Monday, October 10, 2011

Hizbullah Mulls Attacking Israeli Gas Interests

This has just come in from Israel National News - and lets remember that Iran is ultimately behind this terrorist group.

Hizbullah Mulls Attacking Israeli Gas Interests

A Lebanese strategic analyst close to Hizbullah warned on Monday the terror group will strike Israeli gas-exploration interests if Tel Aviv continues drilling in the Tamar and Leviathan gas fields.

"In case the enemy steals Lebanon's oil, Hezbollah will have the right to strike its oil installations and facilities," Feisal Abdossater told Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency.

Abdossater described Israel's drilling operations in the mediterranean as 'aggressive and expansionist' saying they had heightened tension between Beirut and Jerusalem.

"Zionists' plot to find control over Lebanon's sea wealth has a high potential for clashes between the two sides and is likely to have dire consequences," he stated.

"The Lebanese Islamic resistance will not tolerate any kind of aggressions against the country's sovereignty," he reiterated, and added, "Hezbollah views the oil resources in Lebanon's water as a treasure for the Lebanese nation and has declared its position in this regard very transparently."

"Hezbollah will cut the hands of anyone who targets Lebanon's sovereignty," the analyst continued.

Israel has been 'playing by the rules' - and predictably, Hizbullah is not:

In 2000, when Israel withdrew from the buffer zone it had created in southern Lebanon, it redeployed its forces along the "Blue Line," set by UN Security Council in Resolution 425. Lebanon declined to participate in the talks that determined the Blue Line.

Israel submitted a map dillineating its sea boundary with Lebanon to the United Nations in answer to a similar submission by the Hizbullah-dominated government of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati earlier this year.

Observers at the time noted Israel's map took into account the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) set by Lebanon and Cyprus in 2007, which have already been accepted by the United Nations and United States, as its likely future border. Israel drew its boundary from the Blue Line on the coast to Point 1, the southernmost extension of Lebanon's EEZ with Cyprus.

Acting on their own, Lebanon arbitrarily drew up new lines:

Lebanon, however, drew its border 17 kilometers to the south of Point 1 so that they would cut into the disputed D, E, and F blocks of the Tamar and Leviathan fields.

While Beirut's economic agreement with Cyprus did allow for Point 1 to be adjusted based on future negotiations with Israel, no such negotiations have been undertaken.

Last month an Israeli consortium, in conjunction with Houston-based giant Noble Energy, began drilling in the A, B, and C blocks to the south of the Lebanese-claimed zone.

Also Monday, Beirut said it was dispatching doplomats to Nicosia to renegotiate its boundary with Cyprus. Nicosia, however, has been conducting closed-door meetings with Jerusalem over the development of gas fields in its own terriotry since last month.

This looks like just another excuse for violence, coming from a group who lives for violence: Hizbullah. And backed by Iran, there is no telling where this will lead.

Just another day in the epicenter.


gearedup2go said...

Ooh, I like the new colour choice. Now if only purple was available for the Christmas season because it's so.....regal. If you're an Elvis fan, blue is a good choice too.;-)

I've got an update on Pastor Yousef. The judges have decided to turn his case over to the ayatollah for a decision. The French press broke the news early this morning of this action and apparently international pressure is building for the rights of the pastor. He is by no means out of the woods but he is getting more media attention with each passing day.

Seth, I hope your surgery went well and that you are recovering comfortably.

Alice said...

Ahhhhh.....YES! New colors!!! Very nice, Scott! :)

I simply cannot imagine what it would be like to live in the epicenter... To feel threatened every single day of my life... Really, what must it be like?

Gearedup, thank you for the update on Pastor Yousef! Prayers continuing...

Diane said...

I know that many of you, not all, think that the Rapture may be tied in with the Jewish fall festivals. I am wondering about Sukkoth, another Jewish harvest festival, to start in a few days . It is sometimes referred to as the "Festival of the Ingathering" (harvesting). What do you bloggers think ? I especially wonder about this festival, with the way we are being flooded with news events which are lining up with ancient Bibical prophecies.

And how is our fellow blogger who had a surgical procedure today? Keep us posted, when you get the chance. Diane

Scott said...

I have always flet that the Rapture will occur at a completely random date - just in the FWIW category:)

Brad said...

Don't know about the rapture....but we honor Sukkoth and will be "camping out" in our temporary dwelling. Jesus came to earth and was born in a "temporary dwelling" (barn). His body was a temporary dwelling as is our body. Just a reminder that this earth is not our home.

Scott said...

In the world not of the world...Indeed.

Robin said...

Romans 11:25. I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers, so that you may not be conceited: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in.

I take this verse to mean the rapture will occur when the FULL NUMBER of Christians are saved. Until the day of the rapture, the majority of Jews will not realize their Messiah was once among them. However, there are an increasing number of Messianic Jews so maybe their softening? :).

