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Russia Warns NATO Over Supplying Ukraine With Patriot Systems

Russia's Medvedev warns NATO over supplying Ukraine with Patriot systems


The former Russian President and current Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev warned NATO on Tuesday against providing Ukraine with Patriot missile defense systems, denouncing the alliance as a "criminal entity" for delivering arms to what he called "extremist regimes."

"If, as (NATO Secretary-General Jens) Stoltenberg hinted, NATO were to supply the Ukrainian fanatics with Patriot systems along with NATO personnel, they would immediately become a legitimate target of our armed forces," Medvedev wrote on Telegram.

"The civilized world does not need this organization. It must repent to humanity and be dissolved as a criminal entity," he wrote in an earlier post.

Ukraine has asked its Western partners for air defenses, including U.S.-made Patriot systems, to protect it from Russian attacks on its energy infrastructure.

"We need air defense, IRIS, Hawks, Patriots, and we need transformers (for our energy needs)," Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told reporters on the sidelines of the NATO meeting, enumerating various Western air defense systems.

"In a nutshell: Patriots and transformers are what Ukraine needs the most."

NATO ministers have condemned what they call Russia's "persistent and unconscionable attacks on Ukrainian civilian and energy infrastructure," and pledged to step up their support for Kyiv.

Russia has repeatedly warned the West not to pump Ukraine with various weapons, suggesting such an act could eventually lead to a direct conflict between the U.S.-led NATO alliance and Russia.

Two Major Volcanos In Hawaii Erupting

Double trouble! Incredible helicopter footage captures 'rare and sacred' moment Hawaii's Mauna Loa spouts huge lava fountains while its sister volcano 20 miles away ALSO erupts

Captivating aerial footage captured close-up views of a jet of lava spewing up from Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano after it erupted late Sunday for the first time in decades.

Worsening matters, is that the momentous occasion - which has put the tens of thousands living Hawaii's Big Island on high alert - has been compounded by the fact that its sister volcano 20 miles away also erupted, something that has not transpired since Loa's last discharge in 1984.

Loa, the largest active volcano in the world, erupted for the first time in 38 years Sunday night, attracting scores of onlookers desperate to catch a glimpse of the event - while scaring off others all too aware of the risks.

The rare 'dual eruption' marked the end of Mauna Loa’s longest quiet period in history, and came four years after an eruption from the Kilauea volcano, located 20 miles east on Hawaii's big island, left 700 residences destroyed.

Areas in the immediate vicinity of both volcanoes have since been deemed by local officials to be at 'extreme risk' of encountering lava flows from the simultaneous eruptions - despite assurance provided by scientists Monday that the lava had deviated to an area where it does not pose a risk to communities.

Still, the uncertainty was unnerving for many who packed up and left their homes on the scenic isle, which is home to a handful of A-list stars such as Pierce Brosnan and Matthew McConaughey.

Loa's eruption nearly 40 years ago lasted more than two weeks - but did not flow into any of the island's communities. Officials said Monday that should be the case this time around as well, but warned to be wary of the lava and emissions left by the simultaneous disasters.

Captivating aerial footage captured close-up views of a jet of lava spewing up from Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano after it erupted late Sunday for the first time in decades

The momentous occasion - which has put Hawaii's Big Island on high alert of flowing lava and suffocating vocanic fog - was further compounded by the fact that its sister volcano situated 20 miles away also erupted, something that has not transpired since Loa's last eruption in 1984

More, videos...

China Fights Against Lockdown Tyranny, Protesters Turn Streets Into Warzones

China fights to escape Xi's lockdown tyranny: Protesters turn streets into warzones, with hazmat-clad Covid-enforcers cowering under riot shields as bottles rain down on them and police strong-arming demonstrators

Protesters screamed as they threw glass bottles at scores of cowering hazmat-clad riot police in China last night, as demonstrators continue to defy President Xi Jinping's brutal regime and disastrous zero-Covid policies.

The sound of shouts and smashing glass pierced the air in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, as defiant and frustrated protesters clashed with riot police carrying shields.

