Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Marxist Revolution"

This video interview of Glenn Beck is interesting and digs a little deeper into the organization lurking behind these protests:

"Marxist Revolution": Beck Shows O'Reilly How Organized Effort Guides World-Wide 'Occupy' Protests

This article may also provide some interest:

Why U.S. military in Uganda? Soros fingerprints all over it

After President Barack Obama announced earlier this week that he would be sending American troops into Uganda, WND uncovered billionaire activist George Soros' ties both to the political pressure behind the decision and to the African nation's fledgling oil industry.

Soros sits on the executive board of an influential "crisis management organization" that recently recommended the U.S. deploy a special advisory military team to Uganda to help with operations and run an intelligence platform, a recommendation Obama's action seems to fulfill.

The president emeritus of that organization, the International Crisis Group, is also the principal author of "Responsibility to Protect," the military doctrine used by Obama to justify the U.S.-led NATO campaign in Libya.

Soros' own Open Society Institute is one of only three nongovernmental funders of the Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect, a doctrine that has been cited many times by activists urging intervention in Uganda.

And why would Mr Soros care about Uganda?

Soros also maintains close ties to oil interests in Uganda. His organizations have been leading efforts purportedly to facilitate more transparency in Uganda's oil industry, which is being tightly controlled by the country's leadership.

Soros himself has been closely tied to oil and other interests in Uganda.

In 2008, the Soros-funded Revenue Watch Institute brought together stakeholders from Uganda and other East African countries to discuss critical governance issues, including the formation of what became Uganda's national oil and gas policy.

There is much more in this article. Mr Soros is a busy man these days.


Alice said...

I am speechless... All I can say

Seth said...

Tonight, I had one of those moments when God uses circumstances to sort of "slap you in the face" and say, "Do you get it now?". Since my surgery, I've been very sore in my abdomen; also I'm not allowed to drive yet. We had to run into the store really quick to get a few things for the week on the way home tonight, and my wife just went in with my daughter. My son was very heart-broken about being left behind. The ONLY thing that would calm him down is if I would reach my hand back and touch him (either rub his leg or hold his hand). The angle I had to lean in to accomplish this stretched my stomach muscles just enough to cause some discomfort. As I was reaching back, God began to speak to me without words. He amplified the great love I have for my son, and my desire for him to realize that everything was going to be ok because Daddy was there, and he wasn't alone. It was through this that He opened my eyes to the times when I could only see the current circumstance going on, and I felt all alone. Then He showed me the times when I had a child-like faith where all He had to do was put His hand on me, and I'd know everything was ok because my Daddy was there. We lose that kind of faith the more we're jaded by the world around us, but the truth still remains the same. Everything will be ok, because our Abba (Daddy) is here. We don't understand why things happen, and it can genuinely break our hearts; but He understands, and He wants to comfort us with His touch. Open your hearts to His love, and let His peace fill your spirits when your life seems out of control. Make yourself vulnerable to Him, and let Him affect your heart. Just as it caused me pain to show love to my son, He suffered the worst fate you can imagine to restore the love relationship that was lost in the Garden. May the Lord Jesus fill your lives with His presence, and may He come back soon for His bride.

GG said...

Dear Seth-

Thank you for sharing that beautiful moment between you, your son and our Father. I am praying that you will hold onto this feeling you are having right now. It is wonderful to continue to operate in that level daily. I hope your son feels much better now and your stomach too. (sorry about these formatting issues I am having :)

God is giving many of his children in these last days glimpses into Heaven. Some of us have been blessed with rapture dreams that show us glimpses of the mind of our
Heavenly Father. I have heard in many teachings that we will start seeing more of this. Maybe that is what has
happened to you. It's so different after you have been
touched because that peace and unveiling you get a
glimpse of leads you to press harder into our Fathers arms.

I will pray that you get to do wonderful things in these last
days with this gift. I am praying that God will unveil this to
everyone who comes in contact with this blog.

The thing I remember most is the new awareness that we
have as soon as the ascending begins. The old thinking
humbly falls away and we shift to a glorious, grateful,
peaceful and humble feeling as we enter into our new
world. I remember feeling the question in my soul as I was
ascending saying "What have I done to serve him with this
new awareness?"

May God use you all for his glory in these last days. I see with these latest topics coming in very fast that this may give one a wonderful chance to make a difference. With these key words used they may be hitting the younger OWS'ers or someone searching the news and stumbles onto to blog.

