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Mossad Stole Iran's Nuke Archive And Smuggled It Back To Israel

Mossad stole Iran's nuke archive and smuggled it back to Israel the same night

Spies from Israel’s Mossad agency discovered the top-secret location of a warehouse used to store Iran’s nuclear weapons files, broke into the building, took half a ton of documents and managed to smuggle them back to Israel that same night, The New York Times reported Monday.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed the daring operation as he displayed the trove of documents in a presentation aimed at proving that Iran has lied about its atomic weapon’s program.
However, he gave few details on how or when the agents managed what he called one of the “greatest achievements” of Israeli intelligence.

A senior Israeli official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a secret mission, told the New York Times that the Mossad discovered the warehouse in February 2016, and had the building under surveillance since then.
The operatives broke into the building one night last January, removed the original documents and smuggled them back to Israel the same night, the official said, according to the paper.
US President Donald Trump was informed of the operation by the Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen, on a visit to Washington in January, the official said.
The official said the delay in making the material public was due to the time it took to analyze the documents, the vast majority of which were in Persian.

The cache, he said, contained “incriminating documents, incriminating charts, incriminating presentations, incriminating blueprints, incriminating photos, incriminating videos and more.
“We’ve shared this material with the United States, and the United States can vouch for its authenticity,” he said of the information.

The Wars To Come: Not If But When

...As Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39 come into focus:

Israel stomping on Iran with strikes, stolen documents, could bring war

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said Israeli intelligencehad obtained a trove of "secret" documents outlining a clandestine Iranian nuclear program, and he accused Tehran of cheating on the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.
  • Experts say a strike in Syria on Sunday that is believed to have killed Iranians was most likely carried out by Israel in a marked escalation of military conflict.
  • Israel appears to have been punishing Iran and walking all over Syria as the US expresses support for Jerusalem.
  • The result, experts say, could be a massive war breaking out across a region already ravaged by conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said Israeli intelligence had obtained a trove of "secret" documents outlining a clandestine nuclear program in Iran. 
On Sunday, Syria got rocked by a missile attack that appeared to ignite a munitions depot hard enough to register as a 2.6 magnitude earthquake and is believed to have killed dozens of Iranians. Experts say the strike was most likely carried out by Israel. 
Though Tehran has denied that Iranians died in the strike, a more aggressive posture toward Iran by Israel could bring about a major clash that experts say might lead to the biggest war the Middle East has ever seen
The perpetrator of Sunday's attack hasn't been confirmed. Israel rarely takes credit for strikes within Syria, though it maintains that it will strike at any Iranian activity there that it deems a threat.
With an estimated 20,000 to 70,000 Shiite Iranian-aligned fighters and tens of thousands of rockets in Syria, that's a lot of activity for Israel to monitor.

Israel's air force appears to be repeatedly battering Iran and Syria 

Israeli F-15s.

Jonathan Schanzer, an expert on Iran and Syria at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, says Israel is picking up the pace of strikes and moves against Iran — and staring down the barrel of a massive confrontation. 
"For some time, it really did look like the Israelis were holding back," Schanzer told Business Insider. "They seemed reticent to engage. They didn't want to expose themselves in the skies over Syria." 
But after an air battle in February among Israeli, Syrian, and Iranian forces — in which Israel said it downed an Iranian drone and much of Syria's air defenses but lost an F-16 fighter jet— Israel appears to be going much harder. 
Israeli forces "appear to have broken a seal of sorts," Schanzer said, adding that Israel may see a "window" as Syria's air defenses are vulnerable.

Both Iranian and Israeli sources cited in recent news reports have predicted retaliation to the strike on Sunday. 
But before any such answer could be made, Israel dropped what it characterized as a massive cache of dirt on Iran. 

'A psychological operation'

Netanyahu said at a press conference on Monday that Israeli intelligence had about 100,000 documents, videos, and photographs showing that Iran had lied about its nuclear ambitions, and he accused it of cheating on the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. 
Schanzer said: "Spies steal documents all the time, but this was a huge cache. And usually, spy agencies keep it quiet after the intelligence is lifted. Not so with the Israelis — they are broadcasting this, making it as much a psychological operation as a revelation about Iran's nuclear mendacity."

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has signaled the US is revisiting the Iran nuclear deal. 
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that Trump would withdraw from the 2015 deal "if we can't fix it" and assured Netanyahu that the US was "deeply concerned about Iran's dangerous escalation of threats to Israel and the region and Iran's ambition to dominate the Middle East." 
"The United States is with Israel in this fight, and we strongly support Israel's sovereign right to defend itself," Pompeo added. 
Iran's ability to retaliate against Israel is limited. 
Diplomatically, Iran doesn't have much leverage. Though Iran is allied with Russia, Russian air defenses in Syria seem uninterested in protecting Iranian targets from suspected Israeli strikes. 

