Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In the news...

There were a couple interesting news stories percolating today, both of which could have future ramifications:

"Palestinian kills 4 Israelis on eve of peace talks"

Palestinian gunmen opened fire Tuesday on an Israeli car in the West Bank and killed four passengers on the eve of a new round of Mideast peace talks in Washington. The Islamic militant group Hamas claimed responsibility.

Assailants firing from a passing car riddled the vehicle with bullets as it traveled near Hebron — a volatile city that has been a flash point of violence in the past. Some 500 ultranationalist Jewish settlers live in heavily fortified enclaves in the city amid more than 100,000 Palestinians.

One of the victims was pregnant, said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld. Israel's national rescue service said the victims were two men and two women, and Israeli media said everyone in the car was killed.

About 3,000 people joined a rally in Gaza to celebrate the attack. Hamas military wing spokesman Abu Obeida was among them and told The Associated Press: "The Qassam Brigades announces its full responsibility for the heroic operation in Hebron."

This typifies the violence that always ensues during the process of peace talks and this is only the beginning of the inevitable cycle of violence:

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak promised a tough response to an attack he said was aimed at sabotaging the talks.

"Israel will not allow terrorists to raise their heads and will exact a price from the murderers and those who send them," he said in a statement.

There is widespread opposition to the resumption of the peace talks among Palestinians. Hamas opposes any contact with Israel and has harshly criticized Abbas for agreeing to resume the negotiations.

Opposition to resuming talks is also coming from within the Palestine Liberation Organization, an umbrella group headed by Abbas. Some Fatah activists threaten to try to depose him if he makes concessions, and several hard-line PLO groups plan a demonstration in the West Bank administrative capital of Ramallah on Wednesday to protest resumption of negotiations.

Within hours we see the following Israeli response:

"Barak vows to 'extract price' for deadly West Bank shooting attack"

Defense Minister Ehud Barak vowed on Tuesday that Israel would "exact a price" from those who shot dead four Israeli civilians in the West Bank.

Settler leaders and rightist Knesset members earlier Tuesday condemned the shooting attack, with some calling for Netanyahu to freeze peace talks with the Palestinians and focus instead on the security of Israel's citizens.

"Now it is clear that the most violent periods take place when there is a political process," said MK Uri Ariel (National Union). "Netanyahu must freeze talks and focus on ensuring peace for Israel's citizens."

Tzviki Bar Hai, the regional council head in Kiryat Arba, said the incident "provides food for thought about the will of our neighbors to co-exist. Every time we start talking, they respond with war."

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said that the attack raises concern about whether Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian security services can control militants in the West Bank.

Past experience indicates that the violence will continue throughout any process of attempted peace. I believe that part of the process of confirming the covenant of Daniel 9, will be the delegation of peace keeping troops into the region in order to keep the peace. Nothing else has ever worked. In that potential scenario, the antichrist would be directly or indirectly in charge of such troops. But that is just some speculation at this point.

In other news, there are more and more stories coming out about these massive solar storms predicted for 2012. It is getting hard to ignore. Here is one such article:

"Massive solar storm to hit Earth in 2012"

Astronomers are predicting that a massive solar storm, much bigger in potential than the one that caused spectacular light shows on Earth earlier this month, is to strike our planet in 2012 with a force of 100 million hydrogen bombs.

Several US media outlets have reported that NASA was warning the massive flare this month was just a precursor to a massive solar storm building that had the potential to wipe out the entire planet's power grid.

Similar storms back in 1859 and 1921 caused worldwide chaos, wiping out telegraph wires on a massive scale. The 2012 storm has the potential to be even more disruptive.

"The general consensus among general astronomers (and certainly solar astronomers) is that this coming Solar maximum (2012 but possibly later into 2013) will be the most violent in 100 years," News.com.au quoted astronomy lecturer and columnist Dave Reneke as saying.

"A bold statement and one taken seriously by those it will affect most, namely airline companies, communications companies and anyone working with modern GPS systems.

The reason for the concern comes as the sun enters a phase known as Solar Cycle 24.

Most experts agree, although those who put the date of Solar Max in 2012 are getting the most press.

"We know it is coming but we don't know how bad it is going to be," Fisher told Reneke.

"Systems will just not work. The flares change the magnetic field on the Earth and it's rapid, just like a lightning bolt. That's the solar effect," he added.

The findings are published in the most recent issue of Australasian Science.

This is interesting because it sounds like the kind of catastrophic event which will occur during the Tribulation. Food for thought anyway.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Burdensome Stone

As mentioned a few days ago, we need to closely watch the upcoming meetings which are intended to broker a peace deal in Israel and create the coveted "two-state solution". If these talks follow the usual patterns, Jerusalem will ultimately prove to be the last sticking point in these negotiations and most likely the ultimate "deal-breaker".

Interestingly, the talks haven't even started and we're already seeing evidence of this:

"PA Minister Threatens War over Jerusalem"

The Palestinian Authority religious affairs minster, a week before peace talks in Washington, warned of war if Jerusalem is not “returned” to "its owners. And we are its owners."

"With PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in the audience, Mahmoud Al-Habbash declared in his Friday sermon, "Jerusalem can ignite a thousand and one wars,” according to a translation supplied by Palestinian Media Watch.

Unless Jerusalem "becomes the capital of the Palestinian people, there is no peace," he warned. "The term 'war' will not be erased from the lexicon...as long as Jerusalem is occupied.

“If Jerusalem is dishonored, if Jerusalem is disgraced, if [Jerusalem] is lost, it may leave the door open to all possibilities of struggle, all possibilities of war.

That isn't all. It gets better and the consistency with biblical prophecy is astonishing:

"Jerusalem is not just a city. Al-Aqsa is not just a mosque. Jerusalem is the key to peace…. Unless Jerusalem will be Palestinian, as it was throughout history, the capital of the Palestinian state and the capital of the Palestinian people, the place which is the object of heartfelt longing and which all Muslims aspire to reach; unless Jerusalem is like that way, there is no peace. There is no peace without Jerusalem. There is no stability without Jerusalem.”

It is times like this that I find biblical prophecy even more amazing than before. To think that over 2,500 years ago, God's prophets foretold that Jerusalem would be the burdensome stone to the world and that all nations would be gathered against her and that Jerusalem would be "immovable", etc. is astonishing.

For folks who refuse to view prophecy in a literal way - while we watch the fulfillment of prophecy played out in a literal way almost daily, reveals to me a form of denial that is hard to grasp. One would think that Israel's miraculous regathering on May 15, 1948 would be enough, as that unlikely event represented one of the most dramatic fulfillments of biblical prophecy imaginable. However people still bury their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge the direct fulfillment of prophecy as we approach the last days. Denial. As they say, it ain't just a river.

Lets look at the scriptures one more time and compare it to the news today and the upcoming peace talks:

"This is the word of the Lord concerning Israel. The Lord who stretches out the heavens, earth, and who forms the spirit of man within him, declares:

'I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all the nations are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves.'"
(Zechariah 12:1-3)

It will all boil down to Jerusalem - just as the prophetic scriptures have told us. We see evidence of this on a daily basis.

As Joel Rosenberg states - Israel is the epicenter of the world, Jerusalem is the epicenter of Israel, and the Temple Mount is the epicenter of Jerusalem.

Yep, its all about the epicenter. Just as predicted.

War Preparations: The Powder Keg Grows

War preparations continue today and should be firmly categorized in the "rumors of war" section:

"Report: Israel planning to attack Hezbollah arms depots in Syria"

Israel is planning to attack Hezbollah arms depots and weapons manufacturing plants in Syria, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai reported on Saturday.

The report is based on Western sources who asserted that Israel has increased its military force level along the northern border in the Golan Heights and Mount Dov areas. According to the report, Israel plans to attack Hezbollah weapons depots, including ones deep inside Syria that store long-range rockets.

According to the report, Syria's military is on high alert and is strengthening its anti-aircraft defenses along the border with Israel and at strategic sites within Syria.

More on Hezbollah and Syria, who have been "together" for quite some time now. Why? Because of a "future armed conflict with Israel":

"Report: Hezbollah, Syria to join forces in future clash with Israel"

The Lebanon-based Shi'ite militant group Hezbollah and the Syrian army have initiated a significant military cooperation in joint preparation for the possibility of a future armed conflict with Israel, the Kuwaiti daily al-Rai reported on Monday.

The report came as Syrian president Bashar Assad urged Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri earlier Monday to support Hezbollah and maintain calm in the divided country.

The joint command, the report said, would ensure full cooperation in land, sea, and air warfare, as well as take care of the positioning of anti-aircraft missiles in both Lebanon and Syria in order to confront the possibility of an Israeli nuclear assault.

The report also stated that Damascus and Hezbollah also worked together on the possibility of joint artillery strike against Israel, as well as drawing up a collective plan for the defense of vital Lebanon, Syria sites in case of an Israeli attack.

Below, we see the "Kings of the East" also making war preparations:

"Pentagon Sounds Alarm at China's Military Buildup"

The Pentagon voiced alarm over China's military buildup, saying it was expanding its advantage over Taiwan and investing heavily in ballistic and cruise missile capabilities that could one day pose a challenge to U.S. dominance in the western Pacific.

...the Pentagon also cited China's advances in electronic warfare. The U.S. government has been the target of cyber intrusions the report says appear to have originated in China and aimed to steal military secrets. "These intrusions focused on exfiltrating information, some of which could be of strategic or military utility," the report said.

