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Prophecy Update - 2022-07-31 - JD Farag

Prophecy Update - 2022-07-31

Pastor JD talks about what scripture says concerning the real meaning of being “awake” as it relates to Bible prophecy.

Moscow Urges Kosovo To Stop Provocations - Live Updates

Moscow Urges Kosovo to Stop Provocations, Respect Serbs' Rights, Russian Foreign Ministry Says
Sputnik News

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called on authorities in Pristina and their US and EU puppet masters to "halt provocations and respect the rights of Serbs in Kosovo."

"The Kosovar leaders know that the Serbs will not remain indifferent when it comes to a direct attack on their freedoms, and they deliberately escalate tensions in order to provoke a military scenario. Of course, Belgrade is at the forefront of the attack, which the West seeks to 'neutralize' with Kosovar Albanian hands," Zakharova said.

The spokeswoman added that the escalation of tensions is evidence of the failure of the Brussel's mediation mission in the breakaway territory, and a preview of what would await Belgrade if it joins the EU.
Earlier, local outlets and social media reported that air raid sirens had been turned on in northern, Serb-populated areas of Kosovo, with people erecting makeshift barricades and sporadic gunfire heard near the administrative border with Serbia.
Kosovo Police said they did not have any official information about injuries to citizens or officers, and called on media and residents not to become victims of fake news.
Photos posted to social media showed barricades set up at roads using trucks and other vehicles.
A day earlier, Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic characterized Kosovo authorities' push to annul documents and license plate issued by the Serbian state as an attempt to "create hell" for Serbs living in the breakaway.


'There Will Be No Surrender': Serbian President Says KFOR Commander to Arrive in Region at Midnight
Sputnik News

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said after a meeting at the nation's General Staff on Sunday night that the arrival of KFOR commander in northern Mitrovica is expected around midnight local time.
According to Vucic, Pristina's move has been planned at all levels for a very long time. He also noted that that the government asked international representatives to do everything possible to stop the crisis escalation in the region.
Furthermore, the president specifically addressed the Serbs in Kosovo's northern areas, saying that the difficult political struggle is ahead of the nation, thanking his fellow Serbs for their "restraint and courage."

LIVE UPDATES: Kurti Caused Kosovo Escalation, Serbia Did Nothing to Start Crisis - Brnabic

Serbian President Vucic Reportedly Arrives at General Staff HQ as Tensions in Kosovo Rise

Serbian PM: Kosovo Escalation Result of Kurti’s Moves, Serbia Did Nothing to Start Crisis

Amid Escalating Tensions, Kosovo Police Report Hearing Gunshots in Their Direction

Ukrainian MP Calls on Kiev to 'Defend the Kosovars' With Boots on the Ground if Armed Conflict in Kosovo Erupts

Serbia's breakaway republic of Kosovo's Prime Minister Albin Kurti urged the public on Sunday to not succumb to provocations and misinformation amid sharply aggravating tensions in the north of the region, taking the opportunity to also accuse Serbia of escalating the situation.

Unconfirmed Footage Shows Kosovo Special Forces Allegedly Heading to Serbian Border

Kosovo's PM Kurti is West's 'Puppet' Used to Remind Belgrade to Join Western Bloc Against Russia, Serbian Parliament Committee's Chair Says

Serbian Parliament's Kosovo, Metohija Committee's Head: Serbs Fed Up With Systematic Bullying That Has Been Going on for Years

Athlete Deaths Up 1,700% Since '21

Athlete Deaths Are 1,700% Higher Since 2021 and Nobody’s Allowed To Ask Why

Professional athletes are supposed to be among the fittest people on the planet. So why are unprecedented numbers of them suddenly dropping dead from heart-related problems?
According to officials statistics, the number of athletes who have dropped dead since the beginning of 2021 has skyrocketed compared to the yearly number of deaths of athletes recorded before Covid jabs were introduced.

A truth-worthy media would be highlighting these deaths on the front-pages, pulling out all the stops to investigate the facts surrounding the deaths. We live in a very different world now.

