Monday, October 10, 2011

In the news:

Arab Spring Falls on Egypt's Coptic Christians

The credibility of the Arab Spring took a bloody hit on Sunday October 9th when Egyptian Army forces shot dead more than thirty Christian Copts and wounded scores of them.

In addition, the action by the Army was paralleled by armed men, described as Salafi Jihadists by Coptic sources, seen also shooting and hitting demonstrators with knives.

At a few weeks from the legislative elections in Egypt, this violence impacts the debate about the Spring of Egypt but also challenges US and European policies towards the current and perhaps the forthcoming Government.International news agencies, including AP, were late in reporting the real casualties, as Coptic sources have identified more than 30 bodies seen on the streets at the time this article was filed (forty by the latest unconfirmed account). Hundreds of demonstrators who were protesting against the attacks on Christian Churches in the south of the country were also wounded and dozens were taken to the hospitals.

According to Coptic NGOs and Egyptian observers, the demonstrators were marching peacefully towards the TV central building when armored vehicles from the Egyptian military deployed in the streets, and soldiers fired against the unarmed civilians.

This is a sad day in Egypt and serves as as example of wide-spread Christian persecution on a world-wide basis.

It will take a few days before arriving at an accurate number of how many were killed in the Cairo massacre, but what is clear after today is that the Copts of Egypt, about fifteen million of them, are now under siege

In a sense this is the most dangerous event in Egypt since the fall of Mubarak

Indeed, over the past few months, Washington has been engaging with Muslim Brotherhood representatives and preparing US public opinion to accept the idea of an Islamist Government in Egypt after the “rushed elections.”

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In other news around the world:

Moscow reaches out to Syrian opposition to head off Western military action

Five days after defeating a Western-backed UN Security Council resolution condemning Bashar Assad's savagery against his opposition, Moscow turned the heat on him by inviting an opposition delegation for a visit Monday, Oct. 10 and offering to host talks between the Syrian government and the opposition umbrella Syrian National Council.

Syrian Foreign Minister Wallid Moallem threatened unspecified "tough measures" against any countries recognizing the council, evidently fearing a repeat of the Libyan exercise which toppled Muammar Qaddafi.

Damascus views all these steps as replicating the process which led to the ouster of the Qaddafi regime in Libya and its replacement with forcible NATO backing by the National Transitional Council.

Then, after the assassination of Kurdish leader Mashaal Tammo at his home in Qamishli, the White House for the first time called on Assad to go. Spokesman Jay Carney said the Syrian ruler must "step down now before taking his country farther down this very dangerous path."

All at once, President Assad was confronted by two very strong voices telling him his time was up.

'Window for strike on Iran nuke facilities growing slimmer'

The chance for a military strike to succeed in stopping Iran’s race toward a nuclear weapon is becoming “slimmer” as Tehran continues to produce and disperse its enriched uranium and technology, according to Prof. Avner Cohen, a premier Israeli-American scholar on nuclear proliferation.

“I think we are moving to the point that the chance of success for doing something effective militarily is getting slimmer,” Cohen warned in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.

US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s visit to Israel last week, Cohen said, was likely part of an American effort to ensure that Israel is not planning any unilateral military steps that would not be coordinated first with Washington.

“My gut sense is that something happened in recent weeks which was interpreted as if Israel had made clear that the military option is alive and kicking, and Panetta wanted to make sure that Israeli independent action will not happen,” he said.

Arab rock attacks on Jews escalate, world yawns

The month of September saw a 33 percent increase in the number of Palestinian stoning attacks against Israeli Jews, according to figures published by the Israeli army.

During the first nine months of 2011, Palestinian stone throwers attacked Israeli soldiers and Jewish motorists in Judea and Samaria (the "West Bank") a total of 3,484 times, or an average of 387 times per month. In September, there were 498 attacks, or at least 16 attacks every day.

The most serious attack occured on September 23, when Arab stone throwers near Hebron caused Asher Palmer to lose control of his vehicle resulting in a crash that killed both Asher and his infant son, Yonatan.

Volcanic Alert In Effect On El Hierro As 4.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits

A 4.3 magnitude earthquake struck El Hierro, the smallest of The Canary Islands, late on Saturday night. It was the strongest earthquake to be recorded on the Spanish island since an unprecedented earthquake swarm commenced during the summer.

The Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN) has reported an increase in the intensity of earthquakes recorded on El Hierro, the smallest of The Canary Islands, during the last 48 hours. The number of earthquakes recorded since July 17 , 2011 on El Hierros has now reached 10,000, figures from the IGN confirm.

Earthquakes list October 10, 2011


Caver said...

Guys, please forgive my lack of fellowship here the past few weeks. Many things on the business front have occupied my time. Love and miss you all....still get to read most post but in drips, drabs, and spurts.