And of course, we can't watch the build-up to war without Russia being involved:

"Despite Israeli protests, Russia won't halt arms sale to Syria"

Despite Israel's objections, Russia will not cancel its sale of advanced missiles to Syria, the Kremlin announced on Sunday.

Following the Haaretz report, Sergei Prikhodko, a senior adviser to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, told the state-run Russian news agency RIA Novosti that Moscow would fulfill all agreements it had made with foreign countries and would not halt the deal.

The agreement in question is for P-800 Yakhont missiles, a highly accurate Russian weapon with a 300-kilometer range capable of carrying a warhead of up to 200 kilograms.

Jerusalem also fears the more advanced missiles could fall into the hands of Hezbollah, the Syrian- and Iranian-supported Lebanese militia, which would create a significant threat to naval ships in Israeli ports and the Mediterranean Sea.

Well, you can bet on that - we now know from previous news from the Middle East that in terms of waging war against Israel, Syria=Lebanon=Hezbollah. That is a simple formula which is readily apparent by just a quick glance at Middle East news.

The build-up to war continues.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lies and deception at the end of the age

Usually when one scans the news for stories pertinent to end times prophecy, a theme or two will emerge. Whether it's rumors of war, earthquakes, pestilence, etc., it is interesting how certain trends will always seem to prevail on a given day.

Today while scanning news stories, one such theme seemed readily apparent.

We know from biblical prophecy, that during the tribulation period one of the main aspects which will prevail is this idea of lies and deception:

- Regarding the antichrist and false prophet: "Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth" (Revelation 13:14)

- In relation to false teachers and false teachings in end times: "They will secretly introduce destructive heresies...Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into dispute...will exploit you with stories they have made up" (2 Peter 2:1-3)

- The apostle Paul's warning about deception: "Don't let anyone deceive you in any way..." (2 Thessalonians 3)

- The antichrist's method of lies and deceit, again as warned by Paul: "The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of satan, displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing." (2 Thessalonians 9-10)

And on and on it goes - the point is made.

And we have been watching the "stage-setting" , or the "road being paved" towards the Tribulation and the antichrist's reign of terror. Lies and deception will be the order of the day. And like all of the signs, we are already seeing foreshadowing of this process, and it is getting worse.

A few examples just over the past few days (note: I usually try to avoid politics, but such efforts are unavoidable today):

"The Last Refuge of the Liberal"

Liberalism under siege is an ugly sight indeed. Just yesterday it was all hope and change and returning power to the people. But the people have proved so disappointing. Their recalcitrance has, in only 19 months, turned the predicted 40-year liberal ascendancy (James Carville) into a full retreat. Ah, the people, the little people, the small-town people, the “bitter” people, as Barack Obama in an unguarded moment once memorably called them, clinging “to guns or religion or” — this part is less remembered — “antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.”

That’s a polite way of saying: clinging to bigotry. And promiscuous charges of bigotry are precisely how our current rulers and their vast media auxiliary react to an obstreperous citizenry that insists on incorrect thinking.

● Resistance to the vast expansion of government power, intrusiveness, and debt, as represented by the tea-party movement? Why, racist resentment toward a black president.

● Disgust and alarm with the federal government’s unwillingness to curb illegal immigration, as crystallized in the Arizona law? Nativism.

● Opposition to the most radical redefinition of marriage in human history, as expressed in Proposition 8 in California? Homophobia.

● Opposition to a 15-story Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero? Islamophobia.

"Subliminal Deception"

The image on The Washington Post [see note below] website of the Restoring Honor rally today in Washington, D.C., reminded me of the advertising concept of subliminal seduction, where images are inserted into an advertisement in such a way as to send a message to the viewer without the viewer knowing it.

WaPo's article about the rally carried a time stamp of 1:38 p.m., but the photo of a near empty crowd in front of the Lincoln Memorial clearly was taken long before the tens or hundreds of thousands of rally participants arrived.

The caption says "Glenn Beck Rally Draws Thousands," but the photo is not of the rally.

Subliminal deception.

There is more on this story:

"Subliminal Reduction at the Washington Post"

"Predominately white" media portrays Beck rally as "predominately white"

Why would you determine that a vast crowd attracted by Glenn Beck to Washington, DC’s National Mall and assessed by NBC at the 300,000 mark, was “predominantly white”?

Because that’s the mainstream media’s premeditated story and they’re sticking to it.

Many expected the MSM to minimize the crowds at Beck’s Honoring America rally by number and that’s what they’re still doing.

Though you’d never know it from media accounts, courtesy of Beck, God was center stage at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday with 240 clergy of various denominations on stage when Beck told Americans looking for answers that “God is the answer.”

It’s good that that CFP posted a live thread from the Restoring Honor Rally courtesy of UStream yesterday morning because people could see and hear the event for what it was, proving the lies, and even wild claims, of the mainstream media.

And we have been observing how the MSM portrays anyone who is against the Mosque in NYC: "Islamophobic":

"Who're You Calling a Bigot"

Most of the academics echoed a warning that a "tidal wave of ‘Islamophobia'" would soon overtake America -- act two of the "wave of hate crimes" that occurred "post-9/11." These statements ignore a basic fact: no such "wave" ever occurred. As columnist Jonah Goldberg writes, despite the rhetoric of the Left, statistics demonstrate this country is not particularly susceptible to "Islamophobia."

If you find yourself asking why the defenders of the ground zero mosque keep recycling hyperbolic accusations of bigotry, listen to the analysis of many of our nation's "leading" Middle East studies scholars. Their attempts to characterize all opposition to the mosque as examples of "Islamophobia" ignore the complicated emotions evoked by the 9/11 attacks and the genuine concerns of many Muslims and non-Muslims alike over the mosque's fundraising, location, and the radical connections of its leadership.

And this article goes back to the origins of the entire myth of "Israeli occupation" - a common phrase that literally rolls off of the tongues of the liberal media - and is often accepted without ANY thought whatsoever:

"The Truth About 'The Occupation' and 'The Settlements'"

The pro-Palestinian propaganda machine has succeeded in stigmatizing the Israeli occupation and the settlements. Time and again we hear about the "brutal occupation" and the "illegal settlements." We rarely hear the truth in opposition to these lies.


Israel is accused of occupying the West Bank and Gaza. In fact these territories are described as "The occupied Palestinian territories." Not only are they not occupied in a legal sense, but also they are not "Palestinian" lands in a sovereign sense.

And it goes on from there. This article (above) is certainly worth reading.

The lies and deception that comes daily from the MSM, the government and the array of "pundits", shown daily in the news has become so commonplace that we accept this as daily life. Most folks understand and realize that an underlying agenda permeates the news sources, and the truth isn't part of that agenda.

It is far more than politics. In fact, although on the surface it is ALL about politics, the MSM, the governments of most of the world and all others who engage in these lies and deception have no idea what is REALLY going on.

What we are seeing is most definitely "road paving" into the Tribulation, and the lies and deception that we observe daily are a large part of this process. However there is something else going on. One large aspect of these last days, often forgotten, is the fact that the end of this age brings on the conclusion of the epic battle of "Good vs Evil", or better stated "God vs Satan".

God is going to allow the lies and deception to take place in this world, for a certain designated period of time. It is all part of the process. I doubt that most MSM members have any idea of what they are REALLY engaged in. They believe that they are merely doing their part to promote a liberal/progressive agenda, when, in reality they are aiding and assisting the "paving" of the road to the Tribulation.

The MSM will aid and assist the antichrist in much of the same way that they aided and assisted a presidential candidate who had no qualifications, a hidden history, and a highly questionable background - right into the White House. They have done it once, and they will gleefully do it again.

In fact, once the antichrist begins his ascent into power, they will begin the last big push for lies and deception to prevail on this earth. When the antichrist assumes power the "world" will be proclaiming "peace and safety", but unfortunately, it will be exposed as yet another lie, perpetrated by the MSM:

"While people are saying 'Peace and safety' destruction will come on them suddenly" (1 Thessalonians 5:2)

Even in the face of this, the lies will continue:

"Don't let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed...He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God, or is worshiped so that he sets himself up in God's temple, proclaiming himself to be God" (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4).

We are only seeing the beginning part of this process and it guarantees to get worse. Fortunately, we won't be here to see the final stages. We'll be in a place where truth and justice prevails. Amen.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rumors of war...again

The rumors of war continue, and these rumors are ongoing without any signs of slowing down. Just over the last 2 days we see the following:

"Israel ready to destroy LAF in 4 hours"

The US warned Lebanon that if it did not prevent any recurrence of the border-fire incident that occurred earlier this month, the IDF would destroy the Lebanese Armed Forces within four hours, Israel Radio cited a report by Lebanese newspaper A-Liwaa on Friday.

According to the report, Frederick Hoff, assistant to US Middle East Peace Envoy George Mitchell, told Lebanese Army chief of staff Jean Kahwaji that Israel was ready to implement a plan to destroy within four hours all Lebanese military infrastructure, including army bases and offices, should a similar confrontation occur in the future.

"Report: Israel to attack Hizbullah weapons stores in Syria"

Israel is preparing a military strike against Hizbullah weapons depots in Syria, Kuwaiti newspaper Alrai reported on Saturday.

The report cites European military sources as stating that Israel has increased flights of unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles over the border with Syria and that such activity is a sign of an imminent attack.

According to the report, the sources added that in response to Israel's preparation for an attack, Syria's anti-aircraft defenses are in a state of high alert.

