Friday, October 28, 2011

In the news:

The implications of this article are obvious:

US considers unusual attack helicopter deal for Turkey

Remember Turkey's ongoing threats against Israel?

The Obama administration is consulting Congress on an unusual proposal to transfer US Marine Corps attack helicopters to Turkey, US officials said on Thursday, as Ankara tries to exact revenge for a major attack by Kurdish separatists.

Turkey, a NATO ally, has been seeking AH-1 SuperCobra helicopters to replace those lost in its long struggle against separatist rebels from the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK.

The officials declined to be identified because of the matter's sensitivity and because they were not authorized to speak on the record. The idea to take weapons from the US arsenal was rare, they said.

The proposal has been held up amid lawmakers' questions about increasingly distant relations between Muslim-majority Turkey and Israel, a key US ally, among other matters.

Syria sows mines along Lebanese, Jordanian, Turkish borders

In the last 48 hours, the Syrian engineering corps has laid minefields along the Jordanian, Turkish borders to cut down on the influx of weapons and armed manpower supporting the anti-Assad opposition and the outflow of army deserters.

The new Syrian minefield is intended to put a stop to this traffic.

Bashar Assad is reported by our sources to have started acting like a hunted man since Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi's violent death. Apparently haunted by that event, he fears the expanding volume of weapons smuggled into Syria is providing infrastructure for a NATO-backed Arab military operation in support of the uprising.

There has been no official comment from the Syrian government on Qaddafi's death, but opposition activists have gone to town on it. This week, they ordered demonstrators to turn out in force Friday, Oct. 28, and to call on NATO to declare Syria a no-fly zone to prevent its air force attacking rebels. That was how Western military intervention in Libyan began last March.

Don't forget - Assad has promised that any "outside intervention" would lead to Syria attacking Israel.

Top Muslim Institution Declares All Christians "Infidels"

To what extent was Egypt’s Maspero massacre, wherein the military literally mowed down Christian Copts protesting the ongoing destruction of their churches, a product of anti-Christian sentiment?

A video of Sheikh Ali Gomaa (or Gom’a), the grand mufti of Al Azhar, which began circulating weeks before the massacre, helps elucidate. While holding that Muslims may coexist with Christians (who, as dhimmis, have rights), Gomaa categorized Christians as kuffar — “infidels” — a word that connotes “enemies,” “evil-doers,” and every bad thing to Muslim ears.

Keep in mind that Al Azhar is the “chief center of Islamic and Arabic learning in the world.

As its grand mufti, Ali Gomaa represents mainstream Islam’s — not “radical Islam’s” or “Islamism’s” — position concerning the “other,” in this case, Christians. Regardless, many in the West hail him as a “moderate” — such as Lawrence Wright in a U.S. News article titled “Finding the Voices of Moderate Islam.” Wright describes him as “a highly promoted champion of moderate Islam”

The Facts of Life Are Conservative, Even in Zuccotti Park

Another article that could be entitled: "Reality and Fantasy Collide"; this article is a good read. Perhaps the demonstrators are actually receiving some important lessons about life in the real world.

Peeking through Occupy Wall Street's cloudy drum sessions, group speeches, and celebrity visits are a few rays of reality's sunlight. These glimmers of the real world show that even the campers of Zuccotti Park aren't immune to Margaret Thatcher's famous declaration that "the facts of life are conservative."

Conservatism is the natural political outgrowth from the real life experience.

But because government isn't magic, utopias never quite work out in real life -- not even in Zuccotti Park. In one news story after another, Thatcher's "facts of life" are on display. Let's look at four examples.

Also in the news:

EU Sets 50% Greek Writedown, $1.4T in Crisis Fight

EU Leaders Plan Trillion-Euro Rescue Fund


Caver said...

Oh Geepers! This is worse than I thought.

Don't guess you would probably know this unless there's some military in your background but....

1.One country does NOT sell military equipment to another and take it out of its own war fighting inventory to do so. Well, at least not unless the buying country has a desperate need. This war bird is an integral part of our current ground support. Selling it is one thing. Taking it from our military to sell is quite another.

2.Laying a mine field between countries you are at peace with is almost unheard of. Its considered about one step short of an act or declaration of war. Even the most border sensitive among us would not support mining the border between us and Mexico.

Yikers squared...or cubed...or something like that.

Robin said...

Christian coffee shop in England has been ordered to remove the display of Biblical verses:

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks for that perspective Caver. Very interesting and distressing all at the same time. Come Lord Jesus.

Robin said...

