Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Assad: Syria will "Shower Tel Aviv with Rockets"

This probably represents the most serious spoken threat yet to Israel (in recent history), and the prophetic implications are enormous:

Assad: Syria will shower Tel Aviv with rockets if attacked by foreign powers

Syria will strike Israel and "set fire" to the Middle East if foreign forces choose to launch a military strike on the protest-ridden country, Syrian President Bashar Assad said on Tuesday.

During a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Assad was quoted by the Iranian semi-official news agency Fars as saying that Syria would not hesitate to strike major Israeli cities if it was attacked."

And for anyone questioning the importance and the military significance of the Golan Heights - well, just see the following quote:

If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than 6 hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv," Assad said.

And this:

In addition, Fars reported that the Syrian president told the Turkish FM that he would also call on Hezbollah in Lebanon to launch a rocket attack on Israel, adding: "All these events will happen in three hours, but in the second three hours, Iran will attack the U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf and the U.S. and European interests will be targeted simultaneously."

Also see:

Syria threatens to set Middle East on fire

Fars reported Davutoglu conveyed a warning from NATO and the U.S. that Syria could face an international military campaign if Assad does not halt his violent crackdown on an insurgency targeting the Syrian president's regime.

WND was first to report that Turkey secretly passed a message to Damascus that if it does not implement major democratic reforms, NATO may attack Assad's regime, according to Egyptian security officials.

The Egyptian officials said Turkish leaders, speaking for NATO, told Assad that he has until March to implement democratization that would allow free elections as well as major constitutional reforms.

According to informed Middle Eastern security officials speaking to WND, Assad asked his military to make specific preparations in the event of a U.S.-led NATO campaign similar to the military coalition now targeting Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi.

This article goes on to make the case that the infamous "responsibility to protect" could be the doctrine used to justify intervention into Syria. After receiving the news of potential intervention into Syria, we see Assad's response:

Syrian President Bashar Assad today reportedly warned he will set the Middle East on fire if NATO forces attack his country.

"If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv," Assad reportedly said, according to Iran's state-run Fars news agency.

Assad also reiterated that Damascus will call on Hezbollah in Lebanon to launch an intensive rocket and missile attack on Israel, reported Fars.

Things continue to escalate significantly in the region.

It is interesting that according to Assad, a NATO attack into Syria would precipitate their attacking Israel.

But in these last days anything is possible as we watch the prophetic developments unfold.

This development is most certainly worth watching closely.


Mrs. C said...

Buh-Bye Damascus...
Isaiah 17:14
14.And behold at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.

Scott said...

Yep....Its all building up to that point isn't it?

Paula said...

Is it wrong to say, "Come on already, strike the match!"?

Scott said...

I don't know about that, but I am praying daily that the Father will tell His Son that its time to gather up the Bride...Every day now.

Dylan said...

I'm tempted to say that Everytime I check this blog.

Caver said...

These boys have no idea of the fire they're playing with.

Yea, they can hurt Israel but the payback is a bummer. Put them in a corner where they don't see any way to win....and its all over. Course we know Who steps in and turns the tide.

I really would think a couple of times before stepping in front of that particular truck.

gearedup2go said...

I remember when Hal Lindsey said that Damascus could be obliterated by the Israelis in 60 seconds. The oldest, continuously inhabited city--gone!

I've been thinking lately about pastor Youcef's incarceration and his muslim attorney who is giving his all to stand for human rights. What if a muslim who converts to Christianity is the final one who fulfills the "fulness of the gentiles"? God's hand is truly at work in this pastor's life and those who have entered his life and I can't even begin to imagine what his testimony is at this point. I was listening to Jordan Sekulow of ACLJ and he stated he had been working three days straight trying to essentially keep this man alive. They are working with legal teams around the world and coordinating with the attorney and pastor to keep hope alive. It's people like these that I can't wait to meet in heaven and I want to tell them thank you for working so diligently for His kingdom.

