Monday, November 30, 2009

The EU already on schedule

Within days of the Lisbon Treaty finalization and the new leadership positions filled, the EU turns its attention to Israel. Right on schedule. In fact, even sooner than expected. We know two germane facts from biblical prophecy:

1. The antichrist will come from the revived Roman Empire and
2. He will be identifiable (to those still on earth, if they have discovered the Bible), because he will be the individual who confirms the covenant described in Daniel 9:27. Only the antichrist will do this. The peace covenant he "confirms" is considered as the long awaited peace deal between Israel and her enemies.

Therefore, the EU (or whatever the EU has grown into at that point) and its leader at that time (aka the antichrist), will broker the deal in the Middle East, which will finally appear to be THE peace deal. Bible prophecy also tells us that this peace will only last a brief period as warfare will ensue soon after (Revelation 6).

Given this prophetic information, it is not surprising that the EU, within days of finalizing Lisbon, is turning its attention towards Israel and the Middle East.

"EU foreign ministers likely to call for division of Jerusalem".

And of course, also in keeping with what we would expect, the EU is calling for a divided Jerusalem:

"European Union foreign ministers are expected to officially call next week for the division of Jerusalem, to serve as the capitals of both Israel and Palestine. A draft document authored by the current holder of the rotating EU presidency, Sweden, and implying that the EU would recognize a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood, has been obtained by Haaretz."

The last statement is chilling and quite possibly represents a huge development: "implying that the EU would recognize a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood." The ramifications of this are almost too big to comprehend. The EU is actually stating that they would favor a Palestinian state without Israel even agreeing to this or being involved in the process.

Any such development would create new borders - aka the "pre-1967 borders" - which would include Israel giving up the West Bank, half of Jerusalem and potentially the Golan Heights. These areas would serve as a perfect staging area for the battle of Gog-MaGog, which takes place on "the mountains of Israel".

We see the following interesting quotes:

"The draft refers directly to the situation in East Jerusalem, calling on "all parties to refrain from provocative actions" and stating the EU Council "has never recognized the annexation of East Jerusalem. If there is to be a genuine peace, a way must be found to resolve the status of Jerusalem as capital of two states. The Council calls for the reopening of Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem in accordance with the road map. It also calls on the Israeli government to cease all discriminatory treatment of Palestinians in East Jerusalem."

"On the issue of borders, the document states that the EU will not accept any changes made by Israel to the 1967 borders unless they have PA approval. The EU, it says, welcomes PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad's proposal of a unilateral declaration of statehood and would "be able, at the appropriate time, to recognize a Palestinian state."

The specificity and detailed nature of biblical prophecy never ceases to amaze me. We have literally just witnessed the formal consolidation of Europe - a reuniting of the Roman Empire - exactly as the Bible described. We are literally watching the development of a peace plan for Israel and the Middle-East - by this revived Roman Empire - and only days after its formal consolidation. We are literally watching the entire world calling for Jerusalem to be divided - now with the revived Roman Empire leading the charge. And they might just do it without Israel's consent.

The plan is being formulated. All it needs is a powerful figure to emerge and make it happen.

A literal view of prophecy, in my opinion, dictates that the Church will have been "gathered up" prior to the antichrist being revealed. Therefore, the Church will be gone before this peace "covenant" is finalized or "confirmed" by the antichrist. That is the main reason this is all so important - it reveals the nearness of the Rapture.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iran Defiant by Adding More Nuclear Facilities

This isn't really surprising news. In the midst of negotiations over their nuclear facilities, Iran has not only refused to slow down their nuclear progress, but now, in a defiant gesture, they are making public plans to actually add 10 new uranium enrichment plants.

"Iran Approves Plan to Build 10 New Uranium Enrichment Plants". This represents a dramatic snubbing of all international representatives who have been attempting to negotiate with Iran. Quotes from this article confirm this:

"Iran approved plans Sunday to build 10 new uranium enrichment facilities, a dramatic expansion in defiance of the U.N. nuclear watchdog, days after it demanded Tehran stop construction on one plant and halt all enrichment activities."

"On Friday, the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency issued a strong rebuke of Iran over enrichment, infuriating Tehran. Parliament speaker Ali Larijani threatened on Sunday to reduce cooperation with the IAEA."

"It noted that IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei cannot confirm that Tehran's nuclear program is exclusively geared toward peaceful uses, and expressed "serious concern" that Iran's stonewalling of an agency probe means "the possibility of military dimensions to Iran's nuclear program" cannot be excluded."

This is an outrageous, public act for Iran, and it reveals several things.

- Iran clearly has no intention of diminishing or slowing down their nuclear efforts.
- Iran is not concerned about international sanctions.
- Iran is aware that the world realizes their true nuclear ambitions and has now officially snubbed their collective noses at the world.
- Iran seems to be baiting Israel and itching for a fight.

It is this last point that deserves the most attention. I have long believed that Iran has been baiting Israel to "invade" their nuclear facilities. The reason for this seems obvious - they continually come out with similar news - very thinly veiled news (revealing their nuclear progress, while saying its for peaceful means, when everyone knows better) whenever they make such public announcements. Iran's leaders constantly speak publicly about the demise and destruction of Israel and at the same time, comes out very publicly with news of their nuclear development. They know exactly what they are doing.

Why would Iran bait Israel into an attack?

It is only speculation, but it could be quite simple. If Israel "invades" Iran, they will immediately become martyrs in the eyes of the rest of the Islamic world. They will immediately become the rallying point for Muslims in the Middle East to take action against Israel. In addition, Iran would have an excuse to send missiles into Israel in "defense", and, in my opinion, rally the invading nations that are described in Ezekiel 38-39. Russia will also immediately become involved, in Iran's defense.

In other words, if Israel would just invade Iran, then Iran would instantly have the perfect situation that they envision.

Don't forget, Iran's president, Ahmadinejad is perfectly willing to lose hundreds of thousands of Iranian lives in order to accomplish his ultimate goals of warfare in and around Israel. This way, in his opinion, he can hasten the arrival of the Islamic Messiah, and subsequent world Islamic rule. The best way to accomplish this, is to trigger an Israeli "invasion" - and at that point he will have everything he needs, both militarily and strategically to engage in war with Israel. By contrast, if he were to invade Israel first, unprovoked, then he would face strong international condemnation, and Russia would be far more reluctant to become involved on Iran's behalf.

The perfect set-up, for Ahmadinejad, is to have Israel attack first. He seems to know this - and this most recent act of defiance may accomplish this scenario.

Ahmadinejad is literally begging for a fight. He may get it. I would recommend that he read Ezekiel 38-39 first, but that seems highly doubtful.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Surge in Quakes

This is another pertinent story that is being ignored by the MSM.

Over the last several days, we have most certainly seen a very high activity level in quakes and they have occurred in "diverse places":

- 5.1 Greece (11-26)
- 5.2 China (11-27)
- 4.4, 6.2, 4.6 Indonesia (11-27, 11-28)
- 4.9 Kamchatka (11-27)
- 6.1 New Zealand (11-28)
- 5.0 Tonga Islands (11-27)
- 5.1 Peru (11-28)
- 4.8 Leeward Islands (11-28)
- 4.7 Mexico (11-27)
- 5.0 Kuril Islands (11-26)
- 5.9 El Salvador (11-26)
- 5.5 Venezuela (11-27)

Earthquake Map.

Thats a lot of shaking on this planet. Earthquakes have steadily risen over the course of this "generation", as described by Jesus. And, of note, they have occurred in cycles, or perhaps better described as "birthpains" in association with all of the other signs that we observe. Because of the vast array of monitoring stations that have been created - again - during this generation, man has the ability to monitor quakes which are occurring in "diverse places".

Exactly as Jesus described.

Friday, November 27, 2009

While we're watching

This little piece of news is potentially "interesting", just in the spirit of watching the consolidation of the EU, now under the Lisbon Treaty. I was reading another (uninteresting) article about the new EU President, Mr Van Rompuy see here, and stumbled on this statement (which, in turn led to some "investigations" on my part):

"Meanwhile, the internal rules also make it clear how powerful the secretary general of the council - Frenchman Pierre de Boissieu - will be. Referred to by the Swedish EU presidency as the person who 'oils' the EU's machines, Mr de Boissieu was until now the deputy secretary-general of the council and will assume his beefed up role on 1 December, when the Lisbon Treaty comes into force."

Below are three articles which provide more information on Pierre de Boissieu:

"Secretary-General behind the scenes at the EU".

Wikipedia summary of Pierre de Boissieu.

"A Brussles Legend".

Interesting quotes from these articles:

"Pierre de Boissieu is a Brussels legend. To some he is the epitome of all that is worst about the Eurocracy-a highly intelligent, secretive, scheming, know-it-all French bureaucrat who has managed to make the transition from being his country’s ambassador to the EU, to being the deputy secretary-general (top man, basically) at the council of ministers. At least he is just as hard on his own team as everyone else’s. As France’s ambassador he was famous for his ill-disguised contempt for some of the pathetic politicians sent from Paris."

