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In The 'Land Of The Free'

Merrick Garland Approved Use of Deadly Force at Mar-a-Lago Raid — Made Plans for Casualties — Brought Medic — And Handed Out Directions to Local Trauma Center

Judge Aileen Cannon on Tuesday unsealed numerous motions related to Jack Smith’s classified documents case against Trump. The documents included evidence that Joe Biden was ready to have his main political rival Donald Trump and his family killed for a publicity stunt!

Of course, if ANY OTHER COUNTRY did this to a political rival the Biden regime would be lecturing that country about human rights. Joe Biden has single-handedly destroyed all civilized norms for this great nation.

This is an absolutely shocking development.

Cristina Laila reported earlier that one filing revealed Biden’s FBI authorized the use of deadly force during their raid on Mar-a-Lago authorized by US Attorney General Merrick Garland in August 2022.

Tons of new unsealed filings on classified docs case--I will try to post as much as I can (there goes the workout) but this is mind-blowing. FBI authorized the use of deadly force at Mar-a-Lago Show more

But there is even more shocking information included in the released report.

The Biden regime not only approved deadly force at President Trump’s home where Secret Service members are stationed every day but they also made plans for casualties.

The Biden DOJ and Chris Wray’s FBI also set up a triage unit and notified a local trauma unit to prepare for casualties.

The FBI also authorized agents to raid the guest rooms at Mar-a-Lago and terrorize the guests there.

It now looks like our government is now the American people’s number one enemy.

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Tuesday afternoon to discuss this shocking development.

Julie Kelly: Part of this disclosure today, as I’m reading through this, Steve, and I really had to read it a few times to believe it, is that in the FBI operations plan, they give guidance on the use of W-4 at Mar-a-Lago. This is part of this 20-page whatever plan that the FBI and enforcement put together. In addition to that, they discussed how these agents, they had about 30 agents, 25 from Miami, four from Washington Field Office, who were armed. They had weapons, they had ammo, They had handcuffs, and they talked about what would happen if Donald Trump showed up at Mar-a-Lago during this raid.

With the FBI team, Embedded was a medic, and they talked about in another form how to treat anyone who is injured during the raid. They identified a trauma center about 18 miles from Mar-a-Lago, and they inserted a map of how to get from Mar-a-Lago to this trauma center if anyone was injured or hurt during the raid.

The Inevitable Rise of Biometrics

2024 & the Inevitable Rise of Biometrics

Have you noticed a lot of two-factor authentication prompts lately? Are you getting emailed verification codes that take forever to arrive, so you have to request another?

Perhaps you are asked to do captchas to “prove you’re human” and they seem to be getting more complex all the time or simply not working at all?

Why do you think that might be?

We’ll come back to that.

Did you know we’re in a “breakthrough year” for biometric payment systems?

According to this story from CNBC, JPMorgan and Mastercard are on board with the technology and intend a wide rollout in the near future, following successful trials.

In March this year, JPMorgan signed a deal with PopID to begin a broad release of biometric payment systems in 2025.

A Mastercard spokesman told CNBC:

Our focus on biometrics as a secure way to verify identity, replacing the password with the person, is at the heart of our efforts in this area,”

Apple Pay already lets you pay with a face scan, while Amazon have introduced pay-by-palm in many of their real-world stores.

VISA showcased their latest palm biometric payment set-up at an event in Singapore earlier this year.

As we covered in a recent This Week, PayPal is pushing out its own biometric payment systems in the name of “preventing fraud”.

As always, this is not just an issue in “the West”.

Chinese companies have been leading this race for a while, with AliPay having biometric payment options since 2015.

Moscow’s Metro system has been using facial recognition cameras for biometric payments for over a year.

And it’s not just payments, “replacing the password with the person” has already spread to other areas.

Hoping to corral support for biometrics from the right, national governments are collecting biometrics to “curb illegal immigration”. You can expect that to spread.

The European Union will be implementing a new Biometric Entry-Exit System (EES) as soon as October of this year.

Biometric signing is on the rise too.

