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The road to the New World Order runs through Ukraine?

The road to the New World Order runs through Ukraine

Ukraine may be at war, writes Leo Hohmann, but that isn’t stopping it from playing a leading role in the digitisation of the global economy.

In a recent article, Hohmann highlighted the World Economic Forum’s (“WEF’s”) role in fully digitising Ukraine’s citizenry and establishing a Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the country.

Before we get to Hohmann’s article, we have given a brief overview demonstrating how it is not only WEF that is involved in this nefarious plan – it is a global public-private partnership.

In November 2022, UK Member of Parliament and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch met in London with Ukrainian officials to agree on a “ground-breaking digital trade deal” called the Digital Trade Agreement (“DTA”).

The DTA will “deliver greater compatibility and interoperability between digital identity systems in the UK and Ukraine,” according to the UK’s Department of International Trade. In return, the DTA will allow Ukrainians to access financial services.

It’s unclear whether the UK’s digital trade agreements fall under agreements managed by international organisations, such as the World Bank, and the Government website states repeatedly that they are to enhance British trade, i.e., national interests.  However, there clearly is a global element to the UK’s digital trade approach:

Building a global network of digital trade agreements

While we continue to build the UK’s network of bilateral and regional agreements, we are also helping to shape the global rules of digital trade in international fora. The UK is actively participating in the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) E-commerce Joint Statement Initiative where over 80 countries are negotiating new rules for the global digital economy. At the same time, under the UK’s G7 Presidency, trade ministers have committed to adopt the G7’s Digital Trade Principles when they meet in October.


We will: work with WTO partners to advance new rulemaking on digital trade to ensure that global governance keeps pace with developing technologies …

Since 2016, the World Trade Organisation (“WTO”) has boasted of having 164 countries as its members which taken together cover almost 94% of the world’s population.  Officially founded in 1995, the WTO traces its roots to Bretton Woods in 1947. A few years earlier, in 1944, the International Monetary Fund (“IMF”) and the World Bank Group were also created at Bretton Woods.  United Nations agencies, the IMF and World Bank have observer status in WTO bodies.

In June 2019, WEF signed a strategic partnership with the UN to execute the UN’s agenda. WEF committed itself to financing Agenda 2030 and working with areas like climate change, health, digital cooperation, gender and education.

In January 2024, WEF and the Ukraine Ministry of Digital Transformation announced a mutual interest in setting up a Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, putting Ukraine at the forefront of the World Bank’s GovTech and digital transformation.


White House: Iran-backed militias in Iraq launched deadly drone attack on US troops

White House: Iran-backed militias in Iraq launched deadly drone attack on US troops

The White House says the Islamic Resistance in Iraq militia grouping was behind the weekend drone attack that killed three American soldiers at a base in Jordan.

The “attribution that our intelligence community is comfortable with is that this was done by the umbrella group” Islamic Resistance in Iraq — a coalition of Iranian-backed militias — says National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

In addition to the three deaths in the drone blast on Sunday at the remote base, about 40 more troops were injured, the Pentagon says.


US warship had close call with Houthi missile in Red Sea

US warship had close call with Houthi missile in Red Sea
Oren Liebermann and Natasha Bertrand, CNN

A cruise missile launched by the Houthis into the Red Sea on Tuesday night came within a mile of a US destroyer before it was shot down, four US officials told CNN, the closest a Houthi attack has come to a US warship.

In the past, these missiles have been intercepted by US destroyers in the area at a range of eight miles or more, the officials said. But the USS Gravely had to use its Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) for the first time since the US began intercepting the Houthi missiles late last year, which ultimately succeeded in downing the missile, officials said.

The CIWS, an automated machine gun designed for close-range intercepts, is one of the final defensive lines the ship has to shoot down an incoming missile when other layers of defense have failed to intercept it.

The episode underscores the threat the Houthis continue to pose to US naval assets and commercial shipping in the Red Sea, despite multiple US and British strikes on Houthi infrastructure inside Yemen. The close call also comes just days after three US service members were killed in a drone attack by Iran-backed militants at a US outpost in Jordan.

