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Former World Economic Forum Staffers Accuse Founder Klaus Schwab of Sexual Harassment

Former World Economic Forum Staffers Accuse Founder Klaus Schwab of Sexual Harassment

Various female employees of the World Economic Forum have gone on record to accuse its founder, Klaus Schwab, of sexual harassment.

According to an investigation by The Wall Street Journal, Schwab is facing accusations of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

One of Schwab’s misdeeds allegedly involves targeted employees aged over 50 for dismissal to lower the average age of the workforce. When his HR chief, Paolo Gallo, refused to comply with this directive without valid performance-related reasons, Schwab fired him.

Back 2017, Schwab reportedly dismissed a young woman leading a startup initiative after she informed him she was pregnant. He expressed displeasure that she wouldn’t be able to work at the same pace and subsequently let her go after a brief trial period.

Many other female staffers also reported being pushed out or facing career setbacks after becoming pregnant or returning from maternity leave.

Meanwhile, other female staffers said they were victims sexual harassment, with incidents involving suggestive comments and inappropriate behavior by senior managers, some of whom remain at the Forum.

Schwab, who formally left his role as executive chairman last month, himself was described as setting a tone of sexualization and objectification from the top, with multiple accounts of him making women uncomfortable with his remarks and behavior.

Has Mankind Learned Its Lesson From Auschwitz?

Franklin Graham: Has Mankind Learned Its Lesson From Auschwitz?

While I was preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in Kraków, Poland, this spring, I visited the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp, where 1.3 million people, mostly Jews, were held captive, tortured, raped and murdered almost 80 years ago. Multitudes were gassed to death with cyanide, and their bodies then put into ovens and incinerated. In total, the brutal Nazi regime slaughtered more than 6 million Jews across Europe during the Second World War.

Auschwitz made me wonder if mankind has learned a lesson. Could such virulent antisemitism ever erupt again? 

It didn’t take too long to find out.

I had planned to visit some missionary friends in the Middle East following the Festival in Kraków, but those plans were interrupted when airspace in the region was closed in the aftermath of Iran’s April 14 attack on Israel. Iran, a terrorist state, launched more than 300 missiles and drones against Israel. Thanks to defensive assistance from the United States, U.K., and regional forces, most were shot down. Otherwise, many Jewish citizens might have perished—perhaps even more than the 1,200 who died last October when Israel was attacked by Hamas, Iran’s agents on Israel’s border. 

After returning home, I was stunned to see the surge of raucous anti-Israel demonstrations across this nation. From coast to coast, loud protesters filled streets and took over college campuses, not only claiming to support Palestinians but also raging against Israel. The protesters seemed oblivious to the brutality of Hamas, which butchered men, women and children; decapitated babies; and ripped women’s wombs open in the Oct. 7 raid on Israel.

Incredibly, college campuses such as Columbia, NYU, Harvard, MIT and Yale—supposedly where America’s best and brightest are educated—were filled with hateful rants and deadly threats from pro-Hamas supporters. It was hard to fathom, given the fact that radical Islam rules the entire Gaza strip, where women are oppressed and demeaned. Do you suppose the young women who demonstrated so fervently for Hamas would actually want to live under their rule? 

A poll of Generation Z voters—which encompasses today’s college students—found that nearly half believe Israel’s campaign against Hamas is unjust. One-third of Gen Z thinks Israel does not have the right to exist as a country.

Here's Why These Troubling Trends Mean Mass Chaos Is Likely Coming

Here's Why These Troubling Trends Mean Mass Chaos Is Likely Coming To The West...

You will note that the British public are being placed on a war footing. This is the psychological preparation for a mass chaos event. I’ve been telling you for ages that the bankers need to eliminate the debt, and I’ve also pointed out that historical examples highlight the risks of the elites losing control of the populace in such situations and in some instances their heads, too.

They know this, and as such have prepared for a means to control what will be millions of impoverished (you’ll own nothing) and very angry (and be happy) citizens. This control mechanism has many facets. “Hate speech,” search and seizure laws, pandemic treaties, CBDCs, and attendant authoritarian control measures, including lockdowns, quarantining citizens, and forced… ahem… how to say this politely, “medical procedures.” The big daddy, of course, is CBDCs.

