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UN Ambassador Nikki Haley To Visit Israel After Showdown With Anti-Israel Group In Geneva

Nikki Haley to Visit Israel After Showdown with Anti-Israel U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva

"U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley announced Tuesday that she will travel to Israel after first addressing the notoriously anti-Israel Human Rights Council in Geneva – a body which the U.S. boycotted in March...

But the visit to Israel, taking place June 7-9 will be preceded by a visit to the controversial U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 6 – the first address to the Council by a U.S. Permanent Representative to the U.N.

Later that day, Haley will give a speech at the Graduate Institute in Geneva where she will 'lay out the U.S. position on future involvement' in the Council and address 'the benefits and the failings of the Council with respect to the vital mission of defending millions of people against the world's worst cases of human rights abuse.'

The U.S. boycotted the opening session of the Council in March over its explicitly anti-Israel agenda. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said that one particular agenda item – 'Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories' – was 'yet another reminder of that body's long-standing bias against Israel.'

The Bush administration declined to join the Council when it formed in 2006 as a successor to the Human Rights Commission, which the U.S. had also declined to join. However, the Obama administration applied for membership, claiming it would be easier to reform from the inside. But such reform efforts were scarce..."

Following news reports that President Donald Trump will withdraw the United States from the costly Paris Agreement, FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon commented:
“The Paris Agreement is too costly for the United States. Americans haven’t seen real economic and wage growth for far too long, and this misguided treaty failed to strike anything close to a balanced between preserving the environment and prosperity. The Paris Agreement would have cost the economy more than $2 trillion and nearly 400,000 jobs.”
“We applaud the decision from President Trump and urge his administration to continue to seek ways to roll back costly regulations that are hurting the economy.”
FreedomWorks aims to educate, build, and mobilize the largest network of activists advocating the principles of smaller government, lower taxes, free markets, personal liberty and the rule of law

While it was not surprising that as part of the ongoing probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections, the House Intel Committee issued a total of seven subpoenas on Wednesday as the WSJ reported, what was surprisng is that in addition to four subpoenas focusing purely on the Russia investigation, the Republican-led committee also issued three subpoenas focusing on "unmasking" questions, involving how and why the names of associates of President Donald Trump were unredacted and distributed within classified reports by Obama administration officials during the transition between administrations.
As part of the "unmasking" investigation, in addition to the NSA, the House committee also subpoeaned the FBI and the CIA for information on how and why Trump-linked names were exposed to the entire US intel community, and led to an avalanche of "unnamed sources" stories. 
Recall that typically information about Americans intercepted in foreign surveillance is redacted, even in classified reports distributed within the government, unless a compelling need exists to reveal them. Unmasking requests aren’t uncommon by top intelligence community officials but Republicans want to know whether any of the unmaskings of Trump campaign officials during the transition were politically motivated. 
According to the WSJ, Republicans on the committee have been pushing for a thorough investigation of how the names of Trump campaign officials became exposed in classified intelligence reports based off intelligence community intercepts. Specifically, the three "unmaksing" subpoenas seek information on requests made by former national security adviser Susan Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan and former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power for names to be unmasked in classified material.

Kabul Blast Kills 80 People With 350 Injured

Kabul blast: Suicide car bomb injures many near embassies

At least 80 people -including a BBC driver - are dead and 350 more are injured after a massive bomb concealed in a water tanker ripped through Kabul's diplomatic quarter this morning.
Bodies littered the street and a towering plume of smoke could be seen over the Afghan capital after the truck attack blew out the windows in a number of foreign missions and residences nearby.
Officials said most of the casualties this morning were civilians and 'many women and children' were among the victims.
This morning, it emerged that BBC Afghan driver Mohammed Nazir had been killed in the explosion and that four BBC journalists have been wounded. Their injuries are not thought to be life threatening.
A number of employees at the German consulate have also been hurt and an Afghan security guard stationed outside the building was killed in the suicide bomb, which was also close to the British, French and US embassies.
The Afghan Taliban this morning denied responsibility for the attack, which comes just days into the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. No group immediately claimed to have carried out the atrocity, but both the Taliban and ISIS have staged large-scale attacks in Kabul in the past. 