"In practice, the post is best described as ‘the spider in the web’. The Secretary-General must keep track of all actors and act as an adviser, coordinator and administrator all at the same time. But despite its central role, the post is described in just one sentence in the Treaty of Lisbon. It says that “the Council shall be assisted by a General Secretariat under the responsibility of a Secretary-General appointed by the Council”. On 1 December, Mr de Boissieu will take up his post and will then become responsible for the Council Secretariat’s 3,500 employees."

This is interesting, because it appears that the position of Secretary-General is very powerful, and is primarily a "behind the scenes" scenario. These types of positions, in my opinion, are always worth watching.

Additionally, any activity within the EU Council is of potential interest, simply because Daniel 7 describes that the antichrist will rise from and later lead "10 Kings", which will come from the "revived Roman Empire" and provide the basis of power, according to both Daniel 2 and 7. The EU Council is led by the 10-country membership of the Western EU, (Western European Union description here), which is clearly the most important and powerful body within the EU. Now we have an interesting, powerful, "behind the scenes" individual who may be of potential interest as far as prophecy watching.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meet the President of Europe

The links below provide very detailed and interesting information on Europe's new president.

Meet the President of Europe". This article discusses his roots, his philosophy (which, interestingly, has changed dramatically over the years), and his rise to power. I am by no means trying to pin the antichrist label on Mr Van Rompuy, in fact, he seems an unlikely candidate to me. However, he could be, at a minimum, someone who aids in paving the road for the antichrist. Based upon this article, his views are very much consistent with the globalist agenda and the overall movement - that we are observing - towards the Tribulation.

Additionally, find an interesting video, in which Mr Van Rompuy describes his "New World Order" desire:

"New EU President confirms New World Order desire".

The movements and policy of the EU President are of great interest, as we observe the overall progress towards a future a one-world governance and the growth of this revived Roman Empire.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

War Games

"Analysts speculate Israeli-Iranian war scenario in wake of Iran defense maneuver". This article provides several potential scenario's involving the inevitable conflict between Israel and Iran. This is very sobering as every scenario is difficult and very messy. War games are being conducted by both Israel and Iran as the clock winds down.

In another article worth posting today, and we should do this more frequently, we see the increase in Christian persecution continuing. In this article we see how China continues to ramp up their efforts to persecute Christians:

"China: Persecution Increases".

Across the world there are countless Christians who are imprisoned, tortured, in hiding, worshiping and having bible studies in secret locations, attempting to witness without being arrested, awaiting phony trials and life imprisonment or death, starving, beaten and separated from their families. We need to pray daily for our brothers and sisters who are enduring these hardships.

Monday, November 23, 2009

In the news...

Monday morning always seems to have several pertinent news articles and today is no exception. It also seems that Monday's present with a general theme, and again, today is no exception. Today's news seems focused on the continual build-up of war preparations between Israel and Iran:

"Iran: We'll hit Tel Aviv if attacked".

"Time to Neutron Iran". In this article, we see the possibility that Israel could unleash their neutron bombs against Iran's nuclear facilities - as such weaponry may be the only possible way to destroy these facilities.

"Iran Testing Air Defense System for Nuclear Plants".

In an unrelated article, linked below, find Joel Rosenberg's reflections on the recent EU appointments:

"EU Creates Historic and Undemocratic New Post - President of Europe".

Mr Rosenberg has an interesting view and I tend to agree. The most significant aspect of Van Rompuy's appointment as EU President could be his position regarding Turkey. Mr Van Rompuy is vigorously opposed to allowing Turkey into the EU. As this commentary points out, "Van Rompuy's 'election/selection' will accelerate Turkey's dramatic shift from NATO ally to ally of Iran, Syria and Russia. Why? Van Rompuy is an avowed opponent of Turkish entrance into the EU and the Turks are furious."

The epic invasion, battle and the subsequent, direct intervention by God is approaching. Day by day we see the build-up from a military perspective and the ever-increasing rhetoric. God reminded us of this fact, in a very specific, direct manner:

"It is coming! It will surely take place, declares the Sovereign Lord. This is the say I have spoken of." (Ezekiel 39:8)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fighting the "Main-Stream-Media" with the Truth

It amazes me when I encounter someone who spits out the mantra given by the main-stream-media (MSM) regarding the Middle-East, specifically the current situation in Israel. For reasons that escape me - most people I encounter have opinions on the situation in and around Israel that are not fact-based nor grounded in reality. When I attempt to dig a little deeper to discover the root of their views, I typically discover that such individuals have no idea of the history in the region, the basis of the current borders around Israel, nor do they have any idea of the different invasions of Israel, which have always happened unexpectedly, at times when Israeli's were living peacefully. The first such attack was almost immediately after the 1948 announcement of Israel's becoming a nation. Israel's survival of this first attack was clearly "supernatural", but thats another story.

For an interesting and fact-based website regarding the six-day war of 1967, this link is excellent: "The Six-Day War: Causes and Consequences".

There was never a country called "Palestine". There was never a language of "Palestine". There was never a "President" of Palestine. The "disputed" regions - the so-called "occupied" regions - were actually land areas previously under the domain of Jordan, Egypt and Syria. Each of these countries participated in the massive, unexpected troop build-up and subsequent attacks on Israeli borders, and these land areas were reclaimed by Israel as they fought to defend themselves. These land areas were never part of some mythical country called "Palestine".

Additionally, after these wars were fought, Egypt, Syria and Jordan did nothing to attempt to reintegrate their citizens back into their lands. No, that would have effectively solved many of the problems we have today with the newly named "Palestinians", a mixture of Jordanians, Syrians, and Egyptians - who now serve the political purposes of those who desire to destroy Israel (by force). By attempting to show that this group of people ("Palestinians") are living in land "occupied" by Israel, these unfortunate Palestinians have become pawns in the ever-present effort to destroy Israel.

Why doesn't Israel simply give up this "disputed" land and end the problems?

1. As mentioned before and seen in yesterday's blog - the surrounding terrorists groups, including the PA, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah (as supported by Iran), etc., have made it clear that their only intention is to destroy Israel, and they don't want peace. The MSM and politicians ignore this rather obvious fact.

2. It is impossible to create a true peace deal, considering #1 above.

3. The land under "dispute" is VERY important from a military perspective. If Israel were to give up the Golan Heights and the West Bank, they would be vulnerable to yet another massive attack by their enemies. The same enemies who are sworn to destroy Israel. This is part of an overall strategy to destroy Israel. Once the terrorists groups become embedded in these areas, another invasion into Israel would be far more effective. THAT is the end-game of the so-called "land dispute".

4. Also, as mentioned before, if the ONLY path to "peace" is Israel giving up their land - or AKA - the "pre-1967 borders" -- then WHY DID THEY ATTACK IN 1967 WHEN THEY HAD THESE BORDERS? Why? Because its a lie. I repeat - the surrounding terrorist groups and terrorist sponsored states ONLY want to see Israel completely destroyed. This isn't my speculation, this is a matter of public record. In fact, these groups (Hamas, Hezbollah, PA, Fatah, Iran and Syria) have repeated endlessly that they want Israel completely destroyed. The ONLY people not getting that overt message are the MSM, the politically-correct politicians and the people who only read the MSM's constant lies, and believe them.

5. Ezekiel 36-39 makes it clear that Israel's regathering in the land of Israel is part of God's overall plan. God made it clear that HE would return the Nation of Israel back to their land. The restoration of Israel's land is also part of God's plan. This land was granted to Israel BY GOD Himself, in an everlasting, unconditional covenant (Genesis 12:2-3 and Genesis 15). Also - God Himself will personally destroy the surrounding enemies of Israel:

"I will execute judgment upon him with plague and bloodshed: I will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur on him and the many nations with him. And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord." (Ezekiel 38:22-23)

"I will display my glory among the nations, and all the nations will see the punishment I inflict and the hand I lay upon them" (Ezekiel 39:21)

Isn't it crystal clear where GOD stands on the Middle-East situation? God Himself granted this land to Israel. God Himself has brought Israel back to their land. And God Himself will destroy the enemies who currently surround Israel - those groups who are attempting in every conceivable way, to destroy Israel.

If this isn't enough - we also have the prophecies (warnings?) of Zechariah 12 - which have been discussed so many times on
this forum - those scriptures which clearly state - that the nations who attempt to divide Israel and attempt to "move" Jerusalem away from Israel will be "cut into pieces".

Could God be ANY more clear on where HE stands regarding the current situation in the Middle East?

If God Himself will defend Israel... If God Himself states clearly that the nations should NOT attempt to divide Israel and destroy Israel's sovereignty over their land and Jerusalem -- then who are we -- out of a sense of "political correctness" to argue against God's desire?

God's position is clear. I'm siding with God. Period.

Does this line of reasoning indicate that Israel is perfect and sin free?
Does this line of reasoning dictate that ALL "Palestinians" are "bad people"?

Of course not. In fact, God makes it clear that He is defending Israel and Israeli land for HIS NAME. God is perfectly aware that Israel was "in exile for their sin because they were unfaithful" and God deals with Israel based on their "uncleanness and their offenses" (Ezekiel 39:23-24).