Where these are implemented, then resistance is quickly squashed. It’s tough to mount a protest when you can’t get on a bus, fill up your car to drive to said protest, or even complain online on social media. If the “hate speech” laws don’t get you, the shutting off of your access to the internet and banking system surely will.

When talking about conscription many people will say, “Oh, but the populace doesn’t have a stomach for it.” The problem is that you could have made the same argument in 1939.

“The reality is that Denmark and our allies are threatened by hybrid war,” Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen said during a speech in the town of Allinge. “Each of us should prepare for the fact that, for a short period, we may be without access to electricity or water, or be unable to buy basic necessities.”

Then, over in the land of the free, the same agenda is being rolled out.

Military Draft Coming? House Passes Measure To Automatically Register Men For Selective Service

“The House of Representatives on Friday approved its version of the annual defense policy bill, effectively clearing the $883.7 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to move forward in a 217-199 vote which largely fell along party lines. Only three Republicans opposed it.

A number of ‘controversial’ amendments are part of it, setting up a further fight with Democrats as it moves forward, including a measure empowering the National Guard to crack down on the southern border.

But among the most interesting aspects to the bill for Fiscal Year 2025 is an amendment to the NDAA which automatically registers all draft-age male U.S. residents with the Selective Service System.”

At a recent conference in Orlando (Rebel Capitalist Live), I asked the crowd whether they understood that their country (US) was at war with Russia and, by default, China. It’s a topic I’ve spilled a bucket load of digital ink on for years now — the coming civil war in the US as well as the global war that’s now unfolding.

Now, I’m aware this is at least ostensibly an investment newsletter, but the reality is that geopolitics is arguably the most important driver in capital flows and hence investment outcomes.

Furthermore, what good is a sparkling Interactive Brokers account with more green than a Costa Rican jungle if you and or your kids or grandkids are being shipped off to the meat grinder fighting some bankers’ wars designed to accomplish the twin goals of depopulation (Agenda 2030, Rockefeller Foundation, Club of Rome) and enriching the deep state? It’s all kinda pointless. The time to obtain those second passports, residencies, and offshore banking is fast running out. Do with this warning what you will.

Oh, and by the way. The probability that the prepping by multiple countries of their cattle citizens all over the world (US, UK, Germany, Australia, and I’m sure I’m missing others) for conscription is not coordinated is about 0%.

It is obvious to anyone watching US politics and European politics.

The gay mentally ill race communists want to and are taking us all to war. We need to reject them at every level. If we do not, our future is bleak.

Speaking of European politics…


Russia may have already mined NATO's undersea infrastructure in the North Sea

Russia may have already mined NATO's undersea infrastructure in the North Sea

NATO countries "strongly suspect" that Russia has mined their communications in the North Sea. This can be confirmed by some observations of Western companies that have oil and gas wells, pipelines, electrical connectors and telecommunication cables in the area. Suspicions intensified as a group of ships, including Russian trawlers, behaved "unusually" , or rather, slowed down as they passed over the points where sea communications took place.

According to all the publications, from January to May this year, five Russian trawlers made stops in the areas of submarine natural gas pipelines in the waters of Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. There are assumptions that reconnaissance and sabotage activities were carried out during this period.

Belgian intelligence reports that Russian experts allegedly mined a British cable, but did not plan anything against Belgium and the Netherlands. It is assumed that Russia could use about 167 civilian vessels to monitor the critical infrastructure of Western countries. Covert operations by Russian intelligence services have reached "unprecedented proportions" since the Cold War, a British publication claims.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization justifies its concern with information received from companies that operate key oil and gas platforms, pipelines, electricity and telecommunications cables. This is what the Sunday Times article says. According to preliminary data, the Russians are using ships, as satellite images do not allow monitoring the seabed. The West warns that the Kremlin's main targets may be power and telephone cables, as well as oil and gas pipelines.

According to NATO, the threat is not limited to just one or two areas. NATO officials believe Russia has a decades-long program to map Europe's undersea infrastructure as part of an effort to prepare the battlefield for a potential conflict with the 32-nation alliance.