And Scott, you have been burning the midnight oil as well and I know it takes a special person to remain so committed and not become fickle when the difficulties come. Thank you for your blog and for your ministry.

Scott said...

Geared -

Its so exciting because each new development and each sign that escalated brings us THAT much closer to being in the presence of Jesus - and thats all that matters. Heck, I'd do it anyway - its irresistible. :)

Dylan said...

Reminds me of the short story "lamb to the slaughter" by roald Dahl. At least at the beginning when it says that "she would glance up at the clock... merely to please herself with the thought that each moment gone by made it closer to the time when he would come home."

Scott said...

Yep - thats a great analogy Dylan. Soon - soon, we'll be in the very presence of Jesus Himself....Can you even imagine that?

GG said...

I can't believe I finally get to meet you all in person. To start and share a wonderful new life together as our former days pass away :)

Now that is Heaven to me. We will have the best of both worlds!

God Bless!!


Caver said...

I know we all feel this way but somehow I just had to say it. Its such split emotions...the absolute revulsion of all the death and suffering that is getting ready to happen...and the absolute necessity of it and joy of it all being over and us being Home with our Savior and away from this darkness and evil.

I'm both filled with joy and anticipation and at the same time repulsed and sad. I've seen war, and it ain't pretty. This is going to be so much worse than most.

Scott said...

Good point Caver - of course I agree with that. I too struggle with this aspect but I have settled on the thoughts below:

The death and suffering is destined to happen - in this fallen world. I believe we'll be taken before the carnage takes place. Those left behind sealed their fate by rejecting Christ and what He did on the cross. Now, I don;t EVER want to see ANY pain or suffering in anybody - but we also have to remember that they chose their path - a path that did not include Jesus - and they will have to suffer the consequences. Its tragic but we can't change this course of events.

And as Jesus said - we are to be looking up for Him - not focused on this earth. I don't think He wants us to diminish our joy and anticipation by what is to take place on earth. As sad and as tragic as it is.

WVBORN56 said...

I have been at the hospital all day getting my dad admitted for an infection in his leg. He is 88. Please keep him in your prayers. He wrecked his riding lawn mower into a tree last Monday. (:

So when I came home and saw the Drudge headline about Assad with threats of attacking Tel Aviv I immediatly came here. Mrs C had my first thought to a "T".

It is interesting that I just had a rapture talk with my dad and told him we are very close to going home. He said, "That sounds good to me" Little did I know about this development. All I can say is Wow...

Lifting up Israel, Jerusalem Tel Aviv, the Jewish people, Bibi, the IDF and the salvation of all people as time grows short.

Come Lord Jesus! We long to see you face to face!

GG said...

Mr. C-

Very good points to remember. I agree. In the past few weeks my eyes and heart have been opened to the past with all the history of what the Nazi's did to the Jewish people.

To think once we are gone the whole worlds simple pleasures will be turned upside down and dictated by an evil power higher than anyone has ever known. They too will be struggling like back in the day and more.

For this I am happy to have received the gift of eternal life. I pray for those that come after us that they will see these messages and heed the warnings and seek Jesus and seek safety and shelter Gods way. I thank God for showing me that lady wisdom was shouting out in the streets all along, all I had to do was listen and follow the will and word of the Lord.

WV- I am praying for you and your family tonight. Just know I am thinking of you from here.

God Bless!!


gearedup2go said...

WV, I know you must be physically and emotionally spent. I will keep your family in my prayers. I spent some time with mother who had an acute onset of gout and it's all she can do to even manage her personal care. All I could do is ask the Lord to heal her and to be merciful in taking us home soon. Seems that so many bodies are under assault in these last of the last days.

Scott, that's pretty much my opinion as well regarding those who reject the free gift of pardon.

Waterer said...