"France willing to arm Lebanon with 100 missiles"

France has expressed willingness to provide the Lebanese army with helicopter missiles as part of a deal which has yet to be signed, the London-based Arabic-language al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported Thursday, quoting an official French source.

According to the report, French Defense Minister Herve Morin sent a letter to his Lebanese counterpart Elias Murr informing him that Paris is "willing to equip the Lebanese Army with 100 HOT missiles to be installed on French-made Gazelle helicopters which the Lebanese Armed Forces owns."

Earlier this week, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman asked Iran for help in arming the Lebanese military.

So what we have here, is Lebanon continuing their arms build-up in a very public way, and Israel threatening to destroy these arms in a very public way. The brinksmanship can continue for a while, but like any fight sooner or later violence is going to erupt - and when it does it will do so in a big way...A very big way.

In related news, I have been waiting for Caroline Glick to weigh in on recent developments with Iran and their nuclear progress. She didn't disappoint:

"Our World: Accepting the unacceptable"

Last weekend the mullahs took a big step towards becoming a nuclear power as they fueled the Bushehr nuclear reactor.

Israel’s response? The Foreign Ministry published a statement proclaiming the move “unacceptable.”

So why did we accept the unacceptable? When one asks senior officials about the Bushehr reactor and about Iran’s nuclear program more generally, their response invariably begins, “Well the Americans...”

BEFORE GOING into the question of whether Israel’s decision-makers were correct in opting out of attacking the Bushehr reactor to prevent it from being fueled, it is worth considering where “the Americans” stand on Iran as it declares itself a nuclear power and tests new, advanced weapons systems on a daily basis.

Riedel’s reason for deeming an Israeli strike unacceptable is his conviction that such an operation will be met by an Iranian counter-strike against US forces and interests in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan. While there is no reason to doubt he is correct, Riedel studiously ignores the other certainty: A nuclear-armed Iran would threaten those same troops and interests far more.

Thats all bad enough, but perhaps the worst aspect of Iran's accomplishments is the following:

Moreover, Riedel ignores what any casual newspaper reader now recognizes: Iran’s nuclear weapons program has spurred a regional nuclear arms race. Riedel imagines a bipolar nuclear Middle East, with Israel on the one side and Iran on the other. He fails to notice that already today Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and Turkey have all initiated nuclear programs.

And if Iran is allowed to go nuclear, these countries will beat a path to any number of nuclear bomb stores.

And in truth, there is no reason to believe that a Middle East in which everyone has nuclear weapons is a Middle East that adheres to the rules of MAD. A recent Zogby/University of Maryland poll of Arab public opinion taken for the Brookings Institute in US-allied Arab states Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the UAE shows that the Arab world is populated by jihadists.

Now we see the possibility that the glaring obvious is becoming apparent to even the most blind:

All of this should not be beyond the grasp of an experienced strategic thinker like Riedel. And yet, obviously, it is. Moreover, as an alumnus of the Clinton administration, Riedel’s positions in general are more realistic than those of the Obama administration. As Israeli officials acknowledge, the Obama administration is only now coming to terms with the fact that its engagement policy towards Iran has failed.

To close, she identifies the central problem Israel faces, and it's not even the U.S.

Only one possibility remains: Netanyahu must have opted to sit on his hands as Bushehr was powered up because of opposition he faces from within his government. There is only one person in Netanyahu’s coalition who has both the strategic dementia and the political power to force Netanyahu to accept the unacceptable.

That person is Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Barak’s strategic ineptitude is legendary. It was most recently on display in the failed naval commando takeover of the Turkish-Hamas terror ship Mavi Marmara. It was Barak’s idea to arm naval commandos with paintball guns and so guarantee that they would be attacked and forced to use lethal force to defend themselves.

Predictably, the U.S. is involved in Israel's inability to take definitive action:

Barak is the Obama administration’s favorite Israeli politician. While Netanyahu is shunned, Barak is feted in Washington nearly every month. And this makes sense. As the man directly responsible for Israel’s defense and with his stranglehold on the government, he alone has the wherewithal to enable the entire Middle East to go nuclear.

How’s that for unacceptable?

The prophetic table is being set, and we see evidence of this daily.

The preparations that are being made, both by Israel and by Israel's enemies are leading directly to the epic wars described in biblical prophecy.

The world is on the brink. But so is The Church. We are both on the brink of very big things, but different things. The world is on the brink of seeing the most epic period of destruction that he world has ever witnessed.

And The Church is on the brink of something even more epic. Something FAR better than the world will face.

Jack Kelly weighs in on this, and this article is most definitely worth reading:

"As it was in the days of Noah"

His conclusion sums it up:

The Bible declares that the Holy Spirit is sealed within believers as a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance (Ephes. 1:13-14). Paul wrote that the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn from earth sometime before the anti- Christ is allowed to trigger the judgment known as the Great Tribulation (2 Thes. 2:7). Withdrawing the Holy Spirit without removing the Church would break God’s promise to us since it would require “unsealing” the Holy Spirit from within us. That’s something that God can’t do. “What I have said, that will I bring about,” He declares. “What I have planned, that will I do.” (Isaiah 46:11)

If Enoch is indeed a model of the church and if the Lord’s prophecy of Matt 24:37 is meant to describe the sequence of end times events, as seems likely, then one day soon we will be taken alive (raptured) from earth like Enoch was, and the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn. Man’s behavior will quickly become unbearably wicked and the judgment will come, all in that order. As it was in the days of Noah. Selah 08-21-10.

Amen. Come quickly Lord.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Confirming the covenant?

Looking at the news today, it's hard not to see the beginning of the process of "confirming" the covenant in the Middle East.

"US wants agreement now, peace later"

This article contains a few gems:

White House document reveals American preparations for Israeli-Palestinian talks: President Obama to visit Jerusalem and Ramallah, call for painful concessions

Hmm....Painful? Who will these concessions be painful for? Historically, there has been little-no painful concessions for the so-called "Palestinians" - in fact I can't think of any concessions that have been required for the Palestinians, as we have watched the Israeli borders shrink over the years. We'll see, but I am not holding out any hope that the Palestinians will be asked for ANY concessions. Why? Because they have never been asked to give any meaningful concessions. That is Israel's job. The article continues...

The Obama administration plans to present Israel and the Palestinian Authority with a new outline aimed at ending the Middle East conflict.

The Yedioth Ahronoth daily has learned that the Americans will pressure the parties to sign a framework agreement for a permanent settlement within one year, but that the agreement itself would be implemented within 10 years.

Hmmmm again. I wonder if we'll be seeing a 7-year plan produced for this "implementation" period? Perhaps "confirming the covenant" would be another way to put this?

This time, Obama plans to get into the thick of things himself. Daniel Shapiro, the National Security Council's top Middle East expert, told the leaders of the American Jewish organizations that the president planned to visit Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the coming year.

According to the American plan, the Israeli and Palestinian negotiation teams would hold hectic talks in a bid to reach a framework agreement within a year. The intensive talks would be held in isolated sites, so as to allow the teams to calmly discuss the core issues of the permanent agreement: Jerusalem's future, the borders, the settlements and the refugees.

Now we may see a glimpse of the huge "concessions" which will be asked of the Palestinians.

If the talks reach a deadlock, American officials would intervene and attempt to bridge between the sides. In addition, the US would try to convince the Arab states to offer goodwill gestures to Israel and influence the Palestinians to compromise.

Ahhhhh. Thats it. The Palestinians may be asked to "offer goodwill gestures" to Israel.

Meanwhile while Israel will be asked to:

- Give up at least 1/2 and perhaps all of Jerusalem
- Give up the West Bank
- Divide their country with a "land bridge" between the West Bank and Gaza.
- Continue a "settlement freeze"

Yea, that's really balanced isn't it?

The framework agreement aimed at ending the conflict would be signed within a year. From that moment on, the agreement would be implemented gradually over a period of several years.

It will be fascinating to see if a 7-year time frame is mentioned. We shall see.

But there is more. The Palestinians are being asked for some vague symbolic gestures, while Israel would continue to give away massive amounts of their land - but thats not enough. Now we see further Palestinian "demands", and guess what these involve? Anyone?

The Palestinians, on their part, have already clarified their demands ahead of the direct talks, the first one being the establishment of a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital

There is is again. JERUSALEM.

As we watch this process, beginning on September 2, just watch for these issues:

- Jerusalem and just how much of Jerusalem Israel will be asked to give up
- Length of the "peace plan"
- ANY real concessions that will be required by the Palestinians, as part of the process (Hint: little to nothing)
- How much land Israel will have to give up
- Genesis 12:3

Every time in the past that serious "peace talks" have progressed, major violence has broken out in the region - violence that has been instigated by Hamas and Hezbollah (as directed by Iran), because these groups have never sanctioned any kind of peace agreement. They only want one thing, and that is the complete destruction of Israel.

We will see how this all plays out, and it's a guarantee that the coming weeks will be fascinating to watch. At least for a prophecy watcher.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

In the news...

As we approach the "peace talks", slated for Sept. 2, watch the news carefully. You will notice one recurrent theme - and that theme is Jerusalem. It's a thinly veiled discussion point, but with careful observation, one will notice the frequency that Jerusalem's status is discussed. In fact, you could make the point that the peace talks will ALWAYS boil down to the status of Jerusalem.

As the prophetic scriptures in the book of Zechariah informed us - it will all come down to Jerusalem.