"We know there's the potential for them to do damage if they want to ," a senior NATO official told Foreign Policy on condition of anonymity. "Part of Russian war planning is knowing where your enemy's critical infrastructure is." . 

It doesn't take a huge effort by the Russians to get the information they need to cause harm. Most of the conduits are run by utility companies, and much of the data about where the wires run is public because of licensing requirements.

The strategy of cutting submarine cables is almost as old as modern warfare. The first transatlantic cables had been laid a few decades earlier, in 1866. Britain began cutting German submarine cables at the start of World War I to undermine communications – and the Germans returned the favor. When submarine telephone cables began to be laid in the 1950s, during the early days of the Cold War, Soviet trawlers destroyed the submarine cables off the coast of Newfoundland. The US Navy alone has more than 40,000 nautical miles of active cables on the seabed.

‘I’m not going to buy electric again – it’s the worst car I’ve ever had’

‘I’m not going to buy electric again – it’s the worst car I’ve ever had’
Joe Wright

Ray Bestwick bought an electric car last May in the hope of hassle-free motoring.

But with eight trips to the garage in little more than a year, the 62-year-old engineer cannot wait to put an end to his “soul-destroying” experience.

The Renault Megane E-Tech driver isn’t the only electric vehicle owner to face a multitude of problems, with a host of Telegraph readers detailing their reasons for pulling the plug on green energy.

Fears over range and a lack of charging infrastructure are the main factors behind owners turning their back on EVs.

Mr Bestwick, from Derbyshire, said: “My Renault is meant to have a range of 280 miles but it’s only ever reached over 200 twice out of about 30 times. I’m lucky to get 160 out of it, so it’s blatantly obvious there is a problem.

“I’ve taken it to three different Renault garages and they’ve all said there’s nothing wrong and it’s because of my driving style.

“I don’t agree with that at all – I’m 62 years old and drive in eco mode 90pc of the time. I’m after economy, not speed.

“It’s soul-destroying constantly getting told it’s my fault when it clearly isn’t.”

A recent investigation by What Car magazine found that electric cars have up to a third less range in reality than advertised. The data highlighted the disparity between the results of official government tests and those that can be achieved during real-world usage.

“I’m at the end of the line as it’s ridiculous,” Mr Bestwick said. “I’ve considered not paying the monthly lease but I don’t want any trouble so I’m waiting until next May when I can ditch it.

“I’m so glad I didn’t purchase the car outright. It would have cost £38,000 then, but the values depreciate so quickly I think it would only be worth about £22,000 now.”

Research from Auto Trader earlier this year found that a motorist buying a £50,000 electric car could expect to lose £24,000 in value over three years, while a similarly priced petrol car would lose only £17,000.

“I’m all for technology but I’m going back to petrol, or I’ll get a hybrid. I’m not going to entertain full electric again as this has been the worst car I’ve ever had,” Mr Bestwick said.

Renault told The Telegraph it is “sorry” to hear of Mr Bestwick’s concerns, but reiterated that a lack of range is likely down to driving style.

A spokesman said: “Investigations by our dealers suggest the range indicated is commensurate with Mr Bestwick’s driving style and car set-up.

“As with all cars, no matter if they are combustion engine or electric, driving style, environmental conditions and car set-up are significant contributors to achieve range in real-world driving.

Last week, The Telegraph reported that only 30pc of EV owners who part-exchange their car buy another electric motor – with the rest opting for either petrol, diesel or hybrid models.

Telegraph readers flooded the comments section in reaction to the data, with many highlighting their troubles with battery power.

However, some are steadfast in their view that electric is the way to go and have spoken highly of their driving experience.

Reader Jane Gregory is a Tesla 3 owner who intends to trade it in at the end of the year for either a petrol or hybrid model because of range anxiety: “We cannot go on any long journey without having to add time and inconvenience. It really is such a faff to charge your car anywhere else but home.

“Sometimes the charging points don’t work or there is a queue, etc. Britain does not have the infrastructure, but even if we did, can you imagine the queues everywhere to charge? Sorry Tesla, I do love you but it’ll be a goodbye.”