I am very conflicted in this too.
There are other prophecies too that we should be rejoicing in. Those about Abrahams other children. The redemption of many Arabs . It is hard to hear that these people have brought this on theirselves. If I had been born over there I might well be a Moslem especially if I had not heard or understood about Jesus.
I know HIS testimony is complete in terms of judgment as seen in nature ( Rom. 1-3) but I am appalled with this kind of devastation and our new Protective doctrine.Israel too faces unbelievable devastation in the time of the end. Yes they will be exiled again and in that return they will recognize God. Even the prophets say to not look forward to the day of the Lord . It is a day of darkness. We are looking for the morning star PRAISE HIM but like Jesus having looked so forward to taking the passover with the disciples ( even though itmeant it was His last night) we have joy to anticipate but deep intercession to be apart of in these days. Let's hold each other to this. Pray for those still on the fence. Pray for escape for those who can leave this war threatened place. This is going to be horrible . The whole world is going to be beserk over this.Many churches too could be split to pieces over opinions on this next phase of things.But redemption in the Lord is coming for many.
If it were not for Him and His great mercy and love we would be undone. Praise His Holy Name. This is sad for Him too. He is afflicted with our afflictions.

Dave down under said...

It's always interesting to here how the Arab's colour their hyped up threat's. Not to worry, now that Israel knows what Assad has planned they can militarily counter Assad's strategies. Assad can brag all he want's but he still has to counter Israel's powerful precision strike capabilities, the USA and Turkey's 2 million strong(I believe) army.

Anonymous said...

ok, sorry i got mad, i just thought
it was strange that they went into
spam twice, could not FIGURE that

stocks are up again....

makes me sick...

re ASSAD, it is possible that we get to March and the powers that BE
say, oh, we better give Assad till
DEC 2012, i mean, that silly
GAME can go on and on.....

perhaps they will do that to
see how LONG they can hold up
stock prices and KEEP the BULL
in play....

YET, my current Elliott Wave Counts
say otherwise.......

IT APPEARS stocks will still
CRASH by the end of Oct 2011 !!

As I have said before, EVEN the
powers that be CANNOT stop social
mood. WE WILL SEE !!!!

Stephen !!!!

Anonymous said...

SCOTT >>>>>

are u out there ??

PLEASE go here right away...


I think you will like it ....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks GG and Gearedup for your thoughts and prayers. They are very much appreciated.

Hoping to see everyone one soon. This coupled with Putin in Russia, Erdogen in Turkey and imanutjob in Iran and we see end time battles shaping up and I am personally convinced we go home prior to gog-magog....could Israel's natural gas be the hook in the jaw and Assad's false bravado end up as the root bginning of Isaiah 17? We may know very shortly or we may be watching it all unfold from Heaven's balcony! Maranatha! Hope to see everyone here soon!

Anonymous said...

Scott, here is yet ANOTHER one...


it would seem this creep in Iran
does really good at threats.....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

Mrs. C said...

Hi Brother Dave :)
Up next we know is Isaiah 17, and in Isaiah 17, Gods Word the U.S. and Turkey are not involved.
Isaiah 17 opens with the destruction of Damascus, and its done by Gods People. As God narrates, He does not describe to us a battle, which He is not shy of doing. This tells me personally, that it may very well be a preemptive strike by Israel.
We also know that it is not Him doing the destroying, as if it were Him, He would say so, and He doesnt. He does tell us at the end, that is when He steps in.
God clearly tells us in His Word, Israel will be fighting a multiple fronted war alone...isolated with no means of re-supply...no allies...
God Bless!

Mrs. C said...

Ok Brother Scott :)
"Yep - thats a great analogy Dylan. Soon - soon, we'll be in the very presence of Jesus Himself....Can you even imagine that?"

YES I CAN!!! Ruh-roh... you triggered my "I CAN ONLY IMAGINE" happiness!

"Unconditional Love of The Father"


"I Can Only Imagine (with lyrics) - MercyMe"


God Bless!

Dave down under said...

Hi mrs c. I assume the "c" stands for "Cuningham" off Happy Days, lol. Seriously thanks for the heads up wrt Isiah 17. Never new that. God bless you Mrs C.