"Palestinians to U.S.: Israeli settlement freeze must include East Jerusalem"

The Palestinian Authority has told the U.S. administration that an Israeli commitment to continuing the freeze on settlement construction must include East Jerusalem.

During preparatory talks ahead of the summit due in Washington next week, the Palestinians made it clear they refuse to accept any softer formula on the building freeze.

The next article supports my personal theory that Iran is "baiting" Israel to attack. There would be so many benefits to Ahmadinejad if Israel were to attack, and almost every move he makes seems bent on prodding Israel to attack. Iran has been quietly shipping arms to Hamas and Hezbollah for years, but now, for whatever reasons, they are making it public. This article below is just one of many examples where very public proclamations seem intended to provoke Israel:

"Iran says it's ready to sell arms to Lebanon"

Iran is prepared to sell weapons to Lebanon if Beirut asks for help in equipping its military, Iran's defense minister said Wednesday.

Gen. Ahmad Vahidi's comments come a day after the leader of Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah group, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, called on the Lebanese government to formally seek military assistance from Iran.

"Lebanon is our friend," Vahidi was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency. "If there is a demand in this respect, we are ready to help that country and conduct weapons transactions with it."

Iran is a key supporter of Hezbollah, believed to funnel it weapons and millions of dollars in funding, though Tehran denies arming the Shiite group. Hezbollah, also closely allied to Syria, boasts a heavy arsenal of rockets capable of reaching deep inside Israel.

Below, we see further strengthening of one of the Gog-MaGog alliances. This is old news for prophecy watchers, but it is interesting to see it making the news:

"It's Official: Turkey and Iran are Friends"

Amid concerns by Western countries of the warming of ties between Turkey and Iran, both of them Moslem but non Arab countries, it appears as though relations between the two countries are becoming stabilized.

Furthermore, Iran’s Press TV news channel reported on Monday that Turkey and Iran may build two petrochemical units together. One unit, according to the report, will be in the industrial hub of Assaluyeh in southern Iran, while a second petrochemical plant that can produce 539,000 tons of petrochemical products annually would be constructed in Miyandoab in western Azerbaijan.

Turkey’s relations with Iran are worrying to western countries and in particular the US. Turkey voted against the UN sanctions in June, and at the same time relations between Turkey and Israel have been tense following the May 31 raid by IDF on the Mavi Marmara on which there were members of Turkish organization IHH. Turkey has demanded a full Israeli apology for the raid on the flotilla which left 13 dead after having taken sail from Turkey's shores.

Miscellaneous articles of interest:

Update from DEBKAfile:
"Obama weighs offer of US nuclear umbrella if Israel scraps Iran strike"

"Son of Hamas author reveals radical plan for U.S."

"Volcano erupts in southwestern Columbia"

This last article is just bizarre. That Putin is one strange dude:

"Putin fires dart at gray whale from crossbow"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Coming World Currency

If you do some digging, occasionally you stumble on something interesting; maybe even significant. This may or may not be the case here, but it sure is worth taking a look:

"Bancor: The Name Of The Global Currency That A Shocking IMF Report Is Proposing"

Sometimes there are things that are so shocking that you just do not want to report them unless they can be completely and totally documented. Over the past few years, there have been many rumors about a coming global currency, but at times it has been difficult to pin down evidence that plans for such a currency are actually in the works. Not anymore.

A paper entitled "Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability", by the Strategy, Policy and Review Department of the IMF recommends that the world adopt a global currency called the "Bancor" and that a global central bank be established to administer that currency.

This is a very serious proposal in an official document from one of the mega-powerful institutions that is actually running the world economy. Anyone who follows the IMF knows that what the IMF wants, the IMF usually gets. So could a global currency known as the "Bancor" be on the horizon? That is now a legitimate question.

Well, the IMF report believes that the adoption of a true global currency administered by a global central bank is the answer.

So who would print and administer the "Bancor"?

Well, a global central bank of course. It would be something like the Federal Reserve, only completely outside the control of any particular national government....

This entire article is worth reading, but here is the kicker:

The truth is that a global currency (whether it be called the "Bancor" or given a different name entirely) would be a major blow to national sovereignty and would represent a major move towards global government.

Considering how disastrous the Federal Reserve system and other central banking systems around the world have been, why would anyone suggest that we go to a global central banking system modeled after the Federal Reserve?

Let us hope that the "Bancor" never sees the light of day.

However, the truth is that there are some very powerful interests that are absolutely determined to create a global currency and a global central bank for the global economy that we now live in.

It would be a major mistake to think that it can't happen.

As mentioned yesterday, the whole movement towards the Tribulation is a progressive scenario. It's a stepwise progression that has been ongoing for an entire generation. People have been conditioned to a paperless exchange of money via credit cards, debit cards and electronic transfer. People are being conditioned to biometric identification cards and now GPS tracking. People are already being conditioned to full body scanning and body searches at airports. People are conditioned to routine roadblocks for the purpose of checking identification and/or driving under the influence.

And now we're watching the conditioning process in order to accept a global currency as part of a global economy. That will obviously require a global governance just as the article suggested, as this current movement would represent "a major blow to national sovereignty and would represent a major move towards global government."

Exactly as the Bible foretold. The biblical Mark of the Beast, as described in the book of Revelation, would require a central currency and central governance - just as described above.

We're watching the various elements of the Tribulation being assembled and put in place. It's a process, and the process is moving along exactly as one would predict based on a literal view of the prophetic scriptures.

The Aftermath II

We are continuing to see the fallout from Iran going "live" with their nuclear plant:

"Iran Guards chief secretly oversees war plans - in Damascus"

Iranian Revolutionary Guards chief Gen. Mohamed Ali Jafari, who rarely leaves his country, paid a secret visit to Damascus a few hours before Tehran launched its first nuclear reactor at Bushehr Saturday, Aug. 21. With him were top Al Qods Brigades commanders in Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian territories. The group stayed only long enough to confer with Syrian president Bashar Assad and his military and intelligence chiefs on three topics:

1. The roles Syria and Hizballah will play in a potential Iranian military reprisal to a possible American or Israeli strike on its nuclear sites.

2. The probable repercussions of an Iranian decision to use Hizballah or pro-Iranian terrorists as proxies for a pre-emptive strike - or strikes - against Israel.

3. How Syria can help discourage the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia from their willingness to support a US or Israel attack on Iran with bases, intelligence assets and other means.

The importance and urgency of this discussion is attested to by the IRGC's supreme commander having made his trip outside Iran for many years. It was one of the red lights abounding of late that instilled in Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak a sense of urgency for a strategic response to the Bushehr startup. He accordingly cut short the furious contest raging in the IDF's General Staff over the contest for the next chief of staff by an abrupt announcement of Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant's appointment to the post when the incumbent ends his tour of duty in February.

The incoming IDF Chief of Staff Gen. Galant, who commanded the 2009 Cast lead operation against Hamas in Gaza, subscribes to an offensive, proactive military approach in contrast to the dovish Ashkenazi.

Although he formally takes the reins next February, Ashkenazi may well will step down before his term is up and make way for his hawkish successor. With Galant at his side, the defense minister has begun reshaping the General Staff to match the new approach and the requirements of the incoming C-of-S.

DEBKAfile's military sources add that Israel is taking very seriously the presence in Gen. Jafari's secret delegation to Damascus of two high-ranking IRGC Al Qods officer

This promotion effectively changes the status of Hizballah, which is represented as a political force in Lebanon's parliament and government, from Tehran's surrogate to external arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps under the direct command of an al Qods officer - an ominous pointer to the goals Iran has set itself in a country bordering on northern Israel.

"Israel will react to Iran accordingly"

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon this week told the Iranian people by radio that a regional war initiated by Teheran was a distinct possibility, adding that "Israel is committed to defending its citizens and if attacked will act accordingly."

"A fear exists that Iran – as it becomes more pressured by sanctions – will goad those under its patronage in Hizbullah and Hamas to initiate military action against Israel. There’s also a possibility that Iran will make a military move against the Arab Gulf states and harm the flow of oil to the world, in which case the entire situation will degrade into widespread confrontations. Remember that the sanctions are aimed against Iran’s efforts to arm itself with nuclear weapons, and if they don’t elicit results, the United States and other nations might consider other options."

"The Iranian reactor constitutes a tremendous danger to the stability of the entire region and to world peace in general because, besides nuclear armaments, Iran is also developing a missile system that threatens countries beyond the Middle East, such as Europe.

Nuclear weapons in Iran’s hands will enable it to threaten all the Arab governments with its present means (subversive elements in various countries, agents, and so forth). Even now it controls bodies that function as a state within a state, in Lebanon, Yemen, the Palestinian Authority, and other places."

And in the face of these recent tensions, Iran takes the rhetoric up a notch:

"Iranian general: Teheran should hit enemy outside ME"

Supreme Leader's military adviser says Islamic regime's response to possible attack on reactor should be all-out...

The Islamic regime should prepare to retaliate in the Middle East and across the globe against any enemy attack, Iranian military advisor Maj. Gen. Seyed Yahya Rahim Safavi said on Tuesday according to a Fars News Agency report.

"Wisdom tells us that Iran's Armed Forced should prepare and strengthen themselves for all-out defense and retaliatory attacks on the enemies even outside the region by maintaining their full preparedness and boosting their combat capabilities," Safavi stated.

Now, as predicted, other countries will want to join the race:

"Nasrallah: Lebanon must build nuclear reactor"

While a senior member of his organization was being killed, Hassan Nasrallah has his sights set on a nuclear reactor – in Lebanon. The Hezbollah secretary-general commented on the country's electricity crisis for the first time on Tuesday and presented an original solution in a televised speech on the organization's al-Manar channel.

