Thursday, October 6, 2011

In the news:

This first story isn't surprising but it is definitely disappointing and in direct conflict with God's command of Genesis 12:3:

Washington Warns Israel Not To Launch Pre-Emptive Strike Against Iran

“U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta visited Israel Monday with a clear message from his boss in Washington: The United States opposes any Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities,” reported the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

“The United States, he said, is ‘very concerned, and we will work together to do whatever is necessary” to keep Iran from posing “a threat to this region.’ But doing so ‘depends on the countries working together,’ he added. He repeated the word ‘together’ several times in this context.

”Panetta’s strong-arm tactics towards Israel was likely overlooked by most Americans, who are currently focused on high unemployment, surging foreclosures, anemic growth, skyrocketing national debt, the 2012 presidential campaign, and final days of the Major League Baseball season. But it was certainly noticed by the people of the Middle East who are growing increasingly concerned about the prospects of a major new regional war.

So, in other words, the U.S. expects Israel to sit and wait until Iran finalizes their nuclear ambitions, and await the incoming missiles.

The facts:

- The latest U.N. report found credible evidence that Iran is moving steadily towards building and deploying nuclear weapons.

- Iran’s leaders continue to espouse apocalyptic beliefs about the End of Days, the coming of the Twelfth Imam, and the rise of an Islamic caliphate, even as they long for the annihilation of Israel (the so-called “Little Satan”) and the United States (the so-called “Great Satan”).

- Yet while Western diplomats keep talking and talking about restraining the Iranian threat, the world is not taking decisive action to actually stop Iran from getting the Bomb.

Israeli leaders state the obvious:

A senior Israeli general in September warned that Iran is getting closer to the Bomb and the “Arab Spring” could turn into a “radical Islamic winter” and that “this raises the likelihood of an all-out, total war, with the possibility of weapons of mass destruction being used.”

And this:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned in his U.N. speech last month. “If Iran is not stopped, we will all face the specter of nuclear terrorism, and the Arab Spring could soon become an Iranian winter….The world around Israel is definitely becoming more dangerous.”

Report: Iranian Warship Route To U.S. Coast

Last week, an Iranian Naval Commander threatened to deploy ships off the U.S. coast as a provocative show of force.

Now it looks like Iran might actually be serious.

A new map that allegedly shows the expected path of the Iranian Naval expedition to the U.S has leaked online from an Iranian website, according to MEMRI.

Sarkozy: It is silly to talk about a Jewish state

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has always described himself as a true friend of Israel. However, according to unusual statements attributed to him in the French magazine Le Canard Enchaîne, he unequivocally sides with the Palestinians.

"It is silly to talk about a Jewish state," Sarkozy said while referring to the Israeli demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state. "It would be like saying that this table is Catholic. There are two million Arabs in Israel."

According to the report, the French president told the ministers that he fully supports the establishment of a Palestinian state. "The Palestinians have been waiting for a state they deserve for 60 years now," he said. "Is it not fair that Palestine is recognized by the UN even in an observer status?"

Syria's Assad intent on dragging Israel into his mess

Syrian President Bashar Assad on Tuesday reportedly threatened to bombard Tel Aviv with ballistic missiles if NATO or other Western powers dare to interfere with his violent crackdown on Syrian pro-democracy demonstrations.

Iran's Fars news agency reported that Assad made the threat during a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Davutoglu. According to Assad, he would "not need more than 6 hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv."

Were that scenario to play out, Assad is said to be confident that Iran would launch an attack on US warships in the Persian Gulf.

While the situation is wholly out of Israel's hands, there is concern in the Jewish state over what Assad may interpret as Western interference.

And this represents the big fear - raising the issue of whether Assad is capable of actually taking actions that would trigger either UN troops or NATO troops to take action, such as entering into Lebanon or Turkey. Assad's troops are already dangerously close to both borders.

Israeli commentators have already stressed that if Assad feels he is going to be toppled, he will have nothing to lose by launching a last minute attack on Israel. In fact, by doing so he has much to gain, as a missile assault on Tel Aviv would solidify Assad's legacy as a dedicated enemy of the hated "Zionist entity."