On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin condemned the “reckless and illegal attacks” against US warships and commercial vessels in the region.

“We can see Iran’s hand here as well, providing the Houthis with advanced conventional weapons, intelligence and expertise,” said Austin during a bilateral meeting with his British counterpart.


BRICS: Russia Says Ditching US Dollar is a Top Priority in 2024

BRICS: Russia Says Ditching US Dollar is a Top Priority in 2024

Following the theme that led the BRICS alliance throughout last year, Russia has said that ditching the US Dollar is 2024’s top priority. Indeed, the country is set to embrace the chairmanship of the group this year. Subsequently, it discussed the current financial reality of the global economic order as its most pressing point of cooperation. 

The statement was made at a recent gathering of BRICS Sherpas and Sous Sherpas that took place Monday. There, all BRICS nations were represented, including the five newest expanded countries. Moreover, the gathering was the first time that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia gathered with the alliance originators



Ukraine set to receive new game-changing US-made 'glide bombs' with 100-mile range as soon as today in new frontline blow to Putin

Ukraine set to receive new game-changing US-made 'glide bombs' with 100-mile range as soon as today in new frontline blow to Putin

Ukraine is set to receive a first batch of new long-range missiles that will be able to strike deep into Russian-held territory.

The new 100-mile 'glide missiles' could prove to be a game changer in Kyiv's military capabilities, and in its fight against Vladimir Putin's invading forces.

Built by Boeing and Saab, the new precision-guided missiles will also supplement Ukraine's existing ATACM rockets, which are provided by the US.

Their arrival follows months of testing by the United States military, but even the US doesn't have these weapons in its arsenal, sources cited by Politico said.

Ukraine is set to receive the Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bombs as early as today, according to the US officials familiar with the matter, a relief for officials in Kyiv after the EU said it would provide only half the shells it promised by March.

In a CGI video demonstrating the weapon, the missiles are seen being launched vertically into the air from the back of a green military truck. 

Once at glide height, the warhead detaches from the initial propulsion system and spreads small wings, which guide it towards the target. 

In the CGI video, a series of trucks are then seen driving over a bridge. 

These are then shown being struck one by one as the missiles slam down vertically into them, busting into huge balls of flame.

A non-CGI demonstration is also shown in the video, showing the system in more detail, along with annotations of its key components.

All four people who spoke to Politico chose to remain anonymous in discussing the delivery ahead of an official announcement, the outlet reported.

One of the officials told the publication that the new bomb, which can travel about 90 miles, is expected to be 'a significant capability for Ukraine'.

'It gives them a deeper strike capability they haven't had, it complements their long-range fire arsenal,' the official said. 


Intense Israel, Syria Fight Near Golan Heights; IDF Attacks Syrian Army Facilities

Intense Israel, Syria Fight Near Golan Heights; IDF Attacks Syrian Army Facilities

The Israeli defence forces carried out airstrikes against Syrian Army positions in the Daraa area in southern Syria. The IDF said that its attack was in response to Syria's overnight rocket attack on the Golan Heights, which Israel annexed in 1967. Watch this video to know more.

Take Our Border Back convoy expected to have 700K people to protest border crisis: ‘We’re just ordinary citizens’

Take Our Border Back convoy expected to have 700K people to protest border crisis: ‘We’re just ordinary citizens’
Alyssa Guzman

The Take Our Border Back convoy heading to Texas is expecting at least 700,000 people to turn out for their events on Feb. 3.

The organizers of the convoy left Virginia Monday and stopped overnight in Florida where they rallied for more people to join their cause and organized to try and push the Biden administration into taking action on border issues.

Pictures taken by The Post Tuesday morning show the painted vans and trucks that have joined the growing convoy in Jacksonville, Florida, as they prepared to head through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana onto Quemado, Texas, near border security flashpoint Eagle Pass.  

Organizer Kim Yeater told The Post: “To the naysayers: We’re just ordinary citizens, farmers, ranchers, retired police officers. Not crazy conspiracy theorists. 