So that's why I don't believe the Rapture is date specific, but rather number specific. The SECOND COMING, however, is a different story . . .

WVBORN56 said...

Diane, Scott and others have me convinced it will not occur on a jewish festival/feast. If it didn't occur on Rosh Hashanna it most likely is not going to be on any other IMO. That one seemed to me to be the best candidate since it was about the groom coming back for his bride on an unknown day.

I guess a Jewish feast date takes away from the rapture being an imminent event and also from the Lord coming back as a thief in the night...

But don't be discouraged...I think all the signs are coming together at warp speed and the rapture is looking more and more like the tipping point to trigger ME Biblical war and global economic collapse.

Robin said...

I know this is extremely irrational and I'm almost afraid to say it "out loud" but there's a part of me that's incredibly curious about all this . . .who's the Antichrist, how all the wars will shake out, what becomes of America. Don't get me wrong . . .I'm as anxious as everyone else for the rapture . . .but the Historian/political hack in me wants to know the answers currently shrouded in mystery.

And then there's the whole rapture . . .will it be frightening to be standing in the shower with my eyes squeezed tight to keep the shampoo out, when I open them and find myself standing in Heaven? After all . . .we know The Lord has a sense of humor. Just some of the many thoughts rattling around in my head of late LOL

Dave down under said...

Hi Robin, if I may give some pondering's to your questions? The seventhday Adventists believe the Antichrist to be the Pope because the Carholic church was in power 1260 years ( which just happens to be the number as found in Rev chapters 12 & 13. If your a post tribber you'll more than likely agree with them and believe that we are at Rev 13: 3. As they believe the Catholic church's wound is almost healed and they are close to getting their former pursecuting power back. If your a pre- tribber the belief will be that we are about to enter Dan 9:27 and the 1260 days are not years but days. As far as America goes its quite possible that the Babylon described in Rev 18 is America. What other country best fits this chapters description? It doesnt sound like the Vatican. Just my thoughts. God bless.

Dave down under said...

Something else I thought I should say Robin. The reason why the SDA's believe the Pope to be the Antichrist is because of Rev12:1,2. They believe the women described in these verses clothed with the sun, and the moon beneath her feet with a crown of 12 stars is a description of the church. The problem being with that belief is that the women described gives birth to Jesus. The church didn't give birth to Jesus; Israel did. So I believe that the women described is Israel. Nit too sure what the moon is symbolic of you may know but I'm certain the 12 stars are symbolic if the 12 sons of Jacob(Israel). Anyway I'm off to bed. God bless.

Robin said...

Thanks, Dave . . .but respectfully, I disagree :) I don't believe America is Babylon . . .I believe Babylon is Babylon. There's simply not one shred of evidence anywhere in the Bible that America is Babylon, nor is America mentioned. I believe the America will be relegated to complete insignificance during the Tribulation period because I'm a Pre-trib believer. When the church is removed, a large number of Christians will be removed from the US and that, coupled with the fact all children, both born and unborn will be gone, this alone would cause so much upheaval not only emotionally for those left, but economically as well, that the US would become completely insignificant. If a major disaster were to also occur, America would be no more.

Dutch Treat said...

Robin, I hope this doesn't sound too gross; but we could be sitting on the john right in the middle of one when the rapture occurs. I always felt the rapture to be a sudden and unexpected event; and by tying to a certain calender date{Rosh Shashana} it would lose a lot of that. Speaking of Sukhot, I was in Israel one year during the Feast of Tabernacles. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

James N Nashville said...

Good morning Dave and Robin. First off Dave I really enjoy reading your thoughts so thanks for posting here. I also love your country and what you bring to the world down there. I would like to visit sometime but it's looking like there won't be enough time to do that. Oh well, you can tell me about in Heaven.


Great post. You pointed out one thing that I really miss in the Rapture or take for granted not thinking of the total number. When I think about all the children that will be raptured that number will be huge. So let's take a look at it and break it down.

I went to and totaled up all the countries children population under the age of 15. There is some debate about the age of accountability but let's not do that here and we will keep it at 15.

There map is divided in to 3 regions. the first region is from North America to South America the children population is estimated at 265 million. In that number the US has 63 mil children, Brazil has 50 mil. and Mexico has 33 mil.

The central part of the map is from Norway all the way down to South Africa and includes 38 other countries. The total number of children is 402 million. The largest populations are in Nigeria at 53 mil.,Ethiopia 34 mil.,Egypt 25 mil, the Congo and Russia respectively at 24 mil. and Germany at 13 mil.