One of the most promoted benefits of using EVs is their positive impact on the environment, due to less consumption of fossil fuels and a reduction of local pollution.

But reader Rupert E Beehsley questions their overall green credentials: “Nobody with a brain buys an EV while the technology is rapidly developing and leading to massive depreciation on older models. Range decreases with age and batteries are exorbitant to replace.

“Soon, the only affordable EVs will be Chinese, made with coal-powered electricity generation and shipped halfway round the world. Very green eh?”

Islands that climate alarmists said would be sunk by climate change are actually growing

Islands that climate alarmists said would be sunk by climate change are actually growing

Climate change is not drowning atoll nations such as the Maldives, the Marshall Islands and Tuvalu, research has revealed. Historically claimed to be vulnerable to sea level rises driven by global warming, recent findings show these low-lying island nations are almost all still the same size or growing.

Comparing mid-20th century aerial photographs with contemporary satellite images reveals that, of 709 islands across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, nearly 89 per cent have either expanded or remained stable in recent decades. Only 11 per cent display signs of contraction.

For example, the island of Kandahalagalaa shows notable changes from 2005 to 2023. While the eastern portion experienced some erosion, the western side has expanded, maintaining overall stability.

These findings challenge the establishment narrative that climate change is an existential threat to atolls, dooming nations such as Vanuatu to the same fate as Atlantis and creating a generation of “climate refugees.”

They are also good news for climate alarmist politicians, including Al Gore and Barack Obama, who have spent millions on ocean-view properties that dramatic sea level rises would endanger.

Leading climate scientist Professor Bill McGuire, previously a member of the British government body that advised politicians on the covid pandemic response, has gone so far as to say the “culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate” is the only way to stop “climate breakdown.”

The above is the article ‘Climate Change was Expected to Sink These Islands. They’re Actually GROWING’ written by Jack Montgomery and published by The National Pulse

“Vaccine Passport” Bill Fails to Pass in New York

Another “Vaccine Passport” Bill Fails to Pass in New York Where Medical Legislation Is Disguised So the Nanny-State Can Impose Mandates Later


Total Manipulation:

Must See Video Shows How They Manipulate You With The News

My friend AwakenedOutlaw posted this to Twitter the other day and I think he’s so right…

In the past 6-12 months, a TON of people have red-pilled and started the process of “waking up”.

That process can be hard because it involves realizing you’ve been lied to by almost all institutions you previously trusted, most especially the “Nightly News”.

Think these are just local reports working on stories and bringing you the news they’ve uncovered from that day?


Take a look:


Many are still in the process of waking up and may have missed this gem. Do them all a favor by sharing this video with them. What's clear is that while most will only see their local news, what those outlets say is 100% dictated and directed from behind the curtain. That being true, the question to ask them after watching this is why everyone is saying EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

This truly needs to make the rounds and wake some people up!

In 1983, 90% of the “media” was owned by 50 different companies.

By 2015?  The same 90% was owned by only 6 companies.

Take a look:

Because when you consolidate so much control, it means you can send almost any message you want and broadcast it out in unison.

Think your local news is immune?

Think again.

Your local news is not all that local.

Your local news receives carefully orchestrated talking points they are required to read to you verbatim each day…doesn’t matter if it’s ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX, it’s all the same.

Want proof?

Well, just watch this right here on Rumble and prepare to have your mind blown (and then turn off your TV):

You THINK you have a choice between all these companies listed below in the circle, but what most people don’t realize is they’re all owned by only 11 companies.  

It’s an ILLUSION of choice.

The same goes for all your media…

It’s just an ILLUSION of different choices, but owned by these 6 companies:


Who is Kaja Kallas, the EU’s next foreign policy chief?

Who is Kaja Kallas, the EU’s next foreign policy chief?

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has been nominated by the leaders of EU member states to become the next high representative for security and foreign policy.

The politician – selected to speak for Brussels internationally and balance conflicting interests in the EU – has a reputation as an uncompromising hawk on Russia.

Before beginning a five-year term, Kallas will need approval from the European Parliament, whose members are expected to vote on her appointment in July, a step widely seen as a formality.

