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Terry James: The Pope At The Apex Of The AC's Arrival

Pope at Apex of Antichrist’s Arrival

Terry James

Like it or not, the pope of the Roman Catholic Church, in the world’s view, represents the vast body that view calls Christendom. Increasingly, the current pope is in the news and leading the way in globalization.

I receive an email newsletter at least three times a week from a source called These Last Days Ministries. It is immersed in Catholicism in every aspect, including Mariology and all that idolatrous system entails. Yet those who put out the newsletter seem to hold to the pre-Trib view of Bible prophecy.  They believe in the Rapture, I presume. However, it is the Rapture of all within Catholicism they embrace—again, I presume.

There is one thing sure about this group we can agree. Well, maybe several things…

They see this present world system as being on the trajectory toward globalism, and as being a precursor to the Antichrist regime. They believe the COVID-19 matter is a tool contrived to help achieve that world order. One other thing, and this is something they consistently bring to the forefront in their newsletters. They don’t like this pope and believe him to be, if not the false prophet of Revelation 13certainly an anti-Christian, from the Roman Catholic viewpoint. I can agree to these things without reservation.

In that regard, I maintain the title of this commentary is most appropriate: “Pope at Apex of Antichrist’s Arrival.”

With regard to this present pope being at the forefront of the globalist assault on America and the world, one item I recently found in my in-box spotlights, in my opinion, the Vatican’s current diabolical collusion with the powers and principalities of Ephesians 6:12.

Three Swiss Guards have resigned and three others have been suspended after refusing to comply with a Vatican mandate that they get the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Swiss Guards, colloquially known as the Pope’s bodyguards, had previously been ordered “to protect their health and that of the others they come into contact with as part of their service” by getting the jab.

The mandate was part of a broader instruction to all Vatican employees to get the COVID shot or face losing their jobs.

“Besides the three guardsmen sent back to Switzerland, at least three others were suspended from active duty after they agreed to vaccinate but have yet to receive their jabs,” reports RT.

The fact that there is no religious exemption against taking the vaccine within the Vatican tells you everything you need to know about the Vatican and the Pope.

Pope Francis has repeatedly amplified pro-vaccination narratives and refused to extend any understanding to Catholics who are hesitant to take the jab.

The Pontifical Academy for Life, the official bioethics academy of the Catholic Church, has also insisted that it is a “moral responsibility” for Catholics to take the vaccine.

“The Vatican has said that it considers it acceptable for Catholics to use vaccines, even those that use stem cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research,” reported the Mail…

As we highlight in the video below, by enforcing vaccine mandates, the Pope is also enforcing vaccine passports, which some Catholics would argue represent something not too dissimilar from the Mark of the Beast from the book of Revelations [The article writer’s misspelling].


Meta: The Final Disconnect From Reality?

Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t lost his mind, but he wants you to lose yours… to the metaverse. He is investing billions of dollars to make sure that his rebranded company, Meta, will be the industry leader in the same way that IBM dominated the computer industry for many decades.

Other major Big Tech companies are jumping in. Gaming software development companies, chip manufacturers and hardware developers. Together, it will create an entirely new industry that will run alongside Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Reality.

For those who embrace it, the metaverse will completely rewire the human brain. It will get into your brain. It will dominate your brain. It will provide an endless source of dopamine hits as you are visually, mentally and emotionally stimulated.

It will dominate the workforce, the social world, the classroom and education and entertainment.

It will fulfill the dream of Transhumanism to live forever as an AI program embodied in a personalized, stateless avatar. Ray Kurzweil, head of engineering at Google and founder of Singularity University, should be dancing in the street because the long sought-after digital resurrection of his father is coming.

The metaverse will suck every byte of data from your life to empower what Dr. Soshanna Zuboff calls “Surveillance Capitalism”. That is, every blink of your eye, every facial expression, every facet of emotional and physical states, etc. The metaverse will know far more about you than you will ever know about it.

When Mark Zuckerberg says “The future is private”, he is lying through his pearly white teeth. In fact there will be zero privacy. Nor will you be compensated for voluntarily giving yourself up to this artificial Utopia.

The metaverse will not necessarily tell you what to think, but it will entirely change the way you think. It will rearrange your logic circuits in a way that you cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not. Your metaverse will become as real to you as the nose on your face.