Hundreds of police, who were seen wearing hazmat suits for the first time, advanced towards protesters before dragging them away to unknown locations.

The violent protests mark some of the most extreme displays of dissent China has seen in more than 30 years. But despite the brutal Beijing crackdown on protesters, demonstrators are still defiantly turning out on the streets and fighting back.

Protesters have clashed with riot police wearing white hazmat suits in China, with demonstrators throwing glass bottles at the officials in chaotic and violent scenes

Video shows scores of riot police in all-white pandemic gear, standing shoulder to shoulder, cowering under their see-through shields as glass smashed around them in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou

There have been violent protests in China before but these demonstrations, which have extended from Beijing to Shanghai, are different because they are spontaneous, nation-wide and directed at the central government. 

The protests mark the most overt threat against Xi's government and his brutal Communist regime since he took power ten years ago. 

Earlier on Tuesday night, locals shopping in a market watched as a steady stream of riot police officers marched in formation through the streets of Guangzhou.

The arrival of hundreds of riot police escalated tensions in the city and footage shows demonstrators throwing glass bottles at the officials in chaotic and violent scenes.

In the video, people are heard screaming and shouting in frustration at the brutal crackdown against protesters who are demonstrating against Xi's zero-Covid policy which has seen millions placed under strict lockdowns for months. 

Riot police ruthlessly threw a tear gas canister towards the demonstrators in a narrow street, prompting panic among protesters who tried to run away from the fumes. 

A growing portion of the Chinese people, who are usually docile and deferential to the authoritarian Communist rulers there, are fed up after nearly two years worth of “Zero COVID” policy lockdowns, and they are lashing out.

According to social media posts that have leaked from China, protests are spreading now from Beijing and the far western Xinjiang region to a multitude of other major cities, including Wuhan — where COVID-19 was manufactured and either released or escaped — and Shanghai, as well as the eastern city of Nanjing.

Protests broke out in earnest last week following mass demonstrations on Friday in Urumqi, which is the capital of Xinjiang, after a fire killed dozens of residents trapped inside the building thanks to a lockdown that has lasted now for more than 100 days. While Chinese officials say around 10 people were killed, citizens are reporting deaths numbering as high as 40.

The current unrest is rare in China, where the Communist Party has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on protests to any dictum or mandate. Still, Chinese citizens know that over the past decade, crackdowns on any dissent have grown as well, and that isn’t helping quell the current unrest as more citizens gamble that this may be the time to push for real change in their country.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, “Having protests over the same issue break out in multiple Chinese cities is almost unheard of, outside of nationalist outpourings, such as anti-Japanese protests.”

Trudeau Justifies Invoking Martial Law

Trudeau Justifies Invoking Martial Law

Trudeau changed the world’s entire perception of Canada after his mishandling of the Freedom Convoy protest. Hard-working Canadian men and women demanded medical freedom and protested the vaccine mandates. The Canadian media was not permitted to question the COVID agenda, and dissenting voices were muffled. The Canadian trucker’s convoy (aka the Freedom Convoy) sparked the first major backlash for the Trudeau Administration after protestors could not be silenced by threats.

Trudeau had to make good on those threats to assert whatever is left of his authority. Justin Trudeau is back to being a celebrity, not a politician, and is focusing on winning a drag queen race this week.

The convoy was completely peaceful until Trudeau, who refused to even speak to the protestors, invoked Martial Law. “What if the worst had happened in those following days? What if someone had gotten hurt, what if a police officer had been put in hospital?” Trudeau said. “I would have worn that,” he continued. “The responsibility of a prime minister is to make the tough calls and keep people safe.”

Trudeau knelt down amid Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests and allowed the chaos to ensue because it fits the woke agenda for this New World Order. And guess what? Numerous Canadian police officers were injured or killed by those BLM protests that were not only allowed to continue but strongly encouraged.