The last part of the map includes India and Pakistan Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan and some smaller middle east countries but then includes Bangladash, Indonesia, the Phillipines and Dave's home of Australia and lastly includes China. The total number of children in this region is 862 million. The largest number of children are in India 350 mil.,China 307 mil.,Indonesia 65 mil,Pakistan 62 mil.,Bangladesh 55 mil. and the last is Dave's nation at 4 million. Must be a lot of ugly people down there. just kidding! LOL!!!

So if the age is indeed 15 and under, then the total comes to 1,529,000,000 children that will be gone in a flash. As a father who has lost a child and knows the grief that stops you in your tracks,this will devastate the world in a way that every nation will be crippled in a way for a while.

Thanks for posting how the children being raptured will affect the world. Absolutely staggering when you see the actual number. How blessed all these children will be. Lord I praise your name and thank you that so many children will be spared the fate that their mothers and fathers will face. Blessed is the Lord for in Him we shall not perish but have everlasting life!

Robin said...

That IS a staggering number, though I'm somewhat surprised the number of children in Pakistan is so low? I've travelled in both Pakistan and India and both feel equally densely populated. I have a particularly large soft spot in my heart for children of both countries. Jesus reminds us "blessed are the poor" and sincerely, in my travels, I've not seen any nation that can come close to the poverty in India and Pakistan (though I've not travelled much in Africa). Barefoot children blowing up the free condums handed out by the government and playing with them like balloons, for lack of toys . . .across an open sewer . . .poor children with purposefully amputated limbs to make them efficient beggars . . .there's simply not enough words to describe the sights, the smells of the children in both countries. How comforting to know their blessings will be so much greater than anything any of us can even imagine . . .

Dutch Treat said...

Robin and James, Great post about all the children who will be taken up. It sure will cause devastation. Lets hope and pray that it will cause a spiritual awkening in their left behind parents so that they may be saved, even though they'll have to go through hell on earth.

James N Nashville said...

Robin I know what you mean. India is about 4-5 times the size of Pakistan. I guess that is why there is such a difference.

Here is the link so you can see the map.

James N Nashville said...


Taking a further look India has 1.25 billion people with half of it's population under the ageof 25.
The size of the country is almost as big as Russia.

Pakistan's population in 2010 was 178 million which explains why the number of children below 15 are lower in number.

GG said...

Hi James, Robin & Dave~

What a wonderful discussion. The whole age of accountability thing has touched my heart for quite some time. When no one is truly sure what that age is, I was even hoping a fair number would be 18. (going high). That may be wishful thinking on my part to scoop in as many of God's young children as possible.

I really appreciate your discussions on this topic. I love to hear someone else has a pulse on that age range as well. My heart as you can see goes for those kids that just exceed that age of accountability. If we think back as to what we were doing at that age, not many kids had their focus on the Lord. I am praying hard for them.

God Bless!!


Dave down under said...

Hi robin, just in case you thought I was insulting your country, I wasn't. I was referring to the good side portrayed in chapter 18. No other country has inspired the world provided for the world and has had the manufacturing capabilities as America, I believe. And I can tell you it would be sad to stand off shore and watch America burn because of it's greatness. We have a population of 22 million but with a landscape virtually the size of America. God bless.

Robin said...

Dear Brother Dave . . .I didn't find your comment insulting in the least. I simply believe Babylon really is Babylon, in what used to be known as Mesopotamia, and is now Iraq. Iraqi's have been rebuilding Iraq for a few years now.

Robin said...

Sorry LOL, rebuilding Babylon :) (I think I need a nap) :)

DrNofog said...

"The woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth ... Here is the mind which hath wisdom: The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth" —Revelation 17:18,9.

Rome, which inherited the Babylonian Mystery religion and the Emperor being the Pontifex Maximus [High Priest {Pope}] , is the only city in the world that sits on 7 mountains that fits the above description. It was a death sentence to speak of Rome in such a manner, hence the Apostles and John in Revelation referred to it cryptically as Babylon...

Many, many books on the sub verify this over and again...

DrNofog said...

Well, since EI, our resident expert on the RCC, is out goofing off on vacation again, I went over here to find John's email address to ask him if he wanted to chime in with his knowledge of the RCC and I found this:

"Here's some stats from a must see short video:

Click Here

The question is:
Who is blessing Israel, a nation that is hated of all nations [just like the prophecies said], and being pressured by the nations through the UN to divide the Land [warned against according to Prophecy]??

Certainly not Satan, who hates them the most, and is rallying the world against "Israel"!

Certainly not the Illuminati, the UN, or for that matter, not a single nation can claim credit or account for "Israel's" phenomenal stats!

Who, then, is blessing Israel? ..."

Quoted almost verbatim from here - Saturday, July 23, 2011 5:18:00 PM CDT
...without link, credit or so much as a how-do-you-do...

Guess EI was right!