Amid the chaos and confusion in the aftermath of the blast this morning, officials initially said 50 had been killed. Reuters later reported the country's health ministry as saying the death toll was at least 80.
The blast, which shattered windows and blew doors off their hinges in houses hundreds of yards away, was unusually strong, with some reports saying it was caused by explosives concealed in a water tanker.
A statement from the NATO-led Resolute Support (RS) mission in Kabul said Afghan security forces had prevented the vehicle from entering the heavily protected Green Zone that houses many foreign embassies as well as RS headquarters, suggesting it may not have reached its intended target.
The explosion caused carnage during rush hour when roads are packed with worktime commuters.
The interior ministry was calling on Kabul residents to donate blood this morning, saying hospitals were in 'dire need'. 
A statement from the Ministry of Interior Affairs says it 'condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attack' that killed so many, including women and children.
'These heinous acts go against the values of humanity as well values of peaceful Afghans,' the statement added. 'These attacks also demonstrate the extreme level of atrocity by terrorists against innocent civilians.'
It appeared to have gone off close to a busy intersection in the Wazir Akbar Khan district but Najib Danish, deputy spokesman for the Interior Ministry, did not have a more precise location.

The neighbourhood is considered Kabul's safest area, with foreign embassies protected by dozens of 10-foot-high blast walls and government offices, guarded by police and national security forces. 
The German Embassy, the Foreign Ministry and the Presidential Palace are all in the area, as are the British and the Canadian embassies. The Chinese, Turkish and Iranian embassies are also located there. 

Britain's Foreign Office told MailOnline this morning: 'We strongly condemn this morning's attack which happened in the centre of Kabul during Ramadan. Our thoughts are with all the victims. 
'All our staff are accounted for and the embassy remains operational. We are working closely with the Afghan authorities and the area has been secured by security forces.' 

'It felt like an earthquake,' said 21-year-old Mohammad Hassan, describing the moment the blast struck the bank where he was working. His head wound had been bandaged but blood still soaked his white dress shirt. 
'I couldn't think clearly, there was a mess everywhere,' he said.
Later, frenzy broke out outside the hospital as ambulances and police trucks began bringing in the bodies of those killed. Some bodies were burned or destroyed beyond recognition.
The blast was so heavy that more than 30 vehicles were either destroyed or damaged at the site of the attack.
Windows were shattered in shops, restaurants and other buildings up to half a mile from the blast site.
'There are a large number of casualties, but I don't know, how many people are killed or wounded,' said an eyewitness at the site, Gul Rahim.
Witnesses described dozens of cars choking the roads as wounded survivors and panicked schoolgirls sought safety, with men and woman struggling to get through security checkpoints to search for loved ones. 
More than an hour after the explosion ambulances were still taking the wounded to hospital, as firefighters struggled to control blazes in several buildings. 

The Coming Globalism And The Motive For Madness, Is Trump Pushing Merkel To Create A Stronger EU?

Left-wing liberal leaders do not lack the intelligence to recognize the suicidal policies they are pursuing. They are deliberately facilitating the policies of cultural suicide to create the social chaos necessary to eliminate their nation states and globalize the world under one-world government That is the motive for their madness.

Their seemingly bizarre policies create an atmosphere of such anxiety and cognitive dissonance that people are overwhelmed and paralyzed trying to make sense of the nonsensical policies destroying their cultures. Most people simply cannot absorb the shock of leaders who are deliberately trying to destroy the sovereignty, borders, and national cultures of their own countries - it is madness. Most people have enormous difficulty accepting the fact that their left-wing leaders are purposely lying to them, distorting reality, and manipulating the news to disguise their destructive motives. Rather than face this intolerable truth people often withdraw into unreality and pretend it is not happening - they choose subjective reality to find some relief.

 Globalists seek to impose secular one-world government ruled by themselves. It is time to stop the hand wringing and embrace the fact that the Left is trying to destabilize and overthrow Donald Trump’s presidency to create the social chaos required for imposition of Globalism’s one-world government. 