Laptops tablets and smartphones already come with face-reading and fingerprint scanning technology to confirm your identity.

Social media companies have been collecting biometric data“for security and identification purposes” for years.

Google Play launched a new biometric accessibility feature only a couple of weeks ago.

It’s all just so convenient, isn’t it? So much faster than e-mailing security codes and solving increasingly impossible captchas (both of which have unaccountably got harder and more complicated recently, and will doubtless continue to do so).

That’s how they get you: Convenience.

They won’t ever remove the “old-fashioned” ways of accessing your accounts, but it will get increasingly slow and difficult to use while biometrics get faster and easier.

Meanwhile, the propaganda will begin to flow.

Influencers will be paid to use “cool” “futuristic” biometric payment options that “feel like having superpowers” in contrived “viral” videos. Biometrics will save the day in a trendy movie or TV show. Some old fuddy-duddy will go on Question Time and rant about the new technology…just before saying something racist or denying climate change.

Maybe a major hack or cyber-attack will only affect those who haven’t switched to biometric authentication yet.

You get the idea.

And all the while supra-national corporate megaliths will be creating a massive database of voice recordings, finger and palm prints, facial and retinal scans.

It’s a good thing we’re ruled by a morally upright elite. Imagine the damage they could do with all of that.

Russia Is About To Overrun Ukraine’s Defenses – Why Are There No Peace Negotiations?

Russia Is About To Overrun Ukraine’s Defenses – Why Are There No Peace Negotiations?

There are two classic propaganda narratives used by governments when it comes to keeping the public invested in any war campaign that does nothing to advance their national interests:

First, there’s the “commitment” lie, which says that once you step in to support a war effort you then must stay exponentially committed, even if that war effort is exposed as pointless. Anytime the public pulls back from that war in a bid to reconsider what purpose it serves they are ridiculed for potentially “risking lives” and setting the stage for defeat. In other words, you must support the effort blindly. You’re not allowed to examine the conflict rationally, because who wants to be blamed for losing a war?

Second, there’s the “domino effect” lie, which says that if you allow a particular “enemy” to win in one conflict, they will automatically be emboldened to invade other countries until they own the entire planet. It’s the same claim used to trick the American populace into supporting the war in Vietnam and it rarely turns out to be true. In fact, nations that engage in regional wars tend to be so weakened by the fighting that they don’t have the means to move on to another country even if they wanted to.

In the US we heard both of these narratives heading into the recent congressional vote for billions more in monetary and logistical aid to Ukraine. Neocons and Democrats worked together to force the bill through with a percentage of true conservatives fighting to stop it. Those conservatives were attacked relentlessly by the media for “helping the Russians”, but the reality that no one in the mainstream wants to talk about is that Ukraine has already lost the war.

No amount of additional funding or arms shipments are going to help them, and it has nothing to do with conservatives questioning the validity of war spending. Anyone who has a basic understanding of military strategy knows that the key to winning is ALWAYS manpower first, logistics second. Not superior technology or armaments, not superior cash and certainly not popular support from foreign interests.

This is especially true in a war of attrition, and attrition is in fact the method being used by Russia to systematically whittle down Ukraine’s forces. However, the western media refuses to discuss what’s really happening and has been acting as a hype machine for Ukraine instead.

With Ukraine’s grid heavily damaged, a large portion of the population would leave the cities and head for Europe until the war played out. Putin has specifically avoided major fighting within larger urban centers for a reason. Driving civilians out of metropolitan areas would make it easier for Russia to strike Ukraine in a secondary offensive without risking extensive collateral damage in the form of civilian casualties. This is exactly what has happened.

Almost 7 million Ukrainians left the country outright in the past 2 years, with another 6 million displaced (mostly from larger cities). Currently, Russia is moving to push civilians out of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second biggest city, and they will probably be successful given their momentum and the destruction of water and power resources. With civilians out of the way a more aggressive attack can then be initiated.