Many people have already likened the metaverse to the 2018 movie, Ready Player One. In it, a dystopian world of poverty and misery is turned into an instant Utopia by merely putting on your virtual reality headset. This is quite reminiscent of the World Economic Forum’s pronouncement that “You will own nothing and be happy.”

How will the metaverse transform the economic system of the world? Zuckerberg sees a blending of real and virtual economies. There will be interchangeable currencies. You might buy a pizza in the metaverse but have it delivered to your house. Or vice versa. Of course, Zuckerberg also wants to create and control the digital currency.

To enable the metaverse, communication is everything. 5G wireless speeds will only scratch the surface. It will be 6G that really fires it up.

Of one thing you can be absolutely certain: the societal discussion on the metaverse is just beginning.

JD Farag Prophecy Update 31-Oct-2021

Prophecy Update 2021-10-31

Pastor JD talks about holding on to hope in the soon return of Jesus despite the potential for our lives to become increasingly more difficult.

IDF General Discusses Iran

In 1st-ever interview to Bahraini paper, IDF general threatens Iran

The Israel Defense Forces general tasked with countering Iran gave the military’s first-ever interview to a Bahraini newspaper on Sunday, hailing the ties between the two countries and discussing the threats posed by Tehran and its nuclear program.

In his interview with Bahrain’s al-Ayam, Maj. Gen. Tal Kalman said Israel preferred a diplomatic solution to halt Tehran’s nuclear ambitions despite Iran’s current intransigence on the matter, but warned that Israel was “preparing for other scenarios” should those negotiations fail, apparently alluding to a possible military strike.

Kalman said that Iran’s nuclear program represented a threat not only to Israel but to the entire world.

“There would be a nuclear arms race in the Middle East because other countries would also want to obtain an atomic weapon,” Kalman said. (According to foreign reports, Israel maintains the Middle East’s sole nuclear arsenal, which it is said to consider an imperative for its continued survival in a historically hostile region.)

In recent months, Iran has dragged its feet on returning to indirect negotiations with the United States about a mutual return to the 2015 nuclear deal, which then-US president Donald Trump abrogated in 2018 and Iran abandoned a year later. Last week, Iranian officials said they planned to return to the talks by the end of November, but US President Joe Biden’s administration has expressed growing impatience and threatened to explore “other options” should the negotiations fail.

“We still believe in the need for a diplomatic solution and we believe that with the correct moves, which must be rigid — some of which have not yet been tried and some of which are diplomatic efforts — it is possible to return Iran to the negotiating table,” Kalman said.

But he reiterated that Israel was preparing for alternatives, should Iran and the West fail to reach a deal.

“Part of my job is building Israeli plans and capabilities for a conflict with Iran. We don’t want conflict, we don’t want war. We want to resolve this issue diplomatically. But when you have in front of you a side that is aggressive, which is building military capabilities, we have to be preparing for other scenarios,” he said.

Kalman commands the military’s Strategy and Third-Circle Directorate, an outfit that was created last year to focus specifically on the threat posed by Iran. Its name comes from the IDF practice of identifying threats by their geographic proximity, with those of an immediate nature — like Hamas in Gaza, right on Israel’s border — being referred to as the “first circle,” slightly farther-flung enemies like Iranian proxies in Iraq being in the “second circle,” and yet more distant threats like Iran itself being in the “third circle.”

Israel Prepares For Coming Wars

Drill for 2,000 rockets a day and internal strife: IDF preps for war

Israel’s Home Front Command and National Emergency Authority (RAHEL) will hold a week-long drill starting on Sunday simulating a large-scale war in which civilians are evacuated from northern border communities and security agencies will deal with massive rocket barrages sent by Hezbollah.
The drill will take lessons that have been learned from past events in the North, as well as those from the May fighting between Israel and terror groups in the Gaza Strip – Operation Guardian of the Walls – and from the Second Lebanon War in 2006.
Following the May fighting, the Home Front Command “carried out a very significant learning process with a lot of research, and this exercise is going to test what we’ve learned,” said Home Front Command Chief of Staff Brig.-Gen. Itzik Bar.

