Friday, October 28, 2011

More Birthpains: 6.9 Magnitude "Extremely Dangerous" Quake in Peru

Just days after the massive quake in Turkey, we see this - a 6.9 quake in Peru:

Extremely dangerous earthquake on the coast of Central Peru

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit near the coast of Central Peru. Depth of the hypocenter given by USGS is 34 km. The earthquake hit at 01:54 PM local time (18:54 UTC). The earthquake was also felt in Ecuador and Brasil

Its too early to tell what the extent of damage is because communications are nonexistent due to damage:

Only very few news facts are arriving out of the epicenter area. Main reason : no power (computers) and NO or very limited telcommunications (few cell phones)

Also see this update on Turkey's quake:

Earthquake - Turkey - 575 dead, 2608 injured, at least 8026 households long-term homeless

There was also a 4.9 quake in Oklahoma and many more around the world today:

Seismic Monitor


Anonymous said...

Stocks are UP again, but the rally
is looking frayed....bulls are
getting tired.

Sentiment readings show 61 percent PLUS on stock indices...a bad sign
for bulls.....silver close to 70%
bulls, even WORSE !!

They are getting greedy.

MAIN REASON why no RTP in Syria ??

VERY EASY to answer that.

World governments want to keep
that SILLY bull going so they
will NOT interfere, they are
GREEDY and have many Wall Street

and YET >>>

The Elliott Wave model is saying
that THIS RALLY is out of time.
Number (3) down dead ahead.


hmmm....I wonder what will cause
it....bulls will find out
that answer, the HARD way !!!!

Stephen >>>>>>>>

Dave down under said...

QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce has applied to the shareholders for a 1.7 million dollor shares insentive ( or something like that). This will effectively give him a pay increase from 3 to 5 million a year. In the mean time jobs at QANTAS still remain insecure and the company can't afford pay rises.

The man must have doctorates in everything or something like that.

Capitalism at it's greediest.

Dvae down under said...

Anyone planning on traveling anywhere using QANTAS please rebook your tickets as QANTAS CEO has grounded the airlines entire fleet world wide; domestic and International.

I think its a ploy to put the heat on the airlines unions and to make the workers look bad. Management refuses to negotiate with the unions and grant the workers a secure job. Mean while Alan Joyce will recieve his $2m extra per year. God bless. David

Robin said...

I humbly can not let "Captilaism at its greediest" go by without pointing out, according to this story

. . .it's greedy Union members striking. Furthermore, I'd offer . . .its the Socialist/Marxist mindset pushing the agenda of the AntiChrist, ie One World Government and Global Economy. Those economies with true free markets are fairing the economic depression in good standing.

Alice said...

So true, Robin!

Dave down under said...

Robin Ive got no problem with managers making a buck and I'm not against capitalism as an institution. However I feel 5mill a year is rediculous. Not being able to get a hold of your advertised story Im not too sure what your getting at. At the end of the day, and I'm thinking this what your driving at, workers striking over fair conditions and pay doesn't mean they're greedy or they have a marxist agenda.

Robin said...

But Dave . . .the point is, they should be paid what the market will bear . . .not what WE believe is enough. Economies are not a finite piece of pie like those with a Marxist agenda would have us believe. Unleashed, the sky is the limit. The only time we should concern ourselves with the salaries of others is when those salaries are being paid by tax payers. If a corporation chooses to pay their CEO what other corporations pay theirs, that's their business. The stockholders will determine the prudence of that decision.

DrNofog said...

The Marxist Deception is that they are against "Capitalism"...