Iran's main leverage over Israel is its influence with Hamas, a Palestinian group active in the already boiling Gaza Strip on Israel's border, and its nearby fighters and rocket stockpiles. 
"There are things that Iran can do very quickly to make things miserable for the Israelis," Schanzer said. 
With Israel on the sidelines of the civil war in Syria, where over 70 countries have bombed or contributed to bombing efforts, the feud heating up between Jerusalem and Tehran could erupt into a fight that could rock the Middle East.

Netanyahu: Iran 'Brazenly Lied' About Nuclear Program, Revelations Unlikely To Diminish Global Support For Nuclear Accord

Netanyahu: Iran 'brazenly lied' about nuclear program, continued work after deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of lying about its nuclear program in a speech broadcast live Monday, revealing information he said showed the Islamic Republic had for years worked on developing nuclear weapons, and continued to pursue such weapons even after signing the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.
The premier, who has repeatedly called for the accord between world powers and Iran to either be altered or scrapped, said Israel had obtained 100,000 secret Iranian files a few weeks ago in one the “greatest achievements” of Israeli intelligence.
Speaking in English at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu gave a presentation including videos and slides he said exposed Iran’s nuclear dossier.

“You may well know that Iran’s leaders repeatedly deny ever pursuing nuclear weapons,” he said, before playing clips of Iran’s supreme leader, president and foreign minister denying the country ever sought such capabilities.
“Iran lied. Big time,” said Netanyahu, adding that the trove included a half-ton of material.
The cache, he said, contained “incriminating documents, incriminating charts, incriminating presentations, incriminating blueprints, incriminating photos, incriminating videos and more.
“We’ve shared this material with the United States, and the United States can vouch for its authenticity,” he said of the information.

Netanyahu went onto detail the so-called Project Amad, which beginning in the early 1990s put Iran on a path to “design, produce and test… five warheads, each with a 10 kiloton TNT yield, for integration on a missile.”
“That is like five Hiroshima bombs to be put on ballistic missiles,” he said of the plan.
Netanyahu said Project Amad included five key elements — designing nuclear weapons, developing nuclear cores, building nuclear implosion systems, preparing nuclear tests, and integrating nuclear warheads on missiles.

“These files conclusively prove that Iran is brazenly lying when it says it never had a nuclear weapons program. The files prove that,” he said.
Amid growing pressure, Iran decided to shut down Project Amad in 2003, Netanyahu said, instead splitting its nuclear program into covert and overt tracks in order to avoid scrutiny.
“This is exactly what Iran continued to do,” said Netanyahu. “Iran planned at the highest levels to continue work related to nuclear weapons — under different guises and using the same personnel.
Earlier Monday, Netanyahu convened an unscheduled meeting of Israel’s decision-making security cabinet at the Defense Ministry HQ. Hadashot said he briefed ministers on the intelligence info.

Just in time for the 8 p.m. evening news, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday presented the nation — and the world — with an impressive achievement by Israel’s Mossad spy agency. Agents were able to obtain more than 100,000 files from Iran’s own archive filled with top-secret information about the regime’s past illicit nuclear weapons program.
Four hours earlier, his office heralded a statement on a “significant development regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran.” Netanyahu would deliver his speech at the Kirya, the Tel Aviv headquarter of Israel’s defense establishment, and not, as he usually does, at his Jerusalem office. His aides promised stunning revelations that would change the way the world looks at the Iran deal.
“Tonight, we’re going to show you something that the world has never seen before,” Netanyahu said at the beginning of his presentation. “Tonight, we are going to reveal new and conclusive proof of the secret nuclear weapons program that Iran has been hiding for years from the international community in its secret atomic archive.”

Citing original Iranian documents, Netanyahu showed that Iran lied about never having had a nuclear weapons program. He also presented evidence that Iran, even after the 2015 landmark deal with six world powers, is seeking to expand its nuclear knowhow for future use. But none of this surprised the experts.

According to the deal, Iran was obligated to come clean about its past but failed to do so, the prime minister showed. That is, strictly speaking, a violation of the deal. A grave violation, in Netanyahu’s view, but marginalized as a technicality by others. European officials, reacting to the speech, were unmoved. Unsurprisingly, so too was Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Either way, the five other countries that signed the deal with Iran in 2015 — France, Britain, Germany, China and Russia — will mostly likely remain unfazed by Netanyahu’s presentation.

