Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mideast Quartet to Meet Sunday

Personally, I don't think this means a lot, as the whole concept of the Quartet has become a standing joke, but here it is:

Mideast Quartet to Meet Sunday

Envoys from the Middle East Quartet -- the European Union, Russia, the United Nations and the United States -- will meet in Brussels on Sunday in hopes of restarting moribund peace-talks between officials in Jeruslaem and Ramallah, Reuters reports.

Direct talks have been stalled for two years despite a 10-month building freeze in 'disputed territories' captured by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War by Israel that had been intended to bring PA officials back to the negotiating table.

Israel has accepted a Quartet proposal for resumed talks without preconditions, but officials in Ramallah have rejected the proposal saying it is "too vague to be useful" and did not include their own preconditions for talks.

Israeli officials say PA demands for another building freeze, when they ignored the last one, is a fair accompli to maintain their unilateral course while blaming Israel for failed talks.

In some other news coming from the region - also in the category of "what could this mean?" we see this story:

Report: Syrian Unrest Spilling into Lebanon

Syrian tanks entered the Bekaa border region of Arsal in on Tuesday and fired in the direction of an abandoned factory, Lebanon's National News Agency reported.

The agency said the tanks fired at a batteries factory in the area, thinking that armed men were hidden within the facilities.

Sources told The Daily Star the Syrian Army has made repeated hit-and-run incursions into Lebanon’s territory over the past three days.

Syria has massed thousands of troops along its border with northern Lebanon in recent weeks raising fears in Beirut the move may be a prelude to the first incursion since Syrian forces pulled out three years ago.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea, who has put Hizbullah on notice over its refusal to disarm and disband its militias, said Monday that Assad's allies in Lebanon are getting nervous.

“Allies of the Syrian regime in Lebanon are in a state of nervousness to the point where they are now asking for dialogue,” Geagea said during a call with the annual conference of the LF party in North America.

“Syria’s allies feel that the regime is going to fall so they are trying to take all possible measures to protect themselves in case this happens. Consequently, everyone in Lebanon today is monitoring the events"


Unknown said...

At some point in the near future the US/UN/NATO will acto to defend the Syrian people from Assad so the masses can choose their new leaders. Assad is an Alawite Muslim which is looked down on by the Shia and Sunni. The ruling party is mostly Alawite and are outnumber 10:1 by the Sunnis. One more step along the way to a Caliphate.

Read "The Islamic Antichrist", it will give you a very clear view as to how the muslims view the end of days. I am NOT saying the Koran is accurate in prophecy, I am saying the book shows how they see the world.

We as Christians are waiting for Jesus to return, guess what? Muslims do too, but not the Jesus we know and love.

Remeber the old Russion curse, "May you live in interesting times".

Anonymous said...

BAD NEWS >>>>>>>

According to my indicators as of
this am, 06 OCT 2011, there are
a number of POSITIVE technical
divergences in the charts...

WHAT does all that mean ??

Simply put, there is a potential
to see a RALLY to 13,000 or higher
on the Dow.

Which MEANS, more patience will
be needed to realize the end.

I need to face reality, and that is what I do....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Robin said...

6.2 earthquake about 20 minutes ago in Argentina. No stories about it as yet.

Robin said...

Stephen, for every bullish story, there are dozens of stories predicting the opposite. Currently, Puts outnumber Options 3 to 1. Anyone who thinks the DJIA will hit 13000 anytime soon is kidding themselves.

Take comfort in what the Bible says . . .He will return for His bride before the cataclysmic disaster that heralds in the AC.

WVBORN56 said...

Good point Robin...not to mention the rapture will be the big game changer IMO...The stock market can crash in a day. My belief has always been that we depart as in the days of Noah when people are eating and drinking and giving in marriage (business as usual atmosphere)

I am much more interested in the start of the two ME biblical wars...Isaiah 17/ Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 and we are marching quickly toward both at the present!

keep looking up!