Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Russia Assists Iranian Military: Calm Shattered in Israel

The first comes from Debka - and we see further strengthening of the Gog-MaGog alliance:

Russia boosts Iran's armory with mobile radar-jammers against planes or missiles

Moscow has sold Iran the highly-advanced Avtobaza truck-mounted systems which are capable of jamming aircraft radar and the electronic guidance instruments of attacking missiles. This deal, announced in Moscow Tuesday, Oct. 25, substantially boosts Russian military assistance to the Islamic Republic.

These radar jammers are a component of Russia's most sophisticated anti-aircraft and electronic warfare system for the early warning of approaching assault planes and missiles.

This is certainly interesting timing - especially considering the questions that have been raised about Israeli intentions of bombing Iran's nuclear facilities.

However, the US and Israel are reported to suspect a Russian stratagem whereby the Avotbaza jammers are only the first part of the deal, to be followed by the delivery to Iran of the full ELINT-electronic signals intelligence system. The full system would enable Iran to identity and react to any aerial or missile movements – not only over its territory but in the skies of the entire Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea.

From now on, Russia is undertaking responsibility for providing Iran with the defensive hardware it needs for its national security.

Implied in this undertaking is another message: Russia will not stand for American or any other Western attacks on Iran or Syria like the NATO operation which overthrew Muammar Qaddafi in Libya.

This is a very interesting development.

We also see this report that could signal the beginning of a new barrage of missiles coming towards Israel:

Calm shattered in south as Grad rocket lands near Ashdod

After weeks of quiet and for the first time since Gilad Shalit has returned home, the quiet has been shattered in southern Israel: A Grad rocket fired from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday night landed in an open territory in the Be'er Tuvia Regional Council between Ashdod and Gedera. According to Magen David Adom, several people suffered shock

A Color Red siren was heard in several communities including Ashdod, Kiryat Malachi, Rehovot, Ness Ziona and Gan Yavne. There is no Iron Dome system deployed in this region.

The Grad rocket was most likely fired from the northern Gaza Strip near the ruins of what was once the settlement of Dugit.


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Caver said...

Hummmm...I read this yesterday and something about it bothered me...wasn't sure what. Now, after a night's sleep I think I know what that something was.

OK, Russia announced "after the fact" that they delivered two of these units....but with the promise of more to come.

If the units are that good, and can do everything advertised...that's a heck of a blow not only to Israel but also to Europe and the US. But the promise is that its only going to get worse with future deliveries...

Does this force Israel's hand now, before it gets worse?

Does this force NATO's, Turkey's, Europe's, and the US's hand for the same reason?

Russia made clear that both Syria and Iran are favored customers and partners and they will do what's necessary to support them.

And Syria is facing the Arab League forcing them to sit down and negotiate with the rebels in very short order.

Everything about this part of the world continues to take unexpected twist and surprises me. But, it certainly seems to me that everybody....Israel, Syria, Iran and so on are being forced to make a commitment on future actions now that won't be able to be pulled back.

Getting close folk.

Caver said...

OH boy, its getting better and better.....:slaps head

'US to give Egypt F-16 fighter jet in Grapel deal'
10/27/2011 10:17

Ma'an news agency report: US participated in negotiations, worked to sweeten deal over dual US-Israeli citizen Grapel, held on spying charges.

Egyptian prisoners move to border for Grapel exchange
10/27/2011 13:33

The 25 prisoners involved in the swap depart for the Taba crossing; dual US citizen to meet with Netanyahu following arrival in Israel.

Israel denies US request for settlement freeze

US Ambassador Dan Shapiro tells Yishai construction freeze will help counter Palestinian UN bid; interior minister: No Israeli government has frozen settlements, and neither will we.

Does anyone else hear any footsteps?
Check the door, make sure its unlocked...

Scott said...


I had the same thought regarding the fact that this Russian arms sell to Iran may hasten an Israeli 'attack' - if indeed its in the cards...To many of those missiles and it will be harder and harder for Israel to attack..That window is closing rapidly IMO