Friday, June 17, 2011

The Gog-MaGog Alliance Strengthens

This comes in from Joel Rosenberg and it represents significant news:

Russian and Iranian Leaders Meet for Summit

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met Wednesday with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other Central Asian and Far East Asian leaders at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit held in the Kazakhstan capital of Astana.

The SCO, formed in 2001, is widely seen a rival to NATO. There, Ahmadinejad delivered a blistering speech against the “slavers and colonizers” of the West, called for a new world order, including the building of an anti-Western military and political alliance.

We have been watching this primary alliance of Gog-MaGog growing for years - and it is progressing exactly as we would expect:

An Associated Press report quotes Ahmadinejad as calling on Russia, China and Central Asian countries “to form a united front against the West.” He also asked, “Which one of our countries (has played a role) in the black era of slavery, or in the destruction of hundreds of millions of human beings?”

Mr Rosenberg offers the following analysis of the situation:

Ahmadinejad did not attend the SCO’s summit in 2010. But he did attend the 2009 summit in Moscow. As I noted at the time: “Currently, Iran has ‘observer’ status in the SCO, but has requested full member status. The SCO alliance is evocative of the eastern-portion of the biblical alliance foretold in Ezekiel 38-39 that will come against Israel and seek to destroy the Jewish people in what the Bible calls the “last days” of history.

When one considers how closely Russia and Iran are currently growing to the western portion of the prophetic alliance — Sudan, Libya and Algeria, for example — it’s not hard to envision these prophecies coming true in our lifetime, or even in the next few years.

we cannot rule out the possibility. Events in the region are both unprecedented and riveting. All the more reason for followers of Jesus Christ to ‘get ready and be prepared’ for whatever lies ahead.”

We'll keep watching for any further developments in this alliance, as we approach the biblical war (Ezekiel 38-39) where God reveals Himself as He personally saves Israel from destruction as intended by this alliance.


WVBORN56 said...

Joel Rosenberg said...."When one considers how closely Russia and Iran are currently growing to the western portion of the prophetic alliance — Sudan, Libya and Algeria, for example — it’s not hard to envision these prophecies coming true in our lifetime, or even in the next few years."

I was hoping for the next few months so when I hear a respected end time expert put it that far into the future it always discourages me. Are they just being overly cautious or do they read the signs differently than us? I can understand no leader wnats to say months because that frames it as date setting and when the months come and go it would discredit them but it just seems we are that close to me...Thoughts?

Alice said...

I'm with you, WVBorn. It always discourages me, too. However, I listened to Joel Rosenberg's message from his Epicenter conference and I feel pretty certain that he said we are very close. Yes, I think you nailed it in your last sentence above. I think Joel tempers his blog for his less-discerning readers. I hope... ;)

Fwiw, I think we are very close, too. Remember the solar/lunar tetrad coming in 2014-15? It has to mean SOMETHING. Not to mention all of the other signs in the heavens and on earth.

...just my thoughts...

Oh, Maranatha! Please, Maranatha!

Anonymous said...

Blood red moon a day or two ago/lunar eclipse seen in the southern hemisphere. Blood red moon in Jewish tradition signifies troubles for the Jews/Israel so I will be watching carefully for the next little while.

I'm getting a little weary from watching and waiting so hard, maybe disappointed it has not happened yet. I know it could be awhile, and am prepared to endure spiritually but have very little ability financially to prepare physically for the upcoming world disinigration. I have faith the Lord will carry us all no matter what. I guess if you are hungry enough raven toted burgers will suffice and may even taste delicious ;)
I think JR does not want to be in error or lose any credibility so he is being cautious. The birth pangs are increasing in frequency and duration. I doubt we will be here to see 2012, actually I expect it to occur by the middle of the autumn.
Be prepared for anything to happen though. I know Jerry Golden is really getting ramped up for Jewish persecution to begin (in the way kristalneigcht sp? was undeniably the start of the end for the Jews in Germany)He is also establishing safe houses currently in the US so if the Lord leads you...
Pray for our country and leaders. BTW Glenn Beck was excellent yesterday and God got all the Glory.
Look up people and don't be discouraged by the timing. He is faithful and keeps his promises. His word will not return void and his love for us is so great that he laid down his life for his friends and his enemies too!
And yes, Maranatha soon! If any too agree...

Scott said...

I think it is a certain level of 'political correctness" and wanting to appear 'reasonable' to non-believers and Christians who aren't down with prophecy.
Personally - I don't like that approach. I believe its allowing the pendulum to swing too far in the opposite direction and its a response to people like Harold Camping (who, by the way, interestingly, had a stroke and the only thing affected is his speech....Interestingly)

I FIRMLY believe, (like Fruchtenbaum) that the generation began in the WWI era - and based on that we are in the very last days of the generation - this is in addition to the signs.

Look at the OT prophets - such as Elijah, Jeremiah, etc...They didn't water down the message for the "audience" - they boldly proclaimed God's prophecies, and we need to do the same now. This isn't a time to be timid - its a time to be bold.

Also - don't place too much stock in what others say...It disheartens me only because we have no time for such "PC'ness"....

Mrs. C said...

I agree Scott :) Man is susceptible to error. To many Brothers and Sisters rely on the latest and greatest book or video, when all they have to do is read the Greatest Book ever written themselves, and that is the Bible.
Welcome the Holy Spirit to your reading of His Word. He is a gift to us, from the Father, from Jesus, and gives us discernment. Amazingly, gratefully, all we have to do is ask!
As for Joel, I share your view of him Scott. The HS gives me twinges sometimes when I listen to him. Your right, he places it safe. One thing that always "twinges" me is how he (and alot of others) skip right over Isaiah 17, and jump into Ezekiel 38. Oh, occationally they'll say "yes of course there is Damascus", but thats it! They completely ignore what God says throughout the rest of Isaiah 17. Annnnd...they ignore Gods Purpose for Isaiah 17. Again, they ignore it, I believe, because either they are blinded to it, or as you say, they want to be PC. Because there is horrendous suffering coming for Israel, and they dont want to say it I guess.
The Truth is WVborn (btw great to see you!), we are very, very close. When Isaiah 17 happens, Ezekiel 38 will quickly follow, and it will all fall like dominos. By the end of Ezekiel 38-39, we will be otta here!
"next few years", huh...more like next few months, should the Lord tarry! He is in charge, it will happen with His timing. When it does, it will be FAST. Its an amazing Blessing and privilege to Witness!

WVBORN56 said...

A few months is what I have been seeing for some time. There are several parallel tracks all converging at the same time. ME war, and the economic collapse of the US leading to collapse of the world's economies. As conviced as I am I stll tend to second guess what I am seeing when a respected scholar like Joel talks in terms of years. It is like, what am I missing or maybe I am just being overly zealous and I second guess what I am pretty convinced about. anyway thanks for confiming what God is revealing to us. Time is short! God Bless.

Scott said...

Joel Rosenberg is very good at certain things, based on his background, but he doesn't have a broad scope of biblical prophecy IMO. He knows Ezekiel 38-39 pretty well, and he has an insider view of Israel, politically (based on his background) and he also did a good job in Epicenter describing Russia's intentions in the region etc.

But he is pretty shallow beyond that as far as a broad overview and understanding of prophecy...He sees everything through the lens of two chapters.

I like him and I think he is trying to do the Lords work in his own way, but it helps to know his limitations.

And as Mrs C says - the best read is the Holy Bible with the Holy Spirit as the guide :)