It is also time to stop pretending that Islam is a peaceful religion like any other. Islam is a socio-political expansionist ideology with a religious wing, a military wing, and an educational wing all attempting to overthrow Western governments and replace them with supremacist sharia law. Terrorism is an Islamic tactic of war. Terrorist attacks in New York, London, Brussels, Nice, Syria, Orlando, Paris, Stockholm, Cologne, Malmo, Berlin, Manchester, and on and on and on are inspired and connected by Islamic ideology. There are no lone wolves. Responding to Islamic terrorism with flowers and songs is patently absurd. Responding to Islamic terrorism by pretending it is not driven by Islamic ideology is denying objective reality and making the choice to enter the fiction of subjective reality.

It is time for free people in every free country left on this earth to face facts and accept objective reality. There is a vicious war being fought by Islamists and Globalists with the help of the colluding mainstream media for world dominion that will impose either religious or secular totalitarian rule on the world if they are not defeated. 

The income equality and social justice promised by Globalists is as fictitious as the 72 virgins promised by Islam to jihadis - it is the candy offered to children by strangers that every adult in Western countries understands is the bait that lures its unsuspecting victims. The West must grow up and reject the candy. The West must reject subjective reality and learn to live in objective reality.

The totalitarian rule of Islamic states is a reality of modern life - there is no ambiguity regarding its strict and savage lifestyle. Every Middle Eastern country with the exception of Israel is bound by sharia law or is struggling for sharia law and its restrictive supremacist strictures.

Totalitarianism by any other name whether it is religious or secular is still totalitarianism

The income equality and social justice promised by globalists is the big lie of the 21st century that is duping the useful idiots in the Western world. Globalism is not new - it was described unapologetically in chilling detail by Lord Bertrand Russell in his 1952 book The Impact of Science on Society. Far from providing income equality and social justice the one-world government of the New World Order (NWO) is a binary socio-political system of masters and slaves. 

There are no individual freedoms in one-world government, no middle class, no upward mobility, and no self-determination. The promises of income equality and social justice offered by lying left-wing politicians are no different than the candy offered by strangers to gullible children. Globalism is not the John Lennon song “Imagine.” 

Globalism is the sinister and insidious reality of a collectivist society where individuals are treated as children and property of the state. As Hillary Clinton famously said - we need a public who is unaware and compliant. Unaware and compliant are the hallmarks of childhood.

Hillary Clinton is a globalist. Barack Obama is a globalist. The six mega-corporations that own the media are all globalists. George Soros is a globalist. Angela Merkel is a globalist. Emmanuel Macron is a globalist. Theresa May is unsuccessfully trying to be both globalist and nationalist. The Leftist leaders of the European Union are globalists. The entire Globalist community is arrayed against President Donald Trump because he is the single greatest obstacle to one-world government on earth. President Donald Trump and his America first nationalism is the existential threat to one-world government. The Globalist disinformation campaign against him is unparalleled. The Islamists practice taqiyya - lying in the service of Islam. The lying Left practice the equivalent language of deceit - lying in the service of Globalism - in their end justifies the means complete disregard for truthfulness. 

Unless people wish to live under the totalitarian governance of Globalism’s dystopian one-world rule or under Islam’s sharia law they had better rid themselves of their lying Leftist leaders and replace them with honest leaders committed to protecting their country’s democracy, sovereignty, borders, individual freedoms, constitutions, and national cultures.

The motive for their madness is one-world government. Totalitarianism by any other name whether it is religious or secular is still totalitarianism.

Donald Trump entered office hoping that he could splinter the European Union. But what if his presidency has the effect of further unifying it — against America?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s announcement that Europe can no longer rely on America as a partner and “must take our destiny into our own hands” marks a turning point. Every American administration since 1945 has tried to work closely with Germany and NATO. Ronald Reagan even visited Bitburg cemetery in May 1985, in the face of controversy at home over the presence of SS graves, in order not to undermine the German chancellor Helmut Kohl, who had stood by him in installing intermediate range Pershing missiles in 1983.

Trump is pushing Germany and Europe in a different direction. 

Now that France has elected Emanuel Macron president, Merkel is moving to fashion a Franco-German axis that will pursue a common economic and military path. 

This will signal a significant diminution in American prestige and influence abroad. Imagine, for example, that Merkel decided to defy Trump’s push for sanctions and isolating Iran by establishing trade ties with North Korea, including selling it weapons.