“All of this obviously raises some questions regarding Iran’s credibility,” the European diplomat told The Times of Israel, minutes after the prime minister had concluded his remarks. “But we made the nuclear deal precisely because we don’t trust the Iranians, not because we considered them very trustworthy.”

Ilan Goldenberg, an expert on Iran at the Center for a New American Security, similarly argued that Iran’s past lies necessitated the nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
“Of course Iran lied in the past about its nuclear program. That is precisely WHY we have the JCPOA which does not just take them at their word but puts in place one of the deepest, most intrusive inspections regime in history,” he tweeted.
But five of the six countries that negotiated and signed the agreement believed, and still believe, that its verification mechanism is sufficient to ensure Iran is unable to clandestinely break out and produce enough fissile material for a nuclear bomb, at least for the duration of the accord.
The US is indeed likely to pull out of the deal next month, reinstating nuclear-related sanctions on the Islamic Republic. The Europeans, the Russians and the Chinese have already said they would not follow suit. And the early signs are that Netanyahu’s remarks on Monday have done nothing to change their minds.

Has The 'Powder Keg' Been Lit? Report: Iran Likely To Attack Israel After Lebanese Elections

Following the alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria last night, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that his country is more committed than ever to eradicating terrorists from his country. Meanwhile, an official in an alliance that includes Syria and its regional allies told the New York Times that Iran will likely attack Israel after the Lebanese parliamentary election in May.

On Monday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed that the latest airstrikes in Syria constitute an escalation in hostility toward Syria. In the airstrikes, several sites in the Hama and Aleppo areas were destroyed. Pro-Assad media outlets and Hezbollah have accused Israel of carrying out the airstrikes.

“The entire region is in a stage where the political maps are being redrawn,” Assad said during a meeting with an Iranian lawmaker, according to Hadashot news. “The incorporation of other countries in the phase of direct aggression [against Syria] after their plans failed only increases the determination of the Syrians to eradicate all forms of terrorism.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that more than 200 missiles were destroyed in last night’s attack, quoting an unnamed official from a regional alliance that includes Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. In addition, the official said that 11 Iranians were among the 16 people who were killed.

The official added that Tehran will likely retaliate against Israel. However, he said that the counterattack would not take place before the May 6 election in Lebanon.

Our World Has Been Set Upon A Collision Course With Armageddon

By Pastor Dick Carmack - All News Pipeline 

To Abram God said, 

Ge 13:15 For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever. 

He did the same thing again in May of 1948 indicating the promises made so long ago are still in effect. God doesn’t change His mind. The “second planting” was 70 years ago May 2018. 

…in both instances He declared “This is My land, I give it to thee and whosoever divides it, I will divide.” That of course is a paraphrase. But He did say it, just in different words. Here is an exact quote. 

Joe 3:2 I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and PARTED MY LAND. 

Ever since Abram the nations have been trying to divide Israel away from the land the Almighty gave them so they can take it for themselves, but every time they try the Jews just get stronger. Israel is the linchpin of the world. God made it that way. If Israel comes apart so does mankind and those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. Because of God’s gift to His chosen people and because of the world’s attempt to negate those promises the world is on a collision course with a famous, climactic war called Armageddon. 

Meanwhile anti-Semitism is building all over the world. Many books have been written and dozens more await publication detailing the world’s hatred of Israel because they instinctively know, even if they haven’t been told, God is working through that nation. Even Angela Merkel acknowledged that fact last week even though she is the driving force behind the forced Islamization of Europe. After a 2000 year hiatus the Jews came back to their land in May of 1948. That was seventy years ago. Seventy is the ten times multiple of the complete number, seven. 

God chose Abram (Abraham) because God chose Abram 

…and through him built a nation, brought the Prophets, the Bible, Jesus Christ and salvation to all who believe. “Nobody can successfully argue with God. Instead they attack Him through His people.” 

Ga 3:8 And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed.

So when we see the wars in the Middle East, when we see the Alignment of Nations leading up to the Gog-Magog (next Middle-East) War, when we see Armageddon building, we can rest secure in the fact that Islam has already lost the coming wars, they just figured out yet they’re already dead. 