The monthly average number of deaths between January 2021 and April 2022 is 1,700% higher than the monthly average between 1966 and 2004, and the current trend for 2022 so far shows this could increase up to a whopping 4,120% if the increased number of deaths continues. The number of deaths in March 2022 is already three times higher than the previous annual average. reports: According to a scientific study conducted by the ‘Division of Pediatric Cardiology, University Hospital of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland which was published in 2006, between the years 1966 and 2004 there were 1,101 sudden deaths among athletes under the age of 35

As Russia Forges Alliance With Iran, 'Ezekiel 38' Trends On Twitter


A recent meeting in Tehran, bringing together Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei was so fraught with end of days implications that “Ezekiel 38” trended on Twitter.

Putin’s trip to Iran closely followed Biden’s tour of the Middle East, in which the US President met with Arab leaders who were deeply concerned about Iran’s growing nuclear program. The president’s tour met with mixed results as his requests for increased oil production went unanswered.

Russia’s talks in Tehran were centered around the interests of the three countries over Syria. Russia and Iran are also united in being targeted by US sanctions. Both countries, isolated from trade with the West, will benefit from this arrangement. Putin recently claimed that trade between the two countries was up 81% from last year to a record $3.3 billion. This economic cooperation comes despite the two countries actually being competitors in the energy market.

Perhaps most significantly was a recent announcement by Iran that the US currency has been replaced with the Russian ruble in Iran-Russia business, with future plans to do so in their dealings with other countries.

Iran and Russia complement each other militarily. In January 2021, Iran, China, and Russia held their third joint naval exercise, the third joint exercise of the three countries, in the northern Indian Ocean and the Sea of Oman area.  Iran recently announced it would begin providing Russia with drones for its military in Ukraine. It has signed an agreement to supply aircraft parts and equipment to Russia and service Russian aircraft. Russia is also involved in the Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to revive the Iran deal, as Russia will be building much of Iran’s increased atomic infrastructure.

The growing alliance under Russia garnered a wave of attention on the internet, and the terms “Ezekiel 38” and “Gog and Magog” trended on Twitter.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific end-of-days writer, and lecturer, were unsurprised that Christian commentators were quick to note the connection between the political developments and the Biblical prophecies of the pre-Messiah Gog and Magog War.

“You can be sure that the number one topic of conversation between Russia and Iran is how to get rid of America. And America is oblivious to this because they are so focused on their own issues of the day, somewhat oblivious to the dangers that lurk on the outside, in so many ways just like Rome in its time.”

“When evil wants to take over the world, the first thing it has to do is get rid of the police. The evil alliance of Gog and Magog will first come for Esau, that is to say, the US, and then it will come for Israel. And the US is rotting on the inside now, so it can’t—won’t—stand up to Gog and Magog.”

“The War of Gog and Magog will be against Israel, and that will be the test that shows where everyone stands. That is why the whole world is focused on Israel; we are on the cusp of the third and final War of Gog and Magog, and everyone is showing where they stand.”

Russia's Navy To Begin Receiving Newest Zircon Hypersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles

Putin reveals imminent delivery of new hypersonic missiles

Russia’s naval fleet will start receiving the newest Zircon hypersonic anti-ship cruise missiles “in the coming months,” President Vladimir Putin has said.

The Russian president praised the weapon on Sunday, saying that “no obstacles” can stop the rockets.“The Russian Armed Forces will start receiving them in the coming months,” Putin said during a Navy Day speech in St. Petersburg. “The first ship equipped with this mighty weapon will be the frigate Admiral Gorshkov,” he added.

According to Putin, the frigate’s exact deployment will be chosen “in accordance with the interest of maintaining Russia’s security.”

Putin added that Russia will defend its maritime interests “resolutely and with all its capabilities.”

The missile, which can travel up to 1,500km (932 miles) when launched from surface ships, was first tested in 2020.

China To U.S.: 'Don't Say We Didn't Warn You'

WAR OF WORDS China’s chilling ‘war signal heard during meeting’ as country holds military drills near Taiwan

CHINA'S chilling "war signal" has allegedly been heard in official circles as the country holds military drills near Taiwan.

The phrase “Don’t say we didn’t warn you” was issued before China’s last two war major wars and has now been invoked as it conducts military drills ahead of Nancy Pelosi’s proposed visit to Taiwan.

China is conducting live-fire exercises in waters near Pingtan Island of Fujian province, which is opposite the self-governing island of Taiwan.

Recent days have seen US warships scrambled to the South China Sea as tensions soar over the visit and fears it could lead to war.