We aren’t there yet. But Trump’s approach to Europe and elsewhere has been predicated on the notion that he can singlehandedly defy the rules of the game and extract what he wants. The problem is that he is emboldening Germany to become the superpower of Europe and inevitably it will pursue what it considers its own interests. This is after all the nation that invented the term realpolitik.

So far Merkel is focusing on building up a joint military command in Brussels and improving relations with Poland. Poland’s president has visited Berlin twice this year. Both Germany and Poland view Russia similarly. 

With Britain out of the picture, Merkel reckons she can move more quickly toward solidifying common EU military measures. 

She is also looking at cleaning up the EU’s finances. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports that she wants to vouchsafe Brussels the economic clout to help ailing economies and boost reform efforts. In this regard, she will focus on trying to meet French demands for an easing of onerous fiscal demands on Southern Europe at least half way.

Until now, the core relationship in American foreign policy in Europe has been with Germany. That tie appears not simply to be fraying but on the verge of snapping. It will be no small irony if Trump has impelled Europe to transform itself into a unified great power.

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The Christian Exodus From The Middle East

The Christian Exodus From The Middle East

The years of bloody conflict still raging across the Middle East in Iraq, Egypt, Syria and other failing states have made headlines for the mass migration of Muslims out of the region, but there is another side to this story: the largest Christian exodus in modern history. 

As the fellows at the Center for American progress point out, Christians, now faced with murder on a genocidal scale, have abandoned their ancestral homes across the Middle East under intense pressure from not only from civil wars, ISIS and other Islamic extremists but also from increasingly discriminatory legal codes and institutions in Muslim countries. 

Threatened with discrimination, enslavement and death at the hands of Islamic radicals, millions of families are forced to make a desperate choice to leave behind everything they know and seek safety in the West. 

Christian migration from the Middle East is not a new phenomenon, though its acceleration is. 

The exodus started more than a hundred years ago and has come in stages as people were pulled by economic opportunities in the West and pushed by civil wars in Lebanon and conflict in Iraq in the 1990s. 

There was hope for religious tolerance at the start of the decade in 2010 when protestors took to the streets in more than a dozen Middle East countries to protest the excesses of dictatorship, but this was short lived as these popular movements were subverted by Islamic radicals or descended into civil strife that made conditions far worse for Christians.

Since 2011, genocide and the accompanying exodus of Christians from the region have proceeded at an alarming rate. In 1910, Christians accounted for 13.6% of the population of the Middle East, according to Todd Johnson, director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. 

Over the next 100 years, this number plummeted to only 4.2%, according the data gathered by researchers in 2010. 

Today, projections for the Christian population in 2025 put the number at just over 3%, yet even this number now seems high considering the ISIS-led near-total depopulation of Christian populations in parts of Iraq and Syria, alongside the continued campaign of violence in terror in Egypt and across the region.

The Christian genocide in the Middle East is one of the great human tragedies of modern times. The cradle of civilization and many of the most significant sites of the faith is now lost to Christianity in a region dominated by Islamic theocracy that rules nearly unopposed. 

The future promises to bring only more conflict between rival Islamic sects and a hardening radicalism that rejects modernity, other cultures and belief systems distinct from Islam.  

The moderating effect that minority religious groups, Christians and Jews in this case, can have on a society will be removed and both Sunni and Shiite sects will grow increasingly strict and absolutist. 

Pushed into exile, Christians from the region will watch from afar as their homes become the breeding ground for new generations of Islamic fundamentalism and theocratic despotism. 


Home to Coptic Christians who date their faith and places of worship to the apostle Mark's arrival in Alexandria, Egypt is the site of a bloody campaign of Islamic terror. 

Earlier this week Islamic gunmen waved down a bus filled with Christians and instructed them to recite the shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith.  When they refused the gunmen opened fire killing 28.

Palm Sunday was also interrupted this year by suicide bombings in two Egyptian Coptic churches carried out by ISIS. The bombs detonated in the midst of the worshippers gathered for mass in Alexandria and Tanta, killing at least 45 and injuring more than a hundred more. 

These attacks, however, are only the latest in a series of increasingly brazen acts of violence. Egypt's government had pledged to protect the Christian minority, but failed to repair the metal detector at the church entrance or raise the alarm after bombs were found a week earlier. 