According to God Himself: "When I have brought them back from the nations and have gathered them from the countries of their enemies, I will show myself holy through them in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord their God, for though I sent them into exile among the nations, I will gather them to their own land..." (Ezekiel 39:27).

Below is a very nice video summary of this situation as provided by Hal Lindsey:

Hal Lindsey Video Link.

The MSM, Israel's enemies, terrorist groups, and anyone desiring to be "politically correct" (as determined by the MSM) and desires to see Israel divided, Jerusalem divided, Israeli land given away, etc. -- are directly opposing God. Period. It is a hard truth, but it is a truth given in the Bible.

Who's side are you on?

Friday, November 20, 2009

This is interesting...

I'm not sure how else to categorize this article, other than just that: Interesting....

I've been quick to jump on the bandwagon that the two top posts "selected" to lead the EU are uninteresting. At least from a prophecy perspective. Perhaps I spoke too soon (?).

As more information starts to come out, it seems that Mr Van Rompuy could be more than the introverted academic type that has been portrayed. We see a new article from the Telegraph which describes another aspect to his personality:

"Herman Van Rompay: quirky exterior conceals sharp operator". Quotes:

"During his candidacy, he was portrayed as the perfect conciliator with valuable experience as Belgium's Prime Minister of bridging the divide between the warring Flemish and Walloon communities and holding his country together."

"In reality, and behind his harmless, eccentric and literary persona, Mr Van Rompuy, 62, is a sharp political operator who is not above using dirty tricks to stymie his opponents."

"Europe's leaders may find to their cost that the man they chose to chair their EU summits possesses dark arts that will be turned against anyone, such as an incoming Conservative prime minister, who challenges the Brussels consensus."

"His skill as camouflaging himself as essentially harmless disarmed Gordon Brown who dropped British concerns over his federalist politics to allow him into the EU President post."

"Mr Van Rompuy is a supporter of the creation of an EU federal state, with its own anthem, flag and with powers to collect taxes on car fuel or financial transactions from Europe's citizens."

"Even in his native Belgium, Mr Van regarded as something of an enigma."

Maybe this appointment is more interesting than originally thought.

In the news...

First, the new EU top positions are receiving a lot of criticism:

"Press criticise EU appointments".

"EU foreign head dismisses critics".

"New appointments mark an improbable rise".

The complaints are rather obvious. These two individuals are both unknowns, lack experience, lack "international profile", and the process of "selection", rather than an election process is also receiving numerous complaints.

Also in the news:

More calls for a single, world currency:

"Calls rise for a new global currency".

...and another emerging story thats is looking more and more "real":

"Syria suspected of concealing nuclear activity".

It is beginning to look like Syria is also attempting to obtain nuclear weapons. One concerning quote from this article:

"The precarious, global nuclear state of affairs involving Iran, North Korea and Pakistan is troubling...Countries in the Middle East procuring nuclear weapons would be at the top of my list of concerns. Thats why dealing with the Iranian program is so important, and that's why paying continued attention to what's happening in Pakistan is important."

"Kay, a former United Nations weapons inspector, says the existence of an underground nuclear weapons network could initiate a irreversible and harmful course of nuclear proliferation."

Indeed...There are many descriptions from the book of Revelation, in chapters 6-18 - those chapters that involve the various judgments of the Tribulation. There are several situations in the Tribulation that appear to result from nuclear weapons use, so it is not surprising that we see more and more scenarios of terrorists and terrorist nations obtaining nuclear weapons. This is a very concerning scenario that receives little attention from the main-stream-media.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

EU chooses unknowns for top jobs

Thus far, the only available article which deals with the EU decision is from the EU Observer. There will surely be more articles coming out tomorrow, along with plenty of additional commentaries.

For now, all we have is this:"EU chooses unknowns for new top jobs". In this article we see the following:

"EU leaders have chosen Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy to be the first president of the European Council, while UK trade commissioner Catherine Ashton will become the bloc's foreign policy chief."

"Mr Van Rompuy, from the centre-right political family, is a trained economist and has been running Belgium for less than a year...and is known for his low-key style, which includes a line in self-deprecatory humour and caravan holidays."

"The presidency decision - nominating a person from a small country with no international profile - confirms the speculation of recent weeks that the majority of member states wanted to choose a person whose main role will be that of a fixer, rather than someone who can open doors in Washington and Moscow."

"Catherine Ashton, meanwhile, emerged relatively late in the race to be the EU's top diplomat. Her name appeared after foreign secretary David Miliband, the preferred candidate at the beginning, said he was not interested in the job. Ashton, a trade commissioner since October last year, has no foreign policy experience and has never held a senior ministerial post."

The article goes on to say that the EU Parliament has to approve the appointment of Ms Ashton, without mentioning if it must also approve Mr Van Rompuy's position.

This is interesting in many levels. First of all, from reading the various EU blogs, there are many people who were calling for strong leaders - leaders who have an "international presence" for these top jobs. These folks seem very disappointed and feel that the EU has just missed a tremendous opportunity to have strong leadership and increase the "clout" of the EU. It is fascinating that they would select a person to head EU foreign policy; someone who has never had any experience in foreign policy. Perhaps some of the commentaries later in the week will lend some insight into this perplexing selection.

Prophetically, these appointments seem very uninteresting. It is hard to imagine either of these individuals as having any significant prophetic role. Mr Van Rompuy certainly appears to be more of a "background player" - a relative introvert - and someone more interested in the nuances of internal policy - not someone interested in grand plans for the EU or EU growth. Ms Ashton is equally uninteresting from a prophetic perspective for obvious reasons.

Of course, it will be interesting to watch these individuals and see what types of policies they will pursue - and they will hold very powerful positions within the EU. Still, it is hard to envision either of these individuals brokering and "confirming" the covenant from Daniel 9:27.

My EU watching will now shift somewhat, in light of this new information.

From Daniel 7:20 and 7:23, we know that the figure ultimately known as the antichrist will rise from 10 Kings - 10 Kings who will already be in existence as he rises to power. Now, as mentioned before, the EU President is actually and "technically" the head of the EU Council, which has 10 member states. It could be argued that the EU President could fit that description (as residing over 10 Kings) - but such thinking assumes that the "10 Kings" of Daniel 7 and Revelation 17 is represented by the EU Council. That assumption is exactly that - an assumption.

So I am watching for the following:

- The emergence of "10 KIngs", either as a growth of the EU or as some other functioning body within the EU. Interestingly, the Mediterranean Union has recently divided into a northern half and a southern half, with each half having 5 "representative" countries (5+5=10). We'll continue to watch for those types of developments. Additionally, many scholars believe that the EU will grow via international "unions" which will ultimately become 10 world "regions" with each having a "President" who serves under the antichrist.

- The stability of the two individuals just named - in these positions. I have always felt that these are positions of significant power within the EU, and it may take several different people serving in these roles before the "right person" comes along. The successes or failures of these individuals and their actions, particularly with regard to Israel and the Middle East will definitely create interest in the context of prophecy watching.

- Anyone significant figure emerging within the EU, including the individuals just named; someone who becomes involved in the Middle-East peace process and has a tangible plan to confirm a covenant which involves the status of Israel and their surrounding enemies.

After all, the Lisbon Treaty has only been in existence for a matter of days. There will be a lot of "moving and shaking" within the EU in the weeks to come. This is just the beginning.

The real story

Occasionally the truth leaks out - and of course, when it does, the main-stream-media conveniently ignores it.
As a back-drop to the issue of peace in the Middle-East, we remember that the two terrorists groups Hamas, who now occupies Gaza, and Hezbollah, who occupies southern Lebanon must be on board or there will be no peace. These two groups must be on board along with the central group, the Palestinian Authority.

Today we see the true intentions of Hamas, as we have seen so many times in the past:

Hamas: Terrorism to Eliminate Israel is a 'Principle'".

"In an interview published Thursday in the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat, a Hamas spokesman said that the jihadist movement is loyal to 'Palestinian principles' in its policy of terrorism against the Jews until Israel ceases to exist."

"Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas claimed earlier this month that Hamas had agreed to the establishment of a Palestinian state within temporary borders. Osama Hamdan, a Hamas spokesman in Lebanon and close associate of powerful Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal, rejected the idea, however."

Here is the punch line:

"Hamas, Hamdan explained, has never agreed and will never agree to any recognition of Israel's legitimacy as a sovereign state. An agreement to temporary borders contradicts this position, as it would constitute acceptance of Jewish sovereignty over the pre-1967 borders of Israel, he added."

"The Hamas plan is based on obtaining a Palestinian state by force of arms, Hamdan said, 'not by way of agreements, a path that has failed'...Hamdan emphasized further that, in fact, it is Hamas that is remaining loyal to 'basic Palestinian principles' in fighting against any agreements with Israel."

So there we have it (again). The local terrorists groups will not recognize any peace deal with Israel because of the simple fact - in their view, Israel simply needs to be destroyed by force.

Yet, despite this rather large "pink elephant" ever present in the room - it will be ignored as "the world" pretends that these types of statements haven't been made, and there really can be peace in the Middle-East.

