Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the news:

In Debt Up To Our Eyeballs

Politicians in Europe and in the United States are running around trying to come up with a "plan", but there is no "plan" that is going to fix the current debt-based system. Over the next few years we are going to reap what we have sown.

A great storm is coming, and most Americans are going to be totally unprepared for it.

Not that things are not really, really bad already.

According to Shadow Government Statistics, the "real" rate of unemployment in the United States is creeping up toward 25 percent.

So what is going to happen if a worldwide depression hits?

Things could get very, very interesting over the next few years.

Solid Evidence That Occupy Wall Street Is A Communist Movement

But the truth is that when you take a close look at the "organizers", the literature and the stated goals of this movement, you see socialism and communism everywhere. As our economic system crumbles, an increasing number of Americans are coming out of the woodwork and are proudly declaring that they are socialists or communists. An increasing number of Americans truly believe that the free enterprise system needs to be brought down and that the answer to our problems is to fully embrace socialism and/or communism.

Arabs Riot as Terrorists Are Freed

Hundreds of Palestinian Authority Arabs threw rocks at Israeli soldiers as terrorists were freed at the Betunia checkpoint. The IDF fired stun grenades, tear gas and smoke bombs to disperse the rioters.

Most of the rioters carried Hamas and Islamic Jihad banners and arrived at the checkpoint to welcome approximately 100 terrorists and security prisoners who were among those being allowed to return to their homes in Judea and Samaria.

Israel pardoned and freed 477 terrorists and prisoners early Tuesday in the first phase of the deal in which a total of 1,027 will be released as Gilad Shalit returned home after more than five years in captivity.

11 Terrorists to be released to east Jerusalem

Jerusalem prepared for the release of 11 prisoners to neighborhoods in the eastern part of the city in the first wave of prisoner releases from the Gilad Schalit deal.

The terrorists will be brought to Ofer Prison, located between Ramallah and Givat Ze’ev, early on Tuesday morning. They will be processed and the east Jerusalem residents will be transferred to a Border Police station in east Jerusalem, where some of them will be reunited with their families.

Hamas expects half a million at Gaza rally

Hamas is expecting a turnout of 500,000 people at the rally in Gaza City Tuesday, to welcome home prisoners being exchanged with Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit.

During the rally, released prisoners will sit on a stage at the Al-Katiba square, along with senior Hamas officials. Construction of the stage has already been completed.

Berlin Rail Attacks Fuel Fears of Left-Wing Extremism

The recent discovery of 18 firebombs along railtracks around Berlin has triggered a heated debate on left-wing extremist violence in Germany. For months German officials have been warning about radicalization of the far-left scene, which has seen an uptick in arson attacks.

The "unconventional explosive and incendiary device," as investigators described it, was hidden in a cable duct next to the track bed at rail kilometer 24.6 between the stations of Brieselang and Finkenkrug in Brandenburg, the large eastern German state surrounding Berlin. Last Monday, the device went off at approximately 3:45 a.m., triggering a massive deployment of investigators, fire personnel and bomb disposal squads from the federal police force.

Sixteen of the 18 incendiary devices failed to explode, apparently because the match heads in the ignition mechanism had become damp -- but the incidents nevertheless reignited a heated debate on left-wing violence.

The Revolutionary Communist Party's Little Yellow Book

Four days after the first occupiers arrived on Wall Street in September, the Harvard Crimson student newspaper offered editorial space to a Maoist fringe group called the Revolutionary Communist Party. The article by RCP spokesman Ray Lotta urged replacing the U.S. Constitution with the Constitution of the New Socialist Republic in North America, which has been published as a 91-page book with a yellow cover.

The Socialist Constitution is a disturbing read, breathtaking in the brutality of the totalitarian measures proposed, a trip down the rabbit hole of the twisted American Communist mind. A few salient points from Chairman Bob's Little Yellow Book are outlined below:

When Avakian talks about the "fight," he doesn't mean winning hearts and minds through education, persuasion and protest marches; he means armed struggle and the violent overthrow of the U.S. government with "armed forces and militia."

Anti-capitalist protests enter third day in Europe

Protesters inspired by the "Occupy Wall Street" movement camped out in European cities for a third day on Monday in a campaign that has got the EU and Russia both unexpectedly on the same page.

The protests in 80 countries at the weekend, some of which turned violent, were part of a global campaign emulating the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York and Spain's "Indignants" campaign.

Underwater Volcano Eruption of El Hierro

Spain's Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) confirmed on Tuesday that an underwater eruption has occurred five kilometres off the southern coastline of El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Island.

