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China Bolsters Three Air Bases Near Taiwan - Preparing For War?

BATTLE STATIONS China on war footing as it beefs up three air bases near Taiwan amid WW3 fears, satellite images suggest

CHINA appears to be beefing up three air bases near Taiwan amid fears Beijing is preparing for World War Three. 

New satellite images have revealed China is upgrading its military bases along its southeastern coast, nearest to Taiwan, suggesting Beijing might be stepping up its plans to invade the island.

Satellite images show building work taking place at three air bases in Fujian province

The building work at the three airbases in Fujian province will give long-term logistical air combat support to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, which has repeatedly invaded Taiwan airspace in the last month.

The work is taking place at the Chinese air force's bases at Longtian, Huian, and Zhangzhou - all of which lie between 100 and 200 miles from Taiwan.

The upgrading appears to fall in line with Beijing’s increasingly aggressive stance towards the island nation.

China regards Taiwan as part of its territory and has long threatened to use force to bring it under its control, with regular invasion drills carried out by its military.

The images, captured by Planet Labs and published by military site The Drive, showed work on aircraft shelters and reinforced munitions storage started early last year and continued during the Covid pandemic.

Four aircraft structures are seen being built at one end of Longtian Airbase in the pictures, which would be the only protective aviation infrastructure on site.

With advances in satellite imagery, the shelters would also help keep China's aircraft and their general readiness away from prying eyes. 

And the construction of administrative buildings and possible barracks points to a rise in military personnel at the base. 

At Huian Airbase, the images reveal the construction of three storage bunkers - likely for munitions and minor runway extensions.

Meanwhile, at Zhangzhou airbase, there is visible construction of a new surface-to-air missile defense site - the third one at the same location. 

The dedicated surface-to-air missile defense sites at the three airbases have also been actively rotating equipment and training, The Drive reports.

China's upgrades to its air bases suggests steps are being taken to boost the military's capacity for operations, and improve the concealment of its assets and operations.

Italy Rocked By Nationwide Protests

Italy Rocked by Nationwide Protests as Resistance Against Vaccine Passport Scheme Explodes

Italy has seen an explosion of protests against the introduction of its vaccine passport scheme, with dockers in numerous towns and cities vowing to block ports until the government scraps the ‘green pass’ law.

The ‘green pass’ – which is a mandatory vaccination scheme in all but name, forces workers in both the public and private sector to take the jab in order to be paid.

Workers who try to do their jobs without taking the vaccine will be suspended without pay and face a fine of up to 1,500 euros.

The system is also mandatory for anyone wishing to enter a number of venues, including schools, universities, museums, stadiums, theaters, gyms, and indoor seating spaces at bars and restaurants.

Although Reuters erroneously describes today’s protests against the scheme as “scattered,” they are in fact large and widespread.

Business owner Ugo Mendes Donelli compiled a Twitter thread illustrating the intense level of the backlash.

“Many citizens won’t go to work,” he tweeted. “I can tell they are many because there is no traffic. We had such silence, in my area, only during the lockdown.”

According to Donelli, despite the media trying to downplay the protest numbers, there are around 10,000 demonstrators at the port of Trieste.

Starting this night, many Italian ports are locked by protesters who work there, most notably Trieste, Genova, Napoli ... This morning the Mainstream TVs reported that only a few people were on strike in the port of Trieste My eyeballs say more around 10.000

They have also much support People are bringing food because the workers are going to guard the port 24/7 with no interruption until the government scraps the "Green Pass" law

Students in Bologna are also out in force protesting against the mandate.


U.S.Removes Sanctions On Firms Who Make Ballistic Missiles For Iran

White House quietly removes sanctions on Iranian missile companies

Dan Verbin

An advocacy group that warns about the threat of a nuclear Iran has sounded the alarm after the US Treasury Department last week without explanation lifted sanctions on two firms that produced ballistic missiles for the Iranian regime.

United Against Nuclear Iran is questioning why the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFA) suddenly announced it would be removing sanctions on Mammut Industrial Group and its subsidiary Mammut Diesel.