Israel Police and Magen David Adom will also participate in the drill, which ends Thursday, and will see all security and various governmental bodies take part.
“This exercise is also a great opportunity for all government ministries to understand the implications, starting with disruptions in the energy sector – we are talking about 24-hour power outages across the country, 72 hours in localized communities – and other such aspects in terms of continual functioning,” Bar said.
According to RAHEL head Yoram Laredo, the drill is the first time that it is working together with the Home Front Command, and it will sharpen the abilities of the two to work hand-in-hand.

The drill will focus on a new alert system for residents of northern Israel, as well as the rate of fire and the ability of Hezbollah to fire precision missiles and massive barrages toward specific areas – especially communities near the border fence.

According to Bar, some of the issues that concern him are “the issue of precision-guided munitions and the effect that they will have on our ability to function and on things in the world of incoming fire alerts. The second is the rate of fire and Hezbollah’s ability to conduct truly massive rocket barrages at specific geographic areas – I’ll use the phrase ‘demolishing the front line’ – directed fire at the communities near the border.”

The Israel Defense Forces and Defense Ministry’s National Emergency Management Authority launched a massive, first of its kind, week-long exercise on Sunday, simulating a full-scale war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group amid a period of domestic turmoil, officials said.

The exercise is meant to see how well Israeli emergency response organizations — namely the military, police, fire department and emergency medical services — learned the lessons from this past May, which saw large amounts of rocket fire toward Israel from Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip. The 11-day conflict, known as Operation Guardian of the Walls, also saw large riots take place in mixed Arab-Jewish cities and towns throughout the country.

“We will test what we learned and experienced at levels I didn’t anticipate in terms of the domestic front,” said Brig. Gen. Itzik Bar, chief of staff of the IDF Home Front Command, speaking to reporters ahead of the exercise.

The exercise, which kicked off on Sunday and was scheduled to last through Thursday, will similarly simulate a major military conflict during a time of internal division, with large riots taking place in mixed Arab-Jewish cities, according to Bar.

Unlike in May, when Israel fought Hamas, the drill will simulate a conflict in Lebanon and Syria with the far more powerful Hezbollah, a terrorist army with well over 100,000 rockets and missiles of different ranges, as well as a smaller but still significant quantity of precision-guided missiles, which have emerged as a potentially major issue for Israel. Some military officials have assessed it to be the second most serious threat facing the country, after only an Iranian nuclear weapon.

The exercise will imagine the results of massive rocket and missile barrages at Israel, based on actual Military Intelligence predictions, including chemical weapons attacks, direct hits on toxic chemical storage facilities within Israel, overwhelmed hospitals, and nationwide power outages.

Middle East Update By Amir Tsarfati: Russia Takes The Lead

Amir Tsarfati – Middle East Update: Russia takes the Lead (video)

The Great Reset Into The Tribulation

Now is the time to look much more closely at The Great Reset, a fake Utopia being sold to us by charlatans

Brendan Heard 

As we exit the pandemic, expect to hear much more about The Great Reset and building back better. Far from resulting in a low-carbon dream life, though, it’s a cartoonish fantasy that will hand the global elite even more power.

‘The Great Reset’ is a term that has been bandied about quite readily by most Western neo-liberal politicians. So often, in fact, and without proper explanation, that it strikes the prudent observer as a kind of paid advertisement.

But what is it exactly? The term rose to prominence at the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in June 2020. It was initially launched by the Prince of Wales, before being absorbed into the philosophy of the sartorially dystopian sci-fi villain Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the WEF.

The Great Reset refers to a plan to rebuild the world’s infrastructure ‘in a sustainable way’ following the economic ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic and to establish a global treaty to prevent future pandemics, or as it is described more formally, to “build a more robust international health architecture that will protect future generations.” If you ever hear people talking about “building back better,” they are referring to The Great Reset.

Probably the most disturbing part of The Great Reset is how much it strongly resembles business-as-usual, only with EXTRA globalism. Most of the plan’s outlines include a further weakening of national boundaries and individual national autonomy, in favour of a more ‘universal governance.’ As usual, it is the rapidly vanishing Western middle class which must shoulder this burden, as their freedoms are further curtailed to meet the quotas of corporate-media-fuelled activism.

Regardless, many world leaders, no doubt charmed into acquiescence by Schwab’s commandingly sinister Blofeld-esque wardrobe, agreed to the Great Reset, including Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Mark Rutte, Pedro S├ínchez, Erna Solberg and Volodymyr Zelensky. According to John Kerry, Joe Biden’s administration is on board, too.