The Institute of Taiwan Studies in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the country’s highest-level think tank, discussed the visit, Global Times reports.

The fiercely nationalistic paper said the phrase "Don't say we didn't warn you" frequently came up in discussions.

The phrase was used in official media  in 1962 before China went to war with India and ahead of the 1979 China-Vietnam conflict, says Global Times.

Yang Mingjie, the head of the institute, reiterated that sending fighter jets to intercept Pelosi’s plane remained an option.

"The US should not underestimate the Chinese people's determination to defend core interests on sovereignty, integrity and security at any time,” he said.

Hu Xijin, firebrand former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, wrote: "Our fighter jets should deploy all obstructive tactics.

“If those are still ineffective, I think it is okay too to shoot down Pelosi's plane."

On Thursday, the USS Ronald Reagan and its strike group arrived in the South China Sea, in a move China's foreign ministry described as the US "flexing its muscles".

Escalation: Russian Navy HQ Hit By UAV

Russian Navy HQ hit by UAV, Navy Day cancelled. UPDATE and ALERT

Unidentified UAV hits Russian Black Sea Navy HQ in Sevastopol, damaging the building and wounding at least 5 personnel, on Jul 31, according to statement issued by city’s Governor. Real extent of damages and number of losses/injures is yet unknown, but it is a well-known and recognized fact, that Russian official statements more often, than not, wildly differ from the reality. Russian Navy Day (last Sun of Jul) is widely celebrated annually throughout the country and specifically, in major Naval Bases, starting Sevastopol. Governor of Sevastopol cancelled all celebrations, including understand, most awaited by public Navy Parade and demonstration drills, residents are advised to stay at home and avoid going out. 

UAV is allegedly, Ukrainian. Sevastopol was claimed to be impregnable fortress of Russian military and Navy, 100+ percent guaranteed from any strikes or attacks. Ironically. several hours before the attack Russian Parliament in official congratulation praised Black Sea Navy for its’ role in protecting Crimea and Sevastopol in the ongoing conflict.

UPDATE: Ukraine denies the attack and says it a Russian provocation, with the purpose of justifying more bombings, attacks and destruction of Ukrainian cities and towns. But such a provocation feels more like shooting one’s own leg – an attack of Navy HQ in kind of, sacred for many Russians, Sevastopol, is indeed, a psychological trauma for many pro-war, pro-military Russians. Ukraine can reach out and strike at will most protected military bases and HQ? Where does it leave all propaganda crap? 

Public reaction in Russia can be generally described as frustration, anger, hate. From severe criticism addressed to Russian military and Navy Command, to demands to immediately attack Kiev, NATO, EU Capitals, you name it. Pure insanity mostly, but public in general is genuinely bewildered and enraged, at least those who still believe in Kremlin narrative.

ALERT: This attack might incite Russian military response, aimed at Ukrainian ports and ships already engaged in transportation of Ukrainian grain. Russian public is demanding retaliation, vengeance and blood, and they don’t care whom military will strike – Ukrainian soldiers or foreign seamen on board of the ships which belong to neutral countries and are loaded with vitally important cargoes of grain and wheat.

Man-Made Food Catastrophe Now Reaching Crisis Levels

No Farmers, No Food, No Life

The world is now facing a man-made food catastrophe. It is reaching crisis levels...

Current policies in many parts of the world place a priority on climate change for realizing a green new deal. Meanwhile, such policies will contribute to children dying from severe malnutrition due to broken food systems, with shortages of food and water, stress, anxiety, fear, and dangerous chemical exposure. 

More negative pressure on farmers and the food system is asking for a catastrophe. 

The immune system of many people, especially children, has lost its resilience and has weakened too far with high risks for intoxication, infections, non-communicable and infectious diseases, deaths and infertility.

Dutch farmers, of whom many will face a cost of living crisis after 2030, have drawn the line. They are supported by an increasing number of farmers and citizens worldwide.

It’s not the farmers who are the most heavy polluters of the environment, but industries who make the products needed for a technocracy revolution to green energy, data mining, and Artificial Intelligence. As more of the WEF plans are rolled out by politicians, inequalities grow, and conflicts are rising all over the world. 

