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China Stages 'Massive Taiwan Invasion' Drills And Boasts Of U.S./UK Defeat In Conflict

TENSIONS FLARE WW3 fears as China stages massive ‘Taiwan invasion’ drills and boasts it would defeat US and UK in any conflict

FEARS of World War Three have been sparked after China staged massive military drills "invading Taiwan".

Beijing also boasted about defeating the US and the UK in any conflict - and says it is confident the advantages are on its side.

The latest drill includes assault landings and island-control exercises in a bid to demonstrate the communist state's military might.

It was conducted as the country is preparing its soldiers in case of an insurgency in Taiwan, Chinese state media reports.

The People’s Liberation Army has conducted a series of drills in the past years focusing on the embattled island.

According to data collected by the South China Morning Post, China has conducted 20 naval exercises in the first half of the year - while another 13 exercises were carried out in 2020.

Ren Guoqiang said during a press briefing that Taiwan's unification with the mainland is a "historical inevitability" before adding any attempt to declare independence would be a “dead-end road” resulting in “war”.

Meanwhile, tensions are rising after the US sent a warship through the Taiwan Straits and held an exercise in the South China Sea this week.

The move, according to experts, was an attempt to contain China politically and militarily, the Global Times reported. 

In a statement released on Thursday, Senior Colonel Shi Yi said the PLA Eastern Theater Command tracked and monitored the course of the USS Benfold guided-missile destroyer.

He added that the provocations show America is the biggest destroyer of peace and stability - as well as a security risk in the Taiwan Straits.

And Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert, says the US is attempting to contain China's military power in the region.

It comes as earlier this week HMS Queen Elizabeth entered the South China Sea in a risky move that challenged China's claim to control vast swathes of the area.

Homeward Bound:

Goin Home – Soon

Comparing the attitudes and actions of today’s world to Matthew 24, Luke 21, Romans 1 and 2 Timothy 3; you might find all of them very similar. In fact, every evil trait and attitude that is listed there, is here right now. Some have been refined to reach new levels of evil that we never thought we’d see in our lifetime. One thing can be said that is Biblically correct, we are very near to the time of the end that Jesus, Paul, Peter, John and others spoke of. (all emphasis mine)

Luke 21:25-26; “And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the sea and the waves, (26) people fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world. For the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

People today are walking in fear because of a so-called COVID pandemic, and the world leaders have the masses falling in step to whatever they say...evil is increasing everywhere. Nations are at odds with each other, and it’s possible there could be some major conflicts soon. Weather patterns are obviously changing to be more severe, and various places are either suffering from drought or severe flooding. In some places, record high temperatures have been noted.

If people would only seek the word of the Father, they could be assured that all the current events were prophesied to happen. His children – all who have called on Jesus to be their Savior – should be rejoicing. 

Why would I possibly suggest we should celebrate such events as being good?

Continuing in Luke 21:27-28; “And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. (28) Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”(ESV)

The actual second coming of Jesus is at least seven years away. We do not know the day nor the hour, but before that 7-year wrath/tribulation takes place, God has a major covenant to fulfill. In 1 Thessalonians 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10, and Revelation 3:10, we’re told that all who belong to the Savior will be kept from the coming wrath. This would be the “Harpazo”, “taking up”, or “Rapture”, whichever term you would choose. (1 Thessalonians 4:13-17; 1 Corinthians 15:51-53)

For anyone who might say they will wait until the “trumpet of God” sounds, and the shout comes from the arch angel to be saved, they could never be fast enough. Paul uses the term “in the twinkling of an eye” in 1 Corinthians 15:52. Experts far beyond my capabilities have estimated this would be considerably less than one second. The best advice I can possibly give here, is be prepared in advance, and you won’t have to be concerned as to the “when”.

The tribulation officially starts when Jesus opens the first seal judgment releasing the antichrist on the world. (Revelation 6:2) There were “announcing trumpets” all through Israel’s history, and the one that sounds at the Rapture, will announce that Jesus is taking His flock Home before the judgments ever start.


By The Numbers:

Risk of dying of COVID-19 in the USA, stratified by age (data from the CDC)
[Language warning in link]

The chart below proves what a joke this entire scamdemic has been and continues to be. A total of 282 school age children have died “with” covid (most had a pre-existing condition) in the 17 months since January 2020. There are 62 million children in that age bracket. That makes their survival rate 99.99955%.