Quick poll . . .who knew the Obama Administration merged Fort Sam Houston, the United States Air Force Randolph Air Force Base and Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio on 10/01/10?  I mean, I don't ever remember hearing this news and I live in Texas!  Anyone else?  

San Antonio had an Earthquake last week . . .4.8. This quake, like the 5.9 that struck the DC area a couple of months ago, is rumored to have not produced the typical seismic primary waves seen in typical earthquakes. In fact, it's said to closely resemble the waves produced in an underground nuclear explosion. Anyone know where these seismic wave charts can be viewed? I've looked all over USGS's site, but possibly over looked it.

Alice said...

Robin, I don't know about viewing seismic wave charts, but you might like dutchsinse:

His latest earthquake update is on the right and is dated 10/26/11.

He has also made a connection between some earthquakes and the proximity of nearby nuclear facilities and/or the abnormal seismic charts.

And fwiw, I did not know that the Obama Administration merged Fort Sam Houston, the United States Air Force Randolph Air Force Base and Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. Seems clear that he's bent on castrating our military on many levels.

DrNofog said...

DrNofog quotes himself [as an alleged 'authority']:

"...underground nukes are a super-qwik way to make..."

Robin said...

Thanks, Alice :) I used to have Dutchsinse bookmarked but I thought his page was taken down? Glad he's back up. On my way :)

DrNofog . . .how do you find those old threads??? They're a wealth of information and they always seem to get buried in the blogger user interface.

DrNofog said...

Robin said " do you find those old threads???"

Unfortunately, it's because I'm so pedantic - I type all my posts in a txt file 1st and then save them with a topical file name that I can eyeball thru them fairly quickly or use the Windows search "All files and folders" - "A word or phrase in the file' if I don't see it right away -->some file examples:

101-Linking & Alias Names for Anons.txt
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1968-Farrakhan-Mideast uprisings will come to US-Scott-[contrived] turmoil could [will] set the stage 4 10 Kings.txt
AC-Hal Lindsey, Islamic Antichrist theory & some food for thought.txt
AC-& Scott falls asleep at the keyboard.txt
WW3-AlPike-Oil-Fossil Fuel Myth is False Pretense for Every War & Lebanon Warns Israel.txt

But I only save my own comments 'cause they're the only ones that are important [to me, anyway...]

However, if it is something someone else wrote that I recall, unfortunately again, because I'm so pedantic - I actually took the time to set up folders for each year & month and every week or so I download all the recent articles, because a search on your own HDD is super-fast compared to going out on the blog...

Of course, this is no help to anyone else unless you start yer own.

Paula said...

You can also use a search engine, e.g. type this in the search box:


Scott said...

Wow..DrNo you just gave me enough 'material' to use on you - to last me till the Rapture :)

Alice said...

The Pedantic DrNo

...coming to a theater near you...

DrNofog said...

Careful, Scott! I could repost that "Scott falls asleep at the keyboard.txt" again...
...and have EI worm in and delete the back-up of yer site...

Scott said...

I'll patiently wait for the first good a cat ready to pounce.....I've got so many quotes stored up now for future use. This was tooooo easy :) :)

Dave down under said...

Caver, the military will sell equipment at or near their designated useby date or if they are no longer deemed financially sustainable to maintain them. It's a possibility these helicopters fall into that category or they its part of a Sqn down sizing program. Either way they're getting a good chopper. David.

Robin said...

That's ingenious, DrNo . . .when you say "download every week" is there a download button I'm overlooking or do you do a copy paste? Definitely going to have to try that. I mostly post from my iPad unless I'm feeling particularly wordy LOL

DrNofog said...

Scott said "...I'll patiently wait for the first good a cat ready to pounce..."

I saw yer cat already [too cheap to even buy a good one]... He doesn't look very 'pouncable' at all...

Robin said " there a download button I'm overlooking..."

I just use "Save As".

I've actually gotten fairly fast at it by mostly using the keyboard instead of wearing myself out pushing the stupid mouse all over the screen.

I click on the 1st article at the bottom of the right panel [to grab them in chronological order], and without moving the mouse cursor from its location, use "Ctrl-S", "Enter", and then "Page Down" [x number of times] to get the cursor back to its original location/article, move it up one, click, rinse, lather, and repeat...

DrNofog said...

Of course, if Scott reeeeeally wanted to share his wealth of information, he'd put a link on the page to download a month at a time...

...and Scott said "...WILL IT EVER END WITH DRNO??????
Ok....Now I patiently await DrNo's NEXT request......:)