Monday, October 17, 2011

News From The Epicenter

A couple of interesting articles from Israel Today:

Palestinians say enough talk, ready to fight

It seems like everybody is itching for a fight these days...

Palestinian public opinion poll conducted over the weekend revealed that Israel's ostensible peace partners have had enough of talking, and may be gearing up for more violence.

Over 64 percent said negotiations are not the only way to achieve a Palestinian state, and 57 percent said they expect the eruption of a "third intifada" or terrorist uprising against Israel.

Meanwhile, a majority of all Palestinians said the Western-brokered peace process with Israel is no longer of interest to them, a fact bolstered by last month's unilateral attempt by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to gain recognition of Palestinian independence at the UN.

The results of the poll further demonstrate how the terms of the Palestinians previous agreements with Israel were never instilled in the general public. According to the so-called "Oslo Accords," the Palestinians were supposed to renounce all other means of acheiving a Palestinian state outside of direct bilateral negotiations.

Also see:

Israelis worried by anti-Semitic flavor of 'Occupy Wall St.' protests

A growing number of Israelis and foreign Jewish groups are expressing concern over the anti-Semitic flavor of some of the "Occupy Wall St." economic protests in the US.

As they should be - after all, it is an alarming trend.

From the 13th century expulsion of Englands Jews to the 19th century Russian pogroms to the Nazi Holocaust, sour economic conditions have historically formed the backdrop of rising anti-Semitism.

Last week, we reported on a lone protestor at the Wall Street sit-in who insisted that America's economic woes could all be traced back to "the Jews."

Since then that message has been picked up by others at "Occupy Wall St." demontrations around the country.

On the American Nazi Party website, leader Rocky Suhayda voiced support for "Occupy Wall St." and asked, "Who hold the wealth and power in this country? The Judeo-Capitalists. Who is therefore the #1 enemy who makes this filth happen? The Judeo-Capitalists."

One of people reportedly responsible for organizing the "Occupy Wall St." protests, Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn, has a history of perpetuating conspiracy theories that say the Jews control America's foreign policies.

Interestingly, we've been reading about the strong connections between Mr Soros and Adbusters.

The Emergency Committee for Israel, a Jewish-run Republican organization, released a video highlighting these and other anti-Semitic incidents at the "Occupy Wall St." events, and urging President Barack Obama to take a firm stand against such hateful rhetoric.

Israel's Yediot Ahronot newspaper called the anti-Semitic outbursts "hard to watch," and an Israeli commenter said, "It's just like pre-World War II Nazi Germany. You think blood libels can't happen in America?"

...others have noted that Nazi anti-Semitism started out as a fringe phenomenon in Germany before eventually defining that nation's domestic agenda in the 1940s.

More than the few Occupy Wall St. anti-Semites themselves, it is the lack of a clear and firm repudiation of their hateful rhetoric by the mainstream American media and political leaders that has a growing number of Israelis and Jews on edge.

One has to search pretty hard right now to find any friends of Israel and whatever that small number is - it is rapidly dwindling. The strongest friends of Israel are found in the church - specifically those who take a literal view of the Bible and, perhaps more importantly, the same view of the prophetic scriptures.

And we know that group won't be around much longer.


Unknown said...

Scott- You are right, "blame the jews" is heard more and more. Replacement/Emerging churches side with Palestinians. The shouts are on the street and sadly from pulpits as well. Liberal Christians will reach out to Islam and claim we are just worshipping the same god in different ways.

Scott said...

Yep...Its all building up for the "Grand Finale"...What strikes me as so fascinating is how everything we are seeing today is actually the build-up for the Tribulation. Its amazing.

Anonymous said...

Stocks are down , for the first time in a while, the DOW had a big drop, 247 points lower.

And yet, despite ALL the threats,
no one is willing to STRIKE the match in the ME. it will TAKE a
match to start a fire, anyone knows
that, of course.

WHY is there no AC and rapture yet ?? hard to say....but i believe
it is a FUNCTION of mercy...


and I think Jesus wants all to
have a chance before the match
gets lit.