 This is not about health. It’s about control and creating a generation of obedient slaves.

The table below is from the CDC website and shows risk of dying of COVID-19 in the USA, stratified by age (1).

Know your risks & take precautions, including getting a vaccine if you are in a vulnerable population.

Older age seems to be the highest risk factor but other risk factors include OBESITY, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Around 400 children in the last 1.5 years have died from COVID-19. According to a recent Nature article, almost all, if not all of these deaths were in high risk individuals, who had underlying conditions. See the article below for more details(2).

Children are still in a very low risk category for death and serious COVID-19 disease. As deaths of children have not increased substantially in the last month, this appears to hold true for the Delta variant also. Healthy, normal young adults also seem to be protected from severe COVID – excluding high risk individuals.

Know your risks and act accordingly.

If you or a family member(s) have issues with weight (which I also personally struggle with), please consider more exercise and weight reduction. This is one super healthy way to lower your risk factors.
Another way that may reduce risk is to make sure you getting enough vitamin D3. Overall, 41% of Americans are deficient (3).

Vitamin D status was inversely associated with mortality in a 2015 retrospective study, and this association had an inverse association with death caused by digestive disease, endocrine, metabolic and nutritional diseases, and respiratory disease (4).

If you are deficient in D3, supplementing with this vitamin is just a healthy thing to do.

Two medical scientists acquired the animal studies that Pfizer provided Japanese health authorities in its application for emergency use authorization of its Covid vaccine in Japan. The scientists saw that the animal studies had a number of red flags that were ignored in the rush to market a vaccine.  The scientists discuss the vaccine, how it works, and the ignored red flags:  They conclude that it was gross negligence for regulatory authorities to grant emergency use of the vaccine.  They say that the use of the vaccine constitutes crimes against humanity.

Here are the scientists’ conclusions:

“Pfizer’s animal data clearly presaged the following risks and dangers:

blood clotting shortly after vaccination, potentially leading to heart attacks, stroke, and venous thrombosis

grave harm to female fertility

grave harm to breastfed infants

cumulative toxicity after multiple injections

“We must emphasize again that each of these risks could readily be inferred from the cited limited preclinical data, but were not followed up with appropriate in-depth investigations. In particular, the clinical trials did not monitor any laboratory parameters that could have provided information on these risks, such as those related to blood coagulation (e.g. D-dimers/thrombocytes), muscle cell damage (e.g. troponin/creatine kinase), or liver damage (e.g. γ-glutamyltransferase). That the various regulatory agencies granted emergency use authorization based on such incomplete and insufficient data amounts to nothing less than gross negligence.

“Of particularly grave concern is the very slow elimination of the toxic cationic lipids. In persons repeatedly injected with mRNA vaccines containing these lipids— be they directedagainst COVID, or any other pathogen or disease—this would result in cumulative toxicity. There is a real possibility that cationic lipids will accumulate in the ovaries. The implied grave risk to female fertility demands the most urgent attention of the public and of the health authorities.

“Since the so-called clinical trials were carried out with such negligence, the real trials are occurring only now—on a massive scale, and with devastating results. This vaccine, and others, are often called “experimental.” Calling off this failed experiment is long overdue. Continuing or even mandating the use of this poisonous vaccine, and the apparently imminent issuance of full approval for it are crimes against humanity.”

We know from the adverse vaccine effects databases that the US, UK, and EU alone have 3,000,000 adverse vaccine cases and tens of thousands of deaths.  Clearly, the vaccine carries high risk.  We also know from reports from the UK, Israel and elsewhere that it is the countries with the highest percentage of their populations vaccinated that are having the highest rate of new cases, and the cases are vaccinated people.

There is now abundant evidence that the mRNA injections are creating identical symptoms to those created by the Covid virus—life-treating blood-clotting for example. It is an act of murder to mandate a vaccine that is known to kill people.

To ask the question again, what is the purpose of the vaccination?  Is the purpose the “grave harm to female fertility”?  Is the purpose the large percentage of the vaccinated population that some experts expect will die from the vaccine’s toxicity?  Is the purpose Big Pharma’s profits?  Is the purpose to breach the law that requires informed consent for any intervention in one’s body so that authorities can mandate that we be microchipped?