Both companies were sanctioned in September 2020 for “providing support to an entity in Iran’s ballistic missile program.”

The Treasury Department said at the time that “Mammut Industries and Mammut Diesel are key producers and suppliers of military-grade, dual-use goods for Iran’s missile programs.”

“The delisting follows the July 2021 lifting of sanctions on three Iranians who were major shareholders and executives of the Mammut Industrial Group,” United Against Nuclear Iran said in a statement.

“The Biden Administration has thus far not been forthcoming on the reasons behind the lifting of these sanctions, and it has not confirmed that the delisted individuals and entities have verifiably ceased their sanctionable behavior," the advocacy group said. "At the same time, the administration denied that its actions are indicative of a broader shift in Iran sanctions policy or are in any way linked to inducements to bring Tehran back to stalled nuclear negotiations.”

The group called for the White House to release more information about why the decision was necessary.

“Reducing economic pressure on Tehran absent meaningful behavioral change would signal to the Iranian regime that it can extract concessions from the U.S. through its intransigence,” they said.

They called on the Biden administration to show full transparency about the context within which the companies and individuals connected to Iran’s missile programs were delisted.

They also urged the White House to “reaffirm its commitment to bringing all the pressure at its disposal to bear on disrupting Iran’s development of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles.”

“Rather than undoing sanctions, the Biden administration should prepare to wage a full-scale diplomatic offensive in favor of extending the Iranian ballistic missile development restrictions contained in UN Security Council Resolution 2231 – set to expire just 24 months from now,” they said.

Friday, October 15, 2021

40% Of TSA Employees Remain Unvaccinated As Deadline Approaches

4 In 10 TSA Employees Remain Unvaccinated As Deadline Looms

While we wait to see what remains of the US army after hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated troops are told to pack up for not complying with Biden's executive order (and whether that's the moment China will decided to attack), we wonder if soon nobody will be able to fly as a few weeks from now the Transportation Security Administration may simply cease to exist.

According to CNN, the TSA says 4-in-10 members of its workforce, including screeners, remain unvaccinated against Covid-19 just weeks ahead of a looming deadline. The deadline for civilian federal government workers to be fully vaccinated is November 22 - the Monday before Thanksgiving, which just happens to be the busiest travel time of the year.

"We have about 60% of our workforce has been vaccinated, that that number needs to go quite a bit higher over the next few weeks," TSA Administrator David Pekoske told CNN.

The November 22 deadline for being fully vaccinated is still six weeks away, but the deadlines for receiving the vaccines are rapidly approaching or, in the case of the Moderna vaccine, have already passed, since an individual has to receive the full schedule of doses and wait two weeks before being considered fully vaccinated.

Pekoske said he is "very hopeful" that the agency's employees can meet the deadline and that there will not be worker shortages, however in light of mandatory requirements that clearly will not happen.

"We are building contingency plans, for if we do have some staffing shortages as a result of this, but I hope to avoid that," he said.

It wasn't clear what, if any, these contingency plans are.

Iran Conducts Largest Air Defense Exercise Ever: 'Ready For Any Threat'

Iran’s biggest ever air defense exercise – “ready for any threat” from US or Israel Oct 15, 2021 @ 18:08

As the answer to “Israel’s threats,” Iran has developed air defense systems “commensurate with any threats,” said Brig. Gen Alireza Sabahifard at the opening on Oct. 13 of “Defenders of the Sky Velayat,” the largest air defense exercise Iran has ever conducted. The general stressed that the systems taking part were produced from top to bottom by Iran’s military industry and capable of “accurately meeting any threat.”

Among them are the Khordad air defense batteries (see photo) for downing aircraft, drones, ballistic and cruise missiles. Other air defense systems undergoing their first trials were the Joshan and Khatam, which are claimed to be effective against low-flying targets. Also taking part are 6 varieties of homemade air defense systems, dubbed Ersad-16, Dezfoul, Majeed, Khordad-15, Khordad-3 and Tabas.