I have no other answer then that
to think about. it is the ONLY
answer that makes sense right now.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

WVBORN56 said...

You may be right Stephen...God is patiently waiting for the fullness of the gentiles to come into the church but I don't think the window will stay open indefinitely. The clock is ticking and the stage is nearly if not already completely set.

"Some glad morning when this life is over, I'll fly away"

I think we should be praying that the Lord will save many in the days ahead. Really pray hard on Sundays where the Word is preached across the world in evangelical churches. That seems like the best place to receive Christ.


mary said...

WVBORN56 said:
"some glad morning when this life is over, I'll fly away". Love that song. Are you a Southern Gospel music fan too? Just wondering...

Alice said...

"Why U.S. military in Uganda? Soros fingerprints all over it
Obama's billionaire friend has interests in African country's oil"

Robin said...

Alice, respectfully, I have a different perspective on Uganda . . . There've been a very large number of Christians, even missionaries killed in Uganda in recent years. Senator Inhofe and other Conservatives as well as evangelical churches have been calling for US intervention for some time.

I DO think the timing is suspect, however. I find it difficult to believe Obama is doing this out of any sort of compassion for the Christians being slaughtered in Uganda. Diversionary tactic, perhaps?

. . .btw, I'm in Oklahoma City visiting family. (left Lubbock yesterday just ahead of that massive dust storm that struck.) Woke up in the night to a shaking bed. Earthquake, must have been directly under us.

WVBORN56 said...

Hi Mary unlike many people I love all genres of music and refuse to complain about the Pastor of Worship and what he chooses to play on Sunday morning. My sweet spot is light contemporary (K-Love) but you can't grow up in WV and not love Gospel too. Well I take that back my kids are not Gospel fans and they grew up here. LOL

I also speak quarterly at the nursing homes in our town and the man who leads our singing is in his 80's and he always is playing that song, "I'll fly Away" It is one of those songs that you can play over and over in your mind and never get tired of hearing.

In fact it would be cool to sing that corporately as we ascend but I'm thinking maybe a more appropriate song would be "Precious Lord Take My Hand" :)

Dutch Treat said...

WV, Mary, I sing in the chuch choir; and last week we did a song that just gave me goosebumps. It's entitled " I Will Rise". As I was singing it, it was difficult for me not to get emotional over what I feel will happen very soon. "I will rise when he calls my name, no more sorrow, no more pain. I will rise on eagles wings, before my God, fall on my knees and rise. I will rise. And I hear the voice of many angels sing, worthy is the lamb; and I hear the cry of every longing heart, worthy is the lamb. I WILL RISE". It wont be long now.

DrNofog said...

This is an old ploy of Satan to prey upon our human compassions to con and steer us into contributing and becoming party to his evil intentions [see that disgusting "" that has been running commercials on Christian Radio Stations!]

As much as it breaks our hearts, it is against the Constitution, and moreover, against the Law of God to violate the boundaries of Sovereign Nations, except in clear self-defense!

God says that He has established the Nations, the boundaries and the speech thereof, and our Founding Fathers were fully aware of that when they required a non-interventionist policy for the protection of America from the wiles of the IBC!!

They knew that "people don't go to war. Banker controlled Governments go to war", and people are the unfortunate participants and victims of the evil quest for world domination!

The "good" end that is being dangled in front of US DOES NOT justify the means!!!

As Christians, we can only pray, and give support offerings to the missionaries over there, -anything beyond that is Evil, irregardless of how many of our "good" Christian and "conservative" congress critters think it is a "lofty" and worthy goal!

Remember, Soros and his master know that "whoever controls the natural resources of a country, controls that country"!

"Follow the Money"!!

WVBORN56 said...

Oh goody and this feels so good...Doc "irregardless" is not really a correct word. The addition of the prefix "ir" is not only not necessary but actually contradictory.

I know this is like the pot calling the kettle black, but I so seldom get this chance. :)

WVBORN56 said...

Dutch, I love that song too and would love to hear that one as we ascend. It would be completely appropriate! Blessings....