Mrs. C said...

Brother Dave,:)
LOL Mrs.C, yike I didnt even think of Happy Days! lol Actually, Im privileged and honored, to be married to Caver, there for Im Mrs. C :) Your welcome Brother, its a privilege for all of us to study His Word together :)
God Bless You Too Brother! :)

(BTW Quantas was one on the airlines I used to work for through a contract, and following that the owner of the following company I worked for, was an Aussi- so I know where Brisbane is lol)

Mrs. C said...

Anddd Dave...Im too tired...I just realized I spelled Qantas wrong after I hit the enter key! lol

Mrs. C said...

Anddd Dave...Im too tired...I just realized I spelled Qantas wrong after I hit the enter key! lol

Dave down undet said...

Hi again Mrs C. Isiah Chapter 17 is valid in this particular period of time as long as this is the prophecied conflict. Israel still has the "general" backing if the world though that's coming to an end. America is still very strong militarily and Israel is still a part of the UN I believe. I hope that all makes sense. Your Aussie brother.

Mrs. C said...

Hi My Aussie Brother :)
Yes I know Brother, but the world is quickly withdrawing from Israel.
As for Americas military, obummer is quickly causing great issues with them. You bring up a great point, and because God says that Israel will be alone to fight, that means the U.S. not there. What will happen to the U.S. that we arent there, is too scary to even think of :(
obummer is the game changer so as to speak. Hes weak, and a coward, thinking only of himself, and hes trying to take this great nation down. He changed the policy towards Israel. He has treated Bibi disgracefully! In addition, and Im paraphrasing here, he had Hillary in one of her many statements state "should Israel be attacked we will defend her". Well, duh, if they've already been attacked, with their immensely tiny size, it will be too late, and Israel knows that. Israel cannot count on the U.S. or anyone, and God tells us they will be fighting their neighbors on their own...:(
God Bless You Brother!

Dave down under said...

Point taken Mrs C. Your more than likely right. I'm glad to here you worked for QANTAS it's a great airline, although the international business side of things is a little slow they've had to put a few 380s on hold pending business outcomes. What did you do in QANTAS? Did you enjoy Brisbane?

Diane said...

Thanks so much for all of your comforting and encouraging words, during these trying times . Like many of you, my only reservation about going Home is leaving my unbelieving family and friends. I take comfort that God is in control of even that: just as He knew when and how to reach me with the Gospel, He can do the same with them. They go about their lives, as if the world, as we know it, will always be here! If ever there was a time to "pray without ceasing" this is that time ! Diane

Mrs. C said...

Hi Brother Dave :)
I was on contract with Qantas and about 5 other International Airlines at LAX. Yes indeed, they are an excellent airline! I still have my Kangaroo lapel pin :)Myself and a gazillion others, worked with the "belly" of the aircraft, air cargo. Highly intense, extremely stressful job for sure! Huge amount of responsibility.Loading passengers is nothing compared to what goes on with the cargo. Needless to say, I know alot of Australia, but never ever had the time off to go visit your beautiful country! :( Thats the catch with working for airlines...
God Bless!

Mrs. C said...

Dear Sister Diane,:)
Oh my goodness, family...very very painful to think of! Especially my one and only precious daughter! So lost now! Typical attacks and blindness from the dark side! I have hope for her, that after decades of teaching, her knowing whats to come, that she will be with us when the Lord comes to take us home! She belongs to Jesus! I hope to, that the rest of my family, after years of witnessing and sharing whats to come, will turn to Him, and be Saved. As you say so truly, we have Almighty God, our Loving Father who is without question in control! Absolutely Pray without ceasing indeed!
God Bless You Sis!

Anonymous said...

Mrs C.:

James N Nashville here.I loved your message and watched the video of A Fathers Love. Touched me deeply and shed a few tears.

I wanted to share something that happened to me during tests on my back just before my back surgery in 2003.