Nasrallah urged the Lebanese government to draw conclusions from the current electricity crisis and follow in Iran's footsteps and build a nuclear reactor to generate electricity like the reactor in Bushehr.

So, we can see that the story is far from over. Israel may still attack these facilities, only in their own timeframe. Iran may still use their proxies to attack Israel.

This thing is just beginning.

Preparations and Baby Steps

Almost everything we see today -in relation to prophecy related news - can be reduced to one single item: Preparing to enter the Tribulation. After all, the draconian nature of the Tribulation, and a one-world governmental structure largely based on financial control via the "Mark of the Beast" isn't something that would occur overnight. Representing the ultimate in "biometric identification", we have watched the ongoing progress towards acceptance of the mandatory "Mark", which the antichrist will enforce and use to gain his complete control of the world's economy. It's really an ongoing process which will cumulate in the Tribulation. We continue to see this persistent march towards the Tribulation, with small baby steps having been taken throughout this entire generation.

More of the same today:

"Germany to roll out ID cards with embedded RFID"

The production of the RFID chips, an integral element of the new generation of German identity cards, has started after the government gave a 10 year contract to the chipmaker NXP in the Netherlands. Citizens will receive the mandatory new ID cards from the first of November.

The new ID card will contain all personal data on the security chip that can be accessed over a wireless connection.

The new card allows German authorities to identify people with speed and accuracy, the government said. These authorities include the police, customs and tax authorities and of course the local registration and passport granting authorities.

The new electronic ID card, which will gradually replace the old mandatory German ID cards, is one of the largest scale roll-outs of RFID cards with extended official and identification functionality.

The card will also have extended functionality, including the ability to enable citizens to identify themselves in the internet by using the ID card with a reading device at home. After registering an online account bonded to the ID card, are able to do secure online shopping, downloading music and most importantly interact with government authorities online, for example.

Biometric passports in a number of countries are equipped with RFID chips, containing a digital picture and fingerprints, and have been around for nearly 5 years after the United States required such passports for any person entering the country.

It doesn't seem like a huge leap to go from such ID cards to an implantable chip. After all, as much as these ID cards attempt to grant perfect security, there are flaws which inevitably result from such cards:

Early versions of the electronic passports, using RFID chips with a protocol called "basic access control" (BAC), where successfully hacked by university researchers and security experts.

The German ID card is using the BAC protocol as well, but only for the basic data which is printed on the front of the card, the picture and the name. Other fields are protected by a stronger proprietary protocol.

Illegal access to the stored data would be useful to create perfectly forged passports and for criminals to use hijacked identities for supposedly secure transactions online

These problems could be overcome quite easily by instituting the same technology with implantable RFID technology - technology which exists today. It will be rolled out as the perfect solution to biometric fraud. You can bet on that one.

"Biometric" is in vogue today and readily accepted - a condition that has to be in place prior to the "Mark" being rolled out:

"24 Hour Fitness rolls out finger scanners at gyms"

Members of the 24 Hour Fitness chain no longer need to worry about forgetting their membership cards and IDs when they go to the gym: All they need to bring are their fingers.

The San Ramon-based company is now using fingerprint scanners at its 60 San Francisco Bay area locations to verify members' identities. It also has started offering so-called "Cardless Check-In" this month at some gyms in other states.

It gets better. This article reflects on the same thing prophecy watchers have been noticing:

The scanners underscore the growing use of biometric technology, which uses unique physical features such as hands, eyes and faces to identify people.

The technology's increased accuracy and affordability has allowed it to move beyond police and military applications, with backers calling it a potential solution to identity theft.

Biometric devices are now used by companies to have employees clock in and out, by schools to restrict access to subsidized lunches and by Walt Disney World to identify pass-holders.

The conclusion to this seemingly innocuous article is stunning and highly germane to the last days of this generation:

Privacy experts say consumers should be certain that biometric scans are stored securely and not used for any other purpose.

"Technology is advancing at a furious rate," said attorney Michael Risher of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California. "Stuff that seems innocuous right now may end up as part of a bigger record — and used in ways we cannot even fathom."

Indeed. Only someone with knowledge of biblical prophecy DOES know how this technology will be used - in ways that we CAN fathom because the holy scriptures have informed us, in advance, of exactly where this technology will go.

It's all about preparing an ignorant public for the future - a future that seems to be approaching rapidly. The public is being conditioned to accept the Mark of the Beast, and it seems like a small step at this time in history. After all, it will increase security, and isn't that a good thing?

Baby steps towards the Tribulation. Preparations for the Tribulation. The antichrist must be licking his chops right now - the world is setting up perfectly for his arrival.

Monday, August 23, 2010

In other news...

First up: The Peace Talks

"EU, US put hope in relaunch of Middle East talks"

The Quartet is gearing up to formally invite Israeli and Palestinian leaders for face-to-face peace talks for the first time in one and a half years.The meeting is to be hosted by US President Barack Obama in Washington on 2 September and to aim for an outcome within one year, EUobserver has learned.

The official aim of the Quartet is to help create a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel, with a negotiated solution on the status of Jerusalem.

As we know, it always boils down to the fate of Jerusalem (aka "the burdensome stone").
And of course, there is this little fact to consider:

Another problem is the Palestinian Authority's split with Hamas, a militant Palestinian resistance group listed as terrorists by the EU and US, which controls the Gaza strip.

Hamas refuses to recognise the right of Israel to exist or to renounce violent resistance, however.

Oh yea, that...

And this:

"Syria: Israel-Palestinian talks useless"

Official press in Damascus warns that resumption of direct US-brokered negotiations would prove waste of time unless Washington puts pressure on Jerusalem.

Jerusalem. Hmmm.

Syria's official press warned on Sunday that the resumption of direct US-brokered Israel-Palestinian peace talks would prove a waste of time unless Washington puts pressure on its Israeli ally

Then, we turn to Iran, who once again announces yet more weapons build-up (this is getting ridiculous):

"Iran unveils missile-launching boats"

Iran began mass production on two missile-launching assault boats to patrol the country's coastline and shipping routes in the Strait of Hormuz, Iranian state news agency IRNA reported on Monday, according to AFP.

IRNA said that the Zolfaqar missile-launching vessel can be used for patrol as well as attack operations, having a "high destructive power."

Referring to Israel's occasional threats against Iran's nuclear facilities, Ahmadinejad called any attack unlikely, but he said if Israel did, the reaction would be overwhelming.

"The scope of Iran's reaction will include the entire the earth," said Ahmadinejad. "We also tell you — the West — that all options are on the table."

"Iran begins mass production of 2 assault boats"

Inauguration of production lines for missile-launching speedboats comes day after Iranian President Ahmadinejad unveiled country's home-built bomber drone, which he said would deliver 'death' to Islamic Republic's enemies

Here is an interesting article regarding the overall situation in the Middle-East today:

"Doomsday Articles Reflect Edginess on Iran"

Amos is identified as a member of the “Israeli Intelligence Forum,” which includes retired members of the intelligence community and former government officials.

The Russian-Iranian move to open the Bushehr nuclear plant this weekend, Amos opines, was meant to signal to the “declining powers of Europe and the U.S.” that a new front is taking shape: Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, North Korea, Brazil and Venezuela are all lining up against the West.

Iran wants a war to break out between Israel and Lebanon within the next two weeks, the article claims. Lebanon, it warns, will launch missiles against all parts of Israel, especially Tel Aviv. This “first strike” will cause massive casualties and psychological shock in Israel and will be accompanied by missile fire from Hamas in Gaza and by terror attacks in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.

This will be followed by a second strike: a chemical weapons attack by Syria that would cause “hundreds of thousands of dead in Israel.” Israel will retaliate “very severely” but only against Iran's proxies – Syria, Lebanon and Gaza – the article predicts

Pridan's article appeared in Haaretz and is titled “Wake Up!". It predicts that Israel will take action against the Iranian nuclear program. “Stricken Iran will respond with its remaining strength” following the Israeli attack, the prominent advertiser warns, firing "missiles that can carry a payload of half a ton of explosives or chemical weapons."

In addition, Hizbullah will fire thousand of rockets. Pridan also believes Tel Aviv will be badly hit, and envisions the IDF Headquarters at HaKiryah, the Akirov Towers where Defense Minister Ehud Barak resides, and the Azrieli Center towers all being reduced to rubble.

Both articles call on the public and its leaders, including the media, to awake from what they see as a state of lethargy in the face of impending catastrophe.

Also in the news, a few articles of further interest:

"Ahmadinejad: Israel is too weak to attack Iran's nuclear facilities"

"Islam is the New Communism"

"Report of Investigation Park 51"

As stated so many times before, one aspect that strikes me is the ongoing "rumors of war". It doesn't take much reading, on a daily basis to see rumors of war. As we watch the build-up of arms in the Middle-East, it usually hinges on a single item: War Preparations, which is synonymous with "rumors of war". In fact, reading news from sources in the Middle East, most of what we see and have seen over the last 2-3 years falls into the category of "rumors of war".

Jesus warned us. He also stated that we should have no fear, as we would see these things before His coming.

Soon, these rumors will become a reality. The only remaining question is, will the Church be here to witness the actual wars which are destined for the Middle East. Only time will tell.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Aftermath and God's Judgment

Now that Iran has been allowed to get their nuclear reactor up and running, the obvious question becomes "What's next"?

