Saturday, October 15, 2011

Commentary Worth Reading

This commentary from Canada Free Press is really worth reading and adds some important perspective on current events.

And it matters. It matters because it is becoming more and more apparent that the Marxist demonstrations are being used by those people in power who desire a totalitarian form of government.

We are actively witnessing the transformation of the world into the form it will become during the Tribulation - undoubtedly.

October 15, 2011: The Day Obama's Army occupied the Free World

Welcome to a hostile New World that arrived on society’s doorstep with the dawning of this very day. Over night the Army of Barack Hussein Obama moved in to our cities to occupy some 82 countries, including Canada where it really all began.

The people milling about in public parks in cities now under Occupation look like harmless hippies, but they’re conscripted soldiers for Obama, some on pay better than what is being paid to selfless soldiers of the real army risking life and limb for freedom in countries far from home.

I would change that statement slightly - to say that it is the George Soros army, but that may be splitting hairs.

In the chaos and confusion that has been the trademark of the Obama regime, chills should have run down spines when in July of 2008...called for “a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military”.

How without a single shot ringing out to warn the gullible did the populations of some 82 countries wake up to find themselves occupied by Obama’s army this morning?

Blame the cunning of Marxist strategy. Pretend your protesters are saving abused civilians from the big bad banks and greedy corporations; trot out “democracy” as main motivation for clamorous uprisings; repeat the lie that it was “democracy” that returned Egypt to the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ironic, too, that the Marxist plan for Global Revolution was actually masterminded on Canadian soil (if we can still consider Vancouver Canadian soil) with American dollars from the Tides Foundation allegedly propping up Adbusters Magazine, whose co-founder can be best described as today’s cult leader of burgeoning disaffected youth.

A perfect recipe for Marxist takeover.


gearedup2go said...

There have been reports that paid protestors are being recruited via Craigslist. Remember that Obama said that he will have a Civilian Security Force that is "just as strong, just as powerful". Well, I think we are beginning to see that force rising now.

Caver said... right but as the CFP so aptly pointed out. Its understandable that they showed up in the US

But 82 countries around the world the same day!!!

Think about that. The forces, power, and money behind this are huge and organized/financed in a way we can't understand.

The mask is coming off.

gearedup2go said...

Caver, this only reinforces what we have discussed before and that is that there are supernatural forces at work here. How else can you explain it? This president has violated and abandoned the Constitution repeatedly. If he had been any other president--a conservative president-- there would have been an independent counsel investigating the irregularities followed by a hearing and probably a resignation.

This darkness falling upon our society only enforces our thoughts that the Groom is just about ready to come for the Bride. He just has to finish putting on the finishing touches of the Caver mansion--complete with a BBQ grill and hammock.

Diane said...

And don't forget a swimming pool, gearedup2go !
Seriously, we will just be blessed and joyous with whatever He provides ! :)

I looked back at some of Scott's early postings on this blog from about 3 years ago, and there were very infrequent general postings . How much 3 years has changed everything , with sometimes several postings in a day and all very specific ! Diane

Caver said...

Geared & Diane, I like the way you gals think!

Don't forget....pot luck, our mansion, the second Friday following The Feast. That BBQ grill will come in handy.

Oh yea, Dress Code. White robe and sandals will do nicely.

gearedup2go said...

Diane~how did I forget the pool?! : D I agree about Scott's earlier writings--there is so much that has transpired since then and it reminds us that we're down to the final few precious minutes before the midnight hour is upon us.

Scott said...

Indeed - its stunning just how much is happening on a daily basis. Just take today for example, in fact, just this afternoon - look how many prophetic related stories have appeared. Its surreal.