My Neuro surgeon scheduled me for a discogram evaluation. This proceedure involved injecting solution in to my degenerative disc to see if it was actually leaking fluid.

On the day of the test, nurse after nurse after nurse explained to me that this proceedure would increase the pressure in my already painful disc to a level that I could pass out. They also said they have had patients that actually bounced off the table due to the level of pain. To correct that they literally straped me down to the table with such force that there was no way I could move my lower back at all.

Again nurse after nurse and then the surgeon said you are going to feel intense pain please try to keep your head legs and arms as still as possible.

So laying on my stomach, head faced forward hands gripping two handles, I prayed. Please Jesus be with me and help me get through this.

Just as they were starting the proceedure I heard music starting to play. The song was Mercy Me I Can Only Imagine my favorite song. Such a peace came over me and I smiled during the test. The nurses and the surgeon said out of all the patients they have performed this proceedure on mine was the most unbelieveable due to not moving at all. Mind you it still hurt pretty well but I had incredible focus all the sudden on Christ and made it through.

As you can imagine, no pun intended,that moment profoundly changed my life. There were so many lessons learned that day of which I will share a few.

I understood for the first time in my life, shortly after the loss of my son Luke,which brought me back to Christ, that this day was the first time I had really had nothing I could rely on but Christ. I finally understood what it meant to trust Him fully and how much He so wants to erase all of our pain. There is no greater love than that.

Also in time, as the Holy Spirit revealed it to me later, this is exactly what Israel will go through before they turn to Christ. Unlike me on that table, I had hope in Christ to spare me the ultimate pain. Israel will experience the unbelieveable pain of literally being all alone with no hope in sight until they learn their lesson and turn to Christ. What a contrast!

I had two feelings in realizing this. One was how profoundly and penetrating was the sadness I felt for Israel and for that matter anyone outside of Christ. The other feeling was a complete understanding of how blessed I am to have been raised in a Christian home and being exposed to the greatest story ever told. The overwhelming love I felt for Christ that day literally warmed my entire body. I really felt as if Christ was on the table with me that day and blocked the worse part of the pain. Then it hit me...how awful must His pain have felt on the cross. His sacrifice not only had to be exacted, as it truly was, feeling that pain was part of the ransom as well. So He after baring all that pain of the cross is still willing to bare our pain here on earth.

I love Him so much! I will be so glad to finally be in a body that won't sin and can give Him and the Father everlasting glory in their presence.

Thanks again for writing that message.

James N Nashville

Dave down under said...

Yea I've seen LAX on tv. Busy as airport, never ending stream if aircraft in and out. Aircraft occasionally smashing into each other. Anyway back to the subject at hand; Jesus coming back.

mary said...

James N Nashville, thank you for sharing your story,I found it very encouraging, and prompts me to say..
'Oh how I love JESUS!!"
God bless, ms

GG said...

Mrs. C~

Thank you for that wonderful link above. It makes me see God's love for his children shine right through this man and his family :)


My, O My...how powerfully inspiring your story is. I can't even comprehend the level of fear, anxiety, let alone pain that could have been coursing through your body. You give mind over matter a true visual for us. Thanks for sharing that and reminding me that no matter how hard life may be and we are knocked down, God is right there for us to lift us up beyond our normal human limits.

God Bless!!


Mrs. C said...

