Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Midde East on the Brink

The first article is in the category of "you have to be kidding":

Iran to convene nuclear conference targeting Israel

Iranian official quoted as saying conference will focus on "Israel's policy of nuclear ambiguity," stresses that US and its allies continue to "ignore Tel Aviv's looming nuclear threats to the Middle East."


Iran will convene a nuclear disarmament conference that will focus on the international community's "policy of overlooking Israel's nuclear programs," DPA reported on Saturday quoting Iranian official media.

How convenient. Just as Iran approaches the ability to produce nuclear weapons, it is time for Israel to disarm. We really are living in "bizarro world" right now in the last days.

According to the report, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Akhoundzadeh, who will lead the conference, said the conference will target "Israel's policy of nuclear ambiguity" and what he said was Israel's refusal to neither confirm or deny that it allegedly possesses nuclear weapons.

There is more in the article but it is just to ridiculous to post.

Now we take a look at Jordan - who of all the Middle East countries that we follow daily has been the most quiet. Maybe not for long. Take a look at the new alliance that has just formed:

Islam + Communism United in Jordan

Former prime minister Ahmad Obeidat on Saturday announced the launch of a pro-reform political coalition that includes opposition parties and unionists to call for the “rule of law” in Jordan.

The coalition includes the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the Jordanian Communist Party, the Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party (Wihda), the country’s two Baathist groups, the Jordanian People’s Democratic Party (Hashed), the Nation Party, the Social Left Movement and the Jordanian Women’s Union.

This is a lethal mixture.

“We seek to apply the rule of law in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and this is the solution to all our problems,” added the former premier (1984-85), who before that served as the head of the General Intelligence Department.

The NFR statement called for ending what it described as the security agencies’ intervention in elections, universities, student unions, professional associations and trade unions, media outlets and civil society organisations.

The NFR also calls for the establishment of a constitutional tribunal that would replace the existing Higher Council for the Interpretation of the Constitution, which used to be chaired by a judge until 1958, after which it was headed by the Senate president

And what is the bottom-line on this coalition and its ultimate goal?

(Drum roll....This could be surprising)

The Israeli ‘threat’

The NFR statement concluded by reiterating the right of return for all Palestinian refugees and their grandchildren living in Jordan to their homes in historical Palestine.

“The existing and the coming Zionist threat is the main challenge targeting Jordan, as it has targeted Palestine,” said the statement.

Sometimes you just have to shake your head.

It ties in with this article:

Still waiting for that new Middle East

Arab World: Saudi Arabia remains an island of stability, while Iran is stirring up most of the trouble.

Shocking development? Iran is pushing the buttons (again) in the Middle East. And we know what their ultimate goal is.

The so-called Arab Spring has yet to bring democracy to the Arab world.

The situation so far:

Egypt and Tunisia, the most moderate and pro-Western countries in the region, have seen their governments toppled. In Libya and in Yemen, there is a bloody civil war. In Syria, Bashar Assad is killing civilians by the hundreds in vain efforts to stifle protests – but the international community remains on the sidelines, not wanting to repeat its (so far unsuccessful) intervention in Libya. Saudi Arabia, the country with perhaps the most oppressive regime, remains an island of stability.

And why is this?

Iran is making the most of the trouble and deepening its penetration efforts in the region.

That is worth repeating.

Iran is making the most of the trouble and deepening its penetration efforts in the region.

The result?

So far the turmoil has succeeded in bringing the economies of most of the countries concerned to their knees. Tourism, a staple for Tunisia and Egypt, is at an all-time low. Foreign investors have flown. In Egypt, workers are going on strike to demand higher wages, bringing exports and imports to a standstill and ushering in a shortage of basic goods.

Islamic indoctrination, from schools to mosques, is stronger than any rational thought.

Hamas has not moved an inch, and its leaders still declare daily that they want to destroy Israel – openly mocking the Quartet, which asks them to recognize Israel and the agreements signed with that country, as well as renouncing terror. The organization flatly refuses to dismantle its security forces and put them at the disposal of the Palestinian Authority president. Far from it; Hamas is still trying to take over that authority by all means fair or foul.

Bizarrely Fatah has agreed to let Hamas join the PLO and play a role in the negotiations with Israel.