“It will be a peaceful assembly of Americans of all political classes and all ethnicities.

“We’ve got Canadian truckers, moms and dads. We’ve got motorcycles. If people could bring horses they’d bring horses. I know the numbers we are looking at are 700,000. I think it’ll possibly be bigger than that.”

A second convoy is leaving from California to Yuma, Arizona – another area where migrants have consistently overwhelmed the border, and where for months people were able to simply walk through open floodgates at Lukeville.

Yeater said the group is not against migration into the US, but argues things have got out of control, with over 2.4 million people encountered on the Southern border in the last fiscal year according to the Department of Homeland Security, and a record 300,000 in December alone.

She added: “The big open gates [along the wall] are all over the place. These were cut down from the inside out. There are huge openings …That cannot secure our border. That has got to be closed. We’re about taking a stand together to secure our borders.

“What’s really important is our goal, our mission is to shine the spotlight on open borders and educate Americans of imminent dangers to all Americans.

“We’re all about safe, legal, immigrations. By vetting the people coming in. I have moms [who will speak at the rallies on Saturday] speaking of children who died from fentanyl. I have one whose child was killed by an illegal immigrant who had crossed that border multiple times. She just left the cemetery yesterday, on what would have been his birthday.”

The convoy will not be putting up with “infiltrators” or “disruptors,” saying those who act up will be “handed over to authorities,” according to Yeater.


Six pro-lifers found guilty of federal felonies in Tennessee rescue, face 10-plus years in prison

Six pro-lifers found guilty of federal felonies in Tennessee rescue, face 10-plus years in prison

Six pro-life advocates were convicted of federal felonies on Tuesday for violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act during a 2021 peaceful protest at an abortion facility just outside Nashville, Tennessee, a clinic that has since been forced to stop providing abortions.

A jury delivered its guilty verdict late Tuesday for six pro-lifers who participated in a March 2021 “rescue” at the Carafem Health Center Clinic in Mt. Joliet, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. The verdict comes in spite of the fact that, just a year and a half later, the same facility was forced to stop committing abortions to comply with Tennessee’s pro-life legislation after the June 2022 overthrow of Roe v. Wade

The pro-life advocates who were convicted Tuesday are Chester Gallagher of Lebanon, Tennessee; Heather Idoni and Calvin Zastrow of Michigan; Coleman Boyd of Bolton, Mississippi, and Dennis Green of Cumberland, Virginia. 

Paul Vaughn of Centerville, Tennessee, the Christian husband and father of 11 who was arrested at gunpoint at his family home in 2022, was also convicted.

Each of the protesters involved in the Tennessee rescue now faces as many as 10 1/2 years behind bars and up to $260,000 in fines. 

Sentencing is slated to take place July 2.

Despite the convictions, the rescue in question was markedly peaceful. Participants stood inside the building, sang hymns, and some sat in front of doors to prevent entry and exit.

A recording from the planned protest, made public by pro-life organization Live Action, shows pro-lifers standing and sitting inside a hallway of the building, singing hymns, praying, and refusing to leave. Some of the pro-lifers sat in front of doors in a passive effort to prevent employees and patients from proceeding with abortions. On one occasion, the protesters attempted to engage an apparently abortion-seeking woman in conversation about the preciousness of her preborn baby.


NatGas Pipeline Erupts In 500-Foot Fireball In Western Oklahoma

NatGas Pipeline Erupts In 500-Foot Fireball In Western Oklahoma

On Tuesday night, a massive explosion was reported on part of a natural gas pipeline near the Texas-Oklahoma border. 

Local media KVII-TV reports emergency responders from across the area, including the Booker Fire Department in neighboring Texas, responded to the pipeline fire near Laverne, Oklahoma, around 9:45 pm local time. 

"Crews from several departments are staged at a safe distance until the gas can be turned off," Booker Fire Department said in an update.

Footage uploaded on social media shows the pipeline fire. Several media outlets have said flames reached as high as 500 feet. 