Really don't know what to be the most alarmed at.....the events in Egypt, Israel, Syria, or El Hierros.

Just wow...We all know what is forecast if the mountain wall of El Hierros turns loose and it seems the LSM is determined not to provide even a hint of danger. A total release is predicted to devastate the entire east coast of the US and Florida would be almost totally under water.

It seems no end to the barrels of dry powder being heaped on the pile in the ME. The Syrian leadership is being pushed into the corner where an Israeli War seems their only way out.

Israel is quickly running out of wiggle room in Iran.

Egypt seems ready just to give up any pretension of freedom of choice and just take or drive out anyone not of the Muslim persuasion...and associated hate of the Jew.

The useful idiots of the US seem completely blinded and ready to bring us down and send us on the multi failed path of whatever you want to call it this time.

I just have to believe this blindness is supernatural. Folk can be slow and folk can be deceived for a while....but this is surreal.

Continuing to pray for our little Family here....that He give us strength, healing, peace and clarity in these matters. Also praying that this little board be a source of light and understanding for many.

Scott said...

Great comments (as usual) caver ---> but one thought realy nails it:

"I have to believe this blindness is supernatural"


WVBORN56 said...

60 minutes last night was celebrating the Egyptian "arab spring" at least the little snippet I caught.

Then I read today that the 15 million Coptic Christains are suffering persecution and even death.

The LSM swings and missses yet again. It goes to the heart of Caver's comment on spiritual blindness. They prefer darkness over light.

Robin said...

Oh look . . .Jim Wallis of Sojourners is urging Occupy (fill in the blank) protesters to "Stand with Jesus". That's the same Sojourners funded by guess who? George Soros. Do these people really not see the extent to which they've become "useful idiots".

Was wondering about you, Caver . . .glad to see you're back.

Robin said...

Sorry, meant to post this link with my comment:

Anonymous said...

Fox News article.

* * *

Where’s Jimmy? Just Google His Bar Code

By Gene J. Koprowski

Published May 14, 2010

Tech enthusiasts and futurists think implantable radio chips, such as those embedded in Amal Graafstra's hands, could mean safety, security and convenience. But civil libertarians are concerned about privacy. Scientists tag animals to monitor their behavior and keep track of endangered species. Now some futurists are asking whether all of mankind should be tagged too. Looking for a loved one? Just Google his microchip. (cont'd)

* * *

Read more:

* * *

Thanks to Rapture Ready for the link.

DrNofog said...

Robin said... "...they've become "useful idiots"....Was wondering about you, Caver..."

Yeah, I had my suspicions t... no, wait... there's a space 'tween comments...
Sorry Caver... ;)

Robin, you may have missed it, but I was curious 'bout what you meant...

Scott, any way you can make the "Recent Comments" text show up a little better, 'cause it is a handy feature [for me anyway, after I squint at it for a while]...

WVBORN56 said...

To anyone still on the fence about following Jesus I would implore you to invite Him into your life. "Today is the day of salvation" declares the Lord.

Romans 10:9 says, "If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved."

Time is running short for the church age and the coming great tribulation described in the book of Revelation. It is going to be the most terrible time in the history of the world. Nearly 2/3rd's of the world population will perish in less than 7 years.

We are seeing in the daily news accounts coming events that God foretold in His Word. Erdogan/Turkey and Putin/Russia are principals in Ezekeil 38-39 gog-magog war...Syria/Assad are principals in Isaiah 17:3...The potential global economic meltdown and global governance is a principal theme of Revelation 6 and 13 and the massive increase in earthquakes in diverse places like the swarms in the canary islands is the focal point of Jesus' description of end time events in the Olivet discourse in Matthew 24.

If we can see the tribulation like events on the horizon and the we know from scripture the Church is removed prior to the coming wrath of God shouldn't you consider the claims of Jesus and place your faith and trust in Him?

He is the only one who can pay your sin debt an allow your entrance into heaven. Plese don't delay friends.

Caver said...

Quick Pop-in....

Chuckling at Dr No.

At this point in the slap-happy punch drunk world of economy & construction Dr No, I don't qualify for the term "Useful Idiot". I can't think of anything I'm really Useful for other than saying Duh a lot and slapping me self up side the head.

Ohoopsie....pops out again.

Scott said...

Geezzz. First DrNo requests a column for the recent posts...That gets done. Then it isn't enough posts so the # of comments increases x2..Now he wants to change the color or whatever.


Scott said...

Ok....Now I patiently await DrNo's NEXT request......:)

DrNofog said...

Nice color, Scott [that's 'colour' for EI, soz she understands the conversation...]. Thanx!

I'll hafta get back to you on the rest...I seem to have misplaced my list somewhere...