The IGN says all three of its seismic stations on El Hierro in the Canary Islands have registered a volcanic tremor of low frequency in the south of the island at La Restinga, the southern-most village in the Canaries. The estimated 537 residents of the town were summoned to a local football field on Tuesday afternoon to be briefed on evacuation procedures.

Putin to 'consolidate political system' as Russia's new president

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Monday he is determined to return to the Kremlin to consolidate the foundations of the country’s political system

Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev have backed one another to switch roles after 2012 presidential elections. Medvedev proposed Putin for president at the United Russia congress in late September, saying he was ready to head the government in case of Putin's victory.

Putin shows his cards, keeps Medvedev, boosts United Russia

Few doubted that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin would remain Russia's top power-broker in the years to come in any formal capacity he fancied, but making clear the future power configuration on Saturday three months before the official presidential campaign kicks off in December betrays little of his trademark secretive style.

Accepting the presidential nomination offered by the younger partner in the ruling tandem, President Dmitry Medvedev, and offering him in return the post of prime minister in the future government and the top place in the United Russia party ticket for the State Duma elections in December, Putin eliminates the risk of the schism in the Russian ruling elite


WVBORN56 said...

Those articles Scott both anger me and make me sad as they reveal the evil that is currently "out there". They are held somewhat in check becuase of the HS working thru the church at least in the USA and Canada but ready to explode upon the depature of the church. Wow just Wow for those who will be left behind. Pure evil in chrage.

I can't imagine it being much longer as things are building to a crecsendo. I'm still thinking the rapture may be the "tipiing point"?

The hour is late but never too late to pray hard, really hard... in the time remaining. I'm preaching to myself as much as anyone eles who cares to join me. :)

Sharon said...

WVborn56, I feel exactly the same. What are you praying? I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the details for what to ask God. My default is for God's will to be done, for His revealing to those who will come to Him, and for wisdom and the Holy Spirit's guidance for His children. Blessings!

Scott said...

I agree..>we're getting so so very close....The job of the Church is almost done.

Everything we are seeing is leading towards the Tribulation - that makes it somewhat fascinating but also horrifying at the same time

WVBORN56 said...

Sharon, Just a few examples... I am praying for the fullness of the gentiles (people saved), for the power of the HS at our church service on Sunday's because that is a place lots of people can be saved. I also pray for our missionaries to be effective and for Israel and those left in the tribulation to be saved. Finally like you mentioned, I think it is more than fine..."not my will Lord but your will be done on earth at it is in heaven."

Sometimes when I can't think of anything I'm just honest with the Lord and agree with Him and then ask Him to take over. I guess salvation for the lost is the biggest thing on my heart and mind especially knowing time is short. Thanks for asking Sharon. God Bless!

DrNofog said...

this guy is trolling here!

He did this a couple of wks ago further back, but I was really busy wif somthin' or other really, really important [to me, anyway...] and I dint flag it 'cuz I mistakenly made the assumption that you were on top of things like that & would catch it along wif yer favorite H&R specialist slipping another one past you 2011.10.17 10:55PM

Diane said...

I agree, when I don't know what or how to pray, I just pray for God's Will. Like many of you, I have family members (including a son), co-workers ,neighbors and friends for whom I am so concerned. That concern takes away some of the joy surrounding the Lord's appearing.

Yet in the past, when the Lord has reached out to family and touched them and saved them, I was amazed! The ways he used to reach each person was so different and so unique to that person.

I rarely "reap a harvest", but sometimes "plant a seed" and frequently "water". I think many times this is true, and we are unaware. I think we will be gratefully surprised at some of the people we see in Heaven. Diane

Anonymous said...

and yet, STOCKS are up again !!!

Despite all this....amazing !!!!

You would think we would have a crash by now, but no.....

Elliott wave counts seem to indicate the rally is NOT over.

and still NO AC as of yet....

I guess we all need to drink
a nice cold MOUNTAIN DEW and
wait it out....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Dr NoFog and DrWho are you the same person or 2 different people?

DrNofog said...

DrWho_is_gnu here... but he[?] doesn't seem to have a sense of humour, so he couldn't possibly be me.

But I wouldn't put it past Scott that he is creating yet another alter-ego just to confound us & make it more entertaining for himself!

Diane said...

I too am confused about the 2 Drs. Diane

mary said...

thanks for bringing the 2 drs. up Anon and Diane, just wondering myself. I do have to say Dr. No, that you are the funniest person I have heard lately. When you, Scott, and Caver get going, I need tissue to wipe away tears of laughter. Keep it coming you guys, we need a little fun in these dark days. Still giggling, ms

Scott said...

We're seeing DrNo's duel personalities...I just hope they can get along...