Because of this enormous obstacle to achieving peace in the region, it is easy to speculate on one possible scenario:

The battle of Gog-MaGog will decimate the surrounding terrorists groups and the invading countries, and the destruction will be dramatic. Following the battle of Gog-Magog (Ezekiel 38-39) the current obstruction(s) to the peace process will be removed.

I believe we could see the following scenario play out (again, this is strictly speculation on my part):

1) Israel "attacks" Iran, eliminating their nuclear facilities.

2) The Muslim world is inflamed and the Iranian-Russian alliance leads to the Gog-MaGog battle, which leads to destruction of the local terrorist groups, along with the other invading groups.

3) The antichrist arrives on the scene and creates his (temporary) peace deal as described in Daniel 9:27 - by "confirming the covenant" - marking the beginning of the Tribulation. Such an peace deal would also, presumably also allow for the rebuilding for the temple.

This scenario is obviously full of speculation. However, I cannot see any acceptance of peace in the region until Hamas and Hezbollah are eliminated, and Gog-MaGog is the only explanation that I can find that would create this scenario.

We shall see...Or perhaps not. More speculation on my part has me believing that the Rapture of the Church occurs prior to the Gog-MaGog battle, as stated so many times in the past.

Again, this is all speculation, and there are many more possible scenarios that could occur.

Either way, we'll be watching...If we are still here.

EU decision pending

The EU Observer is reporting that the big decisions pending over the two top posts (EU President and Head of foreign policy) may be determined tonight:
"Decision time looms for EU top jobs":

"After weeks of speculation and recriminations over a lack of transparency, EU leaders will meet in Brussels on Thursday evening (19 November) to decide who will take up the new posts created under the Lisbon Treaty."

"...the recent backroom dealing has both been very difficult and left the EU open to criticism about the lack of democracy in its decision-making process."

"The floor also remains largely open for the potentially more powerful position of high representative for foreign affairs with EU pundits increasingly wondering how the future will manage the busy schedule of the multi-faceted job. UK foreign minister David Miliband has apparently ruled himself out for the job that is expected to go to a centre-left candidate, with Italy's Massimo D'Alema another contender."

For more information on Massimo D'Alema see this article: "EU: D'Alema gains support for foreign policy post".

So it looks like it may be a few more hours, or perhaps tomorrow before we see who has been selected for these two positions.

The last sentence in the first article posted above was somewhat interesting:

"But the lack of consensus over either of the posts means a dark horse may yet steal the show."

Indeed. We shall see.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More news...

Two pertinent articles this morning:

1. Updates on the emerging disease in the Ukraine. This link is long and scientifically detailed, but it is by far the best and most scientific analysis of what is happening in the Ukraine. It is quite ominous (and as a reminder, I don't "endorse" any website that is linked):

"Deadly flu spreads across Ukraine".

2. The EU is struggling with their self-imposed deadline to name the top positions within the EU, which was due on Nov. 19:

"EU no closer to consensus on names for top jobs". It will be interesting to see how this situation evolves. I assume there will be statements issued tomorrow, whether they select individuals for these positions or not.

Its all about Jerusalem

Last week we looked at the current status of Jerusalem and the highly "improbable" prophecy that this relatively small city would receive the world's attention as it has become the epicenter of the Middle East negotiations. To supplement this commentary
("Jerusalem: A ticking time bomb"), we see today's article from Israel national news which adds more detail to the situation:

"Netanyahu Quietly Rejects US Clamp on Jerusalem". In this article we find several revealing facts which lend insight into U.S. - Israeli discussions and the current thinking from the Netanyahu administration. Quotes below:

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has quietly rejected an attempt by the United States to clamp down on Israeli construction within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. Netanyahu is not willing to publicly discuss his response to the U.S. criticism, however, nor will he allow anyone else in his government to talk about it."

"During a media briefing Tuesday in Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman Ian Kelly slammed the decision by the Jerusalem Municipal Planning Committee to approve a plan to build 900 housing units in Gilo."

"And - just to repeat what we've said all along, our position on Jerusalem is clear, Kelly added. 'We believe that - that Jerusalem is a permanent status issue that must be resolved through negotiations between the two parties."

"'Red Line' Drawn at Jerusalem"
"Prime Minister Netanyahu has been willing to show the 'greatest possible restraint' concerning construction in Judea and Samaria, according to a government source. However, he said. Netanyahu firmly drew the line at Jerusalem."

Jerusalem's city mayor said it all in this quote:

"The demand to cease construction just for Jews is illegal, also in the United States and any other enlightened place in the world. It is inconceivable that the U.S. government would demand a construction freeze in the U.S. based on race, religion or sex, and the attempt to demand this from Jerusalem constitutes a double standard that is unacceptable."

And on que, the rest of the world weighs in on the situation and seems to "know best" what is appropriate for Israel and Jerusalem:

"United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon added his voice to the chorus of Western disapproval of the Jerusalem municipality's actions Tuesday night, according to IDF Army Radio. U.N. spokeswoman Michele Montas said in a statement that Ban 'believes such actions undermine efforts for peace and cast doubt on the viability of the two-state solution.'"

"The British Foreign Office also issued a statement saying 'The Foreign Secretary has been very clear that a credible deal involves Jerusalem as a shared capital. Expanding settlements on occupied land in east Jerusalem makes that deal much harder, so this decision on Gilo is wrong and we oppose it."

Once again, we see Jerusalem as the "stumbling block" for the entire Middle East peace process, just as biblical prophecy would dictate. We also see that the "nations" are attempting to "move" Jerusalem from Israel - something that is strongly warned against in the book of Zechariah - specifically Zechariah 12. God made no exceptions in this warning, and the United States is certainly not excluded from this warning.

Food for thought.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paving the road

As mentioned many times before, it seems that the entire world is moving in the direction of the Tribulation, and more specifically, the road is being paved for the arrival and reign of the antichrist. From the world's financial crisis leading to the G20 and the UN calling for a single currency, to the world financial system in place, to the growth of the EU with the newly formed positions there, and loss of liberties stemming from the war on terror, and even the progress towards the Mark of the Beast. Michael Mickey has a very interesting update on the progress towards technology potentially supporting the Mark of the Beast.

Below is the article in its entirety and the link:Original article here.

Will We Be Microchipped?

by Michael G. Mickey

Bible prophecy foretells a time coming in the prophetic future when the prophesied Antichrist is going to cause "all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Revelation 13:16-17)

All of us familiar with bible prophecy know what the preceding Scripture specifically refers to, namely the mark of the beast, but do we fully realize that right now, buried within a Democratic party-endorsed bill that most of us overwhelmingly stand in opposition to, the precursor to the mark of the beast, at the very least, may be lurking, largely unseen by the public?

The following is an excerpt from a Canada Free Press article dealing, in part, with ObamaCare and the Democratic Party's greatly sought health care reform bill:
The Obama Health care bill under Class II (Paragraph 1, Section B) specifically includes in its lists of things that must be registered in the NATIONAL MEDICAL DEVICE REGISTRY: ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable.”

Then on page 1004 it describes what the term “data” means in paragraph 1, section B:
‘‘(B) In this paragraph, the term ‘data’ refers to information respecting a device described in paragraph (1), including claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.”
What is meant by the term, “class II device that is implantable”?

According to the FDA, a class II implantable device is a “implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient identification and health information.” The purpose of a class II device is to collect data in medical patients such as “claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.” In other words an RFID chip such as are used in a number of dogs and cats. Just like Obama’s dogs.
Humans being marked in the manner domestic pets and livestock presently are? That's precisely what bible prophecy seems to foretell coming, does it not?

Numerous times in the past I've directed my readers to consider the possibility that the implantable microchip, the VeriChip, could be the prophesied mark of the beast in the making or a precursor to same. The information above does nothing to discredit that possibility. To the contrary, it raises the possibility dramatically, especially when we consider the course VeriChip Corporation recently embarked on.

In an article entitled "VeriChip Buys Steel Vault, Creating Micro-Implant Health Record/Credit Score Empire" we read the following, in part:
VeriChip (CHIP), the company that markets a microchip implant that links to your online health records, has acquired Steel Vault (SVUL), a credit monitoring and anti-identity theft company. The combined company will operate under a new name: PositiveID.

The all-stock transaction will leave PositiveID in charge of a burgeoning empire of identity, health and microchip implant businesses that will only encourage its critics. BNET previously noted that some regard the company as part of a prophecy in the Book of Revelation (because the HealthLink chip carries an RFID number that can be used as both money and proof of ID) or as part of President Obama’s secret Nazi plan to enslave America.
Remember when the implantable VeriChip was approved by the FDA in October of 2004, supposedly for use in humans for 'medical' purposes, and critics of my suspicions were laughing at me, as well as others observing current events in light of bible prophecy, for speculating that the VeriChip's applications might be expanded to include mark of the beast-like qualities? I do. The critics aren't laughing now. Well, they may be but they're doing it a lot more quietly, primarily because it looks like the bible prophecy-watching community had a great deal more foresight than they did.

As early as 2005, it was becoming clear the VeriChip implantable microchip was being eyed as attractive to government - and not just to store medical records. In a 2005 commentary, I included a quote of interest indicating that "these types of applications are actually being driven under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security." And no, I didn't make that quote up. I pulled it directly from a story posted on Yahoo Finance's list of business news stories and provided a link to same as verification for my readers to review for themselves. Unfortunately, the link from the 2005 commentary is dead now, as is often the case with news items several years old, but look at where we are now!