Middle East unrest spreads to Saudi Arabia

Saudi police sealed off the village of al-Awamiya in the east of the country on Monday night after using live fire to disperse Shia protesters, according to exiled Saudi dissidents.

A group calling itself arabianrevolution have posted videos on YouTube which they claim show Saudi security forces in al-Awamiya, home to much of the Sunni kingdom's Sunni minority, firing on protesters on Monday evening.

Saudi reinforcements rushed to oil regions to quell machine-gun toting Shiites

Has the 11-month Arab revolt reached Saudi Arabia? Or been imported? This week saw weeks of simmering unrest in the Shiite-populated eastern oil regions boiling over.

Wednesday, Oct. 5, the Saudi Ministry of Interior warned it would "strike with an iron fist" against any breaches of the country's stability and security after security officers came under automatic fire and Molotov bombs fired from motorbikes in Saudi Arabia's richest oil center in the eastern region of Qatif.

Saudi officials blamed "a foreign country" and "mercenaries" after demonstrators fought the police with classical Iranian Revolutionary Guards tactics in the Shiite town of al Awamiya

Of course, we all know who this country would be:

Although Iran is not named in official Saudi communiqués – only "a foreign country seeking to undermine the security and stability of the homeland in blatant interference in national sovereignty," no one in Riyadh doubts Tehran's hand in the unrest, using its own and Hizballah undercover agents to smuggle the guns through neighboring Bahrain to Shiite activists in Al-Awamiya and teaching them assault tactics.

EU calls for global tax

The European Commission said on Wednesday it would push next month's G20 summit to agree on a global financial transaction tax, but Canada said it may have enough support to block such a move.

Flanked by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a news conference in Brussels, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said it was time to push ahead with the initiative.

Earthquake Swarm Keeps Iceland's Katla Rocking

We’ve been keeping an eye on Iceland’s Katla for quite a while now and over the past year; the volcano has been showing signs that magma is moving under the ice-capped edifice. There have been frequent seismic swarms around and within the caldera that is currently filled with the Mýrdalsjökull (glacier) and on at least two occasions, small glacial outburst floods (jokulhlaups) have issued from Katla.


Robin said...

Isn't it just amazing that Iran is moving ships toward the United States and our President is warning Israel to leave them be? Unbelievable . . .

Seth said...

What's even more amazing to me is that I know people who are believers who think he's one of the greatest presidents this country's ever had. God is the one who appoints kings, and He appointed Obama to help bring the world to a tribulation type atmosphere. I'm so ready to go Home.

WVBORN56 said...

Not surprised Robin with our commander in chief running things (:

Is anyone else building in anticipation of our imminent rapture? I am just amazed at the fast developing events in the Middle East.

Between the global rocky economy and both the inner and outer rings of nations mobilizing against Israel I can't imagine this holding off much longer. Once Isaiah 17/Psalms83 commences Ezekiel 38-39 will soon follow.

Somewhere in all that prophetic fighting (just before, during or right after) we the church will depart for greener pastures.

Oh how sweet it will be to here the shofar blast and the call from our Lord to "come up hither"

Perhaps Today

Alice said...

...oh yes, Lord! Today!

Robin said...

My CBS Bible Study is doing Isaiah this year and I just keep wondering if we'll study Isaiah 17 before it actually happens. We're about a month away . . .

WVBORN56 said...

Robin if I were a betting man I would lay odds on us being gone... but I am probably the most easily excitable man alive. I can typically find even the slightest glimmer in the darkest cloud. (most of the time):)

Seth said...

I just hope it's not on October 21st. Call me petty and vindictive, but I don't want Harold Camping to be right about anything and would just assume he look like a fool again.

Dutch Treat said...

I wonder what the world would be like today if we told Israel not to take out Iraq's nuclear facility back in 1981. As far as the timing of the Rapture, all I know is that we have a loving God who's got this whole thing figured out. So I'll let him work out the details. Remember, He's calling the shots here, not Harold Camping or anyone else.