According to the fire department, the affected part of the NatGas pipeline must be depressurized before fire crews can combat the fire.

US NatGas futures held steady around $2/MMBtu as the pipeline situation did not concern traders. Prices are under pressure on milder weather trends for the Lower 48 through the first half of February. 


Tehran warns Biden that if US strikes Iranian soil in retaliation for death of three soldiers the Islamist regime will hit back at American targets across the Middle East

Tehran warns Biden that if US strikes Iranian soil in retaliation for death of three soldiers the Islamist regime will hit back at American targets across the Middle East - sparking all-out war between the foes

Iran has told the United States through intermediaries that any strike on its own soil would cross a red line and provoke reprisals on American targets in the region, according to a report.

The grim warning came as the world holds its breath to see how Joe Biden will respond to the killing of three U.S. soldiers by Iranian-backed militias.

Biden on Tuesday said he had already made his decision regarding reprisals for the deaths on Sunday - but did not disclose what it was. 

He spent Monday sequestered with his military and national security advisers weighing up a range of options drawn up and debated over decades: among them striking Iranian assets in the Persian Gulf; taking on Iran-backed militias in Syria and Iraq; launching a cyberattack and - the most fraught option - launching strikes on Iranian territory, to take out commanders and key military sites.

On Tuesday, The Guardian reported that Tehran has told Washington via intermediaries that if it strikes Iranian territory directly, Tehran will itself hit back at American assets in the Middle East.

Biden and his team have insisted the U.S. is trying to avoid escalation, and the president does not want another war to deal with - especially in an election year.

'I don't think we need a wider war in the Middle East, that's not what I'm looking for,' he said on Tuesday at the White House.

Pressed about concerns raised by his own administration about the risks of escalation, the president replied: 'We'll see.'

Administration officials are saying that the reprisals will be carried out over time, in a series of strikes.

Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, said on Monday: 'We will respond decisively to any aggression, and we will hold responsible the people who attacked our troops. That response could be multileveled, come in stages and be sustained over time.'

A U.S. official told ABC News the strikes will be carried out 'over the course of several days', and hit 'multiple targets.'

The official would not specify if the targets are inside or outside of Iran, but added: 'These are going to be very deliberate targets - deliberate strikes on facilities that enabled these attacks' on U.S. forces.

There have been over 160 attacks launched by Iranian-backed militias on U.S. targets in Iraq, Syria and Jordan since the October 7 terror attack.

The various militia groups, which call themselves the 'Axis of Resistance', say they are attacking the U.S. to force them to end their support for Israel's war in Gaza. Analysts say Iran is simply taking advantage of the chaos.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iran's foreign minister, said he felt Iran was winning people over to its way of thinking.

He said the White House knew well that 'a political solution' was required to end the horrors in the Gaza Strip and the wider issues in the Middle East.

'Diplomacy is moving forward on this path,' he said. 'Benjamin Netanyahu is nearing the end of his criminal political life.'

Iran threatens to respond to any US strikes

Iran threatens to respond to any US strikes as Biden weighs how to react to a base attack in Jordan

 Iran threatened Wednesday to “decisively respond” to any U.S. attack on the Islamic Republic following President Joe Biden's linking of Tehran to the killing of three U.S. soldiers at a military base in Jordan.

The U.S. has signaled it is preparing for retaliatory strikes in the Mideast in the wake of the Sunday drone attack that also injured at least 40 troops at Tower 22, a secretive base in northeastern Jordan that's been crucial to the American presence in neighboring Syria.

However, concerns remain that any additional American strikes could further inflame a region already roiled by Israel's ongoing war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the ongoing attacks by Yemen's Houthi rebels on shipping in the Red Sea.

A U.S. Navy destroyer in the waterway shot down an anti-ship cruise missile launched by the Houthis late Tuesday, the latest attack targeting American forces patrolling the key maritime trade route, officials said.

The Iranian warnings first came from Amir Saeid Iravani, Iran's ambassador to the United Nations in New York. He gave a briefing to Iranian journalists late Tuesday, according to the state-run IRNA news agency.