Below are some interesting perspectives:

"Secret US-Russian sanctions vs Bushehr deal tied Israel's hands"

The Obama administration and Netanyahu government greeted the start-up of Iran's first nuclear reactor at Bushehr with extraordinary meekness, given the grim military and strategic hazards it represents for the region and Israel in particular. Yet nary a squeak of protest came from Washington or Jerusalem when Russian technicians began loading 162 rods of 82 tons of fuel into Iran's nuclear reactor - a process that will take two weeks - Saturday, Aug. 21 - notwithstanding US-led sanctions, Israel's military preparations and international diplomatic posturing.

DEBKAfile reveals that both the Kremlin and the State Department have joined in concealing the secret deal whereby Russia votes for UN Security Council sanctions against Iran in return for US silent acquiescent to Moscow's activation of the Bushehr reactor.

The price the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government paid was prohibitive: Vladimir Putin was allowed to jump the Iranian nuclear drive miles forward toward a capacity for producing weapons-grade plutonium. (Moscow claims the rods will be returned, but Iran's capacity for deception and concealment in the entire last decide s well documented.)

The Netanyahu government was supposed to have all its worries swept away by the US assurance that the Iran threat is not imminent but eleven months away, as the New York Times reported Friday, Aug. 20. The next day the London Telegraph mocked this assertion by explaining that US officials were really saying that "the process of converting nuclear material into a weapon that worked would take at least 12 months" - a prospect hardly likely to ease Israel's concerns.

Omitting any comment on the Bushehr reactor, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that Israel's security would be paramount in a deal with the Palestinians. He issued a list of stipulations, such as the demilitarization of territory handed to the Palestinians - only side arms for police; Israel would retain control of the Jordan Rift Valley bordering the Kingdom of Jordan and the mountain ridges forming the spine of the West Bank, they key to defending Jerusalem and Israel's coastal plain.

Many will recall the prime minister's solemn reiterations that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose an existential threat to Israel and noticed how fast they have faded.

His "security pledges" regarding a future Palestinian state on the West Bank should therefore be taken with a hefty grain of salt. Indeed, according to DEBKAfile's Washington sources, the prime minister may already be listening to a US proposal to assign the policing of the Jordan Valley and West Bank mountain peaks to NATO troops, most of them American.

"Israel says Iranian reactor use 'totally unacceptable'"

Israel on Saturday denounced Iran's fueling up of its first nuclear power plant as "totally unacceptable" and called for more international pressure to force Tehran to cease any uranium enrichment.

Israel, widely assumed to be the only Middle East country to have nuclear weapons, has said a nuclear-armed Iran would be a threat to its existence, raising concerns Israel could attack Iran's nuclear sites.

It looks like Iran isn't stopping with their nuclear ambitions, as their build-up for war (aka the battle of "Gog-MaGog") continues:

"Iran builds 'ambassador of death'"

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sunday welcomed his country's first domestically-built, long-range, unmanned bomber aircraft, calling it an "ambassador of death" to Iran's enemies.

The goal of the aircraft is to "keep the enemy paralyzed in its bases," he said

The president championed the country's military self-sufficiency program, and said it will continue "until the enemies of humanity lose hope of ever attacking the Iranian nation."

The new development in Iran's long-rang strike capabilities comes a day after the Islamic regime began moving uranium fuel into the Bushehr reactor in preparation for activating the power plant.

"Ahmadinejad: Our response to attack would be worldwide"

As Iranian and Russian engineers began loading fuel into Iran's first nuclear power plant on Saturday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Qatari newspaper Al-Shark that if the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities were attacked, the response from Teheran would be "worldwide" in its scope.

Iran's hard-liners consider the completion of the plant to be a show of defiance against UN Security Council sanctions that seek to slow Iran's nuclear advances.

Hard-line leader Hamid Reza Taraqi said the launch will boost Iran's international standing and "will show the failure of all sanctions" against Iran.

Iran says it plans to build other reactors and says designs for a second rector in southwestern Iran are taking shape.

"Iran hopes Russia's next step be delivery of S-300 missiles system"

Iranian lawmaker Alaeddin Boroujerdi hailed Russia's move on Bushehr nuclear plant fuelling and expressed hope Russia's next step would be the delivery of S-300 missile system to Iran, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported on Saturday.

Russia's move ensured Iranians that it abides by its commitments and public opinion in Iran, he said, adding that " Russia (should) implement its obligations on S-300 missile system as well."

"Al-Qaida prepares for Israel-Iran war"

Al-Qaida is ready to exploit a war "by the Jews against Iran," the Sunni group's second-in-command in Yemen, Saeed al-Shehri, said in an audio message this month, according to the Daily Beast.

According to the Daily Beast, Al-Qaida would benefit from an Israel-Iran war because if Israel attacked Iran's nuclear installations, Iran would use its proxies to lash back at Americans in the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

This story is a long way from being over. Israel can still attack the nuclear facilities in Iran; the clock hasn't stopped on this potential action.

More importantly, we see the ongoing alliance between Iran and Russia (and don't forget Turkey) - all sworn enemies of Israel - strengthening by the day. Exactly as foretold approximately 2,500 years ago by God's prophets, namely Ezekiel and Zechariah.

The build-up for this future war continues. Iranian president Ahmadinejad has made his intentions crystal clear - He intends to destroy Israel and, in turn, hasten the return of the Mahdi, so that the world can finally be brought under Sharia Law. But Israel must be dealt with first.

Everything that we are seeing in the Middle-East today - Hezbollah and Lebanon arming up. Syria and their rhetoric against Israel with their stockpiling of Chemical tipped missiles. Hamas and their missile build-up. Turkey and their alliance with both Russia and Iran. Egypt and Northern Africa with it's growing domination by radical Islam, also sworn to destroy Israel. Russia arming elements of Radical Islam via Syria and Iran.

All of this is being done for ONE CENTRAL PURPOSE: TO DESTROY ISRAEL.

That is the purpose of the arms build-up, the lies and manipulation of the UN and the international media. That is the purpose of the forming alliances in the region. That is the purpose of Iran's nuclear reactor and means to nuclear weapons. That is the purpose of the so-called "peace plan". That is the purpose of attempts to divide Israel.

Almost everything that we observe in the Middle East today is being done for that single goal - DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL.

Exactly as foretold in our Holy Bible.

And to enable this effort - the U.S. and the rest of the UN pretends that this won't happen. The U.S. does everything in it's power to aid and assist Israel's enemies - and there will be a heavy price to pay for this - a price that hasn't been paid yet, but will.

Because God is true to His word, and He has made it clear that He will deal with countries that oppose and attempt to divide Israel.

As stated:

"The day of the Lord is near for all nations.
As you have done, it will be done to you:
your deeds will return upon your own head" (Obadiah 1:15)

"I will bless those who bless you (Israel)
and whoever curses you I will curse" (Genesis 12:3)

On that day, when all nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations.
All who try to move it will injure themselves" (Zechariah 12:3)

After paving the way for Iran's nuclear reactors to get up and running - the U.S. now turns to the ever-present push for "peace".
Lets look at some key quotes and see how things line up with God's warnings:

"Clinton announces Israel-PA talks"

Clinton told a press conference in Washington that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas had been invited to the US capital in September 2 to officially relaunch direct talks, and that she believed the negotiations on a final status peace agreement could be "completed within a year."

Abbas' top aides sought to reassure his Palestinian critics by insisting that if Israel continued building new Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria (the so-called "West Bank"), Abbas would pull out of the talks. The threat included Jewish housing projects on the eastern side of Jerusalem, which, despite being home to hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews, the Palestinians claim as their capital.

"Even if Israel builds one house in the settlements," the negotiations will come to an end, declared Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee member Hanna Amireh.

"Talks to Resume: US Wants Deal in One Year"

PA officials saying that they would not participate in the talks if the building freeze in Judea and Samaria was not extended, while the Netanyahu government has pledged numerous times not to extend the freeze when it expires in late September.

"New bid for peace to start on Sept 2"

The official’s comments came a day after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians were set to commence at the beginning of September. She said that the US believed these negotiations, aimed at resolving all final status issues, “can be completed within a year.” Clinton said she had invited Netanyahu and PA President Mahmoud Abbas to Washington on September 2 to meet and relaunch the direct negotiations.

Netanyahu and Abbas are expected to first meet separately with US President Barack Obama on September 1, when Obama will also hold bilateral meetings with King Abdullah of Jordan and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, topped off by a dinner for all five leaders that night.

The Mideast Quartet of the US, UN, EU and Russia, however, issued a statement on Friday that included some of the framework sought by the Palestinians.

In endorsing direct talks, the Quartet expressed support for “the pursuit of a just, lasting and comprehensive regional peace as envisaged in the Madrid terms of reference, Security Council resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.”

Those documents are filled with configurations that Israel has objected to. While Jerusalem embraced Clinton’s announcement, it has remained silent on the Quartet statement, with which it has reservations.

The U.S. is already on record as agreeing with the "Palestinians" on the "pre-1967" borders which would force Israel to divide their country (via the "land bridge" between Gaza and the West Bank) and divide or even give up Jerusalem completely.

God has expressly warned against such actions. This is unambiguous. These "peace talks", which begin soon, will solidify these actions by the U.S. in God's eyes. We will not escape God's judgment for this action. Period. God is true to His word EVERY TIME.