The strong farmers’ revolt in the Netherlands is a call for an urgent transition to a people-oriented, free and healthy world with nutritious food cultivated and harvested in respect to natural processes. The cooperation of ordinary people worldwide is on the rise to prevent a mass famine catastrophe caused by the plan of scientism and technocracy to rule and control the world by unelected scientists and elites.

Farmers around the world normally grow enough calories (2,800) per person (while 2,100 calories/day would be sufficient) to support a population of nine to ten billion people worldwide. But still over 828 million people have too little to eat each day. The problem is not always food; it is access. The UN which wrote in 2015 in the Sustainable Development Goals goal 2: No hunger and malnutrition for all in 2030 will not be reached

Throughout history many times natural or manmade disasters led to food insecurities for longer periods of time, resulting in hunger, malnutrition (undernourishment) and mortality. The Covid-19 pandemic has worsened the situation. Since the global pandemic began, access to food estimates show that food insecurity has likely doubled, if not tripled  in some places around the world. 

With global prices of food and fertilizers already reaching worrying highs, the continuing impacts of the pandemic, the political forces to realize climate change goals and the Russia-Ukraine war raise serious concerns for food security both in the short and the long term. 

The world is facing a further spike in food shortages, pushing more families worldwide at risk for severe malnutrition. Those communities which survived former crises are left more vulnerable to a new shock than before and will accumulate the effects, diving into famine (acute starvation and a sharp increase in mortality).

In the wake of new nitrogen limits that require farmers to radically curb their nitrogen emissions by up to 70 percent in the next eight years, tens of thousands of Dutch farmers have risen in protest against the government. 

Farmers will be forced to use less fertilizer and even to reduce the number of their livestock, in some cases up to 95%. For smaller family-owned farms it will be impossible to reach these goals. Many will be forced to shutter, including people whose families have been farming for up to eight generations. 


Burning Question Of The Day:

Burning Question of our Day: Why is it that PRIVATE CITIZEN Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF) getting away with stealing the Free World?

Why are the media and most politicians in public office not talking about it?

In spite of the hype of his “You will have nothing and be happy” mantra, Klaus Schwab is nothing but a PRIVATE CITIZEN.

Were any other private citizen to come out with this highly insane mantra, he/she/(or anything in between) would either be forced into a mental institution or charged and arrested for Grand Theft—the most massive theft in all of world history!

Instead, all we read about in the media is how Schwab will relieve the masses from their cars and will be coming next for their houses!

WEF: Save the planet, give up your car (Western Standard, July 22, 2022)

“The World Economic Forum (WEF) wants to end “wasteful” private vehicle ownership, instead it wants “communal sharing” of vehicles to reduce global demands for fossil fuels and precious metals. 

“A WEF paper argues private vehicles are not good for the planet’s health and most vehicles are barely used.

“A proposed universal model would take vehicle users “from owning to using” vehicles as the way to move forward to protect the planet.”

All WEF initiatives happened under the cover of Covid.

Question: Why are most Western Governments all doing the same thing—all at the same time with no meaningful political opposition?

How long was this scenario, in which humanity now finds itself, in the set up stage in order to accomplish a complete world takeover?

How can a single private citizen possibly get many major Western governments joining a ravening wolf pack at a time of horrendous economic stress to cut back on cars and fertilizer causing more instability?

Insane as it may sound, Schwab’s WEF already has the leaders of two major industrialized nations in his back pocket, Canada and the Netherlands, whose governments are now deliberately driving farmers out of business.

The Netherlands and Canada make up $52 Billion dollars worth of food exports in 2018 —Ranked 5th and 8th respectively (Source)

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Netherlands’ Mark Rutte openly boast about being WEF’s “young leaders”.

Schwab openly brags about active young WEF leader Trudeau as a lure to draw in other world leaders.

There for all to see on a cursory Google search about Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte:

Mark Rutte - Agenda Contributor - The World Economic Forum

Meanwhile, with the media patently ignoring the world takeover by WEF, and no politicians standing up to stop it, society is heading toward proverbial “hell in a hand basket” status.

The world needs champions to stop Klaus Schwab and his acolytes.

Charge and arrest Klaus Schwab. Planning to steal cars, he threatens that private homes are next—and is, in effect, well on his way to stealing the entire Free World.

Lock him up.