Bombing In Syria: Who Did What? Israel's Security Cabinet Calls Emergency Meeting, Refuses To Comment On Missile Strikes

After Syria strikes, security cabinet calls emergency meeting

The high-level security cabinet will convene for an emergency meeting on Monday afternoon, hours after missile strikes in Syria reportedly killed some 18 Iranian troops.
Ministers were told to arrive at the Kirya military base, which is also home to the Defense Ministry, in Tel Aviv at 1:30 p.m. The impromptu meeting was to focus on the rising tension on Israel’s northern borders.
Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, who was returning from New York, was not expected to make it back in time for the meeting.

Syrian state media reported overnight that “enemy missiles” had struck government targets in Hama and Aleppo provinces, without mentioning any casualties or who may have been responsible.
In the hours after the strikes, media reports said that 18 members of Iran’s military, including a senior officer, were killed in the raids. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor said 26 pro-regime fighters, most of them Iranians, had been killed. There were conflicting reports on the number of casualties, with some opposition-linked outlets placing the overall number of fatalities at 38.

Iran subsequently denied that its bases in Syria had been targeted or that any of its soldiers had been killed.

Iran on Monday denied that any of its soldiers were killed in overnight strikes in Syria or that its bases had been targeted in the raids.
“All these reports over attack on an Iranian military base in Syria and the martyrdom of several Iranian military advisers in Syria are baseless,” an unnamed source told the semi-official Tasnim news agency, according to a report from Reuters.
Syrian state media reported overnight that “enemy missiles” had struck government targets in Hama and Aleppo provinces, without mentioning any casualties or who may have been responsible.

In the hours after the strikes, media reports said that 18 members of Iran’s military, including a senior officer, were killed in the raids. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor said 26 pro-regime fighters, most of them Iranians, had been killed.

Iran’s ISNA news agency also briefly put the number of Iranians killed at 18. That report was later removed.
Photos published by Lebanese media on Monday purported to show the damage caused by the missiles.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the fighters had been killed in a raid, “probably” carried out by Israel, on the 47th Brigade base in Hama.
“At least 26 fighters were killed, including four Syrians,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of the Britain-based war monitor. “The others are foreign fighters, a vast majority of them Iranians.”
“Given the nature of the target, it is likely to have been an Israeli strike,” he said, adding that strikes also hit an air base in nearby Aleppo province where surface-to-surface missiles were stored.
There were conflicting reports on the number of casualties, with some opposition-linked outlets placing the overall number of fatalities at 38.
While some sources blamed Israel for the purported strikes, Syrian state-owned news site Tishreen said late Sunday the raids were carried out by the United States and British forces. The Western troops launched nine ballistic missiles from military bases in northern Jordan that struck Syrian bases near Aleppo and Hama, the news outlet said on its Facebook page.

Other media outlets claimed the attacks were carried out by aircraft bombers, and Hezbollah-linked sources and other regime outlets attributed the strikes to Israel.
There was no official statement from the US or Britain about the attack. As a rule, the Israeli Air Force does not comment on its activities abroad.

Haaretz has reported that a spate of alleged missile attacks on Syrian military bases in the Hama and Aleppo provinces might be staged by Israeli forces.
Speaking to Sputnik, a spokeswoman for the Israeli Defense Forces has declined to comment on missile strikes against several Syrian government military bases in Aleppo and Hama that the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported took place on Saturday evening.

"We refuse to comment [on this]," she said.

Earlier, SANA, Syria's state-run news agency reported that explosions had been heard near the cities of Hamas and Aleppo.
According to other media outlets, a missile strike, conducted at approximately 19:30 GMT, targeted Syrian army installations in the area.

Reuters in turn quoted Hama locals as saying that the attacked bases were being used by Iranian-backed forces.
Israel might be responsible for the attack, according to a report published by Haaretz. The newspaper cited Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman as saying that Tel Aviv would continue to declare that it had freedom to operate in Syria.

Unidentified strikes near #Hama and #Aleppo in #Syria. Possible #Israeli action.
— Strategic Sentinel (@StratSentinel) 29 апреля 2018 г.