It is also interesting to continue seeing the "one-year" time frame proposed. The U.S. administration keeps stating that Iran is one year from having nuclear weapons and a peace-plan can be agreed in a one-year time frame.

Obviously the U.S. administration sees these two actions as linked: In the administration's naivety and vast ignorance, it seems apparent that they believe an agreed "peace plan", once implemented - will make Iran happy and suddenly (resulting from the peace plan) Iran will stop their war build-up and fall in love with Israel. That seems to be the current plan.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Please come quickly Lord.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

More news...

There is just too much pertinent news for one post (see below for update on Iran). Here are some more miscellaneous articles of interest today:

"Time's Up on the Middle East Powder Keg?"

Looking at the Drudge headlines over the last hour makes it clear that war is brewing on the near horizon in the Middle East. The headlines read like a road map to war rather than any sort of road map to peace like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is hoping for next month.

This week's developments leave the watchman on the wall with no doubt that events are converging to an all out war in the Middle East that is sure to rock the global economy, send the price of oil sky-rocketing, potentially ignite a swarm of suicide bombings within the United States, and usher in World War III.

As if they had any chance of working, UN sanctions against the Islamic regime proved meaningless as they have from the beginning. Now Western nations find themselves in a greater predicament as Iran has continued its uranium enrichment and plans to build 10 more nuclear reactors in Iranian mountain regions.

A day after the United States "persuades" Israel that Iran's nuclear threat is not imminent (as an effort to postpone and Israeli preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear reactors) and a day before Iran goes nuclear, the Iranian military boasts a test launch of a surface-to-surface missile: Iran broadcasts missile launch on state television. At the end of the video chants of "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is Greatest) can be heard, and what's more, the side of the Qiam missile was tattooed with the inscription "Ya Mahdi", which is a reference to Shia Islam's end-time savior. It should be noted that Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadenijad believes it is his divine mission to usher in the "12th Imam" by starting the apocalypse.

One thing is clear: there will not be peace in the Middle East this side of Christ's return. All things considered, a war seems nearly imminent whether it starts between Israel and her immediate neighbors or Israel and Iran. Either case, it will be a regional war to include all of these countries including Syria with its advanced chemical warfare program.

Scripture says Russia will eventually lead a coalition that will come against Israel only to be utterly destroyed by the hand of God. Preempting the Russian-led war coalition, we could very well see the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 which may be the result of a Israeli nuclear strike against the Syrian capital of Damascus for a potential WMD attack against Israeli cities. Whether these recent events will tip the first domino is yet to be determined, but there can be no doubt that this is a "rumor of war" that very well could lead to a war that will surely thrust us into the beginning of sorrows

"Lebanese army, Hezbollah appear closer"

Whether or not recent events have really helped to bridge the gaps that have separated the Lebanese military and Hezbollah remains to be seen, but Israel is now eyeing its northern border with a renewed sense of vigilance with the prospect of squaring off against a seemingly more unified enemy.

In the category of "Pestilences" we see the following:

"WHO calls for monitoring of new superbug"

The World Health Organisation on Friday called on health authorities around the globe to monitor a multi-drug resistant superbug that surfaced in South Asia and spread to Britain.

The WHO said research published in The Lancet medical journal on August 11 identified a new gene that enables some types of bacteria to be highly resistant to almost all antibiotics.

It underlined that the whole health care chain, including patients, hospitals, governments, laboratories, pharmaceutical firms and vetenarians, had "to be alert to the problem of antimicrobial resistance and take appropriate action."

Multi-drug resistant bacteria generally "constitute a growing and global public health problem," the UN health agency noted.

Indian doctors warned earlier this year about the threat from a new multi-drug resistant superbug known as NDM-1 -- months before the British study -- warning that it could spread worldwide with patients.

The Lancet study said plastic surgery patients had carried a new class of superbug from South Asia to Britain.

At least there is something uplifting in the news - a story that the MSM won't get near. This article is certainly worth reading in full; here are a few quotes:

"Jesus lives on in Jerusalem"

Some 15,000 Messianic Jews currently live in Israel, but if you saw one on the street you would almost certainly fail to recognize any difference. They honor Jewish circumcision, bar-mitzvah, and wedding ceremonies, but believe Jesus is the messiah.

The small community of Yad Hashmona, near Jerusalem, is home to a number of Messianic-Jewish families. They believe in Jesus – or Yeshua, as they call him – and in the teachings of the New Testament as well as the old. They are Jews in every sense, but for the most part keep this side of their faith to themselves. When these families gather for the Shabbat meal, however, Jesus is the guest star at their table.

Around 350,000 Messianic Jews live in the US, and one would be just as hard-pressed to recognize them there as in Israel. Some are Orthodox, and dress as the haredim do, while others are traditional and wear a yarmulke or no religious symbol at all. They are for the most part Zionists, and see IDF service as a top priority.

In Interter's eyes, the prophecy of the messiah came true in 1967, with the Jewish conquering of Jerusalem. "The New Testament talks about the destruction of the temple, a long exile, and finally the return to Zion, and that is exactly what happened," he explains. This may seem a political view to some, but Interter rejects this. "We have no political view," he says. "But we read the Bible and see Jerusalem as our sacred city." This perception leads inevitably to Zionism, and Interter's sons are products of this, having all served in elite army units.

Living in this "biblical age" is fascinating - we are witnesses to His plan - in these last days - being carried out exactly according to plan. Everything we see and observe on a daily basis is coming together and nothing that we see is happening outside of that plan. God is watching over everything happening and He has a perfect plan which is being conducted.

During times like this, I always find Psalm 33 comforting and reassuring:

"The Lord foils the plans of the nations;
He thwarts the purposes of the peoples.

But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,
the purposes of His heart through all generations.

From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind;
from His dwelling place He watches all who live on earth -

No king is saved by the size of his army;
no warrior escapes by his great strength.

But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him,
on those whose hope is in His unfailing love,

We wait in hope for the Lord;
He is our help and our shield.

In Him our hearts rejoice,
for we trust in His holy name

May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord,
even as we put our hope in You."


In the news: Iran

First up: Iran's nuclear reactor

"Iran prepares to start up first nuclear reactor"

Nationwide celebrations are planned for the fuel loading at the Bushehr facility in southern Iran, while Russia pledges to safeguard the plant and prevent spent nuclear fuel from being shifted to a possible weapons program.

What concerns America and others — including Russia — is Iran's refusal to halt uranium enrichment, a process that can be used to make fuel for nuclear arms.

Of greater concern to the West, however, are Iran's stated plans to build 10 new uranium enrichment sites inside protected mountain strongholds. Iran said recently it will begin construction on the first one in March in defiance of the U.N. sanctions

"Iran begins loading Bushehr nuclear reactor"

Iran has begun loading fuel into its first nuclear power station in a ceremony attended by Russian officials.

"Despite all pressure, sanctions and hardships imposed by western nations, we are now witnessing the startup of the largest symbol of Iran's peaceful nuclear activities," Iranian nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi told journalists at the plant.

The BBC's Jon Leyne says Iranian officials have promoted Saturday's launch as a victory for the Islamic republic against its enemies. Nationwide celebrations are planned to mark the event.

"After years of delays, Iran begins fueling first nuclear reactor with Russian help"

Washington and other nations do not oppose Iran's stated aim of producing nuclear energy, but are concerned that if Iran masters the enrichment cycle it would have a pathway to weapons production under the convenient cover of a peaceful energy program. Iran denies such an intention.

It is the enrichment work that has been the target of four rounds of U.N. Security Council sanctions.

Of greater concern to the West, however, are Iran's stated plans to build 10 new uranium enrichment sites inside protected mountain strongholds. Iran said recently it will begin construction on the first one in March in defiance of the U.N. sanctions.

Iran is really feeling empowered right now - see what else they are up to right now:

"Iran Test Fires, Touts Advanced Surface-To-Surface Missile Day Ahead Of Nuclear Reactor Launch"

Nothing like a little geopolitical ruckus to spoil the fun...the fun. Xinhua reports that hours ago, and just a day before the Bushehr nuclear reactor is supposed to go online, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said that Iran had test fired a surface-to-surface missile, Qiam, footage of which was shown on state television. Surely this fits well as a time slot segue from the recent clip showing mass graves prepared for Iran's "aggressors."

Iran's new surface-to-surface missile, Qiam, has been successfully test-fired, Vahidi said in Friday prayers in Tehran.

"Being a new class of Iranian missiles, Qiam has been equipped with new technical specifications and exceptional tactical powers, " Vahidi was quoted as saying.

One of the features of the missile is that "it does not have flippers and this provides it with higher tactical capabilities," the minister said.

Another feature of the missile is that the possibility of being targeted by other missiles is very low, Fars news agency quoted him as saying.

Vahidi did not specify the location and the time of the test.

Vahidi's remarks came a day before the country's Bushehr nuclear power plant operations startup.

More here:

"Iran broadcasts missile launch on state television"

Ahmad Vahidi’s announcement comes a day before Iran is scheduled to launch its Russian-built first nuclear power plant in the southern port city of Bushehr.

Television images showed the sand coloured Qiam (Rising) blasting into the air from a desert terrain, amid chants of “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest).

The words “Ya Mahdi” were written on the side of the missile, referring to Imam Mahdi, one of the 12 imams of Shiite Islam, who disappeared as a boy and whom the faithful believe will return one day to bring redemption to mankind.

“The missile has new technical aspects and has a unique tactical capacity,” he said on state television, adding that the device was of a “new class.”
“Since the surface-to-surface missile has no wings, it has lot of tactical power, which also reduces the chances of it being intercepted,” he said.