The 47-year-old’s attitude towards Moscow was summed up by an unnamed EU official, explaining why Western European nations were resisting her candidacy for another top job – the secretary general of NATO.

“Are we really putting someone who likes to eat Russians for breakfast in this position?” the source told Politico in March.

Kallas reacted by posting a picture of her breakfast, consisting of blueberries, muesli, a dairy product, and a drink.

Send troops to Ukraine

Kallas has embraced the idea that at some point NATO countries may have to deploy troops in Ukraine to prevent Moscow from defeating Kiev, first put forward by French President Emmanuel Macron in February.

“We shouldn’t be afraid of our own power. Russia is saying this or that step is escalation, but defense is not escalation,” the Estonian politician said of the proposal.

Macron’s stated goal in voicing the idea publicly was to leave Russian President Vladimir Putin guessing as to how far the US-led military bloc might go in supporting Ukraine. After multiple member states, including the US, ruled out sending their soldiers to fight for Kiev, the suggestion was downgraded to a military training mission in Western Ukraine.

Kallas has backed the new plan, saying it does not amount to an escalation – because a potential attack on the instructors would not trigger a mandatory joint NATO response.

“If you send your people to help Ukrainians … you know the country is at war and you go to a risk zone. So you take the risk,” she explained in May.

According to Kallas, there should be no “Plan B” for Ukraine, because contemplating it would amount to undermining the primary goal of helping Ukraine prevail in the conflict.

 ”Victory in Ukraine is not just about territory,” she told the BBC in early June. “If Ukraine joins NATO, even without some territory, then that’s a victory because it will be placed under the NATO umbrella.”

The Estonian politician believes the optimal scenario of a defeat for Russia would result in the country’s dissolution. Russia is composed of “many different nations” that could become independent, and “it is not a bad thing if the big power is actually [made] much smaller,” she argued last year.

The Estonian daily Postimees argued earlier this month that leaving domestic politics behind may be the best thing the prime minister can do for her country.

The Baltic nation is enduring a recession and severe budget deficit, and Kallas’ coalition government is unable to find common ground on tackling the problems, the editorial argued.

“She has earned the reputation of a strong voice of the eastern part of the EU and a convincing supporter of Ukrainian victory,” the newspaper said. “It’s all good, but the citizens of Estonia did not elect her based on her international image”.

Her looming appointment has “paralyzed the government,” as the coalition is unable to function while everyone waits for Kallas to quit, Postimees said.

Kallas is a vocal proponent of cutting all business ties with Russia as part of the Western response to the Ukraine conflict. However, last year Estonian media revealed that her Husband Arvo Hallik held a 25% stake in a logistics company that provides services in Russia.

She has denied any wrongdoing and rejected calls to step down over the scandal, which she claimed to be a politically motivated hatchet job. But her reputation was severely damaged, at home and internationally.

“This is hypocrisy in a cube,” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said at the time. He was referring to Kallas’ criticisms of Budapest, which views the EU decision to decouple from the Russian economy as self-harming, while having no impact on the hostilities.

There It Is: Biden Family Now 'Expected To Discuss Future Of Campaign' After Disaster Dementia Debate

There It Is: Biden Family Now 'Expected To Discuss Future Of Campaign' After Disaster Dementia Debate

After Jill Biden spent Saturday in the Hamptons orchestrating Weekend at Bernie's 3, NBC News reports that the Biden family is expected to discuss 'the future of his re-election campaign' at Camp David on Sunday following a horrendous debate on Thursday which laid bare to the world the fact that Joe Biden is not running the country.

According to the report, while top Democrats jumped to publicly reiterate their support for Biden, "senior congressional Democrats, including Reps. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Jim Clyburn of South Carolina and Nancy Pelosi of California, have privately expressed concerns about his viability, said two sources apprised of those discussions."

One Democratic House member who's still in the closet over Biden pulling out told NBC (which spoke with over a dozen Democrats) that three colleagues agreed during votes on the House floor Friday.

And so, while the party is still virtue circling the wagons, they clearly want Biden out - and are 'giving him space' to "determine next steps. They believe only the president, in consultation with his family, can decide whether to move forward or to end his campaign early — and that he won’t respond well to being pushed."