Overnight attack comes with Pompeo in the region, Netanyahu and Trump on the phone, Liberman in the US, and the US Army CENTCOM chief having visited without fanfare last week

Hours after a mysterious “earthquake” — 2. 6 on the Richter scale — registered on the devices of the European Mediterranean Seismological Center, the circumstances behind the series of explosions that shook Syria overnight Sunday-Monday are starting to become clear.
An increasing number of media organizations associated with the Syrian regime and Hezbollah are hinting that Israel was responsible. According to a report in the Al Akhbar newspaper, identified with Hezbollah, bunker buster missiles, which do not explode on impact but rather deep in the ground, hit bases in the Hama and Aleppo areas. Hence the “earthquake.”
The base that was attacked in the Hama area belongs to the 47th Brigade of President Bashar Assad’s Syrian Army, but apparently there were many Shiites and/or Iranians in the area. The Syrian Human Rights Observatory (based in London) reported that 26 people were killed in this attack, Iranians among them. Another report spoke of 38 fatalities. Whatever the case, it is clear that the strike was highly unusual in several respects

First and foremost was the sheer power of the attack. The pictures and the sounds, and the large number of casualties, point to an incident of larger scale than those to which we have become accustomed. We are not talking here about just another strike on another Hezbollah convoy, but rather what would appear to be a new step in what is now the almost-open warfare being waged between Iran and Israel in recent weeks on Syrian territory. 

The same player that earlier this month attacked the T-4 airbase, from which an Iranian attack drone was launched into Israel in February, apparently struck again overnight Sunday-Monday, taking the gloves off and moving into a new level of military confrontation.

Second, not only is the attacking force not rushing to take responsibility, but those who are being attacked are not hurrying to assign blame. That is to say, there may be hints regarding ostensible Israeli responsibility, but there has been no direct accusation — at least not at the time of writing.

Indeed, one newspaper associated with the Assad regime, Tishreen, has even claimed that the attack was carried out by US and UK forces using ballistic missiles fired from Jordan.

This report would appear to be somewhat improbable, but the bottom line is that Damascus, Tehran and even Moscow would seem to be wary at this stage of issuing declarations that might require them to retaliate against Israel, or cause them to appear to be making empty threats in light of Iran’s repeated public promises after the last attack, on T-4, that retaliation against Israel would emphatically follow.

Third, the latest strike was carried out at a time when the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is visiting the region, and just a few hours after he held talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The two of them used the opportunity to issue no shortage of threats and promises to thwart Iran’s aggression and nuclear ambitions.

Late Sunday, news also broke of a phone call between Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump. Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has been meeting with his US counterpart James Mattis in Washington. And less than a week ago, Gen. Joseph Votel, the head of the US army’s Central Command, or CENTCOM, whose sphere of responsibility includes Syria and Iran, made a largely unpublicized visit to Israel.

All this is beginning to look rather like a coordinated Israeli-American operation to limit Iran’s military activities in Syria — simultaneously conveying the message to Moscow that Russia’s green light for Iran to establish itself militarily in Syria is not acceptable in Jerusalem and Washington.

These developments are unfolding during a highly dramatic period in the region, with the US two weeks away from opening its embassy in Jerusalem. Of most specific relevance, however, is the fact that in less than two weeks the Trump administration will make its decision on whether or not to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal.
In that light, the resonant strikes in Syria overnight will doubtless constitute considerable food for thought for Tehran, and indeed Moscow, regarding their next moves in Syria and maybe in other places as well.

Syrian army says 'enemy' rocket attacks strike at military bases

The Syrian army said on Sunday that rockets had struck several military bases in Hama and Aleppo countryside in what it said was new "aggression" by its enemies, state television said.

In a news flash, state television said the missile attacks took place at 10:30 p.m. local time. Earlier, state television said successive blasts were heard in rural Hama province and that authorities were investigating the cause.

"Syria is being exposed to a new aggression with some military bases in rural Hama and Aleppo hit with enemy rockets," an army source was quoted as saying without elaborating.

Reports from the Syrian opposition said 38 regime soldiers were killed and 57 were injured in the attack, citing media outlets with connections to the regime.

An opposition source said one of the locations hit was an army base known as Brigade 47 near Hama city, widely known as a recruitment center for Iranian-backed Shi'ite militias who fight alongside President Bashar Assad's forces.

State television did not give a location for the explosions but two residents contacted in eastern Hama countryside said the blasts came from a military base reported to be used by Iranian-backed forces.

Tensions have risen dramatically between the two arch-enemies following the infiltration of an armed Iranian drone into northern Israel which the IDF claims was on a sabotage attack mission against the Jewish State. In mid-April, a strike on the T4 airbase in Homs province blamed on Israel killed seven IRGC soldiers, including Col. Mehdi Dehghan who led the drone unit operating out of the base. Reports later surfaced that advanced Iranian Air defenses had been the target of the strike.

The Banality Of Evil

"The Banality Of Evil:" - When The Process Is More Important Than Life

In her book, "Eichmann In Jerusalem," Hannah Arendt uses that phrase to describe Eichmann's peculiar and detached attitude toward the monstrous evil that he perpetrated on the Jewish people. Her thesis is a bit more complex than that, but the phrase applies so well to the clerks and administrators and judges whose slavish attention to the process and the rules and the reinforcement of their own power made sure that Alfie Evans died.

