Tuesday, June 21, 2011

September Looms

As mentioned and discussed before - September is looming larger than ever. Not only that, but the weeks leading into September should be quite interesting as well. Now we see that even the IDF is making preparations:

IDF prepares for September declaration

The Israel Defense Forces is finding it hard to predict what will happen after the possible declaration of a Palestinian state at the United Nations in September, but in the meantime it is holding training exercises, maps are being updated and even the state of mind on Facebook is being looked into.

The IDF is also preparing engineering resources, purchasing and expanding existing crowd dispersion equipment and mainly, preparing for every eventuality – from the mainstream to the extreme. Ynet is taking a first look at the "Migdal Oz" plan which details how the IDF is planning on maintaining order in the West Bank on the "day after".

Among the extreme scenarios: riots, and confrontations on settlements and IDF bases.

The defense and civil coordination outlook remains hazy: What kinds of protests should they expect? Which side will the Palestinian Authority take?

The IDF has also been carrying out infrastructural adjustments, for example, elevating military outposts. They have also prepared concrete barricades which will be put in place if the need arises during massive protests.

And we see this from Haartz:

israel's UN ambassador tells U.S. Jews: Prepare for September vote on Palestinian state

Israel's new ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor urged Jewish American leaders on Monday to form a clear and operational plan ahead of the United Nations vote in September regarding unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state.

In an unconventional appeal for unity, the new ambassador, who started serving as Israel's UN envoy less than a week ago, urged the Jewish leaders to work together despite their differences ahead of the September vote.

Prosor also said that regardless of the outcome of the UN vote, a Palestinian state will not be created and added that the UN is not authorized to dictate borders between countries. He stressed that a unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state will bring about another cycle of violence that will only lead to a dead end.

Last week Prosor said that the September vote was at the center of the Israeli delegation's life.

September continues to appear in the news as possibly being a tipping point in the Middle East.

We shall see.


hartdawg said...

We see the I.D.F. Prepare for rioting and violence and such, but main thing they ought to prepare for...is war

Dylan said...

Good for the IDF for being prepared. Question is: is it enough? No matter how you look at it, it doesn't look good. Like dawg said, whether or not the vote gets passed, Iran has nukes and the other Islamic nations hate Israel, so I think theyshould prepare for war instead of riots.

WVBORN56 said...

Where ever the IDF lacks in preparation...the Lord will make up the difference.