I once thought about singing in the choir and my wife reminded me that I would be better off to stick with making a joyful "noise" in my pew. lol

DrNofog said...

WV said... "...and this feels so good..."

WV, that wouldn't be falling under the category of 'pandering to the flesh' now, would it...? ;)

I wonder why Scott's cheap spell-checker dint catch that... Oh yeah, "cheap"...

DrNofog said...

Great Comments too from the WND post:
Fred Martinez: Yet another reason for impeachment. Americans are not in control of our own country nor our means to protect ourselves. This man must go.

Andrew Kryns: I agree. Is this one more time that was bypassed Congress?

Walter Jacque: Andrew Kryns We are long past impeachment. I say the citizens of this country should make a citizen's arrest, and try osambo for WAR CRIMES.

Jim Griffith: It's way past time for Him to go

Emma Davidson: Are you kidding? So, now, obama will put the lives of American men and women at risk to defend the "financial" interests of soros in Uganda? What is next? Always follow the money and you will see the truth.

Keith Warner: @ Emma Davidson - Do you really want to "follow the money"?
Spend three hours following it from Jesus and the money-changers to the New World Order. Revolutions, wars, assassinations, depressions - THE MONEY MASTERS -

Dennis Phelps: Keith Warner - Great video!

Kathy Mazel: Federal Reserve has to GO! Please do not support ANY ONE who has worked or has been affliated with the Federal Reserve. Our Congress is corupt! They have been paid OFF to shut up!

Revelation Highway: Does Soros ever sleep? I'd sometimes wonder if this demon will be the future antichrist. He is evil on the same level as Adolph Hitler.

Glenn Cook: more than you might know. If you don't remember, soros is a holocaust surviving Hungarian Jew. (Thanks WND) He cut his teeth helping the Nazis hunt his people. He really is old testament evil.

Scot Perry: He is a stiffnecked rebellious jew, RH. Just like the Israelites were in much of the Old Testament.With him doing the damage he is doing I wish that he never survived the holocaust.The world would be a better place minus Daddy Warbucks.

Keith Warner: @ Scot Perry - Soros, like all of the Illuminati cabal, is a kabbalist. Their god is Lucifer, "the bearer of light".
And "Daddy Warbucks"? The inspiration for the comic strip character was Paul Warburg, one of the banksters that stuck us with the Fed in 1913. He also illegally sent millions of US dollars to rebuild Germany after WW I, essentially bringing Hitler to power.

Dutch Treat said...

Thanks WV. What made it especially moving was that the congregation began to rise during various intervals; and by the end of the song, everyone there was rising as if to say: Dont leave me behind. As for your singing prowess, just keep this thought in mind: When you sing to the Lord, you're NEVER off key. Blessings to you. Dutch

mary said...

Yes, "Precious Lord Take My Hand" is another good choice, also for everyday.
Dutch Treat,I love that song too, "I will rise" thanks for reminding me of it. God bless, ms

Kem said...

Dutch, I also love that song. Thanks for reminding me of it. And if you are the Dutch that I think you may is a cyber hug. {{{{}}}}

Dutch Treat said...

Kem, I am probably not that Dutch. I have heard several of you refer to Dutch's blog. So to avoid confusion, I just called myself Dutch Treat. I was born in Holland; and came to the US at the age of 10.

Kem said...

Dutch, I know you are not that Dutch and the one I'm thinking of came from Holland at age 10. I am going to send you or likely you an email. :)

Scott said...

Try this one:

You'll come

Scott said...

Try this one:

You'll come

gearedup2go said...

WV, your song is a golden oldie and one that I enjoy as well. You must have had stayed at a Holiday Inn Express to have caught DrNo's boo boo. Neener neener. : P

Scott, thank you for posting the anti- Semitic video and bringing to light the disgraceful, disgusting rhetoric that is occurring at the demonstrations. Glenn Beck and Mark Levin (a brilliant Jewish American political analyst) are the only two that regularly sound off on the maltreatment of Jews.