Also during government week, the production lines of two missile-carrying speedboats, Seraj (Lamp) and Zolfaqar (named after Shiite Imam Ali’s sword) are due to be inaugurated, while a long-range drone, Karar, is expected to be unveiled.

The firing of Qiam comes days after a top commander from the Revolutionary Guards said Iran will mass produce replicas of the Bladerunner 51, often described as the world’s fastest boat, and equip them with weapons to be deployed in the Gulf.

Obviously, from this article, one can see how much Iran's build-up for war is continuing. Unwittingly, they are preparing for the battle described in Ezekiel 38-39. We are watching Iran, in all of their boldness and now, newfound cockiness - prepare to march directly into their destruction.

Ezekiel's description of subsequent events (subsequent to their ongoing build-up to war) is quite clear. Iran, along with Russia and Turkey and the northern African states have no idea the massive destruction that is coming their way. It's God's will and His plan and it will happen exactly as the Bible has described.

God is firmly in control and His plan is being carried out exactly as He directs.

That is always worth remembering.

Friday, August 20, 2010

More Rumors of War

Rumors of war. I can't recall seeing a time quite like this in the past - the rumors of war are at an all time high right now:

"Exclusive: Al Qaeda Plans for Israel War"

The terror group's arm in Yemen is ordering jihadists across the region to ready themselves for a war "by the Jews against Iran" that will spread across the globe, according to a new audio message. Bruce Riedel on the assassinations al Qaeda is plotting to exploit the conflict—and the new threats against America.

Al Qaeda is warning its supporters and sympathizers to prepare for a new war in the Middle East, which it says will pit Israel against Iran. Al Qaeda’s franchise in Yemen, the self-styled al Qaeda in the Arabian Pennisula (AQAP), issued an audio message this month with a lecture by its second-in-command Saeed al Shehri in which he tells jihadists in the Middle East that “what is expected is for the war to begin by the Jews against Iran.”

So why does al Qaeda want another war? Because it calculates an Israeli strike on Iran will prompt Iran to strike back against not only Israel but also the United States. Iran will attack American installations in the Gulf, encourage its proxies in Iraq and Afghanistan to attack Americans, and engage in a global terror campaign.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah will start another war, raining missiles down on northern Israeli cities and towns and provoking Israeli airstrikes on Beirut and maybe even into Syria. Iran might even try to close the Strait of Hormuz and disrupt the global energy market. All this chaos and violence will make America even more unpopular in the Islamic world and open doors for al Qaeda to exploit. In this they are right, another war will be blamed on America rightly or wrongly. Shehri and his boss, Osama bin Laden, probably don’t really know if another war is in the making but they are almost certainly right that if it comes it will be good news for al Qaeda.

Interesting - the following article actually uses the biblical phrase "rumors of war":

"Russia fueling launch of Iran's first nuclear plant and rumors of war"

On October 26, 2005, speaking at the 'World without Zionism' conference in Tehran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed an evil intention when he sparked fears of a nuclear attack on Israel by threatening to wipe the Jewish state off the map; erasing it from the pages of time. He repeated that caustic threat against Israel on June 2, 2008 in a public address that was televised on Iranian news saying, "Thanks to God, your wish will soon be realized, and this germ of corruption will be wiped off the face of the world". He has also compared Israel to a "dried, rotten tree that will collapse with a single storm."

These 'words' reveal what he, and the followers of this regime wish to happen to Israel: a quick death; for it to disappear. Israel is not the only one targeted in these hateful rants, this genocidal regime running Iran also wishes sudden destruction upon the 'Zionist'/Judeo-Christian based and free United States as well, calling it the 'Great Satan', and labeling Israel, 'Little Satan.' The consistent genocidal threats by this tryannical, holocaust denying, cultic regime have been many and documented, but outside of Israel, Iran's 'intentions' are still being questioned by many of the world powers.

Now the article gets interesting.

This rising Russian-Iranian alliance was foretold by the Prophet Ezekiel over 2500 years ago, and it is by No coincidence that in this day, Russia (Magog) and Iran (Persia), are connected together in so many ways (energy,weapons,SCO,Hamas etc.) It is quite amazing to witness all these nations aligning as prophesied, thousands of years ago.

In Ezekiel Chapter 38, the Prophet foretold that in the last days there would be a Russian-led alliance of Islamic nations, and most scholars agree in general with the nations named in this event led by Gog, a Czar -type /evil dictator:

Magog is Russia,
Persia is Iran,
Beth-Togarmah is Armenia/Islamic former republic of Soviet Union
Meshech and Tubal are areas in Turkey
Gomer area in Turkey
Libya, also written as 'Put' in some Bibles
Cush is (Southern)Sudan/Ethiopia region
"the many peoples with you" who will attack along "mountains of Israel" Lebanon, (Possibly Syria, and Jordan)

This coalition of nations will launch an attack against Israel, and Ezekiel warns that Gog comes for the purpose of 'taking a spoil'. It is very probable that the spoil Russia comes for is the oil and natural gas that Israel has just discovered. The current fires in Russia, affecting some of their own resources and costing millions, perhaps could play a motivating role in the 'thirst' for the spoil. At this time there are already rumors of war over these fields.

The "War of Gog and Magog," was not possible before 1948, before Israel was rebirthed as a nation, and the prophecies of Ezekiel 36, and 37 were fulfilled, and continue to be - as the Jewish people are still being led to make aliyah, making their way home to Israel. Only time will tell when this attack will occur, but the events lining up in the Middle East certainly point to its coming fulfillment. Many scholars think according to scripture, that it is probable this invasion will occur just prior to, or soon after, the beginning of the time of Jacob's Trouble, the 7 years of Tribulation.

It will be a supernatural event in which God Himself will intervene to quell this doomed invasion of Israel - when He sanctifies His Holy Name, defends His People, His Land, and opens many eyes to Himself, with nations witnessing this and knowing that God has done it!

As these particular nations align with each other, strenghthening ties, and Israel becomes further isolated on the world scene, ( as prophesied Zechariah 12 1-3, Psalm 83) and antisemitism rages around the world,in Psalm 122 it is written to, 'Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem'. Genesis 12 1-3 is also a strong truth that has never been revoked, and we are to Bless Israel, those who do, will be blessed. God unlike man, does not lie, and while replacement theology is prevalent in many churches, and the world rages at Israel for unjust reasons, it is important to note that it is also written that those who curse Israel, will be cursed.

And the conclusion to this article is appropriately dramatic:

The Middle East conflict goes beyond flesh and blood, it is a deeply rooted spirtitual battle, and because of this truth, it can only be won in the spiritual realm, and that is why, there will be a rapture of the church, a time of judgment on earth, a redemption of Israel, and a destroying of the Antichrist and his false prophet at the end at the time of Armegeddon, before the LORD sets up His Righteous Kingdom and rules from Jerusalem! God will solve this conflict between the descendants, of Isaac and Ishmael, the sons of Abraham - where the root of it began.

At the same time, the many people in the surrounding nations in the Mideast, and those who think this attack will be a good thing, need prayer for God's mercy and salvation to reach them, The LORD God through His son Jesus Christ, He is real Hope, His gift is Life Everlasting, and He is Faithful and True. Everyone who calls upon the name of the LORD will be saved. He is Merciful to all those who call upon Him , who call on His name in Truth. Psalm 145, John 3:16-17.

More rumors of war:

"If military threats materialized nation's counter-attacks not merely regional"

Focusing on US military threats, Ayatollah S. A. Khameneie said here Wednesday, “Their resorting to such foolish option is a remote possibility, but if so, Iranians counter-attack will not be merely regional, but covering a vaster scene."

And this:

"Steinitz demands ultimatum for Iran"

Raising the stakes: Finance minister says America must warn Tehran of military strike within weeks; ‘Time has come for whole world, under US leadership, to present Iran with unequivocal ultimatum,’ he says

In the first such statement by a Cabinet member, Steinitz said: "The US must issue a clear ultimatum to Iran, tell it that if it does not change its behavior within weeks, the military option that has been on the table up until now will become relevant."

He also disputed claims by the by former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton, who said Israel has "days" to attack Iran before Russia fuels its Bushehr nuclear facility.

"Bushehr is only one reactor, and not necessarily the most significant one in respect to the nuclear issue. However, Iran's progress in enriching (uranium) and its aspirations for nuclear weapons continue and must be stopped," the finance minister said.

It is hard to imagine that the "lid" can be kept on this boiling pot much longer. The tensions and the rhetoric seem to increase daily, and the discussions (aka "rumors") of war are escalating on a daily basis.

It is becoming obvious that Israel will not strike the nuclear facilities before Saturday as many had speculated. I believe that Iran has been baiting Israel to attack; that way they could achieve their ambition to attack Israel, but under this scenario, they could attack and still be considered as the victim - a perfect situation for their needs. The question then becomes, "what will Iran do if Israel does not attack?"

They have several options. They could use their proxies (Hezbullah, Hamas, Syria, etc.) to launch a regional war and enter the conflict that way. They could also wait until they actually possess a nuclear weapon and simply attempt to destroy Israel with such weapon(s).

Either way, Israel is firmly in the bulls eye of radical Islam which completely surrounds Israel (exactly as Zechariah predicted).

It's just a matter of time - but in this case, only God's perfect timing will determine when the conflicts will begin.

And when they do begin, we're in for quite a ride.