Dearest Brother James, :)
WOW! Thank you Brother for your beautiful post! Many comments on this!
The lyrics to this song brings so much hope and joy!
"Unconditional Love of The Father" shows Dick Hoyt and his son Rick Hoyt who was born with cerebral palsy. Oh my goodness, what a story! This father is amazing what he has done for his son! You can read their story at the foundation he created, “Team Hoyt” web site.
Just think, with the amount of love and devotion this man expounds to his son, HOW MUCH MORE does Our Loving Father in Heaven love us!!!
What touches me deeply, is seeing Rick Hoyt overcome his disabilities due to the great love of his father and mother. The Spirit of compassion was placed in my heart at a very young age. Living in eastern Canada as a eight year old girl, my self and my younger sister used to walk our neighbors little boy to school with us, to make sure he got there safely. His name was Alan Devine, and Alan had Cerebral Palsy, if he fell down, he was unable to get back up. One afternoon during recess, my sis and I saw a crowd of kids laughing and standing in a circle, in the back edges of the school yard. We went over to see what was happening, only to discover that it was Alan, sitting on the ground surrounded by these kids. They were laughing at him, because he had fallen down, and couldn’t get up.
It was snowing, very cold, and he had slipped on ice. My sis and I lifted him up, and helped him back into the school building. Till this day, I will never, ever forget his little face...with snow flakes on his eyelashes...tears frozen on his little cheeks. Alan left an imprint in my heart forever, that later as a teen, I volunteered with one of the first horseback riding programs for disabled children, and Girl Scout-Boy Scout troops that were comprised of young adults with Down Syndrome.
As God would have His Plan for our lives, little did I know that someday, it would be me that was so called “disabled” with at least one of the issues involving my brain. I am so Blessed! So grateful to Him, to Jesus! He is True and Good, and is always, always with me just as Promised!
Thank you, thank you so very much for sharing your amazing story with the connection to this song! WOW, Brother your story is a POWERFUL WITNESS FOR HIM! You have great courage Brother! I have huge “issues” with MRI machines for example, and that doesn’t even involve pain! Ive gone through many spinal taps, but as you know, they are NOTHING compared to what you went through. PRAISE GOD He brought you through!
You’ve made me cry with your beautiful understanding of Gods Love for us, through His Son our Lord Jesus! He Promised He would never leave us or forsake us Brother, and I Truly believe He was with you in the medical procedure you went through! Through the valleys in our lives, I often am reminded of Psalm 24:4. Jesus walks us through the valley, we don’t stay there and set up camp! Glory be to God! He walks us “THROUGH”!

Mrs. C said...

Yes indeed Brother, God will allow Israel to go through some horrific events, and it is all to bring them to their knees…just as we all had to come to the end of ourselves…on our knees…before Him to accept His Son as our Savior.
Finally Brother, your post was another Holy Spirit moment! Scott made his statement “can you even imagine”, which I was prompted to think of the song “I Can Only Imagine”, and then you made your awesome post. Little did you know, that I saw your post right as I was about to go to see a new doctor. It took me two years to find a doctor here, since I moved here. I finally saw one a month or so ago, and it was a disaster! This doctor intentionally would not refill a prescription I needed (she filled it once, but then without notice, would not refill it), and have been taking for years. I of course ran out a week ago, and was very, very worried of what the physical consequences would be. Its difficult for me to travel when Im run down, and I was so Praying to get to the new doctors office ok, and even more important, that the doctor would be a good doctor! After trying for so long to find a good doctor, I was so discouraged! I was talking with the Lord all morning, and then I saw your post. It was a conformation to me from Him! We went, I made it there ok, and it was the most fabulous place I could have ever hoped for! The doctor I saw, was PERFECT! He listened carefully, and was very companionate. I am so Blessed! So incredibly grateful to Him! He used you big time to help me Brother, and Im grateful to you for making that post, in obedience to Him!
Rick Hoyt, the young man with Cerebral Palsy, may be physically impaired, but he is not emotionally or intellectually impaired.
He knows that someday, He will be stand before the Lord, completely healed! There will be great rejoicing, overwhelming love when someday, the parents, families, friends greet there ill, or disabled loved ones, face to face and completely healed before our Lord Jesus! What a day that will be! Some will talk, or walk with their loved ones, something they were never able to do with them on this earth. What a joyous celebration there will be! And that Brother, is just a small portion what God has waiting for us! Paul said it best :)
1 Corinthians 2:9
9.But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

God Bless You Brother! Big Hug :)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. C.:

Thank you for your beautiful and loving post. It is a honor to know you and to learn with you. You have brought so much in to my life here on this blog. It's hard to imagine that you can feel love this deep for someone you have never met. That is the result of Christ making my heart right with His.