Experts estimate that around a million Copts have emigrated from Egypt since the 1950s and the pace of the displacement has accelerated sharply since ISIS began its campaign of terror. ISIS issued fresh warnings after the Palm Sunday attacks, advising Muslims to keep their distance from Christians who, it promises, will be the targets of terrorist attacks. 

As Christians swept away the blood-soaked debris from the blast, one church-goer held up his Egyptian national ID card to a reporter, "This ID says whether we are Muslim or Christian. 

So how did that suicide bomber get into my church? If this identification isn't for my protection, it's used for my discrimination." Systematically excluded within Egypt and elsewhere, Christians were to be the beneficiaries of a Trump administration refugee program.

Federal judges blocked such efforts since they would discriminate based on religion, even though that is exactly what took place, in reverse, under the Obama administration. 


Christians living in Syria were subjected to the worst levels of persecution in the world not only with the outbreak of Syria's vicious civil war in 2011 but also the rise of ISIS. 

Christian monitoring groups estimate that nearly half of the nation's population of 2.5 million Christians left the country to escape the violence. 

Headlines are filled daily with stories of massacres and enslavement for those who stayed in a country that descended into the barbarism of ISIS on one side and cruel dictatorship of Assad on the other. 

Those Christians who didn't head for Europe often moved to Lebanon, a country that has somewhat recently became a relative calm in the storm for Christians where they are able to practice their faith freely and even hold some political power. 

Syria, however, shows no signs of improving its tolerance for Christians and experts believe that the Syrian Christian population will continue to decline at a rapid pace.


The greatest population displacement, an exodus of Biblical proportions, has taken place in Iraq. First, during the sanctions imposed on Saddam Hussein in the 1990s and continuing through internecine conflicts between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. 

The Christian population had dwindled to 1.3 million by 2003 but is now estimated, just 14 years later, to number around 300,000. 

First al-Qaeda and then ISIS, as Christians have been systematically massacred, enslaved and displaced. Even when able to return to their homes, they most often come home to little more than ruins, picked clean by their neighbors. 

Bashar Warda, a Chaldean bishop in the city of Erbil, the Kurdish capital, told journalists from The New Yorker, "It's very hard to maintain a Christian presence now. Families have ten reasons to leave and not one reason to stay. 

This is a critical time in our history in this land. We are desperate." Entire districts have been emptied of Christians. Still hundreds more continue to flee Northern Iraq each month   

Mattis: War With N Korea Would Be 'Catastrophic', New Generation Of Bombs Undetectable By Airport Scanners

James Mattis: War With North Korea Would Be "Catastrophic"

Defense Secretary James Mattis appeared on “Face the Nation” with John Dickerson on Sunday and repeated his warning that an armed conflict with North Korea would be “catastrophic” for US allies in the region, and that it "would be probably the worst kind of fighting" because of the North's proximity to the South Korean capital, Seoul.

“A conflict in North Korea, John, would be probably the worst kind of fighting in most people's lifetimes. Why do I say this? The North Korean regime has hundreds of artillery cannons and rocket launchers within range of one of the most densely populated cities on earth, which is the capital of South Korea."

Mattis told a Pentagon news conference earlier this month that a war with the north would be “tragic on an unbelievable scale," suggesting that the Trump administration would seek to exhaust all alternatives before resorting to military action. 

“We are working with the international community to deal with this issue. This regime is a threat to the region, to Japan, to South Korea. And in the event of war, they would bring danger to China and to Russia as well. But the bottom line is it would be a catastrophic war if this turns into a combat if we're not able to resolve this situation through diplomatic means.”
Mattis affirms that the North is a threat to the US, but he stops short of drawing a line in the sand when he tells Dickerson he’d prefer not to answer a question about what the North could do, if anything, to provoke a response from the US. The president, Mattis said, needs “political maneuver room on the issue.”