“The Islamic Republic would decisively respond to any attack on the county, its interests and nationals under any pretexts,” IRNA quoted Iravani as saying. He described any possible Iranian retaliation as a “strong response,” without elaborating.


Naomi Wolf: Letter From Charlottesville

Letter from Charlottesville
Naomi Wolf 

I’ve been traveling in America, that poor beleaguered superpower, for the last week or so. This is a postcard for you from the war.

I left Brooklyn, New York, a week ago. On January 10, 2024, James Madison High School, up the road from where we are staying, had been commandeered by New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams. The kids who were supposed to have been learning math and English and science, were forced to stay home — once again — for “remote learning”, as their classrooms were occupied by people who had come into our nation unlawfully. The school, the kids were told the day before it happened, was to be used as a “temporary overnight respite center.”

‘“To ensure a smooth transition for families temporarily sheltering overnight in the building, our school building will be closed on Wednesday, January 10 and school will be in session remotely for all students,” Principal Jodie Cohen said in a statement to families.” ‘

Irate parents held a rally at the school. A mom called the closure and takeover “unacceptable.” The woman, who did not use — feared to use? — her real name, said that she was “very angry.” She made the case that the city “put our children last” and were instead “prioritizing the migrants.” State Assemblyman Michael Novakhov, whose district this is, told NBC that the decision to move kids out, and illegal migrants in, was “just really wrong. The school is not a right place for migrants, for anyone except the kids.”

New York City has taken in 170,000 illegal immigrants — or what NBC inaccurately calls “asylum-seekers” — in the last two years. 70,000 are still in the care of the city, and New York expects to spend $4.7 billion to provide shelter, food and services to “asylum-seekers” in fiscal year 2024. (The reason “asylum-seekers” is an inaccurate term for the migrant influx is that there are narrow legal grounds for seeking asylum or refugee status — you must prove that you are fleeing torture or will be imprisoned for political reasons if you return to your home country, for instance. Requesting asylum status is a legal process that takes years. The people who are here now, overwhelmingly, having walked across the border and been shipped via bus and plane to US cities, are here without the legal recognition of seeking asylum.)

Who are the families whose kids have been displaced, and who are dealing with the disorienting and unsafe-feeling realization that their home rooms, their science labs, their bathrooms and playgrounds, were inhabited by thousands of strange adults, displacing the students and deprioritizing their education? The ‘asylum-seekers’ have not replaced the teens at Dalton, the famous private school on the Upper East Side. No, the American kids whose education was disrupted, because of people who chose to break the law to enter our country, are exactly the kids whose education receives so much lip service: brown and black kids, from one of the poorer neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

I see some of these children in the morning when I walk Loki to the corner, and step into the nearest bodega to buy my coffee. They are quiet. They stand patiently in line, wearing their heavy backpacks, waiting to pay for inexpensive drinks and processed snacks.




The drone attack on the US troop base known as Tower-22, in the northeastern corner of Jordan, caught the US forces, reportedly reservists, asleep. The base reportedly holds 350 Army and Air Force personnel.   At least three have been confirmed killed; eight have been evacuated with life threatening injuries, according to US Central Command (CENTCOM); about three dozen have been counted as  wounded.

The operational success of the strike for the attackers is strategic. Tower-22 is a logistics, supply, and rear guard post for the Al-Tanf base which US troops are operating thirty kilometres north across the border in Syria. The attack demonstrates that both Tower-22 and Al-Tanf, Jordan and Syria, are newly vulnerable to weapons which the US forces have failed to detect and neutralize. Just as significantly, the massive US airbase called Muwaffaq Salti, 230 kilometres west across Jordan,  is also vulnerable now.

For analysis of how these bases, and other anti-Palestinian targets in Jordan, are connected and targeted by the Axis of Resistance, read this from October.

Biden’s statement said only “we are still gathering the facts of this attack”.