Before Christ, I really never told anyone I Loved them alot. When my son died everything changed. Now I never miss a chance to tell the people I love how I feel about them. I was able to care for my father and really draw close to him in his last days. He suffered from Parkinson's and hs muscles would harden making it hard for him to walk and raise his head. During that time every single day,several times a day, I would gently take him by the chin and raise his head to look directly at me and tell him what he meant to me. Sometimes he would smile, sometimes he would cry and so would I because we knew he would be going to be with the Lord soon.

He died early on Christmas day three years ago and not a day goes by that I don't long for him. I never really understood my father's love until I became a father myself. Fatherhood has humbled me in so many ways. I'm grateful for my sons life even though it was short. He taught me, in 11 weeks, more about love and life than I had learned since my birth. I do so hope, that when I get to Heaven, that he is still a baby and that my wife and I will have the joy of raising him in the New Jerusalem.

With all the love and gratitude that this 46 year old boy from Tennessee can feel. I am blessed beyond measure to know and talk with you here. Bless you my friend.


You have created so much love here. I can't imagine a day where I don't come to this blog. It is simply just not enough to say thank you. I am so looking forward to sitting right beside you at Bema. Bless you my friend!!


Thank you for your kind words. You mean so much to us here at this blog. Let's try speak more here because I believe the Holy Spirit is accomplishing much through all of us. God has brought us all here to love, care and comfort one another in these last days. Like I said to Mrs C about my father above, God is gently picking up our chins now for us to behold Him through Christ. He is reminding us with every event we witness what we mean to Him and to each other You are truely a blessing! Bless you sis!

Mary thank you for the kind words.I look forward to getting to know you here on this blog. Bless you.

James N Nashville

GG said...

These are some of the most heartfelt postings I have seen to date. As I come to know you all more and more, it seems we all have some physical limitations or ailments that try to hinder our lives daily but not our spirits. To think of each of our journey's, sometimes feeling alone while in pain and sickness, only to be rewarded with a wonderful place like this site to call home while here on earth.

I have had many say "You don't seem or look sick" even having many disease and physical issues. I tell them disease may be the title of the situation but my heart is not without ease :) dis-EASE. I have always felt my pain could not compare to Christ's sufferings and I can always see how he has moved mountains in my life. Happiness truly is a choice.

As some of you know, walking down the medical madness road of life can be one to make you feel full of despair and on some days make you feel very much alone. Especially with some who work in the medical profession who seem to lack that much needed level of compassion and understanding. I am happy to meet other brothers and sisters who choose to look up and rise above while in pain, despair and confusion. I know that is not easy to do on some days; but I am sure God knows, in sickness and in health we love him so much it is an honor to be active and willing to spread his glorious word to others no matter how we feel.

Mrs. C~ I am sure that person whom you loved and cherished to help will never forget looking up into your eyes and seeing God. That sounds like such a tender moment and God Bless you for standing up for him with your sister. That shows true character and a very selfless act on both your parts.

Hang in there everyone! I am praying for us all to be kept comfortable and filled in the spirit while we wait for our next assignment. Thank you for sharing the beautiful sides of yourselves. I need that more than you know.

God Bless!!


WVBORN56 said...

Thank you James for sharing your story....losing a child is I would think the ultimate loss in this life. I can only wonder the sweetness and beauty of your heavenly reunion. In the mean time may our Lord continue to bring healing to your heart. Thank you Jesus for the love expressed thru the body of Christ and here on Scott's blog. Hebrews 12:1

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the kind words. I always tell people that losing a child is the deepest form of loss because parents are suppose to die before their children. Let me share something I did not put in my post earlier. This is really powerful. On the day of my son's funeral there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was simply a beautiful
day. During the funeral just before the pastor spoke while it was silent, a huge sonic boom sound of thunder occurred. I knew instantly that it was God telling me that he was mad that Luke died as well. I could almost hear Him saying I made you to live forever and while that can't happen on earth now, because I came and died for you, you will live forever in Me. I understand God better as well because He to had to watch His son die. It's something we both share and out of that came peace for me.