Putting together the bits of information coming from various sources leads to the conclusion that a US pre-emptive strike against North Korea is a possibility that may turn into reality pretty soon. Everyone knows it’s fraught with implications and nobody wants it but there is a good reason to believe it’s coming closer.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has supervised the test of a new anti-aircraft weapon system and ordered its mass production and deployment throughout the country. It took place after Pyongyang conducted a second missile test within a week, sending a medium-range ballistic missile into the waters off its east coast on May 21. North Korea said the test was a success and the weapon could now be mass-produced. If a strike to knock out the nuclear and ballistic missile program infrastructure is planned, it would better be delivered before the air defense systems are in place.
North Korea's missile program is progressing faster than expected, South Korea's defense minister said on May 16, after the U.N. Security Council condemned the launch of a new long-range missile and demanded Pyongyang halt weapons tests. North Korea has defied all calls to rein in its nuclear and missile programs, including from Russia and China. The country’s leadership openly states that it has been working to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of striking the US mainland, and the recent tests are steps toward that aim. North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests so far, including two last year.

During the US-China summit at Mar-a-Lago estate, Florida, in early April, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked US President Donald Trump for a 100-day grace period to deal with North Korea’s military provocations. The May 21 launch cast doubts on the efficacy of the measures taken. The 100-day period would end around the time the G20 summit is held in Germany on July 7-8 with the problem of North Korea high on the agenda. The US and China’s leaders will tackle the burning issue on the sidelines of the event.

Meanwhile, a third US aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz, will be deployed by Washington in the Western Pacific Ocean in order to join two US warships, stationed near the shores of the Korean Peninsula in the light of the crisis. USS Nimitz will join USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan in the area. Three carrier groups out of eleven is a huge force to be deployed only for a large-scale operation coming soon.
The US is to conduct another test of its Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system to shoot down an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) simulating a North Korean ICBM aimed at the US The military has used the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system to intercept other types of missiles, but never an ICBM.

Finally, it has been recently revealed that the US military has moved two nuclear submarines towards North Korea. President Trump was likely referring to an Ohio-class guided missile submarine (SSGN), the USS Michigan, which made an official port call in Busan, South Korea on April 25, and the Los-Angeles-class attack submarine (SSN) USS Cheyenne, which visited Sasebo, Japan on May 2 as part of its regional deployment. The US Navy on average is deploying up to ten Los-Angeles, Seawolf, or Virginia-class attack submarines worldwide on any given day.

Michigan is used for first strike missions. It is one of four Ohio strategic subs (SSBNs) converted to only fire conventional Tomahawks instead of nuclear ballistic missiles. The boat carries a massive load of 154 land attack cruise missiles. On top of that, Michigan carries the Dry Deck Shelter, which allows it to deploy special operations forces and their swimmer delivery vehicle mini-subs. Cheyenne is a Los Angeles-class attack submarine, which routinely accompanies carrier groups. It can fire Tomahawks.

Donald Trump knows that military actions are an effective tool to hike ratings. The president saw a bump in his own poll numbers after the cruise missile strike in Syria he ordered on April 7. His approval rating jumped from 34 percent up to 42 percent. It leaped from 42 to 50 percent after the «Mother of all bombs» was used on April 13 against Islamic State positions in Afghanistan. The public support has dramatically slid down to roughly 38 percent since then.The president is in a pinch. Something needs to be done immediately to rectify the situation.
The trend is worrisome and the best tried-and-true way to reverse it is a short victorious war. True, it’s a great risk. But bombing one’s way to popularity may happen to be a temptation impossible to resist. A sixth North Korean nuclear test or test-fire of an intercontinental ballistic missile may prompt the action even before the 100 days «grace period» is over. The forces are there and poised. They cannot be in high alert stand-by mode too long. While the world public attention is riveted to Syria, a large-scale military conflict with terrible consequences may spark anytime and the probability is very high.

In response to Homeland Security Ponders Laptop Ban On All International Flights: Surefire Way to Stop Bombs on Planes reader Brindu sent a pair of interesting links discussing new bombs that airport scanners cannot detect.

Amid the bombed-out ruins of Mosul University, U.S. officials say they have uncovered evidence that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was developing a new type of bomb that could pass through an airport scanner undetected.

CBS News joined Iraqi Special Forces in Mosul just days after the hard-fought battle to recapture the University in January. It’s long been believed that Mosul University was the center of the militants’ bomb-making projects, using the school’s equipment and labs.

Now, U.S. officials believe that research includes a new generation of more powerful explosives that could be concealed in a computer.

When ISIS overran Mosul in 2014, they also captured the city’s international airport. And with it, all the modern security scanner and screening equipment necessary to test their new bombs.