Before our very eyes, the once innocuous-sounding VeriChip Corporation has metamorphosized into PositiveID Corporation, indicating, in my opinion, that the primary focus of this company, regardless of how much it touts the medical uses of its implantable microchips, is CLEARLY on marketing its implantable microchip as a means of IDENTIFICATION.

The term 'positive identification' is one I'm quite familiar with as a retired police officer with decades of experience. Establishing positive identification is critical in any case where law is going to be enforced, far more so than in any hospital emergency room I'm familiar with! As a police officer, I have seen many an individual transported to the hospital and treated for serious illnesses or injuries without anyone positively knowing who the individuals were. I have not, on the other hand, seen a lot of people go to jail without 'positive ID' having been established beforehand.

Now don't get me wrong! There are any number of circumstances where I've seen an unidentified suspect hauled off to jail and booked as a John Doe for committing a crime, but this is the exception rather than the rule - and by far! Reason? It's a crime in most states to fail to identify one's self to law enforcement if one is being legally detained or arrested by a police officer having probable cause to do so. Not only is it a crime to refuse to be positively identified, it's a major inconvenience for a suspect. Refusing to be identified is a separate criminal offense that only adds to the suspect's troubles. Even more bothersome, one charged with a criminal offense as a John Doe is never granted bail.

What I'm trying to convey here is we may be able to tell a great deal concerning the direction a corporation's technology may be headed based on something as simple as a name change, especially in this case.

From day one I've said that if the implantable microchip is the prophesied mark of the beast in the making, or even a precursor to it, we would begin to see similarities between the two. While the verdict is still out, we know the implantable microchip can serve as a positive identification, can store personal information like medical records, and even be utilized to make a financial transaction. Without drawing any final conclusions, we're getting there, aren't we?

Assume for a moment that the implantation of microchips becomes mandatory in the future, toss in a dictatorial leader who would connect having (or not having) the implant as an indication of where one's political loyalties lie, and make it impossible for one to buy or sell without having the chip and what do you have? I don't know about any of you, but I think you may well have the mark of the beast.


This new "pestilence" story which began several weeks ago and coming from the Ukraine, is gaining momentum and is now being reported from sources other than the Ukraine. Initially, it seemed too incredible and possibly untrue, but now there is mounting evidence that indeed this new "plague" is highly contagious and deadly:

"Million Hit by 'Plague Worse Than Swine Flu".

"British scientists testing Ukrainian 'super flu' that has killed 189 people".


"Some doctors have likened the symptoms to those seen in many of the victims of the Spanish flu which caused millions of deaths world-wide after the World War One."

"President Yushchenko said: 'People are dying. The epidemic is killing doctors. This is absolutely inconceivable in the 21st Century.' In a TV interview, the President added: 'Unlike similar epidemics in other countries, three causes of serious viral infections came together simultaneously in Ukraine: two seasonal flus and the California flu."

"Universities, schools and kindergartens have been closed, public meetings have been banned and theatres shut. Last week several border crossings in the country were also closed."

"Slovakia has closed two of five border crossings."

"A doctor in Western Ukraine who did not want to be named, said: "We have carried out post mortems on two victims and found their lungs are as black as charcoal. They look like they have been burned, Its terrifying."

No one is sure what exactly this pathogen is. The testing is ongoing but speculation is now centered on it being a new virus which has recently emerged.

Pestilences are most certainly a sign of our time. One cannot open the newspaper, or turn on the TV to the news without hearing one or many "pestilence" stories. Bird flu, Spanish flu, Swine flu, Ebola, bioterrorism, HIV/AIDS, drug resistant TB, mandatory vaccines, and now this new unknown pathogen coming from the Ukraine. Al of these are constant stories in the news. As mentioned before - Jesus informed us that these would be "signs" which would be noteworthy in our generation:

"Then he said to them: 'Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven." (Luke 21:10).

Monday, November 16, 2009


First of all, I could not care less, what some Mayan calendar has to say about anything, particularly "the end of the world". We are directed biblically to only look to the Bible as the source of truth, not some Mayan calendar. This post has to do with the movie "2012", which has packed theaters - full of people witnessing the apparent "end of the world".

Of course, I had to go see this film, and it portrayed a dramatic shifting of the earth's crust and a dramatic shifting of the magnetic poles, all of which led to massive destruction of the earth. The movie portrayed the destruction of entire continents in dramatic ways. In my group attending the movie, it led to much discussion.

The world will actually have this level of destruction - in fact, things will actually be worse for the earth during the Tribulation. I have a bad habit of ignoring most of the destructive elements of the Tribulation for two main reasons:

- First, I know that I won't be here to experience the massive destruction of the earth during the Tribulation, and these destructive elements are simply a continuation of the birth pains that we already see.
- Secondly, it is very easy to read the words within the book of Revelation without REALLY appreciating the massive destruction which will occur on earth.

The book of Revelation, specifically chapters 6-18 focus on the events of the Tribulation. During the Tribulation, there will be 21 separate "judgments", the seven "seal judgments", the seven "trumpet judgments" and the seven "bowl judgments". These judgments get progressively more massive and progressively more severe.

These judgments are so epic, and so massive it is hard to comprehend. Just look at a few of these judgments and contemplate how massive and how "huge" these judgments will be:

- The fourth seal judgment - "I looked and there was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth." So, we can see that even early on during the Tribulation, in one specific judgment one fourth of the world's population will perish from warfare. That would be approximately 1.5 BILLION people. Imagine the magnitude of that one single judgment.

- The trumpet judgments: "The first angel sounded his trumpet and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down upon the earth. A third of the earth was burned up..." Can you even imagine this? ONE-THIRD OF THE EARTH.
I'm not very good with geography, but one-third of the earth would be in the neighborhood of North America, South America and the African Continent. Probably more. Can you imagine all of this burning to complete destruction?

Then, shortly after this epic destruction, we see the following: "The second angel sounded his trumpet and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed." So now, with this addition, not only is a third of the earth destroyed by fire, a third of all oceans is effectively destroyed by "blood".

If that weren't enough, we then see the following: "The third angel sounded his trumpet and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water...A third of the waters turned bitter and many people died from the waters that had become bitter."

Still in the trumpet judgments, we see something even more epic and concerning: "And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind." Thats right. One-third of mankind is now killed. Earlier, the earth just witnessed one-fourth of the population killed, and now we see where one-third of the remaining earth's population perishes. Combined, thats over 1/2 of the entire population of the earth.

It gets worse.

Ultimately, we read descriptions of all remaining sea life dying, and all remaining fresh water on the earth becoming "blood" and thus undrinkable.

Then we read the final judgments:

"The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun and the sun was given power to scorch people with fire. They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him."

"The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done."

And the conclusion - the last judgments, which occur just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ:

"The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne, saying 'It is done!' Then there came flashes of lightening, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since man has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake. The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath. Every island fled away and the mountains could not be found. From the sky huge hailstones of about 100 pounds each fell upon men."

So we can see, the terminal part of the "birth pains" cumulates in this: The entire world will be plunged into darkness. A massive earthquake, the largest the earth has ever had - a quake that will literally level ALL remaining cities on earth. Imagine being in complete darkness and then experiencing a world-wide earthquake so large that every remaining city is completely destroyed.

This makes "2012" look like a cartoon. If you happen to view this movie, I urge you to reflect on how similar events WILL take place during the coming Tribulation. Fortunately, Christians have a way out of this world's judgment. These scriptures are clear and concise and certainly worth repeating here:

"Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world, to test those who live on the earth." (Revelation 3:10)

" serve the living and true God and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead - Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath." (1 Thessalonians 1:10)

"For God did not appoint us to suffer this wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ." (1 Thessalonians 5:9)

"If he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes and made them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly; and if he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men - if this is so, then GOD KNOWS HOW TO RESCUE GODLY MEN FROM TRIALS and to hold the unrighteous for the day of judgment..." (1 Peter 2:7-9)

Here, the apostle gives an example of Lot being spared from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and clearly states that this destruction was only an "example" of the coming Tribulation. But he also reminded us, that like Lot, God will spare "Godly men" - in this case, the body of believers who are alive at the time of the Rapture.

The Bride will be with the Bridegroom during the Tribulation - in Heaven. That much is clear from the scriptures.
Not only that, but the Bible shows Christ's bride, in heaven while all of this carnage is taking place on earth. In Revelation 19, the apostle John shows us what is taking place in Heaven - a celebration - because finally, the earth is ready for the return of Christ, to set up HIS rule on earth:

"After this I heard what sounded like the roar of a great multitude in heaven shouting:

'Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God, for true and just are his judgments. He has condemned the great prostitute who corrupted the earth by her adulteries. He has avenged on her the blood of his servants'"

"Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting:
For our Lord God Almighty reigns.
Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory!

For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and the bride has made herself ready.
Fine linen, bright and clean was given her to wear (fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints.)

Blessed are those who are invited to the supper of the Lamb! And he added, 'These are the true words of God.'"