WVBORN56 said...

Seth, I agree...I forgot about Campings updated prediction. Maybe for that reason alone October is out...I'll be happy for Nov 1 and that still makes me a winner on Robin's 1 month estimate for Isaiah 17 Bible study.

In case anyone forgot I planned on having a Thanksgiving get together at my mansion Lord permnitting this year. You must show your "prophecy update" ID Badge to attend. :)

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott

When I was away,I found a T.V. news channel called R.T. which is 'Russia Today'. Obviously the news was biased, but it was giving info on events in the Middle East not covered by the BBC, Sky or CNN which I usually watch.

This was last week, the end of September and they said that FRANCE had warned Iran about the WMD, they didn't like it so FRANCE may PRE-Empt a STRIKE against IRAN! I had to read and re-read the news bar - then finally it was said verbally - again several times over a few days so I wasn't mistaken. Not being on-line, I was unable to check the web.

Has anyone else seen/heard this?


Expected Imminently said...

Hello again Scott

I just found this on Google. I am not sure if it is a safe site so I have just copied this info off Google.
28 Sep 2011 – France warns it will bomb Iran nuclear site soon. ... France warned late Tuesday it will consider a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to stop ...

Paula said...

An attack coming from France certainly would be a surprise.

Mrs. C said...

I wanted to let everyone know, that special Service at the Kotel, (the Western Wall) is tonight. It will begin in a few hours, 11:30pm Jerusalem time, 4:30pm Eastern time. It is alot of Rabbis coming together for the Slichot (Penitential Prayers)all tide in with the Day of Atonement. This could be the Service I spoke of myself and many others witnessed years ago, where there were thousands of people that attended.
I can see right now, (when you select the "Western Wall Plaza" camera on the left, they have a giant Torah hanging from scaffolding. This should be good :)
IF it is the same Service, it is a powerful thing to witness!
God Bless You!

Robin said...

THanks for the heads up, Mrs. C. Is that camera on 24/7? How exciting of so . . .I'll bookmark it.

While I really wouldn't want to see Camping right either . . .I really do believe people such as him do so much damage. There's a certain poster here who appears deeply disheartened by any news that's anything but disappointing. We simply must remain focused on the notion that God requires a set number to come into the fold before His promise is fulfilled. Even one day too early would mean some people were left behind. God has His own timetable and we just need to be ready.

Expected Imminently said...

Mrs C

Thank you for this! Now I remember watching it myself on T.V. I had the sound turned right up while a friend was listening on the phone as they sounded the Shofars - there were 12 (I think?)


Mrs. C said...

Hi Sister Robin,:)
Im jumping in here while Im working, and using Mr C's computer so I can listen and see while Im working. :) The camera is not always on. They have it off on the Sabbath and on Holy Days :)If you select the"Western Wall Plaza" camera,you get a better perspective, and sound! OH Yeah, tons of people now! This was scheduled for 11:30 their time, and looks like the Service is running late.This just may be what I had seen years before! I hope so, its awesome!
God Bless!

Mrs. C said...

Hi Sweet Sister Sue! :)
Good to see you! Gotta get back to work, but it is amazing isnt it! Just wait till they all sing and Pray in Worship to Him! In repentance to Him! Wow...I wonder when they'll start? I hope its the same as what we saw before :)
God Bless! Hug back to You! :)

Mrs. C said...

I hope y'all are catching this at the Kotel :)Wow! thousands Praying together with the leadership of the Rabbis!
God Bless!

Robin said...

Hmmm, I'm on my iPad this afternoon so will have to check on my desktop when I get back home as the cam isn't working on the iPad.

Anyone ever hear of St. Malachy's Pope prophecies? Apparently, he predicted all these popes right up to the current Pope Benedict . . .and the one who'd follow Benedict was to preside over Catholics during the Apocalypse. (check out the last paragraph. Rumor has it, Benedict is considering retirement next spring. Now, I was raised Catholic and have never heard of a pope retiring . . .anyway, interesting nonetheless.

Scott said...