In addition, the Revolutionary Guards Air Force has sent the radar range of its Quds Pulse array to take part in the exercise, claiming it is able to detect hostile targets from a distance of 500km and an altitude of 90,000ft.

“There is no threat that we have not thought of a way to deal with,” Gen. Sabahifard boasted.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the message conveyed by this exceptionally wide-ranging drill is intended to reach three addresses:

  1. A deterrent against a possible US or Israeli strike against its nuclear facilities:
  2. To fend off a war escalation building up on the tense Iran-Azerbaijan border. On Wednesday, Iran’s foreign minister Hosein Amir-Abdollahian plunged hastily into a series of fraught phone calls with his Azeri counterpart, Jeyhun Bayramov, in an effort to launch negotiations on their dispute.
  3. Tehran sensed a threat to its regional interests in the arrival in Beirut on Thursday of US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland. Her  Her mission was termed part of the US effort to get Lebanon back on its feet from crippling instability in partnership with Arab allies. Nuland also hopes to offer a leg up for a new project to pipeline Israeli gas to Lebanon via Egypt and Jordan.
The eruption of heavy gunfire in Beirut this week, killing six people and injuring 32, was ascribed by Israeli and other media to a protest by the Shiite Hizballah and Amal parties against the judge investigating last year’s huge blast at the city’s port. They accuse the judge of bias against them. The capital has never recovered from that disaster which killed 219 people and devastated the city.

DEBKAfile sources report that this week’s outbreak of bloody violence in protest of the charges leveled against Hizballah was directed just as much against the Noland visit, as a warning to Washington to keep its hands off Tehran’s self-assigned turf.

The Global Shipping Backlog Worsens

Global Ship Backlog Just Got Even Worse As New Supply Chain Nemesis Emerges


As if relentless, fiscally-stimulated global demand for (made in China) products, coupled with soaring input prices, Covid-crippled indutries, production-throttling energy crises and containership parking lots off major ports wasn't enough to cripple global supply chains, we can throw in one more factor that will make "just in time" deliveries a thing of the pre-Biden past and will ensure that nobody gets their presents this Christmas.

The weather.

A tropical storm that’s lashing southern China is causing a ship backlog from Shenzhen to Singapore, Bloomberg reports as it warn of even emptier store shelves come Christmas.

Shipping data compiled by Bloomberg show there are currently 67 container ships anchored off Hong Kong and Shenzhen, 22% more congested than median daily counts from April through Oct. 14. Another 61 remain anchored off China's massive Ningbo port in Shanghai.

For once there is no "unintended consequence" behind this pile up - it's the result of Typhoon Kompasu freezing transit lanes, closing schools in Hong Kong and canceling stock market trading in the financial hub on Wednesday. It also sparked the latest containership domino-effect at the worst possible time, with 37 ships now waiting off Singapore, 18% more congested than normal. And with Singapore one of the most efficient ports in the world and a key hub for containers to be moved from one vessel to another while in transit, any disruption in the city-state is bound to have far-reaching ramifications.

The incremental delays will make an already fragile supply chain, that much more unstable: according to the Busan Port Authority in South Korea, vessels are having to wait about three days to berth and that’s causing so-called transshipment cargo to pile up. Meanwhile, almost 40 ships are anchored off Los Angeles, 4.5% more congested than usual, while 11 are cooling their heels off the coast of Malaysia at Tanjung Pelepas, creating a congestion rate about 25% above the median. For Vietnam’s dual hub of Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau, things are even worse, with current congestion 38% higher than the median.

Operators are scrambling to find a solution to this chaos which seems to get worse with every passing day: “shipping companies and other stakeholders are trying to resolve the backlog because there are real concerns that many year-end holiday goods will never reach consumers in time,” said Um Kyung-a, an analyst at Shinyoung Securities in Seoul. “This month will be the most challenging period but hopefully things will start to ease from the fourth quarter.”

According to Singapore Logistics Association chairman Dave Ng, vessels are waiting one to three days to berth at most major ports in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, The wait is more than three days at major ports in Northeast Asia and could extend to over a week in other parts of the world. And any incremental delays only cascade exponentially, adding more days to an already broken system.