But the general agreement of the Western leaders is absolutely typical of any agenda which is espoused by NATO, the UN, or the WEF. If an emotionally charged, politically vague and ultimately ineffectual edict or bill is proposed by one of these entities – each resembling a shabby, globe-trotting team of insurance salesmen – our effete politicians line up to show the most fervent compliance.

There are many other sweeping sentiments expressed by Schwab and his acolytes which can seem either trite or threatening. Consider “the gulf between what markets value and what people value will close” and “we want more attention paid to scientific experts. No one can “self-isolate” from climate change so we all need to “act in advance and in solidarity.” There is much talk of the pursuit of “fairer and equitable outcomes.” 

International treaties always tend to be about concentrating power. I Initiatives like The Great Reset all entail the gradual loss of the autonomy of individual nations, as their decision-making power is transferred to an international, disembodied rule-maker.

As far as their amazing coordinated pandemic response goes, this appears to be nothing more than forced world-wide vaccinations for EVERYBODY. According to Klaus Schwab himself: “As long as not everybody is vaccinated, nobody will be safe.” To which the attendant neo-liberal world leaders nodded in re-affirming unison, repeating in unison their mantra: “Global public good.”

The Great Reset website appears to be little more than an advertisement for modern pod-living. It seems to style itself as a low-carbon dream-life (without loss of modern convenience) to effeminate hipsters. One can see slovenly-looking neo-liberal youths, frequent references to LGBTQ+ values, and an overall urgency about carbon footprints.

There is a hint of Adbusters about the website, creator of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Despite the fact that the WEF and Davos and all associated entities are entirely elite institutions, the website styles itself on grassroots urban activism. There is much cringeworthy symbology in its white papers, such as a green and rainbow flag-combination with fey slogans like ‘we salute you, zoom queen!’

The jewel in the crown of Great Reset optimism has to be the belief that the advent of AI will alter everything positively, again without specifics, to somehow create a low-carbon new world.

It appears at best to be all be smoke and mirrors, a childish corporate fantasy manufactured by isolated bean counters. At worst, it is an intentional power-grab by unaccountable international agencies and hidden oligarchs.

Either way, it is a fake utopia at the price of privacy and autonomy, sold to us by used-car salesmen who think they are princes. 

Thousands Protest In London:

Thousands of anti-vaccine passport protestors march through London over government’s ‘Plan B’ that could see Covid passes introduced in nightclubs and sports events

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of London this afternoon to protest against the possible introduction of vaccine passports as part of the Government's winter Covid 'Plan B'.

Protestors marched through Piccadilly Circus in the centre of the city at around 1pm, holding signs reading 'no vaccine passports'.

Few wore face coverings as they walked through the busy streets under the supervision of police. Some held signs saying 'medical freedom', while others flew the St George's flag.

Video footage show some demonstrators clashing with officers outside the Australian Embassy as the most peaceful protest became more aggressive.

Few wore face coverings as they walked through the busy streets under the supervision of police. Some held signs saying 'medical freedom', while others flew the St George's flag

London Metropolitan Police said: 'Demonstrators gathered outside Australian House as part of a protest taking place in central London today. 

'Officers outside the property prevented demonstrators from causing criminal damage.' 

Conspiracy theorists Piers Corbyn — brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn — and David Icke attended the protest. 

No10 is considering bringing in the mandatory use of vaccine passports at venue including clubs, sporting venues and other large events under its winter 'Plan B'.

More, videos

Huge Crowds Protest In Australia

Police Passive As Huge Crowd Protests Australia's Draconian Pandemic Powers Bill


Thousands of protesters gathered in Melbourne's CBD on Saturday calling on Premier Daniel Andrews to resign as they rallied against the Victorian government's new pandemic legislation.  

The declaration will give the health minister “broad powers to make pandemic orders” on the chief health officer’s advice and will replace the current state of emergency, which expires on December 15.

A similar process is in place in NSW and New Zealand, where the health minister is directly accountable to parliament.

As 7News reportsthe laws also introduce safeguards around protecting contact tracing and QR code information, while an aggravated offence will be created to “deter ... the most egregious pandemic-related behaviors”.