In the past two weeks alone Russia has gained considerable ground. Russian troops recently made confirmed advances northwest of Svatove (Luhansk Oblast), near Avdiivka (Donetsk Oblast), in Robotyne (Zaporizhzhya Oblast), and in east (left) bank Kherson Oblast, U.S.-based think tank Institute for the Study of War reported on May 6th. The reason for this is relatively simple – Ukraine lacks the manpower to effectively establish defense in-depth. All the reports coming from the front support this theory.

That is to say, Ukraine’s defensive lines are a facade with no secondary positions or trenches to stall Russian breakthroughs. Once the Russians cut the main line there’s nothing much stopping them from gaining large stretches of ground. Some analysts have blamed this development on a lack of Ukrainian foresight or strategic preparedness, but I would argue that they just don’t have enough people to defend more than a single forward line.

The cover-up of massive casualties is something I mentioned in past articles on the war and I think it bears repeating: Western warhawks continue to claim that it will be “cheaper” to use Ukrainian soldiers to fight Russia than to fight a larger war down the road with American and European lives.

The sociopathy behind this rationale is disturbing. The lack of manpower in Ukraine cannot be solved. It is a product of endless death paid for with our tax dollars. NATO has prolonged the fighting with funding and arms, but not to win, only to sacrifice more people in a bloody conflict Ukraine is destined to lose.

Their argument also assumes that Americans and Europeans are going to jump blindly into military service in a war against Russia. I don’t know about Europeans, but I do know for a fact that most Americans are not going to buy in and will refuse a draft. The majority of the US public doesn’t even want to send further aid to Ukraine; they certainly aren’t going to go die for Ukraine. The arrogance of the warhawks is mind boggling.

The bottom line is this: Ukraine is about to be overrun. They didn’t have the manpower to effectively launch a counteroffensive. They don’t have the manpower to establish defense in-depth. And, they are using their most seasoned soldiers as cannon fodder in the trenches.

As I theorized in my article ‘World War III Is Now Inevitable – Here’s Why It Can’t Be Avoided’, the underlying plan may very well be to try to force Americans and Europeans to accept an expanding war with Russia. The western public has been bombarded with lies about Ukraine’s ability to win; when they lose people will be shocked and incensed by the outcome.

Maybe the elites hope that the populace will be so angry about the loss that they will rally around a larger war effort by NATO? The French government has already asserted that they are willing to send troops to Ukraine in direct confrontation with Russia, while Lithuania and Poland have said they will not rule out the possibility.

Now is the time for peace negotiations, BEFORE Ukraine is overrun. Will this happen? Probably not. But when diplomacy is removed from the table completely the only conclusion we can come to is that a greater war is desired. And when greater war is desired, we also have to conclude that our leadership has something substantial to gain by putting the world at risk.

You might be on the side of Ukraine, you might be on the side of Russia, you might not care about either side, but there’s no denying that this war is being escalated by special interests and we need to ask why?

EPA Warns Of Major Cyberattacks To U.S. Water Systems

Environmental Protection Agency Warns Of Major Cyberattacks To U.S. Water Systems

The national security of the United States will remain in perpetual jeopardy until the installed administration is out of office. Joe Biden is the laughing stock of the world as America’s enemies are ramping up the attacks.

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued an enforcement alert urging water systems to take immediate action to protect the nation’s drinking water from foreign cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks against water utilities across the country are becoming more frequent and severe, the agency announced Monday.

EPA officials warn approximately 70 percent of utilities inspected by federal officials over the last year violated standards designed to mitigate cyber threats.

As nation-states including Russia and Iran have impacted water systems of all sizes, even smaller water systems are being urged to improve protection against cyber attacks.

Water systems typically rely heavily on computer software to operate treatment plants and distribution systems.

The cybersecurity waters are deficient, as those running the systems failed to change default passwords or bar system access to former employees, the EPA states in the alert.

The agency notes that a cyber attack on US water systems could result in damage to pumps and valves, interruptions to water treatment and storage, and alteration of chemical levels to hazardous amounts.

EPA Deputy Administer Janet McCabe blasted water providers for the lackadaisical upkeep of cyber integrity.