“Global port congestion has introduced more uncertainty into planning and booking of sea shipments,” Ng told Bloomberg. “Ocean freight costs have increased five to six times from the levels pre-Covid and this has translated into higher operating costs for logistics companies.”


Energy Crisis Approaching

Europe's Energy Crisis Is A Warning Sign For America

An energy crisis is rocking the world, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1970s. Although headlines about energy costs in faraway nations may not breach busy families’ political radar, the energy shortages and skyrocketing prices spreading across Europe and Asia are a warning sign for America.

In Britain, electricity reserves could fall to as low as 4 percent of demand, with blackouts this winter all but inevitable, and petrol stations continue to sit empty. India’s “unprecedented” coal shortage has officials warning of impending power cuts as coal plants that normally carry 15 to 30 days’ reserves—and power most of the nation—now have enough fuel for two days or less.

Even China, an energy and economic powerhouse, is being forced to halt production of everything from aluminum to soybeans, further worsening global supply chain issues and potentially threatening the world’s food supply.

And this crisis isn’t limited to countries that actively embrace fossil fuels. Even Germany, decades into its unsuccessful Energiewende transition to renewable energy and supposedly a world leader in green power, is feeling the crunch. One German power plant completely ran out of coal. All those eggs in the renewable basket still weren’t enough to insulate Germany—which, despite its bombastic commitment to wind and solar, still gets most of its energy from fossil fuels—from energy shortages and skyrocketing prices.

Germans already pay the highest electricity prices in the European Union, and residents are now warned to expect rising gas bills, too.

The consequences of these energy shortages aren’t as simple as just paying a little bit more for energy. If only it were that simple.

Britain is warning its subjects to expect not only blackouts, but also energy prices rising by as much as 30 percent. This is a steep cost for even well-to-do families, let alone low-income and fixed-income households in a nation already wracked by energy poverty. Freezing deaths are on the rise in England, where over 3,000 people die needlessly every year because they can’t afford to keep their homes at a safe temperature in the winter. Studies confirm a direct correlation between rising natural gas prices and wintertime deaths.

Brits are unfortunately learning firsthand the little-known climate fact that cold is far, far deadlier than heat. And they won’t be the last country to acquire this lesson if this energy crisis isn’t stopped.


Pro-Iran Militias Vow Harsh Response Against Israel Over Syria Strike

Pro-Iran militias vow harsh response against Israel over alleged Syria strike

Pro-Iranian militias in Syria vowed a “very harsh” response to an alleged Israeli-American strike against their facilities near the city of Palmyra in central Syria on Wednesday night, which they said killed and injured several of their members.

In a statement, the groups — referring to themselves collectively as the “Syria Allies Operations Room” — said the attack was conducted through Jordan and the area of al-Tanf in Syria, which is controlled by the United States military and its allies.

One Syrian soldier was killed and three others were wounded in the strike, according to Syria’s official SANA news agency.

According to the Syria Allies Operations Room, several militiamen were also killed and injured in the attack, though it did not disclose a precise tally. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition-linked group with unclear funding, said three pro-Iranian militia members were killed in the strike and four others were injured. The Britain-based Observatory has at times been accused of inflating casualty numbers.

“The command of the operations room has taken the decision to respond to this attack in retaliation for the lives of the martyrs and the blood of the wounded, and the response will be very harsh,” the groups said in their statement.

The reported strike near Palmyra on Wednesday night marked the second alleged Israeli attack in Syria in recent days, after six Syrian soldiers were wounded in an airstrike targeting the T-4 airbase, also outside of Palmyra, last Friday night.

Time To Prepare For 'Unconstrained Nuclear Iran'

Biden’s Iran Special Envoy Warns: ‘Prepare’ for Unconstrained Nuclear Iran

As Iran deal negotiations continue to stall, the Biden administration is preparing for a world where the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program has no constraints, according to U.S. special envoy for Iran Robert Malley.

