Thursday, June 23, 2011

Only Jesus: Jack Van Impe Speaks the Truth

This link contains a video that is a must see.

Michigan televangelist speaks the truth: "storms" off network

Michigan televangelist Jack Van Impe has preached the End Times for decades. Last week, his time ended at the Trinity Broadcast Network because of a dustup over two fellow televangelists.

The Rochester Hills-based host of "Jack Van Impe Presents" left the network because it yanked a show that was supposed to air June 6 that featured criticism of nationally known pastors Rick Warren and Robert H. Schuller.

Van Impe accused the two of trying to combine Christian and Muslim beliefs into a new movement called "Chrislam."

"Wherever Chrislam or its equivalent are promoted, Christians should run for their spiritual lives," Van Impe said in a copy of the show on YouTube.

Van Impe decided last week to end the network affiliation, saying "I will not be silenced. I will not allow anyone to tell me what I can and cannot preach."

Van Impe spokesman Ken Vancil said "we would not be able to minister effectively if we had to look over our shoulder."

We know that following the "gathering up" of the Church, the world will see a false, world-religion for the first half of the Tribulation (before the antichrist forces worship of him, exclusively) and many believe that somehow it will be a blend of pseudo-christianity and Islam. We're already beginning to see such movements - and this is what Mr Van Impe is speaking against.

The video tells the whole story. In this case Mr Van Impe needs to be heard as he is speaking the truth.


hartdawg said...

Although this guy is a sensationalist and jumps the gun on miny issues and kind of a flake he does speak the truth and many people are encouraged by him it does speak out against false teachers and the seeker sensitive movement and the prosperity gospel. and I don't like his showmanship but he does have integrity so good for him.

Scott said...

Like many modern day "preachers" I don't agree with everything he says/does, but I do believe he is earnest in working for the Lord and in this case he is absolutely right and I support his stance on this issue 100%

Anonymous said...

pray for him and his ministry. he made satan pretty mad since he was preaching truth and satan tried to silence him for sure, using of course, other "christians" :( oh how easily we can be convinced to take his bait, because of money, or embarressment or a million other miniscule reasons. Thank you Jesus for washing us clean! But you know, satan will try again soon and a little prayer covering never hurts;) Greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world! Glory to God! ally