Monday, June 20, 2011

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This first article is interesting, because many of us have been asking this same questions. The entire article is interesting and some of the news will be "eye-opening" if you haven't seen the items before:

12 Things That The Mainstream Media Is Being Strangely Quiet About

As the mainstream media continues to be obsessed with Anthony Weiner and his bizarre adventures on Twitter, much more serious events are happening around the world that are getting very little attention. In America today, if the mainstream media does not cover something it is almost as if it never happened.

Right now, the worst nuclear disaster in human history continues to unfold in Japan , U.S. nuclear facilities are being threatened by flood waters, the U.S. military is bombing Yemen, gigantic cracks in the earth are appearing all over the globe and the largest wildfire in Arizona history is causing immense devastation. But Anthony Weiner, Bristol Palin and Miss USA are what the mainstream media want to tell us about and most Americans are buying it.

In times like these, it is more important than ever to think for ourselves. The corporate-owned mainstream media is not interested in looking out for us. Rather, they are going to tell us whatever fits with the agenda that their owners are pushing.

Without going through the entire list, here are a few stories that the MSM is attempting to suppress - for whatever reason:

That is why more Americans than ever are turning to the alternative media. Americans are hungry for the truth, and they know that the amount of truth that they get from the mainstream media continues to decline.

#2 Most Americans are aware that the U.S. is involved in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. However, the truth is that the U.S. military is also regularly bombing Yemen and parts of Pakistan.
Now there are even persistent rumors that U.S. ground units are being prepared to go into Libya. Are we watching the early stages of World War 3 unfold before our eyes in slow motion?

#3 The crisis at Fukushima continues to get worse. Arnold Gundersen, a former nuclear industry senior vice president, recently made the following statement about the Fukushima disaster....

"Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind"

TEPCO has finally admitted that this disaster has released more radioactive material into the environment than Chernobyl did. That makes Fukushima the worst nuclear disaster of all time, and it is far from over.

#5 China's eastern province of Zhejiang has experienced that worst flooding that it has seen in 55 years. 2 million people have already been forced to leave their homes. China has already been having huge problems with their crops over the past few years and this is only going to make things worse.

#6 Thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act, over the counter trading of gold and silver is going to be illegal starting on July 15th. Or at least that is what some companies apparently now believe.

#9 There are reports that North Korea has tested a "super EMP weapon" which would be capable of taking out most of the U.S. power grid in a single shot. The North Koreans are apparently about to conduct another nuclear test and that has some Obama administration officials very concerned.

The second article is interesting only because the Mediterranean Union is back in the news:

Med Union: Hamas must accept Quartet terms

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) called on Monday for Hamas to recognize the Quartet's conditions for a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Deputy Knesset Speaker MK Majallie Whbee (Kadima) and MK Dov Henin (Hadash) attended the meeting of 23 countries and the Palestinian Authority in Croatia. The assembly called for an end to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and a return to negotiations.

FM Lieberman: Iran is our first foreign policy issue

The expected vote on Palestinian statehood at the United Nations in September is “important but not so important,” said Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman at the second day of the World Jewish Congress’s Board of Governors in Jerusalem.

While eyes have turned towards the possibility that a Palestinian state may be recognized at the UN, Lieberman warned that Iran has continued to advance its nuclear program defying the international community.

Assad Stops Exodus to Turkey

Syrian President Bashar Assad addressed his country Monday, expressing love, promising reforms and warning of a conspiracy while his troops block people from fleeing to Turkey.

Expressing the same paranoia of dictators who have been ousted or try to hang on to power in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and other Muslim countries, Assad said Syria is confronted by one of a series of conspiracies that “are like germs which increase every moment.”

Israel launches major home front defense drill

Israel on Sunday launched a major five-day home front defence exercise intended to prepare its population and emergency services to respond to massive missile attacks, the Israeli military said.

Named "Turning Point 5," the exercise involves testing nationwide siren systems and the cellular network, distributing emergency kits, improving coordination and practising evacuation and shelter procedures.

Maher: Palin and Bachmann are "Crazy, Know-Nothing, Jesus Freaks"

Bill Maher from HBO's "Real Time" last night: "New rule: Stop comparing Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann just because they're both Republican. And crazy. And know-nothings. And Jesus freaks … who claim to receive messages from God.