So that's on the table.

"The decision-makers are two people — it’s the president and his wife," said one of the sources familiar with the discussions, adding "Anyone who doesn’t understand how deeply personal and familial this decision will be isn’t knowledgeable about the situation."

According to another person 'familiar with his mood,' Biden is "humiliated, devoid of confidence and painfully aware that the physical images of him at the debate — eyes staring into the distance, mouth agape — will live beyond his presidency, along with a performance that at times was meandering, incoherent and difficult to hear."

"It's a mess," the person said.

Yes... And this is what the world just saw from the man with the nuclear codes:

Another source said, Joe will only listen to Jill Biden.

"The only person who has ultimate influence with him is the first lady," they said. "If she decides there should be a change of course, there will be a change of course."

After NBC News printed the above story, a 'source familiar' scrambled to let them know that the Camp David gathering was not a formal family meeting.

"Any discussion about the campaign is expected to be informal or an afterthought," said the source. "No one is sitting down for a formal or determinative discussion."

Damage control intensifies...

Gog of Magog: Who Is The Russian Leader At The Center Of The Ezekiel 38 Prophecy?

Gog of Magog: Who Is The Russian Leader At The Center Of The Ezekiel 38 Prophecy?

Ezekiel 38—39 contains one of the greatest prophecies in the Bible. It describes a massive invasion of Israel in the last days by a colossal confederation of nations.

Today’s events in the Middle East, though not direct fulfillments of Ezekiel’s prophecies, strikingly foreshadow them; and a survey of Ezekiel 38 in its context reveals that the events Ezekiel described may be on the horizon.

The Context

The Jewish prophet Ezekiel prophesied from 593 to 570 BC, during the time of the Babylonian invasions of Judah, as well as the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 586 BC. The book of Ezekiel divides into three main sections:

Chapters 1—24: Retribution on Judah at the hands of Babylon
Chapters 25—32: Ruin of Judah’s nearby neighbors
Chapters 33—48: Restoration of Israel and Judah

Ezekiel 38—39 falls into the restoration section immediately after the prophecy of Israel’s regathering to its ancient homeland in the end-times (chap. 37). This prophecy was fulfilled beginning in 1948 with the birth of the modern State of Israel, and the fulfillment continues today as more Jewish people return to Israel. This physical regathering of the Jewish people to their land sets the stage for the events in Ezekiel 38—39.

In Ezekiel 38:1–610 proper names identify the invading forces. Nine of them describe geographical locations. The word Gog is the lone exception. It occurs 12 times in chapters 38—39 and is a name or title for the leader of the invasion.

He is identified as “Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal” (38:2). We know Gog is an individual because he (1) is addressed directly by God (v. 14; 39:1), (2) is called a prince (38:2; 39:1), and (3) is referred to repeatedly by the use of personal pronouns. Also, he is “of the land of Magog,” indicating he is a person. The word Gog is not the leader’s name but, rather, a title, like pharaoh, president, or czar.

In the Old Testament, the word Gog appears only once outside Ezekiel 38—39 (cf. 1 Chr. 5:4) and clearly references a different person. Gog may mean “high, supreme,” or “a height,” possibly emphasizing this leader’s elevated position and pride. It may come from a Sumerian word (gug) meaning “darkness.” Bible scholar Dr. Thomas Constable said Ezekiel may have “referred to this unnamed future enemy of Israel as a dark figure (unknown and evil) calling him ‘Dark’ much as we might refer to such a person as a new Hitler.”

Author and journalist Joel Rosenberg gave his assessment about any connection between Putin and Gog:

Over the years, people have asked me if Putin might be the Russian dictator referred to as “Gog” in the Biblical prophecies of “Gog and Magog” in Ezekiel 38—39. . . . Here’s my quick answer: It’s too soon to draw such a conclusion. There’s much more that would have to happen to indicate that Putin was the “Gog” of Bible prophecy. But there’s no question in my mind that Putin is Gog-esque. He is dangerous, and both Israel and the West should keep a close and wary eye on him, especially given all that Putin has done to build a strategic alliance between Russia and Iran and the other countries mentioned in the “Gog and Magog” prophecies.