“In many cases, systems are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, which is to have completed a risk assessment of their vulnerabilities that includes cybersecurity and to make sure that plan is available and informing the way they do business,” McCabe said.

Individuals and groups have targeted water provider’s networks for ages, often attacking websites. Now, attackers are targeting utilities’ operations and governments are intent on draining the supply of safe water to homes and businesses.

China, Russia and Iran are “actively seeking the capability to disable US critical infrastructure, including water and wastewater,” McCabe continued. “We want to make sure that we get the word out to people that ‘Hey, we are finding a lot of problems here.'”

In January, a hack linked to a Russian “hacktivist” group caused a small Texas town’s water system to overflow.

An estimated 150,000 community water providers serve small towns and cities nationwide.

On Monday, the White House sent a letter to US governors, warning that “disabling” cyberattacks targeting water systems are underway nationwide. The White House and the EPA invited state officials to a meeting slated for Thursday to address how to improve digital defense for the thousands of utilities.

The EPA is also establishing a waste sector cybersecurity task force to outline strategies to defend against the threat.

NATO to overstep Russia’s red line?

NATO to overstep Russia’s red line as it mulls sending troops to train Ukrainian armed forces

Some of the 32 NATO member states are inching closer to seriously considering sending military troops to Ukraine in answer to Kyiv's request of training 150,000 recruits as the beleaguered nation is facing a critical point in its manpower shortage. The appeal to send in men came after the delay in the delivery of American weapons.

An article in the New York Times indicated that if the alliance sends soldiers for faster deployment into the Russian-Ukraine war, NATO would be blurring a previous "red line" and could draw the United States and Europe more directly into the war.

Previously, the White House said it would not put American troops, including trainers, on the ground in Ukraine, a position that an administration official reiterated on Thursday. The administration has also urged NATO allies not to send their troops. 

However, Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Thursday that a NATO deployment of trainers appeared inevitable. "We'll get there eventually, over time," he said. But for now, an effort inside Ukraine would put "a bunch of NATO trainers at risk" and would most likely mean deciding whether to use precious air defenses to protect the trainers instead of critical Ukrainian infrastructure near the battlefield.

American instructors used to be part of a NATO training program in Yavorov, in western Ukraine but were withdrawn in early 2022. Russia has since struck the facility with missiles multiple times. NATO has also trained tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops in Germany, Poland, the U.K. and elsewhere. Western tactics proved less than adequate during the summer 2023 offensive, however. The Times has described the Ukrainian battlefield as "far different and more intense than what American forces have fought on in recent years."

Once NATO instructors are inside Ukraine, the U.S. would be obligated to defend any NATO instructors inside Ukraine from attack, "potentially dragging America into the war," the news outlet reported.

Earlier this week, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said that "moving training closer" to Ukraine would make sense, but added that London did not want to put British troops on the ground.

The United States has been Ukraine's most important ally, providing a total of $107 billion in aid to the Ukrainian government since the start of the war in 2022. Now that the weapons have been deployed, the U.S. has been receiving reports of the flaws of some of its most important weapons and military production systems.

As previously reported, an area in which the U.S. has revealed its shortcomings is in electronic warfare. Russia's jamming systems have created major issues with Western precision weaponry, including GMLRS rockets and Excalibur artillery shells.

Moscow's electronic units have become increasingly adept at scrambling the GPS navigation systems used to guide the missiles and shells to their targets. They have made American-made gadgets go off-course and useless. "The war has revealed that some of the U.S. precision-guided munitions fail in a highly contested electromagnetic environment," Stacie Pettyjohn, a military analyst at the Center for a New American Security, told Business Insider.

Another weakness of the U.S. military that recently surfaced is the U.S.'s capacity to produce weapons in the quantity Ukraine needs. The ongoing conflict resembles World War I, having two militaries in well-defended positions firing tens of thousands of rounds of artillery a day at each other to wear the opponent down. And the U.S. military is yet to adjust. (Related: NATO running out of weapons for Ukraine: "bottom of the barrel" now visible.)