Bury the key deep in the very next held-in-secret WEF gathering.

Hezbollah Renews Threats On Israel's Gas Field

Hezbollah renews threats on Israeli gas field: ‘Playing with time is useless’

Lebanese terror group publishes recent footage of gas extraction sites in Karish field, and apparent weapon being readied; video ends by saying sites are ‘within range’

The Lebanese Hezbollah terror group on Sunday morning published a video threatening the gas extraction infrastructure at an Israeli offshore field, near a disputed maritime border between the countries.

Hezbollah has recently escalated its rhetoric and actions over the border dispute, after Israel moved a natural gas drilling vessel into its Karish field, which Lebanon claims is a disputed area. In its boldest move, Hezbollah sent four drones toward the Karish platform several weeks ago, all of which were intercepted by the Israel Defense Forces.

Sunday’s video opens with text reading “Playing with time is useless,” in both Hebrew and Arabic.

Footage and the coordinates of the Arendal Spirit platform, Energean’s floating production system, and Stena’s Icemax drill, are presented in between clips of an apparent naval missile system being readied.

Some clips of the gas extraction sites are dated July 30.

“Within range,” the end of the video reads.

Israel and Lebanon, which do not have diplomatic relations, have been engaged in indirect talks mediated by the US over the rights to the Karish gas field and to demarcate a contested maritime border between the two countries.

Earlier this month, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned that the drones sent to the Karish field were “only the beginning,” and that his group would go to war over the field.

China Sanctions Pelosi, Refused Entry Into Taiwan - Now Taiwan 'Not On Speakers Travel Agenda'

REPORT: China Sanctions Nancy Pelosi; Refused Entry into China and Taiwan

Reports are coming in from Asia as of 4:09 AM eastern US Time, claiming that the People's Republic of China has "Sanctioned" U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.   The reports also claim that as a result of being Sanctioned, Pelosi is DENIED ENTRY into China and into Taiwan.

These reports are coming from media persons on the ground inside Asia, but their media outlets have yet to report these claims.

Pelosi departed the United States on Saturday, allegedly aboard a U.S. Air Force C-40 transport aircraft, which allegedly7 had TWO fighter jets as escort.

The plane was tracked across the continental U.S., out into the Pacific, and then landed in Hawaii to refuel.

Pelosi's office tweeted a statement from her:

Later that same aircraft took off from Hawaii, but tracking of it was then BLOCKED, claiming the plane was no longer being tracked because of engine trouble . . . which is a complete non-sequitur; it made no sense at all.

 As of 4:09 AM EDT Sunday, it is not known where Speaker Pelosi's plane is, or if has perhaps landed elsewhere in Asia, as her itinerary did mention stops in Singapore, Malaysia and elsewhere for this trip.

Why the US Speaker of the House is engaging in foreign travel is also a mystery.  Generally, that's why the U.S. has a Secretary of State.

More details as they become available.

It turns out that when Pelosi's aircraft developed engine trouble and it's tracking was turned off, it returned to Hawaii.   Pelosi spent the night there.

This morning, the plane took off from Hawaii out westward into the Pacific.   At this hour 9:18 AM EDT, it is landing at Guam.

For what it's worth, Pelosi staff are now emphasizing that Taiwan "is not on the Speaker's travel agenda."


Tweaking The Dragon's Tail

Will Tweaking the Dragon’s Tail Ignite a Terrible Fire With China?

China’s iconic symbol is the “Dragon”. Hence my title. The next two weeks could be two of the most dangerous in the history of the United States because it appears Joe Biden and his clueless national security team are bumbling their way towards a showdown with China that is fraught with the peril of war.

The Chinese are now unyielding on their claim of sovereignty over Taiwan. It does not matter any more that Washington threatens action if China takes any steps to impose its “sovereignty”, China is going to demonstrate its sovereignty. One way it may do this is to deny Nancy Pelosi and any other dignitary from Washington, DC from flying to Taiwan and setting foot on “Chinese territory” without the permission of Beijing.

The United States does not have an embassy in Taiwan. It has a consulate, which is subordinate to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. In other words, any official visit by a U.S. official must have country clearance from China. Got it?

What makes the current situation so dangerous is that the Commander of US Forces in the Indo-Pacific region (aka INDOPACCOM) has ordered the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group to the South China Sea as a “show of force.” This is a deliberate act to demonstrate to the Chinese that they have no sovereignty over this territory.