Time will tell. What we can say is that Putin cannot definitively be identified as Gog nor conclusively ruled out. He may be setting the stage for another leader who is waiting in the wings. But Putin is at least a faint foreshadow of what’s coming.

The Coalition

The name Gog is followed by nine ancient names of places. These names have changed many times over the millennia and may change again before this prophecy is fulfilled. Nevertheless, they indicate the geographical locations that will be part of this massive incursion into Israel in the last days:

    • Rosh: Russia
    • Magog: Central Asia (possibly including Ukraine and Russia)
    • Meshech, Tubal, Togarmah, Gomer: Turkey
    • Ethiopia/Cush: Sudan
    • Put: Libya (See “The Invaders“)
At the end of Ezekiel 38:6, the prophet added, “many people are with you.” I believe this general statement refers to the nearby nations surrounding Israel that Ezekiel did not mention specifically. The nations listed in Ezekiel 38:1–6 are distant, remote enemies of Israel in every direction. Ezekiel’s addition of the words many people are with you includes Israel’s neighboring enemies who live within the outer circle of far enemies. Bible scholar Walter Kaiser supports this view: “There seems also to be many other nations not mentioned, but who are fully allied with Gog (Ezek. 38:6) as well.”

The Carnage

Gog’s coalition invasion of Israel in the end-times will look like the biggest mismatch in history. It will make the Arab invasions of Israel in 1967 and 1973 pale in comparison.

When Gog assembles this strike force, it will look like Israel is finished. But God is in control of the entire situation. He will mount up in His fury to destroy these godless invaders:

God will come to rescue His helpless people, employing four means to destroy the invading horde:

1. A great earthquake (Ez. 38:19–20)
2. Infighting among the troops of the various nations (Ez. 38:21)
3. Disease (Ez. 38:22)
4. Torrential rain, hailstones, fire, and burning sulfur (Ez. 38:22).

The destruction will be complete and catastrophic. The power vacuum left behind by the annihilation will certainly be filled by the Antichrist as he consolidates his power.

The Conclusion

The pieces of Ezekiel’s prophecy are moving into place. The Hamas massacre on October 7, 2023, served as a type of prophetic shift of gears. Iran has unleashed its proxies known as the Axis of Resistance.

Russia’s relations with Israel have sunk to an all-time low as Russia has sided with Hamas. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is an outspoken supporter of Hamas and has instituted economic measures against Israel.

We already see signs of this invasion, which will occur after the Lord removes His true church via the Rapture. So the Rapture may be very near.

Hamas official calls on West Bank Palestinians to attack Israelis,

Hamas official calls on West Bank Palestinians to attack Israelis, slams PA for cooperating with Israel

A top Hamas official implicitly calls on West Bank Palestinians, including members of the Palestinian Authority security forces, to carry out attacks against Israelis.

“We are working to expand the resistance in the West Bank. I ask every person in the West Bank who carries a weapon, officially or unofficially, to fulfill his responsibility, because every person with a weapon in the West Bank can make a difference and have a qualitative impact,” says Hussam Badran, a former leader of Hamas’s military wing in the northern West Bank who orchestrated several terror attacks against Israelis during the Second Intifada, and lives today in Qatar.

“A Palestinian today does not need an order or decision by any party to act, and must take the initiative on his own,” he adds in an interview with the Qudsuna satellite TV channel.

Badran says that “resistance is a legitimate right” of Hamas, even though he admits that the terror group has lower military capabilities than Israel. He further claims that Hamas’s demands are those of the whole Palestinian people, and that the terror group has shown “great flexibility and positivity” in talks for a ceasefire and hostage release deal with Israel.

The terror group’s positions in negotiations are formulated after consultation with the movement’s leadership in Gaza, Badran says, in a probable reference to the terror group’s leader Yahya Sinwar, and adds that Hamas has “categorically refused at all stages of the negotiations to discuss the day after the war” in the Gaza Strip.

“We will not allow anyone to dictate to it the arrangement of the Palestinian house,” he continues, adding that the terror group aims for the formation of a national consensus government in preparation for elections throughout the Palestinian territories.