Countless people were hurt by the government’s response to the protest of a “fringe minority.” The completely peaceful protestors were thrown in jail, sometimes without bail. They had their bank accounts frozen, and assets seized. People who donated to their cause had their assets frozen. The world saw a glimpse of how ruthless Canada has become under Trudeau.

G20 Signs Declaration For International 'Digital Identity' Passport

G20 Signs Declaration for International Vaccine Passport

Story at-a-glance

  • The G20, a group of 19 nations — including the U.S. — plus the European Union, recently held their annual business meeting (B20) in Bali, Indonesia, where they declared that a digital vaccine passport, standardized by the World Health Organization, will be part of international pandemic prevention and response moving forward

  • The rule for standardized international vaccine passports will be introduced as a revision to the international health regulations during the next World Health Assembly in Geneva

  • The G20 recommendations also include the creation of guidelines for a globally coordinated response to crises, “enhanced by a technology-enabled ‘always-on’ global health 
  • infrastructure,” and a mutual recognition of COVID-19 vaccines made by G20 members
  • President Biden signed the declaration despite the promises made by his White House COVID-19 Response Team leader, Jeff Zients, who in April 2021 stated, “Let me be clear that the government is not now, nor will we be supporting a system that requires Americans to carry a [vaccination] credential”

  • The fact that the COVID shots do not prevent spread of infection has now been established many times over. This alone proves that vaccine passports are not for the purpose of containing epidemics. An international vaccine passport is the gateway to complete totalitarian control, because the entire control grid around a person gets tied together by it

As noted by former U.S. Rep. Dr. Ron Paul in the video above, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab and other globalist leaders substitute truth with their own opinions. They decide what’s right and wrong; they decide what’s right for everyone. They dictate what’s “true” on any given day.

Anyone who disagrees with them is an “enemy of the state” — they being “the state” or, more accurately, the Deep State, the hidden power behind the apparent power of official government. Who are the members of this cabal? There’s no official membership list, but over time many of the individual players have become discernible.

The globalist cabal includes but is not limited to government heads, bankers and members of nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) and liberal think tanks around the world.

One way in which the cabal hides its undemocratic influence is by having its members in dozens of different organizations. When several organizations agree on an issue, it makes it appear as though there’s a majority view, a consensus. But in reality, it’s the same small group of individuals asserting their agenda.

The G20, a group of 19 nations — including the U.S. — plus the European Union, recently held their annual business meeting (B20) in Bali, Indonesia, where they declared that digital vaccine passports, standardized by the World Health Organization, will be part of international pandemic prevention and response moving forward.1

“We support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics, that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificates.”

The rule for standardized international vaccine passports will reportedly be introduced as a revision to the international health regulations during the next World Health Assembly in Geneva.5

What this means is that when the next pandemic is declared, only those who have this digital health certificate will be allowed to move about freely and travel internationally. And, of course, only those who have been appropriately tested and/or vaccinated will have a valid passport.

In his B20 keynote address, Schwab highlighted the cabal’s agenda and goals:6

“What we have to confront is a deep, systemic and structural re-structuring of our world … [The] world will look differently after we have gone through this transition process.”


The U.S. Pushed Iran Into The Arms Of Russia (and Gog-Magog Alliance)

Biden Pushes Iran into the Arms of Russia

For the life of me, whoever is writing the cue cards for Biden is clearly either deliberately trying to create World War III or is the most stupid person in the history of geopolitical analysis. Nobody, even in the CIA who analyzes global politics, would possibly be this stupid. Imposing the Russian sanctions has been a warning to the world that if you cross the Biden Administration, you can be removed from the SWIFT System and the global economy. Every nation that has been frustrated with US policy over the decades is now firmly crossing the line.

Sanctions NEVER work! Even in the case of Iran, Turkey was secretly laundering money for Iran, selling gold into the market to allow them to circumvent sanctions. 

What Biden has done with sanctions on Russia has only warned China to move quickly with their CIPS system to compete with SWIFT. 

So when Russian forces entered Syria on the ECM turning point 2015.75 to the day, it was an ominous event. Russia was not only backing the Assad regime, but it was also backing the Iranian pipeline. You had to be completely blind not to think Iran would join Russia against Ukraine.