In a virtual discussion Wednesday concerning the future of U.S. relations with Iran hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Malley attacked the previous administration, casting blame on President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the landmark 2015 nuclear deal and claiming that “we didn’t need to be here.”

Yet despite U.S. overtures, including the willingness to “remove all of the sanctions that were imposed by the Trump administration,” he lamented that “the Iranians have refused to have direct communication [and] direct contact with us,” adding, “everything has been done through intermediaries.”

Malley also warned that Iran successfully achieving nuclear capabilities in the near future is a realistic scenario.

“We have to prepare for a world … where Iran doesn’t have constraints on its nuclear program,” he said, adding that options are being considered to “deal with” such a scenario even as the Biden administration seeks a return to the Iran deal. 

“And we have to consider options to deal with that — which is what we’re doing — even as we hope that we can get back to the deal that is by far our preference,” he noted.

Setting The Stage For Isaiah 17


The Alma Research and Education Center, an Israeli think tank that specializes in security threats on the northern border, released a report this week outlining the true scope of Hamas’s military activities in Lebanon, indicating that the terrorist rulers in Gaza are building a second front from which to attack Israel.

The report identified the principal senior political and military Hamas leaders active on Lebanese territory, the organization’s multiple military projects, and working plans. It also identified the locations of some of Hamas’s key Lebanese military sites.

The report also analyzed Hamas’s complex relationship with the Iranian-led radical Shi’ite axis.

The report detailed how Hamas’s two operational units in Lebanon – El-Shimali and Khaled Ali recruit members, train them in specialized combat skills such as sniping, anti-tank missile attacks, operating drones, and more. The units also develop and produce their own weapons – rockets, offensive drones, and small unmanned underwater vehicles. And they set up operational cells while preparing attack plans against Israel.

The two branches are guided by Hamas’s ‘Construction Bureau,’ based in Lebanon and Turkey, which influences Hamas activity in Gaza, Lebanon, and Judea and Samaria. the Construction Bureau operates covertly out of Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, concealed from both Hezbollah and the Lebanese government. 

According to the report, the two units develop and manufacture weapons in Lebanon including rockets, drones, and small unmanned submarines. In addition, the two sections of the Construction Bureau recruit and train would-be terrorists in specialized courses such as sniping, operating anti-tank missile launchers, drone operators, urban warfare, aeronautics, naval diving, and tactical intelligence collection.

It is believed that Saleh al-Arouri , the deputy head of the Hamas’ political bureau In Lebanon who is responsible for terror attacks in Judea and Samaria was behind the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers in 2014, which preceded the IDF incursion into Gaza.

One of Hamas’ leaders in Lebanon,Hamas activity in Lebanon is ultimately directed by the Iranian Quds force. This creates a broad threat as Hezbollah was established as part of an Iranian effort, through funding and the dispatch of a core group of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (pasdaran) instructors, as an anti-Israel entity on Israel’s northern border. Iran also supports the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad in his civil war.

“Hamas’s constant force build-up in Lebanon has the potential of creating a severely difficult challenge for Hezbollah. Hamas pursues its own interests in Lebanon, including not informing Hezbollah ahead of time when the Hamas fires rockets into Israel – a pattern that could drag Hezbollah into a war with Israel, against Hezbollah own interests,” the report stated. “For Israel, the time has come to stop viewing Hamas as separate Gazan and Lebanese entities and to view the organization as a single return address for any necessary future retaliation for Hamas aggression. Precise Israeli action against Hamas in Lebanon actually matches Hezbollah’s interests.”

The report came to a powerful conclusion, recommending a course of action for the Israeli defense establishment:

“Israel should ‘think outside the box’ and act openly against Hamas targets in Lebanon if Hamas attacks from the Gaza Strip and vice versa.”

U.S. Air Transportation A Growing Crisis

U.S. Air Transportation in Crisis: Pilots Taking a Bold Stand

Even mainstream media rags like the Washington Post and world news agencies like UPI carried the bombshell news on October 10, 2021, with the UPI headline “Southwest Airlines Cancel 1,044 Flights.” 