Barbarians Within the Gate

China is now building a 50 square-mile self-sustaining city outside of Boise, Idaho and setting up Foreign Trade Zones in the US.For perspective, 50 square-miles will encompass most of the greater Reno, Nevada area. The Reno metropolitan area has a population of roughly 500,000 people.

We have literally invited the barbarians to enter through our gates and set up house among us. Surely they would never overthrow us? This is insanity – not only are we giddily waltzing up to the chopping block, we are laying down, baring our throat and providing a sharpened blade and a warm and fuzzy basket for our heads to fall into. The Chinese just can’t believe the gift of weakness laid at their Communist doorstep – conquering America is beginning to look like a walk in the garden to them.

Worst flooding since 1955: 2 million suffer in China

More than 2 million people have been displaced or otherwise affected by flooding in China's eastern province of Zhejiang, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Sunday. Torrential rains have left huge areas of the relatively wealthy province underwater, with 42,254 acres of farmland inundated, according to Xinhua.

China braces itself for more heavy rain

China was braced for more torrential rain on Monday after deadly flooding forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes.

Authorities estimate that 550 million euros’ worth of crops have been wiped out as the water wreaks a trail of destruction across the region’s farmland. Heavy flooding in China last year left 4,300 people dead or missing.

Thousands descend on Greek parliament in anger at austerity measures

Protesters are angry that they are paying for the country's debt through tax rises and wage cuts and claim corrupt politicians, who they blame for the situation, are not being targeted by the measures.

Greece, which has been paralysed by strikes and riots over the past week, is in talks to receive another £10.6billion (€12bn) from the European Union as it struggles to avoid defaulting on repayments on last year's rescue package.

Anti-austerity protests spread across Europe

Anti-austerity rallies have been held across Europe – in Spain thousands marched to protest against high unemployment and their government’s handling of the economic crisis.

In France there were calls for people to stand up and be counted as around 500 marched in the capital. Pension reforms and public sector cuts have angered many. Meanwhile in Berlin, protesters came out in solidarity with their Greek and Spanish neighbours.

Iranian Commander: 'We Have Infiltrated America and the UK'

According to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Fars News Agency, on Tuesday night — during a gathering of high-ranking members of the IRGC command and the Basij militia — Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi announced:

Today we are in a full-scale war with our enemies.

But the enemy has been hit hard and the proof of that is in the collapse of the Western block, the humiliation of the banking and investment sector, the awakening of our various nations, the spread of the religion of God...

You all have managed to infiltrate into the heart of the enemy’s various nests to the point where even in the streets of New York, Ashura is known as Imam Hossein Day and it is observed by pious self-mortification and prayer; in London, the month of Muharram and the passing of Fatimah are observed. This is what it means to penetrate into the enemy camp.

New rules for world economy should be devised by the UN says Medvedev

New regulations for the functioning of the world economy should be drawn up by the widest possible international representation, including up to the level of the United Nations, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Saturday.

Among the measures that remained to be worked out, he cited the redistribution of quotas in multilateral financial institutions including the IMF and World Bank, to the benefit of countries with rapidly developing economies, and modernization of the rules of financial regulation

The EPA assault on Texas

The necessary precondition for Texas’s unique economic success – a beacon in a deep recession – is energy. And the EPA is closing in for the kill.

But the EPA isn’t really making the argument that Texas is an environmental pigsty. It’s not putting any data or findings behind that premise, at any rate. Instead, it is simply acting high-handedly, assuming an authority that nothing in written law confers on it, to pronounce Texas’s procedures in violation of EPA rules – even when there is no basis for making that claim. To put it bluntly, the EPA is making a power grab.

Keep in mind that throughout the 16 years in which Texas issued its industrial air permits, air quality in Texas improved – a lot. The Texas system wasn’t failing to produce a compliant outcome. And it took the EPA 16 years to decide, in spite of that record of success, to invalidate all the existing state-issued permits. The motivation was clearly political.