Over the past several days, Iran has formerly informed international inspectors that it will now produce “near” bomb-grade nuclear fuel. They have also done what the US has done and built a facility deep inside a mountain that some sources say would withstand even a nuclear attack. Iran is now clearly expanding its nuclear fuel production at a plant that, over the years, both Israel and the United States have repeatedly sabotaged.

Iranian is now, as I have warned, siding with Russia before they began providing Russia with drones for its war in Ukraine.

 For the life of me, I cannot understand how anyone thought they could wage war against Russia and nobody else would join the party. Iran has the capability also to begin providing missiles for Russia in Ukraine. Of course, Biden accused Iran of once again violating Iraqi territory to conduct direct attacks against the Kurds.

What is unfolding is that the Biden Administration has created a formidable force along the lines of World War III — China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran, with the potential to bring in Turkey, will be the opponents of the USA, Japan, South Korea, and the EU along with the UK.

A new era of direct confrontation between the Biden Administration and Iran has erupted like a volcano suddenly and without warning because the Biden Administration has been either blind or just stupid. Once Biden imposed the sanctions on Russia and insisted that there would be no negotiations for peace between Ukraine and Russia, using the Ukrainian people as pawns, this emerging alliance was perhaps hidden for a while by headlines covering Ukraine. We are also witnessing rising US competition with China alongside the fact that negotiations with Tehran have simply stalled for 18 months, running out the clock, while Iran improved its nuclear capability.

Global Technocratic Governance Being Rolled Out Now


We are being rapidly transitioned into a new system of centralised, authoritarian global governance. This system is designed to be a technocracy and it is truly totalitarian.

A technocratic society is called a Technate and the world’s first Technate has emerged in China. In this two part exploration we will look at how this system was constructed, who was behind it and why technocracy is now being foisted upon all of us.

In order for global technocracy to be rolled-out, authority needs to be centrally controlled at the global level. Governments, intergovernmental organisations and multinational corporations have collaborated to form a global public-private partnership  (G3P) for this purpose.

Throughout the 20th and 21st century the G3P network has sought to construct global governance. In turn, global governance enables the worldwide distribution of the technocracy that governments then convert into national policy commitments. Many components of global technocratic governance have already been established.

The World Heath Organisation (WHO) delivers global governance of public health; global access to technological development is meted out through the World Intellectual Property Organization; the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) works to coordinate economic policies between nation-states and global trade is monitored and controlled through the trade agreements overseen by the World Trade Organisation.

The Bank For International Settlements (BIS) coordinates global monetary policy and the flow of capital; the direction of education, academia, the sciences and cultural development is steered through the U.N Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the seizure of the global commons and the “financialisation” of nature—through natural asset companies and other mechanisms—is nearing completion.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are centrally controlled through global governance, primarily by the U.N Development and Environmental programs (UNDP & UNEP). The necessary global scientific consensus on climate change is centrally administered and the appropriate research funding streams allocated, by the U.N’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The powerful individuals, pushing the G3P project forward, are a collective of mass polluters, robber barons, land grabbers and the world’s leading exponents of worker exploitation, market manipulation, monetary extortion (usury) and oppression. They form what would otherwise be considered a criminal cartel but have greenwashedtheir reputations through their commitment to so-called “sustainable development.”

Often referred to as the elite, a more fitting description is “the parasite class.”

Global Sea Ice Increasing Despite Predictions

Dramatic Recovery in Global Sea Ice Confounds the Net Zero Catastrophists

It’s a mystery. Why has Arctic sea ice cover roared back so quickly over the last few years? Nobody knows – not one scientist on the planet can tell you, writes Willis Eschenbach in a short essay on the climate site Watts Up With That? It might be noted, of course, that there was no shortage of explanations when there was a cyclical downturn, mostly to do with humans having something to do with it. Ice melting at the Poles is still one of the crucial supports for the entire command-and-control Net Zero political agenda.