While Melbourne was placed under lockdown on six separate occasions beginning in March 2020, spending nearly nine months under stay-at-home orders cumulatively, the city’s restrictions were again eased on Friday, with travel bans and outdoor mask mandates lifted, among other things. Victoria as a whole, however, remains under some Covid-19 measures, including 75% capacity rules at indoor entertainment venues and limits on outdoor gatherings to just 30 people. 

Authorised workers must be fully vaccinated by November 26.

The vaccine mandate has since been extended to social settings in Victoria, with harsh restrictions stopping the unvaccinated from entering restaurants, bars and events.

“This is critically important to keep case numbers down,” Mr Andrews said.

“This is not about stopping people going to work, it’s about making sure we can open up.

“It’s about making sure people can go to work, that they can be safe, and that we can defend and deliver our road map for opening.”

Iran's Proxy Groups And Isaiah 17 To Come

The Role of Iran's Palestinian Mercenaries

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) are embarrassed: Iran just admittedthat both of those terrorist groups serve as mercenaries for the mullahs in Tehran.

For Hamas and PIJ, the admission is yet another sign that the truth can be painful and inconvenient, especially when it comes from a major ally such as Iran.

Recently, Maj. Gen. Gholam Ali Rashid, Commander of Iran's Khatam al-Anbiya Central Headquarters, stated that his country has armies that operate outside of Iran.

Rashid was referring to Iranian-backed groups such as Hamas, PIJ, Hezbollah, the Houthis in Yemen, the Syrian army and the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, and other militias in Iraq and Syria. These groups, he said, "have ideological tendencies" with the mission to defend Iran.

Rashid pointed out that the former commander of Iran's Quds Force, Gen. Qasem Soleimani, said three months before his death that he had "organized six armies outside the territory of Iran."

Soleimani, who was assassinated on January 3, 2020, in a US drone strike near Baghdad International Airport, had been in charge of Iran's extraterritorial and clandestine military operations.

After his assassination, Hamas and PIJ revealed that Soleimani had been responsible for providing the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip with many types of weapons to assist them in their war against Israel.

Hamas official Osama Hamdan, for instance, was quoted earlier this year as saying that his group had "deep relations" with Soleimani, who sent Russian Kornet anti-tank guided missiles to the Gaza Strip.

Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar reported in December 2020 that during their first meeting in 2006, Soleimani gave him suitcases filled with $22 million in cash.

Rashid, the commander who disclosed the connection between the terror groups and Iran's six "armies," claimed that the US and Israel are angry and concerned about his country's growing regional power

The "belligerent American and Zionist regime's forces are angry about the extreme power of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region," he said. He added that Iran has indeed bonded with some nations and governments, "creating regional powers and religious-popular powers," according to the Iranian Mehr News Agency.

These groups, Rashid said, "represent a deterrent force for Iran and are ready to defend it against any foreign aggressor."

In short, the Iranian commander is threatening that his country will unleash its six "armies" against the US and Israel in any future war or military confrontation.

It is no secret that Hamas and PIJ have long been funded and armed by Iran. The leaders of the two groups have even boasted of their ties with Iran, especially Tehran's support for the jihad (holy war) to eliminate Israel.

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Medical Apartheid?

Humanity Is Sleepwalking Towards Medical Apartheid...

Even as scientific studies show that vaccines alone cannot extricate humanity from the Covid-19 crisis, governments are rushing headlong towards the creation of a ‘vaccinated economy’ without any consideration for the consequences. It’s time for an injection of sanity and informed democratic debate.

An astonishing thing happened this week that should have – were it not for a media industrial complex that coddles and cossets the powers that be – incited journalists to scream bloody murder around our increasingly imprisoned planet. What the world got instead was the deafening cacophony of crickets.

When a reporter asked New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about the possibility of the Pacific island nation being fragmented into two distinct classes of citizens – the vaccinated and unvaccinated – Arden didn’t miss a beat as she responded with her trademark Cheshire grin, “That is what it is. So yep. Yep.”

After being further prodded by the deferential journalist as to why she favored apartheid, Ardern, who has already mandated vaccines for government employees or else, responded, unscientifically, that “people who have been vaccinated will want to know that they are around other vaccinated people; they’ll want to know that they’re in a safe environment.”