Something is going on that we are not being told.

Israel Becomes First Country To Push 3rd Covid Shot For The Vaccinated

Israel Becomes First Country In World To Push 3rd COVID Shot For Already Vaccinated

In what's a likely sign of things to come elsewhere, Israel is now pushing a third jab, or follow-up booster for those who've already received their two vaccine rounds, for the elderly people over the age of 60.

Israel's prominent Haaretz newspaper revealed Thursday the country will be the first in the world to start doing so after government approval, writing that Israel "will start offering a third COVID vaccine shot to people over 60 starting on Sunday, after the Health Ministry approved the move on Thursday."

"The booster shots will be given to those over 60 who received their second dose at least five months ago. Israel is the first country to announce that it will begin giving booster shots," the report says.

Israeli President Naftali Bennet unveiled the plan to the nation in a televised address:

"I’m announcing this evening the beginning of the campaign to receive the booster vaccine, the third vaccine," Bennett said.

"Reality proves the vaccines are safe. Reality also proves the vaccines protects from severe morbidity and death. And like the flu vaccine that needs to be renewed from time to time, it is the same in this case."

Recent reports have indicated internal health ministry disagreement on whether the third jab program should start for vaccinated people 60 years old, 65 or 70. The rationale is that the elderly are considered to have weaker immune systems compared to the broader population. 

Some 60% of Israel's total population has been vaccinated. The third round of a Pfizer-BioNTech shot is also in response to fears that the vaccine's effectiveness is waning the face of the delta variant's spread. Within the eligible age group, those that received their second dose at least five months ago have access to the booster. 


Charts Reveal Stunning Degree Of Water Shortages In U.S. West

One Shocking Chart Has Californians Trembling With Fear


Readers know by now that the Western US is facing a megadrought, heat waves, fallow lands, wildfires, water shortages, grasshopper plague, and deteriorating reservoir conditions. 

The latest data from the California Department of Water Resources provides a map of water levels for 12 major reservoirs in California. 

What's concerning is that nearly all reservoirs in the state are way their historical average marks that suggest stricter water conservation measures are ahead. Some of these reservoirs are at risk of having their hydroelectric power plant cease operations because the water level is too low to turn the turbines. 

The latest US Drought Monitor data shows much of California is in an "extreme drought." Relief in sight? How about not. 

It's only a matter of time before Californian officials prepare for water shortage measures. There's also the possibility the first-ever federally declared water shortage could be announced. 

Some Californians are trembling with fear as their water supplies dwindle in some of the worst droughts in decades. 

Rules Are For The Peasants Not The Ruling Elite As Hypocrisy Reigns

Piers Morgan Calls For Unvaccinated To Be Denied Medical Treatment

“Those who refuse to be vaccinated, with no medical reason not to, should be refused NHS care if they then catch covid,” tweeted Morgan.

“I’m hearing of anti-vaxxers using up ICU beds in London at vast expense to the taxpayer. Let them pay for their own stupidity & selfishness.”

Morgan failed to mention that those who have chosen not to take the vaccine also pay for the NHS through their taxes.

He subsequently called those who haven’t taken the shot “incredibly stupid and deeply depressing,” asking, “What the f**k is wrong with you????”

Essentially, Morgan is arguing that people who refuse to allow themselves to be injected with vaccines linked with innumerable side-effects to ward off a virus for which they have a 99.8 per cent survival rate should be left to die in order to save money.

If enacted, his ‘solution’ would also end up killing people who are admitted to hospital for ailments that have nothing to do with COVID, given that positive tests in hospitals are counted as COVID admissions even if the person is asymptomatic and is being treated for a non-COVID illness.

As we have repeatedly stressed, a two-tier society is now being created where discrimination targeting the unvaccinated is becoming not only normalized but encouraged.

Morgan is about one step removed from openly calling for the unvaccinated to be rounded up and incarcerated in medical prison camps.

An added irony to his faux-populist authoritarianism is that Morgan himself has been caught repeatedly flouting the same COVID-19 rules that he aggressively demands be imposed on everyone else.