The above graph shows changes in Arctic sea ice cover during the satellite era. Values are anomalies from the 1991-2020 average. Eschenbach notes that since around 1990, people have been talking about how human-emitted carbon dioxide is reducing the amount of Arctic sea ice. When it started dropping very fast, there was talk we’d passed a ‘tipping’ point from which the ice would never recover. Over this time, noted Eschenbach, predictions of an ice-free Arctic ocean abounded.

Old habits die hard. Despite the impressive recent ice recovery, talk of these tipping points – mostly an invention of so-called ‘attribution’ computer models – are ubiquitous. In his recent Frozen Planet II agitprop series for the BBC, Sir David Attenborough made a number of model-produced referencesto the Arctic being free of summer sea ice by 2035.

According to Eschenbach, there are more mysteries down in Antarctica.

Why has global sea ice followed this pattern, while CO2 continues to rise in the atmosphere, he asks. The politically-motivated alarmists constantly tell us the ice will soon all disappear. According to Eschenbach, not one climate scientist on the planet predicted these large changes in sea ice.
The author concludes:

Here’s the strangest part. Despite the failure of the many predictions of an ‘ice-free Arctic’, despite the falsified claims that we’ve passed a ‘tipping point’, despite the fact that the reasons for the curious and unexpected changes in the polar sea ice cannot be explained by anyone and the changes weren’t predicted by anyone – climate change scientists still insist that they can tell us what the global temperature will be like in the year 2100.

The 'Guru' Of The WEF:

Yuval Harari — The WEF Guru
BOOM Finance and Economics

YUVAL HARARI — A WEF GURU:  Yuval Harari is a “guru” of the World Economic Forum — the WEF — the group of transhumanist, corporate technocrats who meet in Davos Switzerland each year to decide what direction the world should take in regard to whatever matter they choose to discuss.

They believe that corporations and their selected leaders should rule the world rather than elected representatives of the people. They clearly wish to bypass sovereign, national governments, both democratic and communist. The gathering is led by the mysterious Klaus Schwab and many billionaires are invited to fly in on their private jets. Workers are not invited.

Harari is becoming influential and is listened to by many people anxious for thought leadership. Thus, it is important for BOOM readers to carefully consider what he is saying.

He is especially known as a promoter of “inorganic life” which seems to mean robots or the robotization of humans. That is transhumanism — the merging of humans and machines, guided by the philosophy that humans themselves are nothing but machines, some being “useful” and others “useless eaters”.

Three months ago, in early August, he gave an interview which is available on YouTube and is titled “Yuval Noah Harari Reveals the Real Dangers Ahead: The TED Interview”.

In the interview, Harari warns the world of what may be coming and starts by referring to the plural “We” whereby he represents himself as the (unelected) spokesman for the entire human race. That is hubris writ large at the very outset of his many explanations.

Harari’s views appear to reflect a world view that is heavily US-centric. For example, he says “when people in the US feel miserable, the entire world shakes”. Again, a deeply simplistic view of a world that contains 8 Billion people. In fact, he says that most of those 8 Billion people are “no longer part of the story of the future” because they don’t listen to the big ideas of “smart people who are planning an amazing future” to be found in listening to TED talks.

He then says “We just don’t need the vast majority of the population” (presumably because they are not listening to the “smart people” on TED talks) “because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology“. “This technology will make it possible to replace the people“.

Indeed, “hacking humans” seems to excite him greatly, saying that “it will be worth Trillions and Trillions of Dollars …. not just Billions”. He defines this as “understanding human beings better than they can understand themselves” so that “their choices can be predicted better than they can predict and allowing them to be manipulated in their emotions. Being able to make decisions for them.”

Harari then moves on to discuss “so what’s new?” and he answers that question by stating “the borderline is now the skin”. He says “the future is about going under your skin and looking directly at what is happening in your brain“.This can be done by invading your body with electrodes” or by using clever external technologies to observe you more closely such as very clever cameras.