I didn't know that about France and Iran - thats very interesting indeed. For several reasons - I'll try that link

Robin - those are some fascinating things from St Mal - I believe he thinks that there will be one more pope after the current pope? Isn;t that what he states? And I seem to recall that the last pope would be the Tribulation pope, according to his prophecies. I hate to look at anything non-biblical, but there were some compelling aspects of his prophecies regarding the popes.

GG said...

Hi Mrs. C~

We have it on loud while making din..din. Like Robin said it will not pull up on our i-pad either but we will not limit our hearing so we have the desktop pulling for us :)

Our daughter jumped off her seat when she thought it was time (ha ha).

God Bless!!


Alice said...

Mrs C, thanks for the heads up! I'm watching now! :)

Robin, yes, I have read those prophecies, too! According to Malachy, the current pope is the next to last. He even named the last pope... Peter??? I can't remember for sure... And yes! I also thought it was interesting that rumors are going around that Benedict may retire...

Robin said...

Yes, the prediction was the Pope to follow Benedict. Rumors are floating around the media today that Benedict will retire in the spring. Like you, I don't put much stock into non Biblical predictions . . .but it is interesting, nonetheless . . .

Anonymous said...

Dear Robin:
Yes, I have heard of the St. Malachy's Pope prophecies. Where did you here that he may retire? Gary

Robin said...

According to the media rumor mill: Benedict turns 85 in April and plans to announce his retirement then.

Mrs. C said...

Dear Sis GG :)
Im so haappy your wee little one can witness this! It may be the last time we will, before the Lord comes from us! I take it you can see this, right? They have the mic close for the Rabbis, but can you hear all of the thousands responding in the background? Are you seeing it from the long view at the back of the plaza? How bout that giant Torah! Several Rabbis lead the Prayers, and singing. If I recall, there is major Shofars blowing and singing at the end of there Service, we'll see :)
Gotta jump back to work, and my other computer. Hey, using Mr.Cs did he get Spell Check on this site...hmmmm lol
God Bless

Anonymous said...
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GG said...

Hi Mrs. C~

Yes, the office is near the kitchen so we can be between two worlds :)

Thanks again for this. She finished her book a little bit ago and it ended with them reading the Torah. She said Moses had 5 books ... (though she says "Mosses") How appropriate :)

God Bless!!


Misty said...

The prayer service at the Kotel is just lovely, thank you so much Mrs C. for posting it. I enjoyed a bit before my computer crashed again....It seems to hate any videos or live cameras. Still seeing that was a blessing. How I pray our Father will reveal Himself to those who are eagerly seeking Him and that they will understand that the way to the Father is through Jesus Christ the Son. Very soon now I think.

Tasarwen said...

I'm not sure about ole Camping, either. But do you guys think we will even care if he is right? :D

Alice said...

Mrs C, where is the giant Torah? I don't see it...

Oh! I hear a shofar!

Alice said...

"Financial Crisis, Worst World Has Ever Faced" is currently the headline on Drudge...

Mrs. C said...

Hi Sister Alice :)
On the main page, if you look to the left, there are three choices of cameras. Double click on the one that says "Western Wall Plaza". That camera view is from the back of he plaza looking towards the wall, and shows all the people there complete with the giant Torah hanging in the middle of scaffolding:)
God Bless!
Let me know if you need any more help, k?

Expected Imminently said...


Judging what you *SAY* is a God given command for us to avoid false prophets and their lies.

ONE verse, that's all! STILL you can offer no confirming verses to back what is essentially a faulty understanding of grammar which does not come from ‘experts’, but the Biblically illiterate.

It isn't a question of 'belief' Stephen! It is to do with the certain knowledge that God's Word speaks clearly without confusion, by Scripture interpreting Scripture, in which, your 'belief' FAILS miserably.

As long as you persist here in pushing this deception that fools newcomers, robs the faithful of their joy in the blessed hope, and Christ of His rightful glory - you MUST be challenged.

If you keep up this deception Stephen, against the continued, expressed wishes of Scott and his blog, then I, at the very least will keep on challenging you as a false teacher corrupting God's inerrant Word.