Under normal conditions – that is, before scientific inquiry was sent back kicking and screaming to the Dark Ages – Ardern’s outrageous remark would have been greeted by robust and vigorous debate from both the political and medical communities. After all, the vaccinated should feel absolutely at ease mingling among the unvaccinated in stuffy public places given that they are, supposedly, protected? Isn’t that the point of the vaccines, to protect the vaccinated and get us back to some semblance of ‘normal’? If not, then why the incessant push to jab every single person on the planet, and not just once, as initially promised, but multiple times? The answer, at least according to Queen Ardern, is so that everyone can feel “confident” once again among their fellow man. That makes absolutely zero sense, especially as new studies show no discernible decrease in infection rates among the vaccinated. So why hedge our bets when just the opposite seems to be happening?

In a recent study by Harvard researchers, published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, it was discovered that, looking at statistics around the world, “there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases…” The researchers then delivered a brutal body slam to conventional (political) thinking by revealing that “the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have HIGHER (emphasis added) COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.”

That is a truly shocking discovery, and one that deserves a serious public debate now that a mandatory vaccination regime – replete with the loss of jobs and lives – is being bolted down across much of the globe. But instead of addressing the health crisis with a modicum of restraint and humility, many politicians are gleefully capitalizing on the pandemic, using it as an opportunity to accumulate ever greater political power. 

Evergrande Missed Second Past Due Interest Payment In A Week

Dr. Marco Metzler: Evergrande Missed Second Past Due Interest Payment In A Week-Is Bankrupt-Could Drag Down Real Estate Sector/HSBC & World Financial System

Stan Szymanski

This past Tuesday I reported that Dr. Marco Metzler, former Fitch analyst and now of DMSA (Deutche Mrkt Screening Agentur GmbH) has announced that the past due interest payment on China Evergrande Group’s offshore international bonds that all of the western media reported as supposedly paid by Evergrande could not be confirmed. Today, he is stating that a second interest payment ($47.5 Million) allegedly made by Evergrande according to the western media last night has not been paid, once again contradicting mainstream media reports.

According the the GMBH News Release dated today (10/29/21)…’For the second time in a week, China Evergrande Group has apparently technically defaulted on interest payments to international investors.’… and in the opening paragraph goes on to say…’Should the Evergrande insolvency not only drag down China's real estate sector, but the entire economy of the country, we will see even bankruptcies of major international banks - such as HSBC, fears DMSA senior analyst Dr. Marco Metzler.’…

…’ But there has been no official confirmation of any payment of that interest by the close of business at Hong Kong banks’…continued Metzler. Besides Encouraging Angels, the only other known doubts that concur with Metzler appear in a recent report in the Financial Times Metzler says in the press release. In that document, Dr. Metzler goes on to state that no one replied to their inquiries as to an actual confirmation of the payments to creditors by Evergrande.

"Thus, the bankruptcy has apparently already technically occurred," analyzes Metzler. 

Evergrande tried to raise capital through the sale of assets. The environment for asset sales is abysmal. The company tried to sell some of its assets to Hopson Development Holdings which fell through. According to reports, the deal would have been worth 20.04 billion Hong Kong dollars ($2.58 billion), according to filings.

What I learned From The Communist Party

What I learned from the Communist Party

What I learned from the Communist Party which ruled my country with an iron fist and a heavy boot on our necks and thin, hungry bodies, can fill a lifetime of horror stories. Twenty years living under such depressing ideological, mental, and physical prison surrounded by barbed wire and heavily armed and guarded borders is enough to fill endless books.

But will Americans listen or read about our collective and individual experiences? Apparently not, as they are marching full-steam ahead into communism and, by the time they wake-up from their ignorant stupor, it will be too late – there will be nobody left to caution them and they themselves will not remember what it was like to live free and make personal choices in life without government interference and forced mandates. So they will comply out of fear and cowardice.

The U.S. Constitution is already just a museum piece that the government is ignoring openly and deriding on a daily basis in their kangaroo courts. Law and order only exists for the benefit of Congress and the corporate oligarchy in control of 330 plus million people. Medical tyranny walks in lock step with government tyranny at all levels.