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The Birth Of The Biostate

The birth of the biostate
While each of Beveridge’s “Five Giants” — want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness — remains unslain, one in particular retains the power to cripple entire nations with the stroke of a pen. The past three years have revealed many things, the most disturbing being the extent to which Beveridge’s notion of public health has been perverted. Not only is the NHS falling short of its original aim of providing free and adequate healthcare for all, but, as something meant to liberate human beings from the threat of disease, public health is slowly being transformed into an instrument of social control.

As new authentication and surveillance technologies, such as vaccine passports and track-and-trace apps, were rolled out during the pandemic, civil rights organisations and activists raised the question of mission creep — that is, the likelihood of governments clinging on to these technologies and using them for unanticipated ends, heralding a new era of normalised state surveillance.

Even the United Nations warned that the potential for abuse was high and that “what is justified during an emergency now may become normalised once the crisis has passed”. Some went even further, claiming that the pandemic was being deliberately exploited by global elites to usher in a “great reset” of human societies — a shift towards an increasingly propertyless, cashless, ultra-digitalised economy. At the time, such concerns were dismissed as groundless conspiracy theories. And yet, like so many other claims that were initially ridiculed and censored only to be proven correct over time, events are corroborating many of these fears.

Following the recent G20 meeting in Bali, the leaders of the world’s largest economies issued a joint declarationthat, among other things, called for the establishment of a global vaccine passport and digital health ID scheme. The statement reads: “We acknowledge the importance of shared technical standards and verification methods, under the framework of the IHR (2005), to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognising digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations.”

The International Health Regulations (IHR) 2005 are a legally binding agreement of 196 countries developed under the auspices of the World Health Organization. 

The IHR, which entered into force in 2007, required countries to strengthen surveillance capacities at border crossings and introduced a series of health documents, including international certificates of vaccination

The G20 leaders further stated: “We support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics, that should capitalise and build on the success of the existing standards and digital Covid-19 certificates.”

During the Business 20 (B20) panel held ahead of the G20 summit, Indonesia’s Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin made the same recommendation in even starker terms: “Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO — if you have been vaccinated or tested properly, then you can move around.” 

In a 132-page document that contains a series of recommendations for the G20, the B20 urged the widespread adoption of digital Covid-19 certificates that would be part of a “technology-enabled ‘always-on’ global health infrastructure”.

Sadikin added that G20 countries have agreed to the proposal and now plan to introduce it as a revision to the IHR framework at the next World Health Assembly, scheduled for May 2023 in Geneva.

 The idea is that the WHO should be given legally binding powers to implement such measures in the future. This is an attempt to revamp the WHO’s so-called international pandemic treaty — an effort to give it sweeping powersto dictate public health measures to countries with the full backing of international law, potentially overriding their national sovereignty.

105 Countries Exploring CBDCs

105 Countries are Exploring CBDCs and 11 Have Already Launched Them

At an International Monetary Fund (“IMF”) seminar last month, IMF’s Deputy Managing Director and former deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, Bo Li, spoke about the “programmability” of central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”):

“CBDC can improve financial inclusion [ ] through what we call programmability. That is CBDC can allow government agencies and private sector players to program, to create smart contract, to allow targeted policy functions. For example, welfare payment, for example, consumption coupon, for example, food stamp.  By programming CBDC, those money can be precisely targeted for what kind of people can own and what kind of use this money can be utilised, for example, for food.”

Status of CBDCs Worldwide

In May 2020, 35 countries were considering a CBDC according to the Atlantic Council CBDC Tracker.

In November 2021, Visual Capitalist summarised the status of CBDCs using data from the Atlantic Council CBDC Tracker.  Although widespread adoption of CBDCs is still far away, Visual Capitalist wrote, research and experiments are making notable strides forward:

  • 81 countries representing 90% of global GDP are exploring CBDCs.
  • The share of central banks actively engaging in CBDC work grew to 86% in the last 4 years.
  • 60% of central banks are conducting experiments on CBDCs (up from 42% in 2019) and 14% are moving forward to development and pilot arrangement.
  • The Bahamas is one of five countries currently working with a CBDC – the Bahamian Sand Dollar.
  • Sweden and Uruguay have shown interest in a digital currency. Sweden began testing an “e-krona” in 2020, and Uruguay announced tests to issue digital Uruguayan pesos as far back as 2017.
  • The People’s Bank of China has been running CBDC tests since April 2020. In all, tens of thousands of citizens have participated, spending 2 billion yuan, and the country is poised to be the first to fully launch a CBDC.