Dylan said...

Drnofog, its "colour" up in Canada too. Just saying

Scott said...

Now all of the colors are changed - not sure I like it so much. All DrNo's fault.....I'm still planning on playing around with these colours, later when I get a chance.... :)

DrNofog said...

Speaking of Useful Idiots, I ran across this on, which is an entertaining read just for the cynical barbs the author heaps on these clowns:

Useful Idiots’ Stockholm Syndrome

"Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, the leftist American hikers who unwittingly ventured across the Iran/Iraq border...revealed that they were none the wiser for their ordeal..."

The comments are a hoot too!

Misty said...

The new colors make the comments much easier to read. Thanks Scott.

DrNofog said...

And speaking of "chipped britches" again, I think it would be great, knowing God has the original sense of humor, if He takes us up, chipped clothes and all, letting 'them' track us about a million miles towards the North Star before the chips get "Lost in Space"...
"Danger, Will Robinson, danger!"

Robin said...

LOL, So the colours DID change . . .glad to know I'm not completely losing my mind . . .though it appears DrNo thinks so :D. DrNo, yes, I totally meant Trib . . .didn't realize I'd said Millineum until I went back, sorry 'bout that :)

. . .and Caver . . .obviously my brain isn't in gear lately because I didn't realize I'd implied you were a useful idiot in my last post. (thanks again, DrNo) :) It was completely unintentional. Anyone ever watch all the W goofs on YouTube? I think W and I could be related :)

DrNofog said...

Not to worry, Robin, you had a clean paragraph break there.
I apparently have a subconscious targeting device that locks onto things that can be strung together 'for effect'...

I see Scott is 'playing' with the colors again, trying to find the 'right one' that will wreak havoc on our aging eyes, no doubt...

DrNofog said...

This blue seems to work well overall.

Anonymous said...

Love the blue! Stay with it. Very readable and nice to look at.
Thanks Scott!

Caver said...

LOL Robin...not a problem.

Caver bounces off a few walls in wonderment that someone still thinks he's Useful!

Robin said...

Defintely prefer these colours, Scott . . .much easier on the eyes.

Scott said...

My goal is to make DrNo happy :)

Dylan said...

The blue is kinda throwing me off. Haha but I also kinda like it.

Scott said...

One of these days I'll make it purple or something - just for fun :)

Paula said...

It's been forever since I used Blogger so I don't know how much they let you do with a free account. But if you have control over a style sheet I can make it do whatever you want.

mary said...

I love the blue, seems brighter and easier on the eyes.However, you do what you like, the main draw are your updates, and all the comments.
I cannot wait to meet you all someday.I was telling my husband this week that I don't really care to go away anymore, we have become real home bodies, but if we all on this blog decided to meet somewhere before we "go home", that is one trip I would want to make. I love you all and am blessed to know you as my "brothers and sisters in Christ"
God bless, ms

Caver said...

Yikers....MrsC said that apple pie had been around too long and had gone over....fermented. What a trip...maybe we can try black with pink pokie dots background and iridescent green writing next.

Scott, I need to talk with your wife. You got way too much time on your hands me thinks.

Scott said...

It ALL started with drNo wanting to change the "recent comments" to make it more "readable" for his "old eyes"....I accidentally changed the text color and then the rest is history.....I'm a victim here :)

Scott said...

Did I hear that Mrs C is making me an apple pie? Huh?
Is that what you said?
Sounds good to me - I love apple pie ! :)

Anonymous said...

UPDATE >>>>>>

STOCKS are now in a number (2)
UP, basically what that means
is that we are getting bulled
back up again, that is BAD news
of course......

patience is required now....

BEARS and prophecy watchers
will just have to be patient
until the rally is over....

but GOOD NEWS follows...

when the rally is over, a number
(3) down will follow.....

a complete COLLAPSE....

but that is STILL in the future.

I will continue to post updates
as needed.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Diane said...

WVBORN56 , thank you for your heart felt plea. I agree. Diane

Caver said...

Sorry Scott....your ears have gone the way of your reading skills....right now she is taking a fresh batch of Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts out of the oven.


But...BUT...she did ask if you like Dutch Apple pie?

Psssss....I think she agreed to the challenge...and I accepted. She said she'll have to experiment on me first.

Scott said...

HEH :)
Dutch apple? American apple? Canadian apple?
You name it - I'm in :)

WVBORN56 said...

Diane thanks for the feedback... it was obviously directed to the unbelievers who visit. The Spirit I believe prompted me to voice the appeal as we approach the great "Day of the Lord" Time is running short and the Tribulation will be horrific as God pours out His wrath on this world.

Unknown said...

Things will get bad before it gets worse.

Pray. Change is coming.