Have a great weekend all! God Bless!!


Scott said...

Wow Seth - if you only knew how much I needed to hear that right now (long story, unrelated to prohpecy) - thanks so much for sharing that. And I hope you are recovering day by day. God Bless brother

Waterer said...

Oh Seth , Thank you!
I join my appreciation with the others for sharing your reminder of the Fathers love.
Last night I flew off the handle. I was yelled out and I took offense and let it rip. This is not my normal way. I apologized but I went to sleep SO wanting the Lord to come with the fulfillment of His promise.. TO be CONFORMED to the image of Christ.For the sin in me to be gone and the new nature my ONLY
NATURE. Maranatha!
I dreamt all night of escaping from these groups in a Dr. Zhivago kind of way. Cavalry and steep hills to climb, It was scary. I was always looking to hide and searching for Christians.
It leaves me glad the night is over. that I can go to church today
ANd very aware that like me you are all probably under alot of stress that can keep us from finishing well. I will be remembering all of you as I walf this very narrow path. ANd thanks to you Seth, I'll do it with that image of you reaching back to comfort the frightened yound child.

Misty said...

Seth, so glad you are healing and praying that God continues to give you complete recovery. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful illustration of our Father comforting us. I too needed very much to hear this.

Caver said...

Seth, very touching. Thank you for sharing.

We had our own first demonstration in Raleigh yesterday. Seriously, I had hoped that we had more sense than to join the mindless drones up in NY and DC.

To my surprise, it was different and the interviews with protesters were different. The crowd was older and the biggest complaint was not "greed" or "corporations" but unresponsiveness of government and the "bought off" government that allowed some corporations to run wild and cheat the tax and justice system.

Seems a trite point....but these folk really need to investigate the Tea Party. Seems they are closer to saying the same thing than most realize.

Robin said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt message, Seth . . .I TOO, very much needed to hear that. Our Farher surely knows what He's doing when He guides one to share such things here . . .and to think I very nearly missed it . . .yet another sign of his never ending plan for us.

I'm sincerely torn on the issue of troops in Uganda. I dated for sometime, a close relative of a Senator who spoke out in favor of this mission on Friday. I got to know the Senator quite well and know him to be a patriot and somewhat of a protectionist when it comes to engaging our troops on foreign soil. I'm going to remain on the sidelines of this one for a time as it would appear the atrocities suffered by Ugandans, coupled with their very limited fighting power, make this, at least for now, a mission worth supporting.

Jec said...

Wow Seth, I don't have many words to express how I feel, just tears. I was moved by your words, and the love you showed of our Father-daddy. His son Jesus made it all possible for us to even come into His presence-by His stripes we are truly healed!

Waterer said...

I anmwhere you are on Uganda too. On sidelines. I prayed for a year with a Ugandan and our church is onnected to a ministry to women there. The brother who came to our group had a niece kidnapped and released during the time we prayed. The Lra was horrible.
I think for our Press , I think you said, called them an ultrs conservative Chriswtian group is a downright filthy lie. Painting Christians with this nasty brush is entirely wrong.
ALso the third world is so impoverished and yet greed filled. Unless Jesus comes I don't know how all these people will get saved or protected.
It is a massive problem in so many places.

Robin said...

Apparently, Christian Missionaries are being targeted in Uganda:

DrNofog said...

Robin said... "...Apparently, Christian Missionaries are being targeted in Uganda..."

Again, in Dr. Stuart Crane's classic seminar, "Proofs of a Conspiracy", he pointed out that since Foreign Aid's inception in 1941, sold to John Q. Public as a means for preventing the "domino effect" spread of Communism, the CIA, both covertly and overtly has funded the overthrow of gubmints and helped install Marxist/Socialists in 1 country after another...

And he said "When a person makes 1000 "mistakes" in a row, there is no doubt he planned it that way!!
[bearing in mind that this was from his perspective of looking back over only 27yrs of its history.]

R2P is just an updated version, a "Global Consensus" for wiping out Christians and Jews.

Scott said...

DrNo - even my numerous typos?

DrNofog said...

A method to yer madness?
Yes, I have been suspecting for quite awhile that you've been throwing those in on slow days [like the past month] to keep us 'occupied' with something else soz we don't start pecking on each other, kinda like a red lite in the baby chicks incubator...