Friday, October 21, 2011

Gorbachov Calls for "Global Governance" In Response To Wall Street Protests

We can chalk up one more world leader who is calling for a single world government. Why not? Everybody else seems to be - we can just add him to the list that seems to grow longer by the day.

Gorbachov calls for "global governance" in response to Wall Street protests

Former Communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev told an audience at Lafayette College on Wednesday night that the United States’ economic problems heralded the need for a new American “perestroika,” defined by a “new world order” and a system of “global governance”.

Speaking to a crowd of 3,600 people during an event that was broadcast live nationwide, Gorbachev made reference to riots and demonstrations that have swept the world over the last two years, including the Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States.

How will this American perestroika manifest itself? As a “new world order” characterized by a system of “global governance,” according to Gorbachev.

"Others, including myself, have spoken about a new world order, but we are still facing the problem of building such a world order…problems of the environment, of backwardness and poverty, food shortages…all because we do not have a system of global governance,” he said.

“We cannot leave things as they were before, when we are seeing that these protests are moving to even new countries, that almost all countries are now witnessing such protests, that the people want change,” he said. “As we are addressing these challenges, these problems raised by these protest movements, we will gradually find our way towards a new world order,” added Gorbachev.

His ideas are very much in line with the Wall Street "occupiers". Unfortunately, Gorbachov and the protesters are ignoring some important facts:

Of course, Gorbachev’s call for global financial instability to be used as a pretext for the further centralization of power into a sovereignty-stripping system of global governance will merely concentrate more influence into the hands of a tiny elite.

Gorbachev attempt to invoke the protest movement sweeping the globe and re-label it as a call for global governance is fundamentally disingenuous.

A new world order means less democratic representation.

Global government is the ultimate expression of autocratic rule, it is inherently undemocratic. Gorbachev’s American perestroika will not equate to more freedom and prosperity, it will result in a lowering of living standards and even less political representation.

The literal translation of “perestroika” means “restructuring,” but Gorbachev’s past comments overwhelmingly illustrate the fact that the former Communist icon is calling for America to experience a Soviet-style collapse before it can be re-absorbed as a vassal state that is subordinate to a UN-run global government.

The former Soviet leader has long been an advocate of transforming the United Nations and its affiliated offshoots into an architecture of global government, eviscerating American sovereignty in the process.

Unfortunately, this is where the world is currently headed - and the movement is gaining momentum by the day.

The concluding prophetic events, including the Tribulation are almost upon us.

Fortunately there are still a few steps remaining before that happens.


gearedup2go said...

I was checking my local Topix forum and someone was trying to organize an Occupy protest in our sleeper town. Considering we have over 20+ churches in a town of 3500, that ad caught my attention.

Scott, you may have posted this previously regarding Shalit's release but I've learned that Sarkozy was behind it-your guy on the list. ;-) I'm late to the party on this so please forgive me.

Scott said...

Not surprising...Sarkozy was one of the driving forces in the whole Libya thing too....Someone worth watching IMO