Monday, October 3, 2011

A World in Crisis: Just on the Brink

The headlines reveal just how fallen this world is, and just how close to the brink we are:

Eurozone teeters on the verge of a 'euroquake' if Greek default is bungled

No Rise in Home Prices Until 2020: Bankers

No Money for Federal Retirement: Federal Retirement Plans Cost Almost as Much as Social Security

Barroso Calls for More Power for EU Institutions

Turkish warships harass Israeli freighters. Israeli missile boats off Cyprus

Could cyber attackers cut off the power grid? The U.S. says new 'connected' equipment is at risk

"SHe's gonna Blow": Canary Island Evacuated Amid Volcano

El Heirro (The Canary Islands) Earthquake Count Reaches 8850

The Day America Died: The only Future for Americans is a Nightmare

This is just a small sample of today's headlines. There are many many more.

The world is literally on the brink - and desperately searching for answers. Unfortunately, the world is searching in the wrong places.

The answer?

There is only one answer.


See below.


gearedup2go said... is funded by Soros and is actively engaged in the protesting in the major cities across the US. And remember that Obama has ties with Soros via SEIU. So don't be shocked if this administration does little to squelch the civil uprising.

On another note, Soros is again voicing his desire for a single EU currency. And what Soros wants, Soros gets.

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to my beautiful white robe and the wedding feast. : )

Scott said...

Yea, I had read the same, Geared. Every time you turn over a rock you can find Soros it seems.

Caver said...

So true....and I suspect Mr. Soros is going to get a lot more than he bargained for when its all said and done.

I've never seen such darkness and evil in my life as it seems is crawling out of the closets daily now.

But the degree of blindness....just total blindness we see is shocking and astounding. People that should know better....people that appear to have some control and ethics...totally blind.

Scott said...

You are so right Caver - but we knew it had to be this way as we approach the Tribulation. Our time is almost here brother. Almost. So close.

Dave down under said...

I was sitting with my father and mother in-law weeks ago trying to explain to them the various happenings in the world WRT to Isreal, the wierd things happening in America and so forth. I was saying how close we are to the second coming Jesus and as expected their answer was "we've seen this ought of thing before, especially the economic callapse". I sat there speechless and wondering what to say to show them "we are almost there". It occured to me the only real evidence we have for these "tribulation don't want to knower's" is the number and frequency of earth quakes that jesus gave us in the gospel's. Oh well maybe next time.

Scott said...

It would take me 4-5 hours, but I think I could convince them otherwise. Could you get them to listen to the audio downloads on this page?

Caver said...

Hi Dave down under, certainly Scott's audio downloads are excellent and I concur....they will convince most.

But just to put a wee bit more ammo in your pouch for the "right now" salvo...
1.Most volcanoes ever in history active and popping off at the same time
2. Move EQs in a recent 3 week period than in many centuries
3. Tales of famine world wide...record crop failures
4. More diseases resistant to antibiotics and growing at alarming rates (pestilence)
5. Talk of a OWG and New World Order.
6. One world currency
7. Signs in the stars and heavens...kind of waiting on this one till the end of the month.
8. What's happening in the ME...all the nations of the world ganging up on Israel, the exact nations mentioned in Psalm 83 prayer and Isiah 17 answer to that prayer turning more militant and ready for war. The blindness of the nations in supporting the MB take over of these nations.
9. The rise of Gog/Magog....the first military alliance in history between Russia and Iran.
10. Apostasy in the wide.
11. Lovers of self and not caring about fellow man.
12. And don't forget this one...just for emphasis and a good 24 Karat Guilt Trip...Scoffers...Scoffers not knowing the signs and seeing the relevance, saying all things are the same as in the past.

Throw that line back out there Brother. That fish is catchable.

Dutch Treat said...

Geared Up, it's hard to imagine all of us in white robes. I suppose it would look rather funny; but I can't wait to find out. I also wonder if George Soros really knows what's awaiting him.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

SCOTT >>>>>>>

please go here >>>>

this is one of the PICS that you
had from one of the links.....
you posted....have u seen this ??

IF THIS volcano blows, all hell
is GOING to break lose....

CONCERN should be high re a
possible tsunmai wacking off
Battery Park in NYC......where
the NYSE is located.....

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Anonymous said...

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Mrs. C said...

Stephen Brother, Hold on, your posts probably "went into Spam" which has happened to ALL of us!
Scott will check for you Im sure.
God Bless You Stephen! :)

gearedup2go said...

Dutch, our robes will be over the top pristine. And as a bonus prize we will be mounting white horses to join our King when He comes back to destroy the enemy. Revelation 19:14

Misty said...

As for the white robes, I've always pictured the choir robe kind of thing but now that you mention it geared, there will be no comparison. In fact as someone mentioned earlier, whatever we can possibly come up with falls far short because what God has prepared will be so much better than our imaginations.

Mrs. C said...

Its 1:30am in Jerusalem right now, and lots of Shofars blowing with tons of Worshipers at the Kotel (Western Wall) right now, if anyone would care to see and hear!:)

WVBORN56 said...

Am I the only guy a bit uneasy about wearing a robe? I hope they at least come with hanes boxers. lol

Caver said...

WV...sitting here chuckling.

Tis nice to know I ain't the only one with "concerns".


Something tells me He's already thought this thing through. :)

Scott said...

Those posts went into Spam for some reason - I was busy today and didn't have a chance to check the spam jail today!
Thanks for the links, they look very interesting.

Diane said...

Dear Stephen, please remember that Scott has a family, a job, and other concerns besides this blog. If you notice that he has not responded to anyone else recently, it is probably because he is off line. Diane

DrNofog said...

Assassinations are lauded in Obummers reign

It seems unfortunate that Scott didn't find and post the above article [The Day America Died] before you and Michael started your discussion here.

It is somewhat lengthy but very well worth a careful read for the salient points of how manipulated, propagandized, and blinded to imminent danger we have fallen to.

A snippet or 2 from the article [but not in same order as the article]:

[A trial balloon testing public reaction]

"...Last year the Obama Regime tested the prospects of its strategy when Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence, announced that the government had a list of American citizens that it was going to assassinate abroad. This announcement, had it been made in earlier times by, for example, Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan, would have produced a national uproar and calls for impeachment. However, Blair’s announcement caused hardly a ripple. All that remained for the regime to do was to establish the policy by exercising it..."

"...keep in mind that CIA assassinations were....not publicly proclaimed events, much less a claim by the president to be above the law. Indeed, such assassinations were denied..." [to shield the Prez from complicity]

This great danger that hovers over America is unrecognized by the majority of the people. When Obama announced before a military gathering his success in assassinating an American citizen, cheers erupted. [uhmmm, isn't the military charged with an oath to uphold the Constitution, NOT the 'regime'?!? -- and they cheered!!]

"...Police states do not originate fully fledged. Initially, they justify their illegal acts by demonizing their targets and in this way create the precedents for unaccountable power..." [a precedent like Waco.]

At Waco, when the American military was used for the 1st time against its own Citizens [which is forbidden by the Founding Father in the Constitution], and the newly forming militias were even afraid to at least rally as human shields around the place for proper media coverage, I knew we were doomed... it was just a matter of time.

Truly, we have crested the steepest part of the slippery slope and there are no brakes on this snowball destined to become an avalanche of Nazi holocaust terror.

Scott said...

I agree wholeheartedly regarding WACO - not to mention Randy Weaver. Those two incidences told me that it was officially over for America.