth were: "Wow, how very condescending!"

That was from the 1st paragraph alone, in which you clearly seem to be giving "waterer" a "back-handed compliment" for "...coming forward and honestly stating your name...", which, 1st of all has NEVER been a "requirement" on this forum, or any other that I know of...

AND 2ndly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, thereby implying that she had been 'dishonest' in putting forth her "opinions" in any format of her own choosing!!!

You have made many accusations against her based on your 'interpretive' assumptions of what the various 'alleged' posters have said!!

Since we 'treat' all posters, 'Anons' & 'Aliases' alike, to aggressive debates [if they are up to it & bother to return!] --- I had previously encouraged you "to stand & teach truth".

Yet it seems you put all this forth "...a poster here that is not being honest about their identity...", and then, rehashing the issue again by stating: "...On July 23 in a thread, you had made the following comments under your real name:..." as a somehow "Righteous" justification for your dissembling from the forum?!?

But then again, at the very same time You also admit in your post, the various necessities for choosing to remain Anon, as in your very own self!!! [Mrs. C] Huummmm!!

And I had previously stated my own observation...what started as a single issue of "PC" speech issue was suddenly - hijacked!

It seems in your entire post, you go to extreme measures to justify yourself, instead of admitting an over-reaction, and that you dissembled and departed into a pity-party of your own making.

And now I am seeing "waterer"s comments as cow-towing to your returned presence...

I see all this no differently as Paul confronting Peter's dissembling in Galatia, never touching, delving into Peter's past history, but *only* dealing with the *one* singular issue at hand!!

Scott is most forbearing in that he wants this as an open, honest forum, and so I leave it to y'all to judge the situation as I see it or not...

WVBORN56 said...

Diane good analogy on the glasses. I recently had a catarract removed from my right eye and the difference was amazing. My wife joked before the surgery that I was that guy who "was blind in one eye and couldn't see out of the other". I went from seeing 20-80 in my right eye to 20-15 after the surgery. praise God! I am indeed blind in my left eye from a basketball pick up game 19 years ago. (detached retina)

I think since I came to Christ at such a young age I tend to forget Pre-HS spirit days. Being raised with a Christian world view is something else that comes into play. Most non-believers are completely immersed in the pop culture of our day and the PC thinking infested in the schools and Universities as well. We (believrs in Jesus)are now the odd man out.

gearedup2go said...

WV, you and Dylan can start your own bad eye club. ;-)
Glad to hear that your surgery went well and that your eyesight is restored. Whenever I think of all the body parts that have reached their expiration date, I think of how good it will feel to be in our new heavenly bodies.

Seth, any updates on you or your family's health?

Dutch Treat said...

You guys can add me to the bad eyes fraternity. I'm nearsighted in one eye; and have been practically blind in the other since birth; but I've lived with it almost 65 years now. However there is nothing wrong with our spiritual eyesight; and cant wait for my new glorifies eyes.

Caver said...

Dutch, Geared....I'll meet your Glorified eyesight, and raise you one Glorified left knee joint. :)

Anonymous said...

Moses' eyes did not grow dim so that means ours don't need to either And, we don't have to wait for our glorified bodies in order to have good eyesight. :-) Jesus took all our infirmities on the cross.

Just wanted to throw that out there.


Expected Imminently said...

Emerging Harlot news

I had read that the ecumenical all faith meeting was not to be held in Asissi because conservative R.C’s objected. Instead, it was to be held at the Vatican - but no - it was still held at the traditional site in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Italy.

After the last such meeting under Pope Paul; an earthquake caused the basilica serious damage. The following day, as it was being inspected, the bell tower fell and killed the investigators!

Among Assisi participants, a sense of deeper crisis in modern society.

Anonymous said...

Scott, you have not posted anything for today. Either there is nothing new to report or you have been raptured and we were left behind!!! :-o

Caver said...

Kathleen, Scott is still with us as of late morning.:)

Suspect we'll see today's entry a little later. That young'un has a schedule that would put most half his age in the ground....or in soft, white, and square rooms with gentle laa-laa music until the meds took effect.

Scott said...

I'm posting from that square room with the padded walls:)
DrNo is next door :)

gearedup2go said...

Hope DrNo isn't requesting chianti and fava beans.

Dutch, Dylan, WV et al, I really have alot of respect for those of you who persevere with limited eyesight. I can't imagine not being able to see well out of one eye, let alone two. I was blessed with better than 20/20 vision and have never had eye issues. If I were to lose my sight I don't know if I could manage as well as you guys.

Caver said...

Yikers....between you-n-DrNo, think I'll go find an nice cold glass of Kool-Aid and tell myself that Pres Obama has the country and world well under control.....softly and with the right music.

Scott said...

Geared - Yikes!! I hope not!

Caver - LOL !! :)

WVBORN56 said...

back on line today...traveling to Indy to see my grandson dedicated to the Lord Sunday. Praise th Lord for godly children. Sam is 9 weeks old Saturday.

Geared one eye is not all that debilitating. I have done pretty much everything but active sports since my detached retina. It can be a bit frustrating at times but I have led a fulll life.

Kathleen thanks for the encouragemnent about seeking healing. I was annointed by the elders when it occured but the Lord did not choose to heal me. I am fine with His decision. Other than no depth perception and minor frustrations one eye is not a huge handicap. God has blessed me richly.

The rapture and a glorified body with full eyesight is certainly something I am looking forward too!

Dutch Treat said...

Geared: I can see why you would have problems adjusting to loss of eyesight. I was born this way; and have lived with it my whole life, So I didn't lose what I never had. It makes us all look forward to Eternity where all doctors will be unemployed. God bless you. Dutch