We, the Church - the body of believers who believe by faith, not by sight. We are seen biblically as the Bride of Christ. We have a date - in Heaven. A date with Christ Jesus, as promised. We are not scheduled to experience the Tribulation on this earth. We will be in Heaven - celebrating the wedding - celebrating the ensuing wedding supper of the Lamb. Preparing to return with Christ in His epic glory - to end the madness and carnage that a non-believing world has experienced.

The movie "2012" shows epic destruction of the earth. It should serve as a reminder of what will take place on earth during the Tribulation. A place that you don't want to be anywhere near once it starts. And there is only one way out - and that is through the gift of salvation through Christ Jesus.

It might be a good time to make sure your "spiritual house" is in order because the time is rapidly approaching.

Monday, in the news...

First, from the EU Observer, we see the following headlines

"EU reforms to feature at 'jumbo' ministers meeting". From this article we see that almost 100 EU ministers will gather in Brussels today and tomorrow, where "corridor discussions are likely to focus on the EU's top jobs and the institutional changes brought about by the Lisbon Treaty."

Also of interest, it appears that David Miliband has removed himself from the short list of those considered for the position of EU foreign policy chief - as he was "visibly absent" from the meetings.

Also of interest we see the following quotes:

"Defense ministers will at a special event mark 10 years of the EU's security and defense policy, amid concerns that the EU's future diplomatic service should include enough experienced military personnel in its joint civilian-military strategic planning unit."

"The military chiefs are set to review the EU's 12 ongoing field operations and renew calls for more efficient defense spending and pooling of military resources, with a keynote briefing by the chief of the bloc's defense agency..."

There seems to be a lot of military planning and military focus right now, within the EU. In a few days, we'll see a very powerful head of this wing of the EU "selected" and it should be fascinating to see who is selected for this top spot.

Also in the news is a developing story that seems to be gaining some momentum.

"PA Demands UN Recognize 'Palestine'". In this story we have a nice summary of this emerging situation. In brief, the Palestinian Authority (PA), is attempting to ignore any settlement with Israel and is attempting to go straight to the UN Security Council in efforts to create a separate "Palestinian State". In other words, the PA would like to see the UN mandate a new Arab state within Israeli borders, including the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem. This would be done independently from Israel, and ignoring Israel completely. In this scenario, the UN would mandate the establishment of a Palestinian state within Israel and Israel would, theoretically, be helpless to stop the process. Quotes below:

"The Palestinian Authority is claiming that it has received a 'positive response' to its demand that the United Nations Security Council recognize a new Arab state within Israel's current borders, according to lead PA negotiator Saeb Erekat. The negotiator told the Al Ayyam newspaper on Saturday that the PA has demanded the U.N. recognize the so-called new Arab state of 'Palestine' in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, with eastern Jerusalem as its capital."

"On the PA side, however, impatience appears to have led to the language of threats, with PA negotiators moving ahead with plans to issue a unilateral declaration in the hopes a new Arab state will simply be recognized as a fait accompli by the U.N."

"The new country, Erekat said, would be formed along the borders of Israel that existed on June 4, 1967 - prior to the 1967 Six-Day War, in which Israel was attacked by its surrounding Arab neighbors. At that time, Judea and Samaria were occupied by Jordan, and Gaza was occupied by Egypt."

This is a very interesting development. If this were to happen, the only way to make it work would be to send in "peace-keeping" international forces. Or, one could call such action "confirming the covenant" as seen in Daniel 9:27, where the antichrist will become known (well, at least known to the biblical-prophecy student). It is hard to imagine that this could ever really happen, against Israel's will - but then again, in these end times, things are already very strange and anything can happen. This story is worth watching.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture

The last few days have been relatively slow from a prophecy viewpoint. There are more rumors involving potential leaders for the "new and improved" EU, but everything remains speculative until the formal announcement is made on November 19. Rather than repeat the same basic news, some links are provided (below) which defend the concept if a pre-tribulation rapture.

Personally, I believe the Rapture of the Church will occur prior to the beginning of the Tribulation for a variety of reasons, too lengthy to include on a single post. Additionally, the authors below will do a far better job. To summarize, my basis of believing the "gathering up" of the Church occurs first can be summarized by these points:

- The descriptions of the "gathering up" of the Church in 1 Thessalonians 4, John 14 and 1 Corinthians 15 are dramatically different than the detailed descriptions of the Second Advent as given in Zechariah 14, Revelation 19 and Matthew 24.

- There are scriptures that clearly state that the Church will be "kept from", "not appointed to", or "rescued from" the Tribulation, also known as "the coming wrath", "the day of the Lord", and "the hour of trial", just to name a few (1 Thessalonians 1:10, 5:9, Revelation 3:10, 2 Peter 2:9).

- The first three chapters of Revelation deal exclusively with the Church. Chapter 4 begins with the words "After this...", implying that the previous period has ended and a new one is starting. From that point on, in Revelation (which I believe to be a chronological account of the Church age through the Tribulation, Second Coming and Millennial Reign of Christ on earth and a description of New Jerusalem), there is no mention of the Church until Revelation 19, where the Church is seen in Heaven, preparing for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb and the Second Coming.

- The parallels between the Rapture and the Jewish wedding ceremonial customs of the day. Jesus pictured as the bridegroom, and the Church viewed as the bride. The fact that the bridegroom and bride (families) would agree to the marriage union - then the bridegroom would go back to the fathers "home" and prepare living quarters for the bride (as she awaited the groom's return, while separated from the groom). Once this new "home" was prepared, as determined by the father of the groom - the groom would return to the village of the bride, unannounced, and in a surprise visit he would take the bride away, back to the father's house. Then the bride and groom would go away ("in hiding") for seven days and consummate the marriage, then after seven days they would re-emerge for the wedding feast. This parallels the pre-tribulation rapture perfectly, and the sequence of events is replicated when Jesus informed his apostles of his departure and return in John 14.

- The fact that in Daniel 9, as Daniel is given the purpose of the 490 years scheduled for the Nation of Israel (of which the last remaining, pending 7 years, aka "Tribulation", is included) he is told that these prophecies are "decreed for your people", which is the Nation of Israel, not the Church.

- The Rapture of the Church prior to the beginning of the Tribulation is the only way to have consistency with the concept of "imminency", that is the "imminent" return of Christ, which is preached throughout the New Testament. The concept of "imminency" means that it is something that can occur at ANY time - i.e., nothing must precede the event. With anything other than a pre-tribulation rapture, there cannot be an "imminent" return of Christ. With a "mid-Tribulation" or a "post-Tribulation" Rapture - something must happen first, namely, 1/2 of the Tribulation or all of the Tribulation, respectively - therefore there is no "imminency" in these two scenarios.

These are just a few reasons. For a deeper and much more interesting summary of these concepts, the following links provide excellent commentaries:

"The Rapture and the Second Coming: An Important Distinction".

"Why God's Purpose for the Tribulation excludes the Church".

"Rapture Before Tribulation".


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jerusalem: A ticking time bomb

It never ceases to amaze me - the accuracy and specificity of biblical prophecy. As we have mentioned so many times on this blog; the fact that tiny Israel occupies so much of the attention of the world, and the world's leaders, as foretold in the prophetic scriptures is amazing - especially given the fact that these prophecies were written around 2,500 years ago. What would be the "random odds" of hitting that correctly by accident or luck? Of all the locations in the world, Israel was identified as being central to almost everything happening and affecting the world - as we approach the end of this age.

As Zechariah's prophecies informed us, Jerusalem would be the center of attention within Israel. A city such as Jerusalem should be insignificant. It is relatively small by modern day standards with a population barely over 700,000; it isn't a port city so shipping isn't a consideration; it isn't interesting from a military (strategic) perspective and there is nothing there that should reasonably precipitate such world interest. In other words, predicting that Jerusalem would be the focus of the world's attention would seem highly implausible.

At the risk of being redundant, it is worth repeating the scriptures:

Zechariah 12:1-3

"This is the word of the Lord concerning Israel. The Lord, who stretches out the heavens, who lays the foundation of the earth, and who forms the spirit of man within him, declares: 'I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves.'"

With this scripture leading the way, we look at yet another article from the Middle East which reveal the accuracy of this prophecy:

"Jordan: Jerusalem is a ticking time bomb". Quotes:

"Jerusalem is a ticking time bomb where an attack by Jewish extremists on Muslim holy sites could erase any chances for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, undermining stability in the entire Muslim world. Jordan's US Ambassador Zeid Ra'ad Zeid al-Huaaein told the Washington Post in an interview published on Thursday."

"The Jordanian diplomat stressed that the two-state solution was pointless if the Israeli government refused to discuss the status of the capital. 'If Jerusalem is left out of the mix, if you can't negotiate Jerusalem, there is no deal, even if you negotiate other components.'"

"If you can't have a two-state solution because of Jerusalem, can anyone think of any other way?" he was quoted as saying.

So once again, we see Jerusalem as the single remaining issue in this entire Middle East "problem" that has the attention of "the world'. The "quartet" as it is commonly called, namely the EU, the U.S., Russia and the UN have assumed the leadership role in the Middle East peace process, and this group definitely represents the majority of the world.