1.6 Billion Disposable Masks Entered Oceans In 2020

1.6 Billion Disposable Masks Entered Our Oceans In 2020


Following the World Health Organization’s formal declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world quickly mandated the use of face masks in public spaces.

This led to a massive demand shock, prompting factories to begin producing disposable masks at full capacity. The majority of these masks were produced in China, and in April 2020, the country reported a staggering daily production figure of 450 million masks.

Plastic Pollution: A Lesser Known Side Effect

In Ocean Asia’s 2020 report, Masks on the Beach, researchers developed a formula to provide reasonable estimates for the number of disposable masks entering the environment.

Given an annual production figure of 52 billion disposable masks and a loss rate of 3% (the percentage of masks that escape water management systems), Visual Capitalist's Marcus Lu notes that the team concluded that nearly 1.6 billion face masks wound up in our oceans in 2020. This amounts to approximately 5,500 tons of plastic pollution.

These masks are commonly made of polypropylene, which easily breaks up into microplastics. While the effects of microplastics on human health are not yet determined, these fragments are incredibly common in our water supply - for example, 94% of U.S. tap water is deemed to be contaminated.

Despite their single-use nature, disposable masks are expected to take more than four centuries to decompose while in the ocean. Here’s how this compares to other items we use on a day-to-day basis.

The pandemic has extended well into 2021, and the number of disposable masks polluting our oceans is likely to continue growing.

Flooding In China 'Disastrous': Over A Million Animals Killed - Water Contaminated, Fears Of Major Disease Outbreaks

There’s no food or water anymore! Over a million animals killed amid China’s flooding emergency – Fears of African swine fever outbreak

As of 26 July, heavy rain and floods in Henan Province, China had affected 12.9 million people in 150 counties (cities, districts) and 1,558 towns.

As many as 24,474 houses have been severely damaged or destroyed and more that 1.31 million people have been evacuated to safer areas. A total of 69 people have lost their lives and 5 are still missing.

Damage was also caused to 972,000 hectares of farmland. More than 1 million animals have drowned alive… And the drinking water system has been contaminated… There is no food and no water anymore for millions of people…

Chinese farmer Cheng wades through knee-deep water, pulling dead pigs behind him one-by-one by a rope tied around their ankles as he lines up the bloated carcasses for disposal. More than 100 of Cheng’s pigs drowned in floods that paralyzed China’s central Henan province last week, and the outlook for those left alive is bleak.

I’m waiting for the water levels to go down to see what to do with the remaining pigs,” said the 47-year-old farmer from Wangfan village, about 90 kilometers (55 miles) north of provincial capital Zhengzhou.

They’ve been in the water for a few days now and can’t eat at all. I don’t think even one pig will be left.

Cheng’s farm is one of thousands in Henan, famous for agriculture, and pork production in particular. The province was struck by heavy rains last week that sparked the worst flash flooding in centuries, catching many by surprise.

In an instant, we now have no way of surviving. We have no other skills. We have no more money to raise pigs again,” Cheng, who has raised pigs all his life, told Reuters at his farm on Sunday.

This is as if the sky has fallen.

More than 1 million animals dead

Across the village, where most of the 3,000 other residents also raise pigs or chickens or grow grain, people were clearing debris left by the receding floodwaters.

Some carted out wheelbarrows and crates of lifeless chickens. Dead pigs lay bloated in the water, tied to trees to stop them floating away. Parts of the village smelled strongly of mud and rotting carcasses.

At least 200,000 chickens and up to 6,000 pigs were lost in the flood, half of the village’s herd, farmers told Reuters. Across Henan, rains have deluged 1,678 larger scale farms, killing more than a million animals.

Though Chinese pig production has become increasingly intensive in recent years, millions of small farmers still play a major role in producing the country’s favorite meat.

Even after a devastating epidemic of the deadly pig disease African swine fever swept the country during 2018 and 2019, many farmers returned to pig raising and expanded their herds to capitalize on high prices.

Cheng said he’s facing losses of about 30,000 yuan ($4,627.13), and worries he won’t receive any government compensation.

Livelihoods aside, the flooding also has many worried about fresh disease outbreaks.

Last summer, heavy rain and flooding across southern China was blamed for dozens of outbreaks of African swine fever, a disease that usually kills pigs though is not harmful to people.

