Sunday, October 23, 2011

Major Earthquake Hits Turkey

Very strong earthquake in eastern Turkey - Urgent cry for aid (many fatalities expected)

This page will post frequent updates to this evolving situation. Right now it is listed as a 7.2 magnitude. There have already been a number of large aftershocks. We need to pray for the people in Turkey.

URGENT CRY FOR AID in ERCIS – Large number of dead in Ercis. The total population of the city is 145,229 and spread among the city center and villages. The village population is 66,832, while the city
- or “Centrum”- population is 78,397. Population density is 47/km². 7.2 and the depth of 7 km is updated to 20 km. This is at least a weakening message.

Still very dangerous and violent though.Buildings were destroyed in Van and Sanliurfa and all the settlements have reported some of the buildings collapsed in the earthquake and many buildings were damaged. A large number of injured people have been transferred to hospital, and under the remains of the wreckage recovery operation was launched.

7-storey Van building collapsed as a result of the earthquake with some citizens trapped in the rubble. Firefighters are trying to save the citizens of the wreckage at the bottom. Information about the place, and consequently the loss of life due to the earthquake happening is not yet known.
Essentially the percentage of people killed in such collapses of major buildings ranges between 20%-50% of the occupants.

Ercis (town near Van) mayor has said that they expect a very large number dead – state of emergency declared. Ercis State Hospital received heavy damage, and the tent waiting for the ambulance as an emergency, he said.

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This earthquake comes in addition to a number of large quakes recently, as there was just a 7.4 in the Kermadec Islands, a 6.1 in Japan and a 6.0 in New Guinea.

Latest Earthquakes in the World - Past 7 days

Interestingly, there have been some unusual earthquakes in the U.S. recently including Nevada (3.4, 3.5), Oklahoma (2.5), Arkansas (2.5, 2.5, 2.8), New Mexico (3.5), Hawaii (multiple), Southern-Central California (multiple), Southern Texas (4.8), San Francisco (4.0, 2.8, 2.5)

More birth pains are guaranteed to come.


Robin said...

I'm in OKC visiting family . . .very near the epicenter . . .was in a movie theatre and didn't feel a thing.

I feel bad for the Turkish people as this has to be devastating . . .but the quake just may quiet them a tad, for a time, while they recover as they've certainly been stirring the point of late.

Caver said...

Certainly praying for the people of Turkey and that somehow, many come to know Jesus Christ through all this tragedy.

We've been sitting here for weeks...months wonderment and expectation that somehow / someway both Turkey and Iran were going to be the recipients of a hum-dingier of something. Something that would kind of get their Israel.

Still sitting and wondering....expecting. Yea, we know....the Lord's ways aren't ours so our expectation probably means we got it wrong.....but it sure is interesting how natural disasters seem to follow hostile and traitorous actions against Israel.

hartdawg said...

These things have been in clusters lately....i expect to hear of another major earthquake soon

Rahul said...

NoGawd bothers when humanbeings perish in natural calamities, whether it is inSikkim, Thailand, Pakistan, Turkey, or any other place. It is high time people stopped fighting in the name of non-existentGawds and outdatedReligiousDogmas.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Rahul

I couldn't agree with you more! Which is why believers in The Lord Jesus Christ are told to avoid all conflict.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to find peace and Truth in this world and Eternal Life in His glorious Kingdom free from all suffering.

Jesus suffered and died for the sin of the whole world. He took our place and was resurrected from the dead and now lives forever more. Trust in Him to save you from eternal death, and He will give you eternal life in exchange without any cost.

Jesus LOVES Rahul SO much and is longing for Rahul to trust in Him to save Rahul from all evil. Ask Him today, and He will come into your life Rahul, with His love without conditions and set your heart free to know Him.

With love in Jesus

Scott said...

Well Said Sue - thanks for adding that