Before 1967, the date in which Israel recaptured Jerusalem following the epic surprise attack launched against Israel - Jerusalem wasn't even a passing thought by any world leaders. At that time, Jerusalem was merely a footnote in secular history. But over this relatively brief period of approximately 40 years, Jerusalem has indeed become the main focus of Middle East peace.

To put this in perspective, can you imagine attempting to determine what city in the world will be the main focus by world's leaders - 2,500 years from now? What are the odds that you could randomly predict that?

Yet, the Bible prophecy told us the following:

- Israel would be regathered - after having been scattered throughout the world - in Israel, and it happened.
- Israel's land would be restored, and it has happened.
- Israel would be surrounded by her enemies (look at a map) and this is occurring now, in real time.
- Jerusalem would be a main focus, and all nations would be gathered against her.

Other than Israel, where are the world leaders supporting Israel right now? Where is the world leader who is supporting Israel's control over Jerusalem? Or the world leader who is stating unequivocally that Jerusalem belongs to Israel, exclusively?

Answer: no where. There isn't a single world leader standing for Israel when it comes to Jerusalem.

In the words of Joel Rosenberg - and I am paraphrasing, but he said the following:
"Israel is the epicenter of the world. Jerusalem is the epicenter of Israel and the Temple Mount is the epicenter of Jerusalem."

True words. As the Jordanian ambassador stated - it all boils down to Jerusalem. But we already knew that because we have future history at our disposal - history written in advance through the biblical scriptures.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

EU to name president on Nov. 19

EU to name first permanent president on 19 November". In this article we see the following:

"The Swedish presidency has called an EU summit in 19 November to decide on the boc's new top appointments, with a Polish proposal to hold candidate hearings gaining limited acceptance."

"The three positions in question are the new president of the European Council and EU foreign relations chief, as well as the largely bureaucratic appointment of a new secretary general of the Council, the Brussels-based institution which prepares member states' day-to-day meetings."

It is still undetermined if the potential "candidates" will have to go through an interview process, based on a Polish suggestion; but if that takes place, it will be done prior to the November 19 date.

So there we have it. We just saw formal consolidation of the EU - a formalization of a revival of the Roman Empire, and now, in just over a week, we'll have two leaders "selected".

Wow. Things are happening very fast.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More news: EU selection process slows

First to the maneuvering for the top two positions in the EU. We see this morning that Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is slowing down the process in attempts to include all EU member states in these deliberations. He is in the process of contacting all EU heads of state and government to determine some kind of consensus regarding these positions. There are also some new names being considered.

David Miliband is still considered as a frontrunner for the foreign policy position, but we see that former Italian prime minister Massimo D'Alema is receiving "growing support" for the position as well.

Additionally, we see the following quote which indicates the decision will not be delayed too long:

"Fredrik Reinfeldt said he expected to be ready soon to call a special EU summit to appoint the permanent EU president and foreign policy chief."

Articles below:
"Franco-German deal will not decide EU top jobs, Sweden says".
"EU negotiates names for top jobs".
EU: D'Alema gains support for foreign policy post".

In a second news story - we see that U.S. President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu held a lengthy meeting on Monday. This meeting was accompanied by "an unusual news blackout". There is much speculation around this meeting and why this atypical blackout followed. Speculation ranges from it having been a "bad" meeting ("No news is bad news" according to one insider), to harsher methods agreed regarding Iran which would explain why "the White House minimized references to the peace process."

No one knows what happened during this meeting, nor the basis for the ensuing, atypical news blackout. More speculation was raised as seen in the article (below) titled "Obama-Netanyahu meeting shrouded in secrecy":

"Speculation was rife in Israel that the unusual secrecy surrounding the meeting could either mean that Obama tried to strong-arm the Israelis to surrender to Palestinian demands and was firmly repulsed, or that the meeting focused on an impending Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities."

Articles below:

"Obama-Netanyahu meeting shrouded in secrecy".
"Obama-Netanyahu meeting followed by near-silence".
"Media silence after PM, Obama meeting".

It strikes me that a lot of big determinations are occurring behind closed doors with very small groups on the verge of making some very very big decisions - decisions affecting the Middle East, Iran and decisions determining the two most powerful positions in the world - all behind closed doors.

Monday, November 9, 2009

In the news...

There are several stories in the new today that are of interest:

"This week in the European Union". Here we read that the European leaders are gathered in Germany for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and they are using the occasion "to hold informal talks on the shortlist for the EU's newly created top positions and decide a date for a special institutional summit."

We also see: "The Europeans will use the opportunity to try and pin down the names for the first president of the European council and the high representative for foreign affairs - posts created by the Lisbon Treaty which comes into force on 1 December. Following these talks, the Swedish EU presidency is expected to call for an extraordinary summit next week or even as soon as this Thursday (12 November)."

In a related article "EU leaders to discuss top jobs at Berlin dinner". Quotes:

"Leaders will try to agree on the two posts at a dinner in the German capital on Monday (9 November) evening, with Swedish Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeld having taken soundings in recent days from his EU peers. The Swedish presidency aims to convene a snap summit once a provisional deal is in place, with the summit to take place as early as this Thursday or next Thursday, according to press reports."

Doesn't this seem just a LITTLE strange? We are on the brink of seeing two of the most powerful positions in the world "selected" in a breathtakingly rapid "process". No votes cast, no campaigning, no speeches defining policy, no debates, no elections. Rather, we see a small group of people "selecting" these two leaders. If I were asked to consult on this "process", I may be inclined to inform them that some sort of a dictator could be created through this bizarre "scenario". It seems incredible that these two incredibly powerful leaders will come to power in this manner. It also seems perplexing that this will all be done in a matter of weeks.

In two unrelated news items we see these articles:

"World Media Ignores Weapons Shipment to Hizbullah".


"Nuke myth blows up: The West must stop pretending that Iran might compromise".

In this article we see these shocking revelations (sarcasm alert):

"The single greatest threat to peace and stability in the world is Iran's headlong rush to gain nuclear weapons." (you don't say).

""The regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khamenei wants nukes so they can cow their Mideast neighbors, export Shiite fundamentalism and obliterate Israel." (really? ya think?).

"Yet somehow, in the bizarro world of international relations, Iran's leaders, who sit on an ocean of oil, continue with a straight face to insist that all they want is civilian nuclear power. And diplomats continue with a straight face to nod back." (no sarcasm needed here - its too bizarre, almost supernatural that world leaders pretend to accept Iran's premise that all they desire is peaceful nuclear power. It MIGHT be remotely possible IF Ahmadinejad didn't constantly proclaim his desire that Israel be wiped off the face of the earth).

My favorite quote from this article:

"At what point will the world take "no" for an answer? The Obama administration has gone through the motions of extending a hand to the terrorists of Tehran. Turns out, that's all the back-and-forth was ever to be: motions. Because the Islamic Republic is obsessed with acquiring nuclear weapons and well on its way toward that goal. There's no fooling ourselves any longer."

I know that one morning I will wake up to the news that Israel has "attacked" Iran. When this happens, a cascade of events will follow. Russia will most likely become involved within hours. Turkey will become pulled in. We will probably see Hezbollah and Hamas unleash a firestorm of missiles into Israel. Iran has promised to block the Strait of Hormuz. Subsequent events seem likely to lead into the prophesied battle/war described in Ezekiel 38-39. I believe it is quite possible that any Israeli action against Iran will ignite the powder keg in the Middle-East - leading to concluding prophetic events including the beginning of the Tribulation.

How close are we to seeing this scenario play out? It is anyone's guess, but it can't be much longer. When it does, things are going to get VERY interesting.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flying in the fog: reflections on prophecy fulfillment

Usually, I prefer to make this blog a simple exercise - showing the breaking news and pointing to the pertinent scriptures - with as little commentary as possible. That was my goal with the book "Signs of the Coming Christ" - by pointing out the scriptures and then pointing out the current news - the conclusions are left with the reader to determine. To me, the fact that we are living in the generation that was described biblically - that generation who will witness all remaining "end times" events, and climaxing with the Second Coming of Christ - seems obvious. These signs have been discussed many times, and that isn't the point of this post.

What about flying? What has that to do with prophecy?

I see many parallels (still getting to the main point, albeit slowly :).

When flying in the fog, a pilot is taught to rely only on his/her instrument panel and the data that it provides. The reason is, the human mind and body will play tricks on the pilot. The pilot will feel as if his plane is doing things, such as descending, ascending, or banking in one direction, when in fact it is not. Without STRICTLY relying on the instrument panel, an inexperienced pilot will respond to his mental "input" while ignoring the instrument panel, and doing so often leads to a crash and the death of the pilot. It is thought that JFK junior, who was flying in dark fog, died for this very reason.

Living through these times is very similar. The Bible, in this case - the prophetic scriptures within the Bible - serves as our instrument panel. We are living in a perpetual "fog" right now. With so many lies, distortions and twisting of various "truths", it is almost impossible to distinguish the truth from lies in almost any endeavor - politics, health, news, and even our religion. We are bombarded daily with "opinion" infused into news stories. We are bombarded by politicians lies. We are bombarded with news "reporters" with an agenda of lies. We are bombarded with "preachers" twisting scriptures to fit their agendas. It never stops.