The disease issue is a much more severe issue than the direct losses,” said Pan Chenjun, senior analyst at Rabobank.

The swine fever virus lives for about 10 days in pig feces and water, and can survive for up to 100 days in manure pits.

Whatever’s in the manure pits will be washed out and spread around,” said Wayne Johnson, a veterinarian and consultant at Beijing-based Enable Ag-Tech Consulting.

Last week, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued guidelines to local governments on how to prevent animal disease after flooding, including measures on disposal of carcasses and disinfection of farms.

For now though, Wangfan farmers are not even sure they’ll return to farming.

Sidney In Major Lockdown - Sends In Military To Enforce

Sydney Sends In Military To Help Enforce Lockdown Amid Record Jump In COVID Cases


Despite being locked down for nearly a month now, Sydney has just reported a record one-day rise in local COVID cases on Thursday as public health authorities warned that the outbreak would likely worsen, inspiring them to once again turn to the Australian military for help.

According to Reuters, Sydney, Australia's most populous city, has struggled to contain an outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant with another economy-crippling lockdown. Instead, cases have continued to move higher, leading public health authorities to double down on their efforts to protect against a broader outbreak of the delta variant, believed to be far more infectious than other strains.

Sydney since the pandemic began. We should note that Australia's COVID issue has never really been all that bad: nationwide, the country of 26MM has counted fewer than 1,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic, a far lower rate.

"We can only assume that things are likely to get worse before they get better given the quantity of people infectious in the community," said New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney.

Berejiklian said one more person had died from COVID-19, taking the death toll from the current outbreak to 13, while the national death toll rose to 921.

Unfortunately for Berejiklian, who has emerged as a kind of villain for the small business owners and restaurateurs who fear they're about to be crushed by a "double dip" recession, the Australian military is probably better at twerking than fighting viruses. 

But that won't stop her from calling in the military to help enforce an even more restrictive lockdown that will now be imposed on the southern end

With little sign that recent restrictions are reducing case numbers, Berejiklian said new curbs would be imposed on the southwestern and western parts of Sydney where the majority of COVID-19 cases are being found.

The more than 2MM residents living in eight Sydney "hotspots" will now be forced to wear masks outdoors and must stay within 5 km (3 miles) of their homes at all times. These tighter restrictions are set to begin on Friday, and the NSW Police have requested 300 military personnel to help enforce the lockdown orders, whether that's by handing out fines, or ensuring that those under the most restrictive quarantine orders don't violate them.

"With an increase in enforcement activity over the coming week, I have now made a formal request to the prime minister for (Australian Defence Force) personnel to assist with that operation," New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said in an emailed statement

Why The Extreme Censorship In This Era?

Covid “vaccines” & pregnancy: Twitter blocks OffG for telling the truth

Yesterday, the Scottish government put out a tweet containing potentially dangerous medical misinformation.

We at OffGuardian did our civic duty and corrected them, citing non-controversial proven facts availablefrom official sources….and within eighteen hours our account was “limited”.

We are now locked out of Twitter unless we remove the “misleading” tweet.

In short, Twitter is punishing us for telling the absolute, provable truth. Whilst allowing governments to promote experimental medical treatments which may harm pregnant women and/or their unborn children.

We refute the labelling of our tweet as “misleading or potentially harmful”. Our fact-check of the Scottish government was three-fold, and each of the three claims can be supported with evidence:

NY Mayor: 'Voluntary Phase Is Over' For Vaccines

'Voluntary phase is over' on vaccines, says mayor

Steven Hall

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that the “voluntary phase is over” for COVID-19 vaccinations, the New York City Democrat told MSNBC Tuesday.

De Blasio was asked if the city will require all city workers to be vaccinated. “Yes, we are climbing a ladder. I’m not answering yes to your question yet,” he told MSNBC.

De Blasio announced Monday that all city employees would need to submit weekly testing if they aren’t vaccinated against the coronavirus. In addition, unvaccinated city workers are required to wear a mask at their workplaces or they will be removed and suspended without pay.

“On Sept. 13 the entire city workforce will be mandated under the COVID safety mandate to either get vaccinated, which is far preferable, or get tested once a week,” de Blasio said. “This is about our recovery… this is about keeping people safe.”