Netanyahu: Israel Must Retain Full Military Control Of The West Bank

Netanyahu: We must retain full military control of West Bank

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday said that Israel must maintain its military control over the West Bank in the event of a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

“The idea that we can give up territory and achieve peace is not right,” Netanyahu told Army Radio in a pre-Shavuot holiday interview.

“In order to assure our existence we need to have military and security control over all of the territory west of the Jordan [River],” he said, reaffirming his commitment to a policy that is rejected by Palestinians, who seek a full Israeli withdrawal from the territory.

In the radio interview, Netanyahu asserted the root of the conflict lies not with Israeli settlements in the West Bank, but rather in Palestinian intransigence regarding recognition of Jewish rights to any part of the land.
Netanyahu’s comments came after visiting US President Donald Trump last week impressed on the prime minister and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that he is determined to work on a peace agreement.
“It is not because of the territories and the settlements,” Netanyahu said, noting the history of conflict between Jews and Arabs in the area from 1920, long before the establishment of Israel in 1948 and the capture of the West Bank in 1967.
Even before 1967 the Arabs “wanted to get rid of us from Tel Aviv, and after we pulled out of Gaza [in 2005] they [still] want to get rid of us from Tel Aviv,” Netanyahu said. The prime minister said that when Israel proposed to the Palestinians that it relinquish all the territory they want as long as they give up on the right of return for Palestinians who fled in 1948, “they squirm in their seats and are not prepared to give an answer.”

“The root of this problem was and still is that continued refusal by the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a the homeland of the Jewish people in any borders,” Netanyahu said.

Israeli seek peace, but the Palestinians are stuck in their attitude of “not setting up a state but rather negating the existence of a state, the Jewish state,” the prime minister insisted.

As soon as that is changed, “then there is hope for peace, because you can’t build peace on a foundation of lies,” he said.

“There is no nation that knows the price of war more than we do — we want a real peace,” Netanyahu added.

N Korea Launches Another Ballistic Missile Test, Russia Has Little Reason To Trust NATO

North Korea Launches Another Ballistic Missile Test, as Talk of War Increases

South Korea reports that early on Monday morning, North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile, its ninth ballistic missile test this year. This comes just one week after another ballistic missile test. The missile flew about 450 km (280 miles), and landed in the Sea of Japan.
The missile is assumed to be a “Scud” missile known as the KN-06, that can be launched from a mobile platform, to target enemy aircraft or nearby ground targets. North Korea has a large stockpile of Scud missiles, originally developed by the Soviet Union.
North Korea’s child dictator Kim Jong-un is quoted as saying that the system should be deployed “all over the country like forests so as to completely spoil the enemy’s wild dream to command the air, boasting of air supremacy, and weapon almighty.”
The usual steps have been taken in response to the latest ballistic missile test: South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, who had hoped to have friendly relations with North Korea, called a meeting of the country’s National Security Council. Japan launched a protest and called the test “highly problematic, while Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe vowed action to deter North Korea’s repeated provocations. Reuters and The Diplomatand Sky News (Australia)

North Korea Monday test-fired a ballistic missile for the third time in less than three weeks, earning a rebuke from US President Donald Trump who said it showed "disrespect" for neighbouring China.
The launch of the short-range projectile, which fell provocatively close to Japan, was the North's 12th ballistic missile test this year -- in defiance of UN sanctions warnings and US threats of possible military action.
It went ahead despite tough talk from Trump, who promised last week at the G7 summit that the "big problem" of North Korea "will be solved".
"North Korea has shown great disrespect for their neighbor, China, by shooting off yet another ballistic missile... " Trump said in a tweet.
The US leader has urged China, the North's sole major ally and key trade partner, to do more to press Pyongyang to curb its missile and nuclear programmes.
South Korea's military said the Scud-type missile travelled for 450 km (280 miles). Japan said it was estimated to have fallen into its exclusive economic zone, extending 200 nautical miles from the coast.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe swiftly condemned the test -- the second time this year that a North Korean missile has fallen close to its shores -- vowing concerted action with the US.

"We will never tolerate North Korea's continued provocations that ignore repeated warnings by the international community," Abe told reporters.

The North has been stepping up efforts towards its ultimate goal -- developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that can deliver a nuclear warhead to the continental US.