What can China do apart from imposing a “No Fly Zone” over Taiwan? China has hypersonic missiles.

China maintains the largest and most diverse missile arsenal in the world. Since the end of the Cold War, Beijing has rapidly modernized its missile force, growing from a small arsenal of cumbersome, inaccurate ballistic missiles into a formidable force of precision-guided ballistic and cruise missiles, loitering munitions, and—most recently—hypersonic weapons.

China’s deployment of hypersonic weapons has attracted significant attention, and for good reason. Hypersonic weapons combine the extreme speeds of ballistic missiles with the maneuverability and lower-altitude flight of cruise missiles, stressing traditional means of early warning and defense.

The hypersonic missile can sink a U.S. aircraft carrier. None of the ships in the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group have a defense to counter the hypersonic missile. In other words, China can sink one or more ships in that Task Force if the United States ventures into the Straits of Taiwan.

All of this comes as China faces a major economic crisis at home–a collapse of the real estate market:

The crisis in China’s property market, exemplified by the default of Evergrande, the country’s most indebted real estate developer last November, is spreading. It is threatening a significant fall in economic growth under conditions where the government is battling to deal with the effects of the COVID pandemic.

Over the past few weeks, a home-buyer boycott movement has developed in which purchasers are refusing to continue payments for apartments they have purchased but which are still under construction.

One tried and true method throughout history that governments use to distract domestic discontent is to focus the public attention on a foreign threat.

When you consider all of these factors together, we have an extremely volatile situation where China may very well use military force to repel a “foreign” enemy. I realize that many of the U.S. foreign policy establishment are betting that China will back down. I would not take that bet.

Could Iran Launch A Preemptive Attack On Israel"

Could Iran launch a preemptive attack on Israel?

As Iran’s nuclear program continues apace, the debate in Israel and abroad has focused almost exclusively on the likelihood of an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Little if anything has been said, at least in public, regarding the possibility that Iran might preempt a potential Israeli offensive.

However, an Iranian attack might be closer than it appears. In recent months, Israeli leaders have been issuing increasingly dire warnings of pending action in an apparent effort to convince Iran to curb its nuclear progress. The most recent of these threats came on July 18 when IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi stated, 
“The IDF continues to prepare vigorously for an attack on Iran. … Preparing a military option against the Iranian nuclear program is a moral obligation and a national security imperative.” 
He added that the military option is “at the center of preparations in the IDF and include a variety of operational plans, the allocation of many resources, the acquisition of appropriate weapons, intelligence and training.”

For Iran to ignore such threats would be irrational unless its leaders believe Israel is only posturing and will not dare attack. Tehran might also think that as long as Iran avoids crossing the nuclear threshold, an Israeli attack is unlikely. Finally, the Iranians might dismiss the Israeli warnings if they believe that, due to their elaborate passive and active defenses, their nuclear sites can withstand an Israeli attack.

Tehran could thus opt for a “second-strike posture,” choosing to absorb an Israeli offensive while fully expecting that its nuclear installations—and its sizable if well-hidden missile force—will survive intact. Iran could then justify devastating counter-attacks and even gain international support for them.

Yet if Iran adopts a worst-case scenario, which is common practice in intelligence assessments, Israel’s stern warnings might push it to embrace a first-strike recourse.

Moreover, the belief that Iran will forgo the preemptive option is based on the false belief that an attack on Israel would be launched from Iranian territory. This assumption completely ignores the role Iran’s faithful proxy, the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah, plays in Tehran’s strategy.

Over the years, Iran combined its nuclear progress with building up Hezbollah’s long-range capabilities. Iran armed the terror organization with or financed the acquisition of tens of thousands of rockets and missiles; some with the range, payload and accuracy to hit key Israeli strategic targets, including the Dimona nuclear reactor in the south of the country. It also trained Hezbollah operatives in the use of the weapons systems it supplied.

The Emerging 'Unholy Alliance Between Russia, Turkey And Iran

The emerging unholy alliance between Russia, Turkey and Iran

Less than a week after US President Joe Biden left the Middle East following a visit that focused on the informal Israeli-Sunni Arab alliance in the region, Russian President Vladimir Putin boarded a plane to Iran, the leader of the opposing Shi'ite axis. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey joined the summit in Tehran.