Give me your evidence from supporting Scripture*S* – ONLY then, will I be glad to 'back off'.

Either that; or I shall be compelled take a leaf out of your disingenuous book and leave this blog in order to separate myself from your godless, bleak, depressing, discontented, monosyllabic drone.


Robin said...

This is definitely off topic . . .but sort of swerves back in. At my morning Bible Study, the lecturer referred to a commentary writer's words and I wish I could recall which author she was referencing.

Anyway, we were asked to reflect on the last days . . .we're awaiting judgement. There's a huge pair of escalators, one going up and one going down. As you're riding up the escalator, you're seeing others ride back down . . .and as you're looking over at the ones coming down, you begin to recognize people you know . . .your hair dresser, the boy who bags your groceries at the local store, etc. One of them says across the way "Why didn't you tell me???"

Anyway . . .the story really hit me upside the head, so I thought I'd share. The time is very near, we all feel it. Are we doing all we can to share His good news?

Scott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Expected Imminently said...

Dearest Mrs C

This sweet Sue is now reaping a harvest from seeds of bitterness.

I have always known this harvest would come, I just didn’t know how or when! I had a root of bitterness against a family member for absolutely no good reason, and it troubled me by its strength as I was powerless in its wake.

Although I often tried to repent, it would still well up inside me like a draught of poison. This is what my little boys witnessed in their innocence and learned from me. Their accusations and bitterness against me are inexplicable, not exactly lies, but certainly not the truth; I taught them well and for 20 years or so their own bitter venom against me has gradually risen into a flood.

Although I certainly know I am a sinner saved by God’s Grace – now I KNOW that I am a sinner, of ‘missing the mark’ and falling far short of the Target. It’s too late now to make amends and ask for forgiveness of them; death saw to that years ago. To know that I am forgiven and washed clean is bitter-sweet as the consequences of that sin continue in three of my children who are now men. God help them and have mercy on them for my fault against them.



Alice said...

Thanks, Mrs C! Yes, I see the scaffolding... guess I thought it was just holding the sound system... I will look more closely! Thank you again, Sis, for calling this to our attention!

Scott said...

Let me try this again:

Stephen, honestly, you are the only one who is continually raising the argument. Its beginning to create dissent and otherwise we have a harmonious group who disagree in an adult way - stating opinions with scripture and having a reasonable "give and take".

I have asked you to let it go before so I have no choice but to discontinue these continual points. We know how you feel about a single scriptute. The problem is - you are taking it out of context and you are ignoring an enormous body of scriptures which you refuse to discuss.

So its time to stop this.

Seth said...

Well, after spending 3+ hours in a HIDA scan machine, the good Dr has determined that the ol' gallbladder's gotta go. Prayers for a successful surgery and a quick recovery are appreciated. I was really hoping to be healed of this in the rapture, which could still happen; but oh well. That's why God gave us Doctors.

Scott said...

We'll all be praying for successful surgery and recovery.
When is it scheduled for?

Mrs. C said...

Hi Sisters Robin & Alice :)
Your both very welcome :)
And Alice, Im glad you saw the giant Torah :) It occurred to me, that they have it hanging, touching nothing on the sides. It is the word of God being lifted up. Also, they have it above them, as it covers the crowd, and they are literally under the Law.
God Bless!

Mrs. C said...

Hi Sister Misty :)
Im so glad you got to see the Prayer Service! Im so sorry your computer crashed on you though  Amen to your Prayers Sister, and it will indeed be very soon! Praise God Forever!
God Bless!

gearedup2go said...

Seth, will be thinking of you as you prepare for surgery. Let us know how we can pray for you, ok?

Seth said...

I go see the surgeon tomorrow to schedule it. I'll let everyone know when it is. The main thing is for a quick recovery, so I don't have to miss too much work. Thanks again, for your prayers.

Sharon said...

Dear Sue,
I truly believe that everything is possible with God. I thank God that He has opened your eyes to your blank. You have sought His forgiveness and repented. You are forgiven. God can use your repentance to reach your boys (men) in His own very creative way. Let God be Lord in this and ask Him for a miracle for your boys.
From one who has seen God's creative miracles in my family -- Sharon

waterer said...