The worldwide mandate for all airline pilots and air travel industry personnel to be vaccinated with a known kill shot which some analysts describe as depopulation is having major repercussions, hemorrhaging the entire transportation industry and for that matter the entire planet. 

With cargo ships piling up in ports worldwide and not enough truck drivers on the road, all the world’s transport industries are also currently under attack as supply chain shortages are collapsing and soaring off the charts. In July 2021 the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO that represents all US airline employees alluded to understaffed workers “feeling exhausted and overwhelmed” during the summer peak travel season.

For the second day in a row this weekend, Southwest Airlines as last year’s world’s largest airline by flight capacity, has suddenly been forced to undergo massive flight cancellations. With 808 flights cancelled Saturday, amounting to about a quarter of the airline’s flight operations, followed by a 27% cancellation rate on Sunday, ramifications of this phenomenon will undoubtedly impact the entire airline industry, if not world, for years to come.

Of course, the ongoing vaccine requirement for all international flight passengers has wreaked immense havoc on the whole air travel industry as well. Early Sunday morning on Twitter, Southwest Airlines offered its rather feeble, official excuse, pretending that a vaccine holocaustin-the-making is not causing this unprecedented disruption, but instead chose to mislead the public, citing flimsy secondary excuses:

ATC [Air Traffic Controller] issues and disruptive weather have resulted in a high volume of cancellations throughout the weekend while we work to recover our operation.

After an anonymous Southwest customer service rep posted a statement on the company website forum claiming that “pilots have walked off the job due to COVID-19 vaccination mandates,” which is in fact the reality, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association was quick to hedge, denying that a union walk-off is taking place:

We can say with confidence that our Pilots are not participating in any official or unofficial job actions. Our Pilots will continue to overcome [Southwest] management’s poor planning, as well as any external operational challenges, and remain the most productive Pilots in the world.

On October 4, 2021, Southwest Airlines ordered all of its employees to be injected by a December deadline. With this divisive, life and death bitter pill percolating for months, the pilots’ union promoted picket lines in opposition to forced vaccines. With the inconvenience of the passengers left stranded, high and dry notwithstanding, the refusal to work amidst facing kill shot deadlines is contagiously spreading, and millions of Americans employed by so many companies violating human rights consent laws via both the Nuremberg code and US Constitution should be applauded. Taking back our sovereign power is simply refusing to comply with demands that are neither legal or ethical.

In January 2020, just prior to the so-called pandemic outbreak in America, United was listed as the world’s fourth largest airline by the then flying capacity of passengers in the sky. But by June just five months later, United Airlines had already fallen off the top 10 list. Ironically, due to its limited international flights, Southwest Airlines that just cancelled near 30% of all its flights this past weekend, promptly emerged as the world’s largest airline during the first half of last year’s pandemic. As of February 2021, the airline currently operating at largest capacity is Delta Airlines. But then Delta remains the only major US airline not forcing vaccination on its staff, although it’s reprehensibly ripping them off, punishing them by charging each $200 per month. But all the rest – American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines have already mandated deadlines by Thanksgiving next month.

By the end of last month, CNN and Scott Kirby were proudly claiming 99%+ of United Airlines pilots were vaccinated. As of September 28, 2021, United Airlines initiated firing 593 workers, but by October 7th, the holdouts diminished to just 232 who lost their job. CNN called it a success story. It’s commonly said that any organization’s leader tends to define and shape the company culture. While caving in and taking the kill shot to keep their jobs, as their leader Scott Kirby so enthusiastically embraced after his Uncle Joe meeting, outside of 500 United workers awaiting their pending appeals on medical or religious grounds not to vaccinate, United pilots largely opted to wimp out and succumb to the death jab.

But in contrast, based on last weekend’s events, the Southwest pilots took a different, much more ballsy path, en masse electing to utilize their sick days to abruptly all at once not show up for work. In addition to causing so much havoc resulting since Friday night in over 2,100 flight cancellations, the Southwest Airline Pilot Association has also filed an important lawsuit against Southwest challenging its vaccine mandate. Millions of aware individuals paying attention to this key story are fervently supporting the Southwest pilots in “holding the line” against our common enemy.