The three regimes represented in Tehran are not friends of the West. Russia is engaged in a brutal war against Ukraine and dishes out threats to European countries on a weekly basis. Iran funds terrorist proxies across the Middle East, has a robust nuclear weapons project, and has stated many times that it seeks the complete annihilation of the United States and Israel. Finally, Turkey has proven itself an unreliable partner of the West on core issues such as sanctions on Russia, use of Russian defense systems, support for malign Iranian activities and more.

Putin's summit has worrying implications for the Middle East. It appears that an anti-American alliance is forming at the behest of Russia and China, and it includes Iran and its terrorist proxies. As a result, Iran could soon find itself comfortably exporting oil and weapons and attracting foreign investments, despite Western sanctions. It might well become self-sufficient within its bloc of allies, leaving the West unable to pressure Iran on its nuclear program and other malfeasances.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan revealed last week that Iran already feels emboldened enough to send sophisticated weapons systems to Russia. Putin said last week in Tehran that Russia-Iran relations "are developing at a good pace," adding that the countries can "boast of record figures in terms of trade growth, including the strengthening of cooperation on international security issues."

Such statements are made by leaders who are completely undeterred by the West.

When asked about the possibility of advanced Iranian weapons being sold to Russia, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said this week, "We would advise Iran to not do that." He added: "We think that's a really, really bad idea."

This is not enough. When Iran is emboldened enough to transfer sophisticated UAVs to Russia and attempt to bring Turkey into its orbit, the West must see Iran for what it is and what it is attempting to do: conquer the region in the name of the Islamic revolution. Iranian leaders say this on a daily basis. We need only listen.

Finally, just like Eastern European countries faced with Russian aggression in their region, Israel cannot be expected to remain passive in the face of Iranian aggression in the Middle East. Israel must be prepared to use all means at its disposal to stop this aggression and ensure its own security.

Revelation And The Sequence Of Events To Come:

Judgment is Coming

Nathele Graham

The Book of Revelation is a very important book, but is very neglected by most Christians. It can be a little mysterious, and many denominations ignore it. Many who teach through it mistake it as an allegory or even try to say it is historical rather than a look into the end of days. Many people who know nothing else about Scripture have some knowledge about this important book, but the facts are fuzzy. They know that the number 666 is important and try to find a “creepy” meaning whenever that number appears. Scripture says that it is the number of a man rather than a random time on a clock, or a string of numbers on a credit card.

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom, Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” – Revelation 13:15-18.

If a person takes this mark which identifies them as following the Beast, they will, by their own choice, be forever damned with no turning back. That mark isn’t here yet, but the way is being prepared for people to take that mark. Be careful what you choose to believe and who you follow.

The first verse of Revelation (notice that it is a single revelation, not many revelations), tells us what it is all about:

“The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:” – Revelation 1:1.

The revelation was given from God the Father to God the Son, then related to the Apostle John:

“Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.” – Revelation 1:2.

This isn’t a transcript of a nightmare that John had one night, but it was prophecy from God. Since God revealed it to John, it’s important to study and understand.

“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” – Revelation 1:3.

Many who read Revelation don’t understand that Jesus dictated seven letters to John, which were addressed to seven churches. Those letters describe real situations in each of those congregations, but also describe the Church Age in advance. 

From the letter to Ephesus (the early days of Christianity had much persecution but, in spite of the troubles, those brave men and women had continued patiently in the faith) to the letter to those in Laodicea (describing today’s congregations where Christ isn’t welcome inside but knocks on the door waiting for someone to answer).

 The Book of Revelation contains 22 chapters, but after Revelation 3:14, the word ekklesia (translated church) isn’t mentioned. What has happened? To whom are the following chapters written?

Something wonderful has taken place. The Harpazō (often called the Rapture) has taken all true Christians to Heaven. Christ has called His bride Home.

“After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.” – Revelation 4:1.

The words “After this” come from the Greek words “meta tauta”, which mean something in sequence. First something happens then another thing. So, first the Church Age happens, then a door opens in heaven and a voice says “Come up hither”. I long to hear that voice, and it will happen soon. The Apostle John was given a special preview of future events as they would occur in Heaven.