Dear SIster Sue,

There is rarely a Mom or Dad who does not have a day or a season to regret in our years of parenting.

Your struggle and repentance are everything in terms of shortening this harvest.

This bitter thing was not the only thing sowed in to them. Wait on the Lord to remind them of your love and His.

"His faithful Love is all the armor that I need.
To wage my battle with the foe."
Blest Be the Lord.

We often need healing not only forgiveness. Sometimes it is for evil we have done and sometimes it is for evil done against us.
I am praying for this healing for you and your sons.

You have my prayers and hopes for a turning in them towards the Lord. In HIS time.

Mrs. C said...

My Dearest Sister Sue, :)
I cant speak for others, but I too have had , and continue to have the same kind of experiences with family. :) None of us are perfect in any way Sis, we all fall very short of the Glory of God. Paul continually reminded us of that. It is often easier to forgive others, than it is to forgive ourselves. I also know of unforgiveness, when its too late and the person is gone. It is a tough lesson, that has no answer Sue, nothing but spinning in circles, and the dark one enjoys keeping people in that guilt. Look up my Sister, because Jesus knows the truth of your heart. It is He, and our Loving Father that we are accountable to, and no one else. He knows you’re our sincerity, our past, our hearts, and heals us.
Sister Sue, we all live in the consequences of our sin, and that is why we need our Savior Jesus! As we continually seek Jesus, He cleanses us! We turn it over to Him, and then slowly, or sometimes quickly, take it back upon ourselves. We need to turn it over to Him, and let Him keep it. :)Again, we look at Paul, and he told us that he constantly struggled with the flesh. Talk about regret, look at what Paul did to Christians before the Lord visited Him on the road to Damascus. Paul had to turn all of that regret, all of that guilt, over to the Lord, or would never have been able to had the Ministry that he did. As your children are now grown, it is their responsibility; they are accountable for their own behavior and actions. They make the choice to be the way they are, not you. Trust in Him, and not in ourselves. He invites us to lay our burdens upon Him, as His Yoke is light! He knows your children, my child, our families. We can only look to Him, and respond to them in love, His Love through us. It is not always easy by any means, but He gives us the strength! We are living in the present, not in the past, and that is why “the present” is a gift! Know this Sis He is already there…in all of our tomorrows :)
God Bless You My Sis! Big Hug!

GG said...

Hi Seth-

I am sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery. W.O.W. 3 hours of scans could not have been fun. What a long day it has been for you. Please keep us posted and know I am praying for you and a very speedy recovery. Will they do this via scope to minimize your down time?

Many Prayers!!


Mrs. C said...

Brother Seth,:)
Please let us know when your surgery is, ok? So that we can lift you up in Prayer!
God Bless!

Alice said...

Yes, Seth! Do let us know! And I will keep you in my prayers!

WVBORN56 said...

Dear Lord we lift up Seth to you and pray you would superintend his upcoming surgery. Please guide the hands of the surgeons and grant him a rapid healing in Jesus name we ask. Amen.

Robin said...

Your in my prayers, Seth . . .as ate you, Sue.

Mrs. C . . .while I know your words were meant for Sue, it's as if you were speaking to me. We all fall short because the standard is so great. Until I truly grasped that, I couldn't let my past go . . .and still struggle with it at times. I often wonder if that's why it's so difficult to reach certain people in our lives. Thanks to all who share here . . .

Diane said...

To my dear blogger friends, I too have made many mistakes as a mother, bitter at times and not setting the examples I should have set. Yet,the Lord still saved my children, except for one who has fallen away (or maybe never was a believer?) Just as God touched us, He is sovereign and can also reach out to our children, whom He loves more than we do. It is good that it does not all rest on our shoulders. Our job is to "abide in the Vine" and look up, not only for His Appearing, but for His Salvation of our families and friends. We must "pray without ceasing" for these unsaved loved ones! Blessings and thanks to you all , Diane