North Korea confirmed its test-firing of a precision-guided ballistic missile was “successful”, the state-run news agency KCNA reported Tuesday, a day after the projectile landed in waters provocatively close to Japan.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un supervised the launch of the “new-type precision guided ballistic rocket” — the third missile test by the nuclear-armed regime in less than three weeks and carried out in defiance of UN sanctions warnings and US threats of possible military action.
The missile test triggered swift condemnation from US President Donald Trump who said it showed “disrespect” for neighboring China, the North’s sole major ally, which has sought to dampen tensions over Pyongyang’s weapons program.
The launch was aimed at testing a weapon “capable of making ultra-precision strike on the enemies’ objects at any area”, the North Korean report said.
“It also verified ultra-precision guidance correctness in the re-entry section,” it said.
Kim “expressed the conviction that [North Korea] would make a greater leap forward in this spirit to send bigger ‘gift packages’ to the Yankees” if provoked, the report added.
It added that the projectile was showcased for the first time last month as part of Pyongyang’s annual military parade to mark the 105th birth anniversary of the regime’s founder Kim Il-Sung.
Following North Korea’s test-firing earlier this month of what analysts said was its longest-range rocket yet, the UN Security Council vowed to push all countries to tighten sanctions against Pyongyang.
But China has made it clear that the push for talks — and not more sanctions — is its priority. On Monday it pleaded again for dialogue.

NATO officials have once again said that they are searching for ways to engage in meaningful dialogue with Russia. Asked to comment, international politics expert Viktor Nadein-Rajewski said that for now, he doesn't see any constructive steps toward Moscow on the alliance's part.

Addressing a meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Tbilisi, Georgia on Monday, alliance Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller said that NATO does not want to provoke conflict with Russia. Rather, it is looking for ways to conduct meaningful dialogue, and to encourage Russia toward peace, she said.
Asked to comment on Gottemoeller's remarks, and to weigh them against NATO's actual behavior, Viktor Nadein-Rajewski, a senior research fellow at the Moscow-based Institute of World Economy and International Relations, stressed that flowery rhetoric aside, Russia has not seen any positive steps emanating the alliance.

"Let's start from the fact that Moscow never turned its back on peace. Everything else is just fabrication and propaganda clich├ęs," the observer said, speaking to Radio Sputnik.

It's a fact, Nadein-Rajewski added, that Russia-NATO "relations have reached a level where no room for improvement can be seen." 

"Of course NATO would like, without any conciliatory gestures apart from verbal ones, to get Russia's consent to what is, let's be blunt, the occupation of the remaining territories of the former Soviet Union. After all, their forces are being deployed there, with Ukraine and Georgia in line [for membership]."

"But I do not see any constructive steps on NATO's part toward Russia," the analyst stressed. "Some of their statements inspire hope, yes, but for now it's all talk of good intentions. NATO must abandon [policies] which pose a direct threat to Russia, threats to its territory. But for now this threat continues to exist."

During the apparent love-fest between Mahmoud Abbas and POTUS Trump at the Whitehouse in early May, Trump tweeted that it "was an honor to meet with PA President Mahmoud Abbas".
It didn't take much time for Israel's PM Binyamin Netanyahu to come out strongly and castigate Abbas for blatantly lying to Trump regarding the former's intention to reach a peace agreement with Israel. Trump then went and deleted his tweet effectively retracting his words of respect for Abbas.
After the debacle involving the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' donation and support of establishing a women's center, which was subsequently dedicated to a terrorist Dalal Mughrabi who carried out one of the most deadly terrorist attacks in Israel's history, it has emerged that Trump showed that he will not tolerate brazen lies and support for incitement to terrorism.
When Trump and Abbas met in Bethlehem during the POTUS' whirlwind visit to Israel last week, Trump made it clear during their joint press conference that support for terrorism and incitement must end. Trump alluded to the PA's continued support and payments to jailed murderers and terrorists stating, "these actions are obstacles to peace."
Reports have emerged that the closed door meeting between Trump and Abbas was definitely not friendly when Abbas reiterated that his Fatah faction was not involved in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement.
Trump reportedly yelled at Abbas, "You tricked me in Washington! You talked to me about peace, but the Israelis showed me that you are personally supporting incitement. Peace can never take root in a place where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded."