Thursday, October 13, 2011

In 'Other' News From Around The World:

That is, in addition to this mysterious and bizarre "Iranian Plot" that we have been following (below):

USGS Reports Record Number Of Strong Earthquakes In 2011

By analysing data from the US Geological Survey (USGS), IWO was able to determine that earthquake activity (6.0-9.9 magnitude) during the period 01 January to 12 October 2011 reached its highest level in 20 years. The 2011 data was compared with data for the corresponding period in each of the 19 previous years since 1992.

M 6.1 quake hits Bali

Early reports indicate as many as 50 people have been injured in Bali around 115km from the hypocenter from this moderate shallow-depth earthquake. Moderate damage to shops as well as falling debris has caused cars and other shop fronts to be damaged.

Harsh Irish winter en route - "little ice age" predicted

Ireland could be facing into decades of harsh winters, according to new research about to be published in Nature magazine.

Icy Comet Elenin Closely Approaches Earth Next Week: Is Naked Eye Visibility Possible?

Icy Comet Elenin will make its closest approach to Earth next week and should enter naked eye visibility (magnitude +6) when it comes within 22 million miles of the planet on Oct. 16, according to reports.

N Korea Moves Arms Closer to Border

North Korea has recently moved fighter jets near the Northern Limit Line, the de facto maritime border, and ground-to-air missiles close to Baeknyeong Island. There is speculation that it plans a minor provocation while South Korean

"The North Korean military was seen moving mobile missile launchers at a ground-to-ship missile base near the NLL," a government source said. "There's likelihood that the North will launch a military provocation"

Smuggled Libyan weapons flood into Egypt

Large caches of weapons from Libya are making their way across the Egyptian border and flooding black markets in Egypt’s already unstable Sinai Peninsula, according to current and former Egyptian military officials and arms traders in the Sinai.

Egyptian security officials have intercepted surface-to-air missiles, most of them shoulder-launched, on the road to Sinai and in the smuggling tunnels connecting Egypt to the Gaza Strip since Moammar Gaddafi fell from power in Libya in August, a military official in Cairo said. Arms traders said the weapons available on Sinai’s clandestine market include rockets and antiaircraft guns.

The seizures raise fresh concerns about security along the sensitive area that borders the Gaza Strip and Israel, at a time when unrest is roiling the region. The addition of shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles to arsenals of Palestinian fighters in Gaza could add significantly to the threat against Israel, whose helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft frequently patrol the strip, which is controlled by the militant Islamist group Hamas.

The "birthpains" are occurring so rapidly now, it is beginning to be difficult to see when one begins and when the next one begins - a characteristic of the very last stages of labor.


Caver said...

Israel is being forced into a "no win" situation in this area...IMHO. They can't wait for the full armament haul to be transferred because it would make it impossible to move by helicopter or provide close air support for ground ops.

If, or when, they go in first before being attacked the world will condemn them.

Geepers, they are in so many pincher movements now.

gearedup2go said...

And God appointed Netanyahu for such a time as this.

Robin said...

Now that's a thought, GearedUp and I quite agree . . . Israelis don't know just how blessed they are to have Netanyahu . . .yet. But soon, all their hearts will be softened, including Netanyahu's as the Church is removed and God focuses his attention on His people. What glorious times we live . . .

Caver said...

Amen Geared. And Bibi has said for years that he just "felt" he was supposed to be PM for either a very difficult time is Israel's history or the last one. Don't remember which is was.

Robin said...

I'd be shocked if he publicly stated he felt he was the last Prime Minister . . .but difficult time, I can believe him saying. Though he may have felt he was the last, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to campaign on something like that LOL :)

But I think we all agree, he's surely the last . . .

Mrs. C said...

AMEN Geared & Robin! :)
For such a time as this indeed!
This is a quote from Bibi's recent UN speech, that is amazing to me! After thousands of years, at the foot of the Holiest place left that the Jewish People Pray at the Western Wall...archeologists uncover an ancient ring, that has Bibi's family name there...WOW

"In my office in Jerusalem, there's an ancient seal. It's a signet ring of a Jewish official from the time of the Bible. The seal was found right next to the Western Wall, and it dates back 2,700 years, to the time of King Hezekiah. Now, there's a name of the Jewish official inscribed on the ring in Hebrew. His name was Netanyahu. That's my last name. My first name, Benjamin, dates back a thousand years earlier to Benjamin - Binyamin - the son of Jacob, who was also known as Israel. Jacob and his 12 sons roamed these same hills of Judea and Samaria 4,000 years ago, and there's been a continuous Jewish presence in the land ever since."

God Bless :)

Mrs. C said...

Yes indeed Sister Robin :)
For me personally, I must confess to tears and crying when he was just felt like we were witnessing perhaps the last PM for Israel to be sworn in...that God had indeed raised him up for this time in all of history...We need to lift him up in Prayers, as well as the Apple of Gods Eye, His Beloved First Born Children ...
God Bless!

Caver said...

Hi Robin! Whatever the exact statement was, it was never meant for the public. I think it was part of a private conversation that mistakenly leaked and got "out there".

"Think" is the operative word here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ:
Today on the Glenn Beck Show, he will be discussing how to prepare for what may or may not be coming (5:00 pm est.) His new show is on the Internet...GBTV. There is a subscription price. Your credit card won't be charged until 2 weeks. You may cancel if you wish within the 2 week period. I know Beck is a Mormon, and I don't know who you all feel about him...but he talks a lot about the things that we believe in. Gary

Seth said...

I swear I heard a long trumpet blast this morning as I was laying awake in bed from some post-op pain. Obviously it wasn't what I'd hoped, but it did remind me that it's close.

I'm getting a little better each day. It's still amazing to me that I'm up and walking around after getting an organ removed just three days ago. Thank you, Jesus for the technological advances in medecine. I don't know how people survived before.

Alice said...

Hi Scott and all,

I have a question about Isaiah 17. I was reading a brief discussion on a Christian message board where one poster corrected someone else stating that the fall of Damascus is DURING the tribulation, NOT preceding it. This person was emphatic. In fact, they said Damascus is destroyed during the outpouring of God's wrath, and it all begins several chapters before chap 17.

Guess I'd never heard this take on it before. Soooo, I'm curious... Is this how you all see it?

Seth, I see you posted as I'm typing this. I'm so thankful that you are doing well! Praise the Lord! {{{hugs}}}

Robin said...

Thanks for the heads up, Gary . . .have my window up and ready for it to start :)

Alice, the difficult part about determining when Isaiah 17 happens, is determining when Ezekiel 38 and the Rapture happen. Fact is, there's not a single clue anywhere in the Bible as to when His church will be removed. What we DO know is the Saudi kingdom and Iran are again making nice with each other . . .and it's entirely possible, in order to get our troops out of Iraq by next summer's deadline in an effort for Obama to have bragging rights on that campaign promise, Obama may very well offer a trade of nuclear weapons in Iran for exchange of peace in Iraq. That, coupled with the realignment we now see occurring between Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and their front groups Fatah and Hamas . . .Ezekiel 38 could happen first.

Additionally, while Syria DOES certainly have chemical weaponry, they don't have nukes. It's difficult for me to imagine Israel flattening an entire city for any other reason than nukes . . .so maybe that's something that would unite the world against Israel?

Either way . . .I don't plan to still be here when it happens :)

Scott said...

Anybody that is emphatic that Isa 17 HAS to be during the Tribulation is wrong. There is no connection between this and God's wrath - in fact the strong evidence is that Israel takes care of the situation.

It isn't until Gog-MaGog that God directly intervenes and only then that Israel begins to turn back to God.

There is a SLIM-REMOTE possibility IMO, (others may disagree) that Isa 17 COULD occur during the Trib, but I believe this to be highly unlikely.

I am betting that Mrs C can do a far better job on this than I can, but I believe this person is incorrect.

SETH - so glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery!

Robin said...

Well, it's also important to point out that while we assume the wars of Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38 are two completely different wars, they could very well simply be two separate battles, like the Battle of Chickamauga in Georgia and Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. Both happened in 1863 . . .but each in different states . . .and both were part of the Civil War.

WVBORN56 said...

I visit RR daily and there is a thread there discussing the current "lull" (seriously) and I come here and Scott is posting that the birth pains are are now so rapid they are running into one another.

Clearly Scott is on top of world news like no other site. I had to sigh that not even the watchers are seeing all that is happening.

Thanks again Scott for the awesome job you do to keep us informed!

Come Lord really can't be much longer now!

Caver said...

Robin said.."...Additionally, while Syria DOES certainly have chemical weaponry, they don't have nukes. It's difficult for me to imagine Israel flattening an entire city for any other reason than nukes."

Hi Miss Robin,

Israel has said publicly and often that any attack on Israel using any Chemical, biological, or nuclear, WMD, will be considered the same as any other WMD.

Also, they have told Syria quietly through diplomatic channels that they will hold Damascus...not just Syria but Damascus directly...responsible any Hezbo or Lebanon attack on Israel.

Something tells me they were not bluffing but deadly serious.

DrNofog said...

Demons on video?
'They're grotesque-looking, and they don't have benign motives'

"Author, filmmaker Ken Klein, who stunned viewers with his recent "Trans-Humanism: Destroying the Barriers" DVD, has launched another cataclysmic report: That fallen angels exist, are on Earth, and have been filmed."

Watch the short preview vid, and also watch the 1 that comes up next "Invasion of the Dark Stars".

Now the mantra from the Pentagram... er, -gon... is that Trans-Humanism is the next level of warfare that 'our enemies' are developing, and it's no longer an issue of ethics, "We have to do this!"

...and the drumbeat gets louder and more insistent... -everyone, make sure you're all in lockstep now...

Caver said...

Welcome back Brother!

Sorry you're sore but its probably better than before and will pass. Thanking the Lord for bringing you back to us.

Waterer said...

I was reaqding Is 15 and 16 following this question and it brings one of my own. Do you (we)
think that Is 17 is different because it has never been destroyed? I'm asking because Is 15
has the overnight shock in it too.

15:1 - [In Context|Original Hebrew]
The oracle F188 concerning Moab. R577 Surely in a night Ar R578 of Moab is devastated {and} ruined; Surely in a night Kir of Moab is devastated {and} ruined.
Also some of the language of these devastations sound like the destruction in the burned grass,famine and destruction ) followed by promise of a ruler from David's tent.
The cross reference seem to take one's attention to Jeremiah 49.
SO why are we expecting the Damascus thing any minute and not these other oracles too?

Waterer said...

Jeremiah 49
Prophecy against Damascus

23 Concerning Damascus. R2413

"Hamath R2414 and Arpad R2415 are put to shame,

For they have heard bad news;

They are disheartened. R2416

There is anxiety by the sea,

It cannot R2417 be calmed.

24 "Damascus has become helpless;

She has turned away to flee,

And panic has gripped her;

Distress R2418 and pangs have taken hold of her

Like a woman in childbirth.

25 "How the F542 city R2419 of praise has not been deserted,

The town of My joy!

26 "Therefore, her young R2420 men will fall in her streets,

And all the men of war will be silenced F543 in that day," declares the LORD of hosts.

27 "I will set R2421 fire to the wall of Damascus,

And it will devour the fortified F544 towers of Ben-hadad." R2422

Is this attached to the same destruction in Is 17? If it is
then isn't it the Lord who does the destroying?

Robin said...

Hi Caver :) Yes, that was my point . . .Syria doesn't have nukes . . .Israel does and has threatened their use if Syria attacks. That's why I believe when they do, the world will unite against Israel. Israel will be seen a the big bully in the neighborhood . . .a bully needing to be stopped . . .and culminate in the war predicted in Ezekiel 38.

Unknown said...

Robin- you nailed it.

Scott said...

That's true Robin - and as Caver said - On multiple occasions, Israel has publicly stated that they would view the use of chemical weapons by Syria the same as they would nukes (all considered as WMDs equally)....

As far as "God's intervention" - this could be, to some degree semantics.

As we all know, God can choose to work through man or intervene directly.

As we see in ezekiel 38-39 at the time of Gog-MaGog, God directly intervenes in a very obvious manner - so much so that "the nations tremble" (38-20)-

In fact verses 38:17-23 reveal all of the ways that God reveals Himself through this intervention: "I will make myself known in the sight of many nations"....Also we see in 39:21-29 more declarations that God has done this "direct intervention" so that His presence would be known.

In contrast, we don't see such verbiage in Isa 17. Now of course, God may work via the Israeli army - after all, all of this is part of His divine plan - but the contrast between this scenario and Gog-MaGog is stark.

Additionally, God doesn't 'protect' Israel in the Isa 17 scenario, as we see Northern Israel (at a minimum) suffering a great deal

As far as Isal 15-16, I need to go back and refresh my memory on those passages -

Scott said...

Good commentaries FYI:

Jack Kelley Commentary


Scott said...

Thanks - and I can't see how anybody could see a lull now!!! for goodness sakes -

We have the middle east exploding - Syria threatening Israel if anybody gets near their borders, Weapons flowing from Libya into egypt - Turkey and the Cyprus situation - huge uptick in quakes, the recent sabre rattling with Iran, now the Saudis calling for retaliation etc hard to believe that they aren't seeing all of this!

Caver said...

I haven't got the time to look it up right now but believe the key is given

In Isiah 17 when Israel defeats their neighbors the surrounding nations "flee far off".

Later in Ezekiel 38:7 we see Gog gathering up and protecting those that have assembled unto him.

I believe these are the same folk. Believe is the operative word.

Waterer said...

Thanks for the Jack Kelley site,

WVBORN56 said...

Personally I don't think we are here for either Biblical battle/war. Maybe Isaiah 17 but for sure not Ezekiel 38-39. My thinking on Gog magog is it's very OT in nature as God intervenes for Israel and the destruction of Damascus IMO also fits in the horror of the Tribulation. I don't think we can make a biblical case for the timing of either event but I am not convinced we are here for either. Maybe I'm just impatient and hoping that we are going home soon. Plus Jesus comes back as a thief in the night and as in the Days of Noah. (denotes surprise and business as usual) I think maybe for this to occur the church needs to exit prior to such significant prophetic events...but certainly I'm not dogmatic. Please be kind and gentile in your disagreement. :)

Waterer said...

I think I can be kind and gentile and kind and gentle since I agree with what you're thinking.
I am teaching on Noah tomorrow ( WOuld SO appreciate prayers for this). He is much on my mind.
Of all the times the Lord could have chosen to parallel,He picked that one.I guess there is one condition for the Rapture in order for it to happen and it is this special,self absorbed and yet violent time. I think we definately fit that description.

Scott said...

Good luck with that - I can't help but think - We'll be seeing Him soon :)

What faith Noah had to have - arguably as much or more than anyone in biblical history if you think about it

WVBORN56 said...

gentile...haha Or you could be kind and jewish...I'll learn to spell some day but probably not :)

Alice said...

Thanks everyone, for your help and thoughts on Isaiah 17! I enjoyed Jack Kelley's thoughts, too, Scott! Thank you!

As usual, it drove home to me the fact that I just need to read and re-read those chapters and pray for insight and understanding!

That said, it was the very first time I had heard that Isaiah 17 happens late in the trib and is part of God's wrath. Clearly others of you have had this same understanding, though. Thanks for sharing!

DrNo, I'm off to bed and I hope not to have any nightmares after watching your little demon video... ;) VERY creepy... Thanks...I think...


Mrs. C said...

Truly, I respect and admire Brother Jack Kelly for years! but I have to respectfully disagree with his article from 2006. Jack wrote this during the Israel-Lebanon war, where Hezbollah was the highlight of that engagement. Jack refers to a single "Jewish" writing that suggests that Aroer could possibly be in or around the Bekka Valley which is in Northern Lebanon, attempting to connect Hezbollah to Isaiah 17:2. This is incorrect.
Aroer, is in Jordan, not in Lebanon, sheesh, and Ephraim is smack dab in the middle of the West Bank. Here is a link to the ancient cities in Israel and the surrounding areas.
In the second portion of Isaiah 17:3 Isaiah is indeed referencing the Assyrians raid to the Northern Tribes, but only because he had just witnessed the event in his time. That is why the Lord brings up this reference to this raid at the end Isaiah 17:14. when He returns to the primary subject by telling us that Damascus will be gone overnight. To say is simply, God is saying "in conclusion" to this Oracle. He returns to the first stated event in Verse 1 which is Damascus, and He tells us the fashion of their destruction - that it will be gone in less than 24 hours.
Please forgive me, as I have posted this before, but here's a simple explanation:

Isaiah 17:
Israel will have fought a war involving multiple fronts.
Isaiah 17:1 - Damascus
Isaiah 17:2 - Jordan
Isaiah 17:3 - West Bank- Israel takes prisoners.
Isaiah 17:4-11 - Israel suffers greatly, barely survives, and God tells us why He allows this to happen to them
Isaiah 17:12-13 The enemy nations surrounding Israel- attempt to "rush in" to finish her off. This is when God does intercede, at the end. He rebukes these nations, so as His people will not be wiped out, and the people of these nations "flee a far off".
Isaiah 17:14 - Gods Word tells us that Damascus, will be gone in a day.

Israel will have fought this Isaiah 17 war, completely alone. They will barely survive, have exhausted all of their weapons and no way to resupply, and the "world" will hate them even more than they do now. Israel will no longer have to worry about the enemy nations that surrounded her, but they pay a very heavy price for this. Israel is severely wounded, and defenseless. This sets the stage for the Ezekiel 38 invasion. Israel will be in a primitive state, and so will the invading Ezekiel forces. At the same time, we have to consider the fulfillment of the Judgment that comes against the nations surrounding Israel. God had Ezekiel devote 8 Chapters in the Book of Ezekiel, to the destruction of these surrounding nations. Ezekiel 25-32
Ezekiel 25 – Jordan, Gaza
Ezekiel 26 – 28 Lebanon
Ezekiel 29 – 32 Egypt

God Bless!