It is nothing more than a firm and unshakable belief that government knows best; that the individual is secondary and subordinate to to the wishes and goals of the central planners and the career bureaucrats whose contempt for Everyman is palpable.

What saddens me almost as much as the death of an innocent child is the obtuseness of the political and medical establishment, who have become so inured to the concept of government as the ultimate arbiter of...everything...that they have lost sight of the basic human right of self determination. As Alfie Evans dies, calls grow for better ways to support grieving parents There are a bunch of awful quotations from the article, but here is one that encapsulates it, from a physician no less...
Looking forward, there is a real need to try to resolve disagreements between parents and doctors. Entrenched disagreement can reach a point where it's very difficult to step back from...

It wasn't a disagreement. The parents of this child were trying everything in their power to save his life, and the government, in the form of the judiciary and the medical establishment was trying to kill him.
Why? because those are the rules, and rules must be obeyed slavishly, or society will soon be filled with individuals who do what they want with their own lives.
The first thing Hitler did when he gained power was to change the law, to make his desire for the destruction of the Jewish people a legally acceptable result. 
Alfie Evans' death does not rise to the level of genocide, but it is on the continuum.

Like the parents of Charlie Gard – another child similarly condemned to death by a preening NHS – Alfie’s parents disagreed with the hospital’s plans to abandon further treatment and remove life support from their son.  They began to investigate alternatives for care outside the NHS system, never suspecting that the state-run system would see their love for their child as a threat to the NHS and would respond with ferocity.
Alder Hey’s physicians have been unrelenting in their abandonment of this child, having decided more than a year ago, in February of 2017, that Alfie should quit embarrassing them by surviving in spite of receiving no treatment and get on with the business of the afterlife.
Since making that decision, the hospital has refused to perform even the most common of procedures for a patient with Alfie’s needs, such as a tracheostomy to facilitate easier breathing or a gastrostomy feeding tube for nutrition and medication.
For all this time, Alfie has been fed through a nasal tube, never intended as a permanent solution, but rather as a stopgap (weeks, not months) designed to be used until a g-tube can be placed.
The medical treatment Alfie has received is abominable, as a direct result of the hospital’s decision, and subsequent criminal obstinacy toward anyone suggesting that their prognosis might be in error.
To hear the barristers for Alder Hey wax poetic about the “first class care” given Alfie by the NHS (parroted by judge after judge in court proceedings) is indeed revolting – the British equivalent of Baghdad Bob. In truth, they have made no attempt to diagnose Alfie’s condition, preferring instead to place him on heavily sedating anti-seizure medications, then claiming that his lethargy is further evidence of his irreversible decline.
The world is witness to slow-motion murder. The perpetrators are the NHS, and the motive is not pecuniary, but rather a perverse form of institutional vanity.
Italy has conferred citizenship to Alfie, and there is a medical air ambulance standing by at the request of the pope to fly Alfie to the Vatican’s children’s hospital, Bambino Gesù, where Alfie can be treated.
But while socialism requires citizen confidence to operate, it will settle for coercion to gain compliance. This is why Alder Hey refuses to release Alfie. Should the boy survive outside NHS care, their “infallibility” would be shattered, and (gasp!) the sheep may begin to question their shepherd.
Collectivist schemes of medicine are no more sustainable (or just!) than collectivist schemes of societal order. Both require submission, even unto death.
The only “life unworthy of life” is that of the arrogant, self-congratulatory medical murderers of the NHS and their judicial enablers. May God’s judgment be realized in the fullest.
Amen to that. The decree refusing to allow the child to be flown to Italy for treatment at precisely no cost to anybody is what shifts this from typical bureaucratic heartlessness and obstinacy into the realm of purest evil. No caring person—no healer worthy of the designation—would ever countenance being party to such an atrocity.
But these are neither caring people nor healers. We’re talking here about monsters, abominations. To grant them an indulgence they in no way deserve by calling them “human” besmirches the word itself.
Yet instead of being righteously cast out of decent society as they should be—shunned to grub about its margins in wretched disgrace and deprivation—they’re running the damned place. Astoundingly, incomprehensibly, it gets even worse (see the attached threatening Tweet from the Merseyside Police for that). Perhaps worse still, the Facebook post linked in the Tweet is chock-full of nitwit statements of support for the NHS posted by Old Blighty’s bleating sheeple.
Maybe it would be better after all if little Alfie winds up succumbing to England’s inhuman savagery and indifference in the end and passes on to a better place. It might be better than living out his life in such a place, forced to acknowledge such contemptible curs as his countrymen.
May the perpetrators of this repulsive display of wanton cruelty burn in the hottest fires of Hell for all eternity.
And yeah, when the day comes that America’s government-(mis)run health-care system has attained this summit of degeneracy, I think everyone here will agree that it is DEFINITELY time to start shooting the bastards.
If you don’t understand why the NHS and British courts refused, you don’t get socialized medicine. It is not, nor has it ever been, about health care. It’s about power. Once a government — any government — takes control of your health care, they own you and your children. Alfie’s parents and the British public had for months demanded Alfie’s release just to seek treatment by doctors competent enough to figure out what was wrong with him. But, for a socialized system, that’s dangerous. It implies that an individual Brit has rights not bestowed by the state.
In a social “democracy” like Great Britain, the state isn’t there for the purpose of serving the people — sick or otherwise. The people are there for the purposes of the state. If the state can hold your child hostage in a hospital whose doctors are too incompetent to arrive at a diagnosis — yet may terminate his life without your permission — neither you nor your child are “free” in any meaningful sense of the word. And this doesn’t stop at health care, of course. Remember Brexit? What happened when the voters of Great Britain made their wishes known regarding the European Union? The will of the British electorate was ignored.
Likewise, the wishes of Alfie’s parents never meant anything. Nor did the overwhelming public support they received. It is the “interests” of the state that matter in Perfidious Albion, and they have little or nothing to do with those of the “free people” who populate that benighted isle. There is only one way that Alfie is ever going to escape the clutches of the state apparatus they call, with no intentional irony, the National Health Service. The NHS and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital was always going to have the final word on Alfie’s fate. 
The most chilling thing about all this has little to do with Britain or its inhabitants; the people of Europe have for centuries been perfectly willing to subject themselves to despotism, oppression, and abuse by tyrants—nor have they ever suffered a shortage of would-be dictators willing to step up and take the job. It’s that here in America, a substantial percentage of our own population demands that we walk down this exact same ruinous road ourselves.
Which in turn is why, in my more pessimistic moments, I’m convinced that either a conflagration or a breakup is inevitable. How can people who cherish liberty and self-determination peacefully coexist for long with grasping, megalomaniacal fools and still call themselves free?

You think the issue of the baby in England is just another story of individuals dealing with a personal tragedy?   You're wrong.   The story involves all of us.   It involves all of us in a very serious manner.   It is part of the thus far  nonviolent civil war we fight here in America – a war, again, like the first Civil War, for the soul of our country.   It is the war between Western,  liberal Judeo-Christian values and the values of leftism.   It's a war between the individual as the focus of our lives and culture and the big state as the focus.  
Just look at the stark realities that have played out in England.   Its health care system is now completely absorbed by the state.   (Ours is well on the way.)   The focus was the state, faceless, unaccountable, a massive bureaucracy armed with tremendous power shared with the politicians up in their distant offices, the unelected judges with their lifetime appointments, and the government employee doctors all on one side, and the individuals – Mom, Dad, and the baby – on the other.   Who do you suppose won this give-and-take, this health care transaction?   Talk about inequality. 
 Those on the left are livid if the guy  next door has a BMW and themselves only a Toyota, but they don't blink an eye at the truly massive inequality inherent in state versus individual power.   The state in England crushed Mom.   The state eliminated Dad.   And the state has told the baby his life is up, and he's ready to die.   But of course, keep in mind that all the state actors wrap their actions in  words of kindness, compassion, and  what is best for all concerned, serving the will of the people, and acting for the common good – all their usual regressive Marxist claptrap.

Now, if this is the soul of America one is fighting for, I say a plague on your house.   But this, indeed, is the soul the American left is battling for – the glorious state as the center of American life.   This is what the Democratic Party, our N.Y.  Times  op-ed writers, our mainstream media and tech elites, our university professors, leftist clergy, and Hollywood stars are all lined up rallying for: government – big, controlling, iron-fisted power centered in Washington.   They fight for this because no matter how smart, no matter the Yale or Princeton degree, no matter how sweet and well intentioned, American men and women of the left are now almost completely unmoored from the wisdom and liberalism of our great Western American Judeo-Christian values.   They have bought into what all humans tend to be attracted to, the child in us all, the world of "take care of me forever, Mommy and Daddy."   And government is, for them, that forever Mommy and Daddy of their fantasies.

Those of us who have retained control of that child within, channel instead the free adult inside, and have learned from our great Bible, from Western traditions and the American Founders – we fight this poison.   It is because we know  that though the state  can bring some good to life, when it becomes the center of life, the dominant force in a society, when it overwhelms what should be the center – namely, the individual – great evil comes of that.   That evil has come hard to England, and now it has moved on to America through our civil war between Americanism and leftism.  

What comes of losing to the left is a child kidnapped by state actors for "his own good."   What comes of losing to the left is the government standing in every examining room in America, every operating room, every emergency bay, unseen but present and powerful and demanding.   It is an entity that knows nothing of you, that knows nothing of your life and family and desires and needs, but is there nonetheless saying loud and clear,  "You will see the doctor I demand, have the test I think best, undergo the procedure I assess proper, accept the payment I think socially just, swallow the pill I approve, deal with your family member in the manner I prescribe, and if you disagree or push back, or do not comply,  the fury and massive power  we hold will be unleashed to confront you."

So, men and women of the left, cheer on your Obamacare, single-payer, Medicare for All, and Medicaid.   Cheer on the child inside you.   Cheer on socialism and all the degradation of life that comes with it.   But if at the end of  this civil war in America and you  the left  wins, keep in mind there is much to pay for this utter foolishness.   Mom and Dad in the guise of the state are a demanding and controlling thing.   Brace yourselves to live the degrading lives of children, as subjects of this raw and oppressive power.   Keep in mind that it never, ever  turns out well.   Ask the parents in England, or their child.   Ask the thousands who will die this year in England waiting to get the care they need.   Ask the millions in socialist Cuba about not having an aspirin available in their hospitals.
Leftism poisons everything it touches, from our health care to our economy, our  schools, universities, arts, sports, religious institutions, and even the Boy Scouts.
The child in Great Britain has no chance of ever even becoming a scout of any sort.   The state in England is done with him and his parents.   That's what Hope and Change are all about.  

Nordic Scientists Warn Brussels Over 'Superbugs'

In the real world, staff at Nordic hospitals are fighting hard to stop antibiotic resistant bacteria from spreading. 
Nykoepings Lasarett, a hospital in Sweden, in March cancelled operations and closed infected sections to stop a superbug named VRE from infecting patients.
As many as 250 patients received a letter from the hospital urging them to test if they carried the bacteria after being treated in the hospital.
"The hospitals do not control the infection yet," reported Sweden's public broadcaster, EKOT, on Thursday (26 April). 
The first VRE case was discovered in Huddinge in northern Sweden before the turn of the year and about 60 patients have now been infected in the Stockholm region. 
In Nykoeping, 44 patients have been reported infected and the resistant intestinal bacterium has spread further between several hospitals and infected patients also in Umeaa, Oerebro plus Nykoeping for several months.
No patient has been seriously ill until now. Most people do not notice that they have been infected, but patients with weakened health may succumb to serious infections such as blood poisoning.
The superbug VRE is part of a much bigger problem, according to Nordic researchers speaking at a seminar in the European Parliament organised by the Nordic council on Wednesday (25 April).
In Europe alone 25,000 people are estimated to die yearly because of multi-resistant bacteria, according to studies published by the Nordic countries.
Less than a century ago, pneumonia often led to death, but the risk was dramatically reduced after the first antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered in 1928.
Antibiotics have been used widely ever since, from human medicine to animal food and saved millions of lives.
But now the risk of dying from a bacterial infection is growing again because bacteria develop resistance to these antibiotics. 
"A world without effective antibiotics is the greatest threat to health care worldwide," Aasa Melhus, professor of Clinical Bacteriology at Uppsala University pointed out at the seminar in Brussels.
Antibiotics reduced mortality rates and prolonged life but no new antibiotics have been developed for the past 30 years.
"It is getting dangerous, because we can not offer the citizens anything more," professor Melhus said.
It is estimated the 60 percent of all infectious diseases stem from animals - but travelling is also contributing to infection and spread of bacteria.
"The only thing you have to do is to go abroad," said Aase Melhus.
She made a study in 2010 concluding that foreign travel is a major risk factor.
Samples from 100 healthy volunteers traveling outside Northern Europe, taken before and after their travel, showed that 50 percent returned with multi-resistant bacteria. 
The most risky country to travel appeared to be India, where 88 percent came back positive. 
"After six months 24 percent were still tested positive and as long as you are positive, you can spread it," professor Melhus explained.
"This is a global problem. Whatever happens in the world will in the end end up at your own doorstep," she said.