Only 43% of the New York City Police Department’s active workforce are vaccinated. Over 23,000 of the police department’s 54,000 employees are fully vaccinated

“We’ve got to shake people at this point and say, ‘Come on now.’ We tried voluntary. We could not have been more kind and compassionate,” de Blasio said on MSNBC. “Free testing, everywhere you turn, incentives, friendly, warm embrace. The voluntary phase is over.”

“We can keep doing those things. I’m not saying shut it down. I’m saying voluntary alone doesn’t work,” he added. “It’s time for mandates, because it’s the only way to protect our people.”

De Blasio also said in early July that masks would be required in New York City grade schools this fall.

“I’m absolutely confident based on this guidance and everything else we’ve seen that we’ll be able to get all our kids back into school in September, but for now sticking with the idea that … wearing the masks is a smart thing to do in schools,” de Blasio said during the press conference. “We’ll keep assessing as we go along.”

Worldwide Rally For Freedom: An Expression Of Frustration?

The Worldwide Rally For Freedom: An Expression Of Frustration?

On July 24, 2021, protests took place against COVID restrictions—some violent—in many European and Australian cities as part of the Worldwide Rally for Freedom.

Demonstrators lamented the loss of livelihood, interminable lockdowns and restrictions, compulsory face-masking, and egregious violations of civil rights.

One of the rallies took place in Paris, where participants marched against a proposed law—that if the French Parliament adopted—would require people to hold either a COVID vaccination passport or negative test results when visiting restaurants and shopping centres.

Demonstrators said the laws were a draconian attempt at institutionalising discrimination against unvaccinated people.

In Australia, as was expected, politicians, police, health bureaucrats, and commentators condemned concurrent protests, which were characterised as breaches of lockdown directives and restrictions. In New South Wales, these critics included Premier Gladys Berejklian, Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chant, and Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, who labelled the demonstrators “anarchists.”

The demonstrations were in response to the perceived breakdown of Australia’s democratic institutions, the evisceration of civil rights, the endless lockdowns and border restrictions, loss of livelihoods, harassment of the unvaccinated, compulsory face-masking, mandatory use of tracing apps, invasions of privacy, illegal use of data by police, to name a few.

Rather than being the handiwork of “anarchists,” the protests may instead be a visible expression of disempowerment and a desperate attempt to retain the erstwhile freedoms enjoyed by Australians.

Canadian Church Burnings: Where Is The Outrage?

Canadian Churches Are Burning, but Where Is the Outrage?

In late May, nearly 215 unmarked graves were found near a boarding school for Indigenous children in Ontario, Canada. Since then, more than 50 churches have been vandalized, desecrated or burned to the ground.

Yet, according to National Post columnist Rex Murphy, nobody in the Canadian government seems to care, most of all about Christians. Murphy pointed out that, considering the scale of these events, the reaction has been "utterly underwhelming."

Last week, the Canadian government hosted a pair of summits on consecutive days to combat antisemitism and Islamophobia, yet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said little, if anything, Murphy says, about the Christian churches being burned.

"What I find rather inexplicable is that while our federal government is rightly attending to acts of discrimination targeting Jewish and Muslim worshippers, there is, as far as can be determined, no scheduled summit dealing with the current wave of destructive hostility directed toward Christian worshippers," Murphy wrote. "This is something more than puzzling."

Candice Malcolm, a columnist for True North News, is similarly befuddled at the lack of response from the Canadian government about the church vandalism, violence and destruction. Malcolm says 50 communities "have been robbed of a sacred space to pray and effectively stripped of a fundamental right we hold in Canada"—so much so that it is the very first right enumerated in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which says:

"The freedom to pray and the right to access your place of worship must apply to all Canadians," he wrote. "And yet, our government is failing to uphold these rights for too many. So, where are the politicians? Where are the police? Why aren't these churches being protected?"

During the pandemic, Canadian pastors have been arrested, like Pastor Tim Stephens, for violating his province's COVID-19 rules. Pastor Arthur Pawlowski was arrested by policy in Calgary for the same violations, along with his brother, David.

Malcolm reported that Trudeau said on July 2 that he "understands the anger" and "gently" pushed back by saying the attacks were "unacceptable and wrong," but that he has "been silent ever since."