Back to prophecy.

Having followed prophecy for so many years, I am stunned at how the world has shaped up recently. It is stunning to see the specificity and accuracy of prophecy. From the miraculous regathering of Israel as a nation - to the pestilence signs, to the earthquake signs, to the revived Roman Empire reformed (in an "iron and clay" mixture), to the "age" in which we are living with dramatic increases in "travel" and "knowledge", to "war and rumors of war" in this generation, to the restoration of the land of Israel, to the "Gog-MaGog" alliances having formed, to seeing the calls for a one-world financial system with a single currency, to the "mark of the beast" technology which now exists, to seeing incredibly powerful positions emerge in the EU, to seeing China's rise as a world power, to seeing radical Islam growth, to seeing the world's focus on Jerusalem as part of a Middle-East peace plan, to Iran's nuclear development with a leader sworn to destroy Israel, to the world's famine situation, to seeing a world which is capable of the massive destruction itemized in the book of Revelation, to the earthquake and tsunami stories, to seeing the world aligned against Israel, and on and on it goes.

But there is an obstacle - I believe an obstacle that exists for everyone, including me. In my opinion, we are right on the threshold of experiencing these huge, "biblical" events. Events that the human mind isn't conditioned for. I believe we are on the brink of several things:

- The battle of Gog-MaGog - where God will reveal His presence in such a way, that is unequivocally God's intervention (Ezekiel 38-39).
- The complete destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17).
- The Rapture of the Church (1 Thess. 4, 1 Cor. 15)
- The beginning of the Tribulation, when the antichrist is revealed (at least to those who read Bible prophecy).
- The epic "never-seen-before" events of the Tribulation, where "supernatural" events will occur throughout the seven year

It is hard to believe that we can actually witness any of these things. In fact, many prophecy scholars believe that the next big prophetic event will be the Rapture of the Church. Thats pretty "big" in my opinion. I tend to agree with this view, under the assumption that "Gog-MaGog" will occur following the Rapture of the Church.

As humans, we are conditioned, mentally, to believe that life as we know it will never change. Its a defense mechanism. For instance, as much as I believe that we are at the VERY end of the age - it is still very difficult to imagine that I will actually be lifted up to heaven and within "the blink of an eye" be in the very presence of Jesus, in a golden city called New Jerusalem (Revelation 21-22). After all, these aren't the types of things that happen to us every day - we aren't exactly conditioned, as humans to immediately accept these things without at least pausing to reflect.

But I firmly believe that we are within weeks-months of these epic events. I believe it because of the vast number of prophecies that have been fulfilled specifically and literally. I believe it because almost every significant "big" news story in the world right now - lines up precisely with the events foretold in the prophetic scriptures. As a scientist, although the results may be incredible, I am obligated to view the "data" objectively, and ignore my "feelings".

It is exactly like flying in the fog. The world we are living in, in terms of obtaining the "truth" is very foggy. Just like a pilot flying in the fog, who cannot trust his "external stimuli" - I cannot trust what I am being "told" by government leaders, by the media, by television reporters, by friends or even my personal "feelings". In terms of prophecy, I have to fight the feelings of "Can these things REALLY happen?" - "Can the epic, supernatural, "hard-to-believe" things described in biblical prophecy REALLY happen? " - "Can these things REALLY happen in my lifetime?" - "Will I REALLY get Raptured - and be in heaven in a moment?"

A few days ago, during a moment of reflection, while discussing these things with my wife, we both kept saying "Is it REALLY here? - "Are we REALLY on the "brink" of the last events?" - Will we REALLY hear the trumpet call and experience the "gathering up" as described in 1 Thess. 4 and 1 Cor. 15?" - "Is the Tribulation REALLY just on the brink of beginning?" - "Is God REALLY on the brink of revealing Himself as described in Ezekiel 38-39?" - "Is the antichrist" REALLY on the brink of being revealed?"

The Bible has to be my instrument panel, as I "fly" in the fog of this world. Not only the fog of this world, but the "fog" of my mind. The "fog" which tries to argue that these things can't really happen. People just don't hear a trumpet sound and immediately find themselves in heaven, in a moment. Something like isn't exactly a daily occurrence. People just don't wake up in the morning and see an entire city destroyed. People don't see God's hand directly intervening on earth - in an obvious, dramatic way. It just doesn't happen.

But ALL of these things have happened before, if you believe the Bible. People HAVE been raptured (read about Elijah and Enoch), God HAS revealed Himself directly and unequivocally (read Genesis and Exodus for starters), there HAS been an epic destruction of the earth (read about Noah). These things have happened before and they will happen again...Soon.

My instrument panel (aka prophetic scriptures) tells me that these things WILL happen. The same instrument panel that has been correct for several thousand years. The panel that is 100% accurate and reliable. Even though our intellectual mind fights against the data provided by "instrument panel" - we know that we can trust it completely. We have no other choice.

We are on the brink of incredible things - things that will radically change the world as we know it. Things that will change daily life on this planet. Supernatural things. Things that the human mind has great difficulty grasping. Things that have happened before.

Regardless of what is happening around us - regardless of what we are told by the media, the politicians, or even the "scoffers" who we were warned against - those scoffers who refuse to accept the prophetic scriptures, regardless of our "feelings" or "instincts" --- we have a reliable instrument panel that we MUST trust despite everything else. We must stay focused on it - exclusively.

We have "the truth". Hard to believe? Yes! Absolutely. These are big, big events that we are about to experience - events that we are not conditioned to accept - in our feeble, small minds.

But the Bible tells us that these epic events will happen. The scriptures are the sole source of truth. Without reliance on this "instrument panel" we will go astray, just as the pilot who ignores his instrument panel while flying in the fog - a pilot who decides, rather, to rely on his brain and the "external input" that he seems to receive. Its one of the biggest mistakes a pilot can make.

The apostle Peter told us this very thing, in reference to the various things that he had seen and heard during his walk with Jesus, he added, "And we will have the word of the prophets made MORE CERTAIN, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as a light shining in a dark place..." (2 Peter 1:19). In other words, Peter could trust the words of prophecy even more than the things that he had seen and heard. Like a beacon of light in a dark place.

As incredible as it sounds, I believe we are just on the brink of the Rapture of the Church. My instrument panel tells me so.

Maranatha! Our Lord is coming!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Iran closer to having nukes

The Guardian is reporting that Iran is much further along in their nuclear weapons quest than originally thought:

"Iran tested advanced nuclear warhead design". Quotes from this article:

"The UN's nuclear watchdog has asked Iran to explain evidence suggesting that Iranian scientists have experimented with an advanced nuclear warhead design, the Guardian has learned. The very existence of the technology, known as a "two-point implosion" devise, is officially secret in both the US and Britain, but according to previously unpublished documentation in a dossier compiled by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iranian scientists may have tested high-explosive components of the design. The development was today described by nuclear experts as "breathtaking" and has added urgency to the effort to find a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis."

"The sophisticated technology, once mastered, allows for the production of smaller and simpler warheads than older models. It reduces the diameter of a warhead and makes it easier to put a warhead on a missile."

Then, while we see Iran's rapid and ongoing quest for nuclear weapons, while being led by a president that calls for the destruction of Israel on an ongoing basis - we see the following article:

"Threat of attack on Iran nuclear sites - not a bluff". In this Jerusalem Post article, once again we see the same message from leadership in Israel - and that message simply put by Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister:

"Israel is not bluffing when it warns that all options are still on the table and that it may strike Iranian nuclear facilities."

He is correct in that statement. Israel never plays games with issues such as this - issues that affect their very survival as a nation. It is only a matter of time now. Iran have made their intentions crystal clear, as they continue to reject any international plans to thwart their nuclear weapons ambitions. Israel - at the same time repeats the same message over and over, and that message is that they WILL, if necessary, launch a military mission which will destroy these nuclear facilities.

When Israel strikes, it is virtually guaranteed that Russia will become involved, as most of these nuclear plants include hundreds of Russian workers, and Russian leader Putin has vowed that he will defend Iran in the event of an "attack". Now we see Turkey making similar alliances over the course of last summer and this fall.

I believe when Israel strikes, it will ultimately lead into the biblical battle of "Gog-MaGog" described in Ezekiel 38-39 - that epic battle in which God directly intervenes on Israel's behalf, and makes His intervention, and thus, His presence, known to the entire world.

We seem to be right on the brink of seeing this epic war triggered - with the triggering point being an Israeli "attack" on these nuclear facilities. Things will escalate immediately and dramatically when that happens, but clearly Israel has no choice in this matter. If Iranian leader Ahmadinejad has nuclear weapons at his disposal, he will use them to destroy Israel. He has made no secret of his ambitions to destroy Israel, and as a result he believes he can create the scenario of having the Mahdi return and institute Islamic rule throughout the world.

This recent news will certainly nudge Israel even closer to the obvious conclusion: Iran is closer than ever to having the capability to fulfill Ahmadinejad's dream of destroying Israel. Israel will not allow this.

This situation is rapidly coming to a head. Stay tuned.