The PA is busy arranging mass demonstrations at Israel’s borders and in Arab and Western capitals to sway international public opinion while making up a link between Arab revolutions and the alleged plight of the Palestinians.

To conclude:

A harsh judgment indeed, and one the West is reluctant to accept, preferring to wax lyrical on the Arab spring, in the naïve belief that liberal forces will emerge to take over and lead the Arab world to a Western type of democracy based on tolerance and acceptance of the other, freedom of speech, equality for women and human rights.

Reality is different. Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi and Syria’s Assad are still very much there and won’t give up without a bloody fight. The fate of a wounded Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen is still unclear. If they fall, Islamic organizations are ready to take over

It should not be forgotten that in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is making an all-out effort to bring about an Islamic bloc, together with other extreme Islamic formations, in order to win the next parliamentary elections. In Jordan, the Brothers, represented by the Front for Islamic Action, are also at the forefront and pushing for demonstrations.

On the one hand, Iranian subversive activities are on the rise; on the other, the Muslim Brothers are doing their best to take over some of the countries of the Middle East. This does not look as if it will take the region much further on the road of democracy, let alone promoting tolerance and even less the recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people.

More importantly, keep in mind - we are seeing a world that is exactly what we would expect nased upon biblical prophecy. That fact can never be forgotten.

Related articles:

World Powers Fear Iran's Plan to Expand Nuclear Capability

World powers expressed concern on Thursday about Iran’s nuclear intentions after the country said it plans to triple its output of higher-grade uranium.

Iran’s nuclear drive is causing “deep concern” to a number of world powers, they said in a statement on Thursday.

'Nuke fears' as tensions rise among Islamic nations

Sources are saying their concern over the conflict among the Islamic nations of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan is being pushed to new levels because of fears that Pakistan's nuclear weapons may play a role in the confrontation

There is growing tension now between Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia – the two sectarian bastions of Islam in the Muslim world today – and that is pushing the Saudi kingdom to draw closer to Sunni Pakistan.

Regional sources report that development could be problematic for the United States, as the U.S. now is pressuring the Pakistani government to take action against terrorists who reside in that country.

This has caused rising tension not only with the Pakistani government but with the Pakistani people who have become increasingly anti-American due to the continued drone attacks inside Pakistan

The Middle East is teetering just on the edge. We know that war will break out at some point - a point that appears to be rapidly approaching.


hartdawg said...

Hmm Iran concerned about isreali threat. Well so is Obama and Europe and Russia. Seriously tho I can't imagine anyone dumb enough did take that article seriously except maybe the above named group s. I've been waiting for jordan to turn on israel for 3 years or so, we all knew that was coming it was just a matter of when. the 1 that puzzles me saudi arabia as you put the island of stability. Are they or are they not the ishmealites of psalm 83? It seems unlikely right now that they would join the group anne from studying scripture so very strong case both sides. so that 1 has me puzzled.

Anonymous said...

Seize the moment......please read
this article.......

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

in Hawaii

Caver said...

Stephen, forgive me if I missed something but I failed to see anything new there.

Care to elaborate on what calls special attention to this article.

Scott said...


When I see the "Ishmaelites" mentioned - many scholars see this as a general reference to the "arabs" who have generally infiltrated Gaza, West bank etc...I also see references that it could represent the northern part of what is now Saudi Arabia. It is also often seen as a general reference to the arab states - so, IMO, this is one of the hardest to categorize.

Also - don't forget - that the surrounding countries (surrounding Israel that is) - largely consists of "arabs" which is ill defined in terms of a specific country.

So this one is hard for me to specify in terms of a particular country.

hartdawg said...

Yes it is a hard 1 to decipher... the fact that shebe a and dedan ( most scholars believe that is saudi arabia)are somewhat involved in gog/magog provides strong proof of saudi arabia's absence in psalm 83.... but time will tell

Anonymous said...

Dear Caver >>>>

the point is the momentum......of the EU being involved, as well as
the UFM Secretary office in the end, confirming
the process thru Daniel 9:27

also Mr. Netanyahu is heading
to ROME for a serious meeting
with 9 other ministers.....
10 including him......


do you see that ??

let me know

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>

Caver said...

Nope...I missed that.

Good catch....and thanks.