Thursday, October 27, 2011

Egypt To Cancel Peace With Israel

This was predictable and many of us saw this coming with the evolving Muslim Bortherhood takeover of Egypt.

Egypt May Cancel Peace With Israel, Says Jordan's King

It's not only Israeli analysts who fear that even the cold peace between their country and Egypt may be in danger as Islamic forces rise in the wake of Egypt's revolution.

Jordan's King Abdullah II on Wednesday told the Washington Post that there is a "very strong possibility" that following upcoming elections, Egypt's new rulers will revoke the Camp David Accords.

At the risk of stating the obvious.

That is especially true if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power. The group is contesting over 50 percent of the parliament seats in the next election, and is currently the only major political party active in the country.

Those experts insist that Egypt wants to maintain its flow of American financial aid and military equipment, and won't do anything to jeopardize that.

"The peace between Israel and Egypt is no longer holy," declared Egyptian diplomat and Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi at a recent rally. "It [peace with Israel] cannot be considered equal to the holy Koran."

Al-Arabi was only echoing what the Egyptian public had been saying for months.

The results of a public opinion poll conducted following the fall of dictator Hosni Mubarak found that the majority of Egyptians want to annul their nation's peace treaty with Israel.

Conducted by the Pew Research Center, the survey revealed that 54 percent of Egyptians don't want peace with Israel, and will support a candidate who advocates annulling the Camp David Accords.

That percentage was the same among both secular Egyptians and those affiliated with Islamic organizations.

Like so many of the other significant events in the region, we saw this one coming as soon as the "takeover" happened. It was an easy call as we watched the powerful Muslim Brotherhood take over - it was inevitable that they would break any and all ties with Israel and indeed they are.

Once again, in the region, we see a relatively stable government fall into the hands of radical Islam - and inevitably, when that happens, the anti-Israeli rheotric begins.

Watch for the same in Libya, which is only a few months behind Egypt.


Caver said...

Well, as you said Scott...we all knew it would happen, but I'm a wee bit taken aback by the manner they're apparently gonna do it....all legal and up front-n-all.

I kinda figured that Israel would assume the peace was over when the tanks-n-troops-n-American supplied planes started over the border.

Anonymous said...

I read that Egypt will not be attending the Pope's meeting due to the fact that he renounced the treatment of the Cotic Christians in Egypt.

Anonymous said...


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Jill said...

Hey Scott,
Have you checked out the person dubbed 'George Soros lite', it is the billionaire Nicolas Berggruen. A german with a strange nomadic life, who lives in city after city putting money and time into Soros type interests. No marraige, no kids, no home or car. When I looked at his pic on the blaze story I had to pause a minute. This might sound weird but he reminded me of Hitler, the eyes, something about the eyes. Anyways, check him out and tell me what you think,,,, a man planting seeds like this all over the world is sure to plan on harvesting something some day.

Anonymous said...

stephen you've been saying this daily for the last year now...

Anonymous said...

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Stephen >>>>>>

Scott said...

No but I'm most interested. I'll take a look -- is this recent?
I'll google it as well, thanks a bunch for the tip on this

Scott said...


I think I'm going to have to put this person on my list no doubt. VERY interesting.

Here is the link

Robin said...

Thanks for the heads up, Jill. Very creepy . . .how'd he manage to turn $250,000 into billions and not be on the radar? I've never even heard of him. There definitely is something very odd about him.

Caver said...

Jill....he does look like a piece of work....and young. A quote from his site is....

The Nicolas Berggruen Institute is dedicated to exploring new ideas of good governance. The NBI is an independent, non-partisan think tank which – with the commitment and dedication of elder statesmen and women, global thinkers, leading entrepreneurs who volunteer their time and advice - engages in the design and implementation of systems of governance suited to the new and complex challenges of the 21st century.


Investments are often socially and culturally driven. The Berggruen Group has offices in New York, Berlin, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Mumbai.

Certainly a bloke worth being on the radar screen

Anonymous said...

Jill, thank you for calling our attention to this man. I want to explore more but here are a couple of interesting items.

and this one for sure....

I am sorry I don't know how to post a link.

Robin said...

Just for ducks, google his name and select images at the top of the page. Tons of pictures . . .and aside from looking somewhat "devilish", IMHO, in some of the more recent images, he something of an alcoholic look around the eyes.

Jill said...

robin, 'just for ducks' I googled his pic and then compared to a hitler pic around the same age,,,,,, same haggard expression and I don't know why but his eyes seem dead and vacant. after working in addiction medicine for years i agree there is the 'overuse and under-rested' look. hotel room to hotel room with ample mini-bars probably don't help.

Anonymous said...

Jill, Robin, does anyone find it interesting that this man is part of the Bildeberg group?

DrNofog said...

Anon said "...I am sorry I don't know how to post a link..."

You mean like this?

I'm using brackets in that post so the Blogger system doesn't grab it and go nuts into never-never land.
Substitute "greater-than" and "less-than" symbols facing the same way as the brackets.

Also, it helps if you pick a "name or alias" so we know which Anon we should be responding to ... and that way it sorta makes it seem a little more 'human' if we put a pretend mug-shot on you...

And you'll still remain anonymous, after all, the "person" that created this blog has been doing it for yrs -["Scott" is an alias too, and the man of mystery still remains at large...]!

Go "here" for a helpful hint on "how to".

This will save you a little time too for any of your future posts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Dr Nofog. :)

I will check out the information.


Robin said...

Wait, DrNoFog . . .are you Scott's alias? LOL

I'm going to have to work on the link posting thing too . . .thanks for the tute.

As for the Builderburg affiliation . . .i think EVERY person of prominence is a member. Even some very prominent theologians who know better have joined. Membership in and of its self doesn't necessarily designate one to AntiChrist prospect status, but I have a hard time believing one could reach global leadership without using it as a stepping stone. What I'd be more interested to know is what, if any, role he plays in Builderburg leadership?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Robin. I haven't had someone catch my attention as he has, (through Jill's post) in quite awhile. I will be back if I find any pertinent information on him.