Reporters of the New York Times were told by their official briefers that “the drone strike in Jordan on Sunday demonstrated that the Iran-backed militias — whether in Iran or Syria, or the Houthis in Yemen — remained capable of inflicting serious consequences on American troops despite the U.S. military’s efforts to weaken them and avoid tumbling into a wider conflict, possibly with Iran itself.”

The official line in Washington on Sunday evening, according to its New York platform,  is that “the Americans killed on Sunday were the first known fatalities from hostile fire in the region since the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas…It was unclear on Sunday why air defences at the outpost failed to intercept the drone, which former military commanders said appeared to be the first known assault on the location since attacks on U.S. forces began soon after the Oct. 7 incursion.”

Well-informed military sources are emphatic that the Tower-22 operation has strategic significance in quite another way. They believe Pentagon officials have already told the White House.

“This is a significant accomplishment,” one of the sources said. “Was the bypassing of the US air defence system at Tower-22 pulled off with Russian assistance? US bases generally rely on the C-RAM [Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar] system.  It was sent to Ukraine last year where the Russians have been learning to defeat it. What now of American EW [electronic warfare]? They’ve been doing a fair job of knocking drones down up to now. It seems a ‘coincidence’ that, not a week after the meetings in Moscow with Arabs and Iranians, we see this success. It’s a success the circumstances of which, we can be sure, Biden and Austin are not keen to advertise.”

Border Invasion – A Legal Unraveling of Treason

Border Invasion – A Legal Unraveling of Treason
 Helena Glass 

Like the US Military, FBI recruitment necessitates a relaxation of requirements for enlistment due to large shortages in personnel.  In particular, those lax requirements include; weight, education (high school not required), drug use, mental acuity, IQ development, physical fitness, and experience – opening the door to the illegal immigrant young men invading our border.   Would this be “Legal”?

The protests across France and Germany are fueling and reinvigorating a power struggle that has been brewing for 3 years.   And unrest is growing stronger – but is that what they want?   Are we falling into their designed plan?

Does Texas have The Constitutional right?

Article IV Relationships Between the States

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.”

What constitutes an invasion per legal review:   “gangs operating within the territory of a U.S. state, may fall under the category of invaders, provided their criminal activity reaches a scale or degree of organization that deliberately overthrows or curtails the lawful sovereignty of the state.”   The basic point is ‘entry and enmity’.  They must show active hostility.   Given the vast majority of the ‘invaders’ are nonwhite and the Biden White House is adamantly inciting antiwhite ideology, that alone could qualify the definition.

Over the span of three years, between 6 million and 10 million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border.   The vast majority are flown into Mexico via the Bush, Clinton, Obama, Carter NGO – Welcome.US which utilizes donated and prebought airline tickets – buses – trains – and ships to offload.

The fact that half the States are now backing Texas creates a blue/red civil war as the split between those who support the invasion and those who oppose.   A convoy of truckers are making their way to Texas to aid in the ‘oppose’.   The timing is interesting in that Canada’s Supreme Court just ruled that Trudeau’s application of the Emergency Act to quell the truckers protesting last year – was unconstitutional.   Setting the precedent against Biden.

Biden’s lawyers are claiming that an ‘invasion’ must be defined as coming from a ‘foreign army’. 

Are cartels facilitating the border crossings considered a foreign army?  Yes.  Because they bring in drugs, arms, and illegal substances in order to murder American citizens.   Fentanyl deaths are the direct result of these cartels crossing into the US illegally.

James Madison, the father of the US Constitution, labeled an invasion as ‘foreign hostility’.   Given he was an author of the document, I imagine his definition would take precedence over WH lawyers and media pundit’s definition who had no parlay in the drafting of either The Constitution or Bill of Rights.

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

“The reserve of trust, patience, and deference, among non-zombies in the USA, is now ZERO.” — Jacob Dreizin

I’m sure you can see exactly where all this is going. By all this, I refer to the cortège of disasters orchestrated by “Joe Biden” and associates — with help from a power-crazed globalist cabal — hauling our country at a gallop now to the graveyard of empires. Is there any question that they are out to wreck Western Civ? And speeding up the action because too many actual citizens are rising to oppose their degenerate wickedness?