  • If I wanted to eat, I had to keep my mouth shut and get up early every day to stand in endless lines in order to buy enough food for the day if I was lucky and had enough coupons left on the rationing card.
  • If I wanted to enter a church, I had to wait until someone got married, got baptized, or died. Church was another arm of the Communist Party’s indoctrination machine.
  • If I wanted my parents to remain free and not be disappeared, I had to keep my mouth shut around everybody, including the closest relatives who could turn us in for a loaf of bread.
  • If I wanted to go on vacation, I was not allowed to because my parents were too poor to afford a train ticket or a hotel. They were receiving the Communist Party-decided equity pay young Americans and Democrat Socialists are clamoring for and demanding in this country.
  • If I wanted to go to summer camp, I had to join the youth communist brigades first and be subjected to more indoctrination before I was deemed re-educated in the communist ideological “think” and “speak.” But my parents had to be Communist Party members as well.

    • If I wanted to go inside a restaurant or hotel in my hometown, I was told no. I could only watch the sumptuous and luxurious inside from the street through the well-lit windows. It was dark at home as electricity was cut off and turned on only a few hours a day in order to allow us to do housework and school homework.  
    • Cooking was done with a gas stove and even that was cut off every day. Bathing was once a week with hot water that only came on for two hours. We had to schedule baths or showers around that time.
    • If I was cold, I had to wear many layers of clothes as heat was a rare commodity in our homes. The higher up you lived in the concrete and tiny high-rise apartments, the less steam circulated through the heater coils.

    • I learned to disregard the propaganda lies of equity, equality, and abundance we were fed in class by day-dreaming and imagining that I was traveling to and living in a beautiful country with plenty of food, no heavy armed police everywhere, beautiful colored clothes, plenty of doctors, medicine, clean hospitals without rust and blood oozing from the walls and dirty floors, fully stocked stores, and no bread lines. I was smart enough to see the bleak reality outside, totally opposite from the communist dogma fed to us by elites who lived in comfort and confiscated wealth from the masses.

      I learned to enjoy small things in life and to cherish immediate family – we never knew when we would see them for the last time before they were disappeared for their thoughts of freedom and for their dissenting opinions.

    • I learned that aunts, uncles, and friends who worked hard and saved and acquired too much property beyond what the Communist Party deemed necessary, were sent to hard labor camps. Some survived, some did not. They built the roads, the bridges, and other public works while in captivity, existing on meager rations each day. If they survived their sentence, they emerged like walking skeletons, their physical health and minds scarred for life.

    • I learned so much from my experience and life under the Communist Party boot that I am devastated at the communist turn my adopted country is taking now and so rapidly. The land of the free because of the brave is fast becoming a communist tyranny of the government, the corporate oligarchy supporting it, and the medical professionals who swore to do no harm and are doing harm daily with no remorse.

    Who Owns The World?

    Who Owns the World?

    Since the mid-1970s, two corporations — Vanguard and Blackrock — have gobbled up most companies in the world, effectively destroying the competitive market on which America’s strength has rested, leaving only false appearances behind.

    Indeed, the global economy may be the greatest illusionary trick ever pulled over the eyes of people around the world. To understand what’s really going on, watch Tim Gielen’s hour-long documentary, “MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World?” above.

    As noted by Gielen, who narrates the film, a handful of mega corporations — private investment companies — dominate every aspect of our lives; everything we eat, drink, wear or use in one way or another. These investment firms are so enormous, they control the money flow worldwide. So, how does this scheme work?

    While there appear to be hundreds of competing brands on the market, like Russian nesting dolls, larger parent companies own multiple smaller brands. In reality, all packaged food brands, for example, are owned by a dozen or so larger parent companies.

    Speaking of the central bankers, I recently interviewed finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts, and she believes it’s the central bankers that are at the heart of the global takeover we’re currently seeing. She also believes they are the ones pressuring private companies to implement the clearly illegal COVID jab mandates. Their control is so great, few companies have the ability to take a stand against them.

    “I think [the central bankers] are really depending on the smart grid and creepy technology to help them go to the last steps of financial control, which is what I think they’re pushing for,” she said.

    “What we’ve seen is a tremendous effort to bankrupt the population and the governments so that it’s much easier for the central bankers to take control. That’s what I’ve been writing about since 1998, that this is a financial coup d’etat.

    Now the financial coup d’etat is being consolidated, where the central bankers just serve jurisdiction over the treasury and the tax money. And if they can get the [vaccine] passports in with the CBDC [central bank digital currency], then it will be able to take taxes out of our accounts and take our assets. So, this is a real coup d’etat.”