Incidentally, this last weekend another group vital to the travel industry, the air traffic controllers in Jacksonville, Florida, conducted a walkout in response to their forced jabs hanging over their jobs. Of course, the media blackout covered up this significant development similar to Southwest falsely blaming it on weather. The pushback is spreading. Amtrak Northeast on Sunday had to cancel two trains 465 and 416, using its transparent excuse of “unforeseen crew issues.” Likely American Airlines will be next. These groups so crucial to the travel industry’s operation are informally banding together in solidarity to take a bold stand against the medical and political tyranny usurping our individual rights and freedoms in this 11thhour, becoming the much-needed role models for world citizenry to fight the evil that’s out to literally kill us.

The combination of failing health and large nonvaccinated segments quitting is creating a devastating, long-term disastrous nightmare globally. Both the vaccine holocaust and vaccine mandates are causing horrendous, soaring staffing shortages in a global dominoes effect, destabilizing virtually every public and private sector company throughout the world, of course all by the intentional, diabolical design of cabal controllers, conspired to crash the world economy, create unprecedented supply chain shutdown, famine and collapse of civil society, insultingly all the while calling it their “Great Reset.” Willing to actively resist and oppose these ungodly crimes against humanity, through discernment and courage We the People are taking back our power through civil disobedience and solidarity.

China's Warnings Over Taiwan Has World On Nuclear Powder Keg

China's Grave Warning To Taiwan Has Our World Sitting Upon A Nuclear Powder Keg

As the 59th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis approaches on October 16th, it may be useful to reflect and consider some strategic similarities, and dissimilarities, between the U.S.-USSR nuclear confrontation over Cuba in 1962, and the present China-U.S. confrontation over Taiwan, that many fear could escalate into a nuclear World War III. 

Ideologically, the takeover of Cuba by communist revolutionary Fidel Castro in 1959 was perceived in Washington to be a serious blow to the credibility of the U.S. and the Free World in their Cold War struggle against Soviet communism. Cuba, a free enterprise “wild west” for U.S. corporations, and in America’s own backyard, had thrown off “the shackles of capitalism” to go communist. 

Today, Taiwan is literally and figuratively an island of political and economic freedom, a prosperous rebuke to communist totalitarianism, in China’s own backyard. 

Far worse from Beijing’s perspective, the government of Taiwan is descended from anti-communists who lost the civil war to control mainland China in 1949. Taiwan’s government calls itself the “Republic of China” because they still consider themselves the legitimate rulers of the mainland, in exile.

The “People’s Republic of China,” as communist China calls itself, regards Taiwan’s “Republic of China” as illegitimate, an unconquered pocket of rebellion, in illegal occupation of communist China’s island territory of Taiwan. 

Worst of all from Beijing’s perspective, Taiwan’s government poses an existential threat to communist China. Taiwan could foment revolution, or someday return from exile with the backing of the U.S. and allies to take over control of the mainland, or so a paranoid Beijing fears. 

Consequently, China’s ideological and political interests in conquering Taiwan are far greater than U.S. interests were or are in ousting communism from Cuba.

Communist China has no qualms about breaking international law or making overt military threats to conquer Taiwan. China has been constrained from doing so for decades only because of their insufficient military capabilities and fear of U.S. intervention.

Consequences of U.S. Military and Nuclear Decline 

Today, if China attempts to conquer Taiwan, it will be the U.S., like the USSR in 1962, that will be militarily disadvantaged. 

The Pentagon’s own wargames show the U.S. losing to China in a conflict over Taiwan. 

The Defense Department’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, Integration, and Requirements, Lt. General Sam Hinote, warned recently: “As Somebody who is cognizant of the evidence at all classification levels, cognizant of what’s going on in our exercises…I believe the light is blinking red…Why? Because it used to be that when we did future war games, we were having trouble when we set the war game 5, 10, 15 years out into the future…But what has changed since the last time we sat in this building two years ago, is that it’s not a future problem…It is a current problem…We are out of time.”