I really enjoy your comments here on this blog. Thanks for your kind words and your friendship. God bless you.

James N Tennessee

Mrs. C said...

Brother James - Sister GG WOW, you both have me in tears! I cant post now, have to go...
I wanted to let you know, that special Service at the Kotel, (the Western Wall) is tonight. It will begin in a few hours, 11:30pm Jerusalem time, 4:30pm Eastern time. It is alot of Rabbis coming together for the Slichot (Penitential Prayers)all tide in with the Day of Atonement. This could be the Service I spoke of years ago, where there were thousands of people that attended.
I can see right now, (when you select the "Western Wall Plaza" camera on the left, they have a giant Torah hanging from scaffolding. This should be good :)
If it is, it is a powerful thing to witness!
God Bless You!
Ill post this in the first article comments too, to remind all should they want to see it :)

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Caver said...

I just got home and read this thread. Just wow GG and James....and me lovely Irish Wiff.

I'll just say...the Love here is palatable. Thank you all for sharing....:hug

Scott said...

I just came back to this thread - its been a while - Thanks so much for that James. Wow. I'm speechless.

I can't wait to see all of you guys in paradise. Its going to be incredible beyond belief.

WV, GG, Cavers everybody..What an uplifting thread. Thanks so much and God Bless

Mrs. C said...

Dearest Brother James, :)
Oh my goodness…I echo Scott…I’m speechless at your beautiful, and loving post! Yes James, it is all about Jesus…He dwells within each of us! Through His Love…His Sacrifice for us, we are privileged to be grafted into His Family…blended together in Him forever! We have to be the most grateful adopted Children in all the Universe! Truly I know the lesson James, of telling those you love, that you love them…and often!

Bless you for sharing with us all, the most loving tender story of your caring for your father. It is just so beautiful, I struggle to say words. You honored and loved your father, like so many could only hope to do. Know this Brother James, when face to face with our Lord, truly He will speak to you the words “Well done good and faithful Servant”.

When I first accepted Jesus as my Savior, as with us all, I saw everything differently, through Him. In His Light, I realized for myself, that my daughter was really and truly not “mine”, but rather the most precious gift that the Lord can give us. None of us could ever even begin to know yours and your wife’s deepest of pain, when your precious son left to be with the Lord.
Luke was your gift, and look at the abundance of Blessings he gave you! And there will indeed be many more Blessings to come!
Paul told us we could never imagine what will be in Heaven waiting for us! We do know though, that we will be known, as we are known now. As we know this, you will indeed know your son in Heaven! What an absolutely beautiful hope yourself and your wife have of Luke as a baby, to be raised by you in the New Jerusalem. He knows your heart, He knows your hopes, and He is Faithful to give you the desires of your heart :) We know whatever is to come, it will be perfect! Immersed in His Love Forever!
Psalm 37:4
4Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
God Bless you always my Brother, the honor is mine ! From your Sis, whos Granny was from Tennessee
Big Hug :)

GG said...

Dear James-

The beautiful hope you share with us about Luke simply reduces me to tears. You and your family have been through much in this lifetime and to see you basking in that undying love and hope to see our precious Saviour soon shows how deep your love for God is above all obstacles.

I can't comprehend the level of loss as I would want to give up, but we known that is not what God seeks of us. I can't help but wonder about the lovely Mrs. James as I will call
her :). Is she getting excited in these last days to get to hold her precious son/baby and share him with so many of
us who have come to know you? :). Let her know I am so
very happy for her when that moment comes. I can see a visual now of two loving people wrapping their arms around Luke and introducing him to many who have come to know of him through the years. It will be joyous to say the least.

Soon enough my faithful servants..the reunions will begin.

God Bless!!