The UK central bank was less optimistic about rolling out a CBDC in the near future, Visual Capitalist noted last year. “The proposed digital currency – dubbed “Britcoin” – is unlikely to arrive until at least 2025.”

In August 2022, Visual Capitalist updated the status of CBDC worldwide, again using data from the Atlantic Council.  It was then as it is now, 105 out of 109 countries being tracked are exploring CBDCs. These 105 countries represent over 95% of global GDP.

Iran Lists Bombing Targets In Israel As Airstrikes In Syria Increase

Iran reveals ‘ideal targets’ to bomb in Israel

Lauren Marcus

“The general situation of the Zionist regime at the military level and its equipment has been examined,” and the list of sites reflect that research, Iran’s state-controlled news agency reported.

The Knesset, the Prime Minister’s office, and Ben Gurion Airport were all revealed to be on an Iranian hit list as sites to target in a future war, according to reports by the Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese news outlet Al-Mayadeen and Iran’s state-controlled Tasnim news agency.

Jerusalem Post report on Monday summarized the list of “sensitive sites” that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), an internationally designated terror group, believes would be ideal targets for bombing by the Islamic regime.

The Post report noted that the publication list is unusual, as it appears to be one of the only times that Iran has directly threatened specific sites within the Jewish State and may signal that Iran’s regional proxies may be preparing to ramp up their activity against Israel.

Israeli government buildings, such as the Knesset, the Prime Minister’s office, and the Defense Ministry are on the Iranian list, along with educational institutions including the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot and Haifa’s Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

The list erroneously categorized the Jerusalem-based government buildings as “nuclear sites” and the universities as “warehouses,” presumably for weapons or other military assets.

Ben Gurion International Airport, which is the main port of entry into Israel, and Ramon Airport in the southern Negev desert, some 20 kilometers north of Eilat, were also included as potential sites to attack.

The list of potential attack locations in Israel comes as Jerusalem steps up airstrikes and other military action against Iranian assets in Syria.

Dutch Government To Shut Down 3,000 Farms

Dutch Government to Shut Down 3,000 Farms to Comply with Global Warming Goals – As Food Prices See Highest Increase in Decades

In July, Dutch police shot at a 16-year old protester, during farmer protests in the country.  The young teen, Jouke, was released the next day without charges.

In an incident near the blockaded food distribution center at Heerenveen in Friesland, police officers shot at 16-year-old Jouke’s tractor, which was already turning away from the roadblock, missing the boy’s head by an inch (Gateway Pundit reported). Jouke and two other protestors were arrested on suspicion of “attempted manslaughter” after which an angry crowd gathered in front of the police station in Leeuwarden. All three have now been released without charges.

During the protests Opposition leader Geert Wilders released a bombshell letter showing the globalist Dutch government wants to use expropriated agricultural land for asylum centers.

And Geert Wilders was right.
The Dutch Government announced they will close up to 3,000 farms to comply with their global warming goals.

This will take place as The Netherlands is seeing the highest increase in food prices in decades.

- Netherlands to "compulsory purchase" and close up to 3,000 farms to comply with EU environmental rules.

The Daily Caller reported:

The Dutch government is planning to buy and close down up to 3,000 farms near environmentally sensitive areas to be in compliance with EU environmental rules.

The government will conduct a “compulsory purchase” of large nitrogen emitters as part of a voluntary, one-time offer, announced Nitrogen Minister Christianne van der Wal, Bloomberg reported. Farmers will be offered a deal “well over” the value of the farm, according to the government plan. She asserted “there is no better offer coming” in a Friday meeting with MPs.