Most particularly, the people who have not surrendered their reason to the Woke-Marxist... that calls itself “progressivism” have had enough of the purposeful inflow of something like ten-thousand fake asylum-seekers a day across the border, mostly men, a lot of them from China, and many more of them mutts from faraway lands where Jihad is the order of the day — meaning the crusade to exterminate the people of Western Civ. We’re supposed to be okay with that.

This deliberate, treasonous policy was rightfully declared an “invasion” last week by the Governor of Texas, requiring the human wave to be met with real force, not the welcome wagon that the federal border patrol has been turned into. The result so far is a real-live Mexican stand-off between the regime in Washington and the state of Texas, joined by twenty-five other sympathetic US states willing to send men and matériel to seal the border.

None of this is reported in Monday morning’s New York Times, by the way, though you can read Is Dying Your Hair Bad for Your Health there. Nor will you read about the caravan of American truckers striking out from all points around the country to “peacefully protest and pray” at the border while Texas attempts to settle its hash with “Joe Biden.” Nor will you read about the uprising of European farmers blocking highways to protest ruinous EU rules on food imports, diesel fuel prices, carbon emissions inanity, and, of course, the officially-enabled tide of Africans and jihadists flooding into EU member states.

The best move would be to impeach both the president and his proclaimed “border czar” Veep Kamala Harris — which would put Speaker Mike Johnson in the oval office. But the impeachment process is too slow and awkward for that. So, now I will tell you where all this is actually going: “Joe Biden” will seize an excuse to declare a national emergency and subject the US to some manner of martial law.

The excuse could be an outbreak of violence in the quarrel between the states and the feds over the border. Or it could be a widening of the war in the Middle East, a direct confrontation with Iran that would draw in Russia and Turkey and kickoff World War Three, a war we would have an excellent shot at losing, considering our DEI-ravaged, over-vaxxed army, our obsolete naval carrier groups that can be sunk by hypersonic missiles, and our depleted reserves of armaments already fobbed off by Ukraine and, lately, given to Israel in the Gaza campaign to destroy Hamas.

 If such a war didn’t set off a world-ending exchange of nukes, it would at least collapse the economies of Europe and America and, with that, many governments, including possibly ours. And what role might all those recently-arrived illegal aliens play in such a fiasco? Any way you cut it, we’d be in for chaos and hardship.

Or, if we somehow avert major war, “Joe Biden” can try the national emergency ploy when the much-heralded (by the WHO) “Disease X” trots onstage. (And we must ask whether that will just be a delayed side-effect of the mRNA vaccine deaths?) Ultimately, the purpose of any national emergency at this moment in history, whatever prompts it, will be to suspend the 2024 elections. The Democratic Party has gone so completely off-the-rails psychologically that it will do anything to avert losing control of the government.

The Lawfare cases aimed at knocking Donald Trump off the game-board were assigned to corrupt and stupid prosecutors who are botching their jobs in perfect sequence. They are already baking the cake for Fani Willis’s farewell office party in Georgia, and Jack Smith is being undermined daily by the emergent truth about government’s role in fomenting the J6 riot. The ridiculous judgment rendered last week in the E. Jean Carroll defamation charade, is certain to be reversed on appeal. Note the assembled tweets below attributed to Ms. Carroll’s “X” account and draw your own conclusions about her character, especially her sexual proclivities. (By the way, Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled them inadmissible as evidence for Mr. Trump’s defense.)

Now, where the next national emergency or some kind of martial law is concerned, the catch is that at least half of America will refuse to comply with diktats coming out of Blob Central. They’ve had enough trips laid on them. The government has been flirting dangerously with the loss of legitimacy as the disastrous “Joe Biden” term grinds on, but this would really ice it. Whatever other tragic consequences follow, it would be the end of our constitutional republic, and history will install “Joe Biden” in the Hall of Infamy as the man who killed it.