Just imagine how we could fleece our fellow men if we all had the power to declare it “deregulation” – mercy, relief, a benefit to the regulated – when we don’t do as much as we could have done. There is a distinctly mafia-like ring to that thought process.


Anonymous said...

This is in regard to the EMP possibility. I've started looking into point wells for a source of water just in case. Not even sure if it is legal in my town but perhaps theinfo may help some of you. Here is
a link. Also praying for needs mentioned by several.


WVBORN56 said...

I have spring fed water at my cabin in the mountains of WV but it is 2.5 hours away from my home. I plan to be long gone before that becomes an issue, to my heavenly home. I don't see us being here much longer. It just isn't a worry I have. Like my mother used to say, "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it"

Anonymous said...

If this is posted elsewhere please
forgive me but hadn't seen this
anywhere else. Nuclear plant in Nebraska was near disaster and a
complete news black out was ordered.

Tekhelet said...

Calling Chinese people as barbarians does not reflect very well on you. I'm surprised.

Anonymous said...

Tekhelet-Hi, nice to meet you! :) I'm sure it wasn't meant to offend. We love our Chinese brothers and sisters very much! Even though I wasn't the one who wrote it, I may be able to explain. We have watched with great sadness as the Chinese government has treated their citizens so badly. Some examples are killing, imprisoning, torturing and putting into slavery many many people just because they love Jesus, or want clean water for their communities. And driving tanks over protesters in Tiatemen square. We see that as barbaric behavior. Don't you?
We realize things are changing here in America and that is not the direction we want to go! We are very happy to welcome any person here, irregardless of race or nationality. Frankly, we don't have the slightest clue what race anybody is here unless they tell us.
So...we welcome you with open arms and hope you will stay and give us your insight! There is so much to learn from each other. Love, ally

Caver said...

Hi Tekhelet,

I echo what Anon said. In fact, if you click on the title it is the link to the actual story and that's the title.

You will find lots of prayer and love for our Brothers and Sisters in China and especially NK here. Am sure that was just a copy/paste of the actual article title. You can see for yourself by going to...

China is our economic/political enemy and this term, I'm sure, was used in that context by the original author.

I don't think you will find any hate or discord over the human beings of China at this site....the political structure, discrimination against Christians, and treatment of their citizens yes....but not against their people.

WVBORN56 said...

I echo that sentiment about the Chinese from Caver and ally. My church here in WV gave birth to a Chinese church that has about 75 regular attendees. In addition we still have about 15-20 coming to our own church every week. We also have a Hope bible study with 20-30 unbelieving chinese coming weekly. They are a wonderful people who are very respectful.

Scott said...

My goodness - I just logged on.
the title is a take-off on the famous book "Barbarians at the Gate" - and in the book, the term was used in a joking manner.

Has political correctness run THIS amuck?

I hate to sound critical - and please don't take this the wrong way, but considering that as someone (the author of the title) calling Chinese people "barbarians" is extremely ridiculous.

Come, lets get real and focus on what matters !

Scott said...

Oh, and another thing that I thought was obvious.
(as someone mentioned)

I don't create the titles to links - I post them as they are published --- > I'm not creative enough to come up with the titles to articles anyway :)

But the author of that title was obviously doing a play on the "Barbarians at the gate" book. I assumed that would be obvious as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tekhelet...

Nice to meet you. I am sorry if that article posting has come across the opposite of what was intended. I am not the author by any means. I am however a mother of a little one adopted from China. I love this site as it offers so much brotherly and sisterly love all the while learning to discern biblical findings from the wordly findings. This group of people has been the most educational, personable, fair minded and loving group of people I have met on-line. I hope this adds better clarity. I believe blanket statements should never be used on any group of people. That is just me. While I don't agree with many practices taking place in China, every soul is worth saving. They are... We all are previous in his sight. I would never be part of a group of people who were acting to cause ill will toward anyone. I hope this is a place you can love and trust like I do.

God Bless!!!


Scott said...

Well-stated GG, and thanks :)

Tekhelet said...

Hi everyone who responded to my post. Thank you for caring to clear any misunderstanding. As brethren in Christ Jesus, racism is non existent amongst us. Glad to see that confirmed by your replies. This makes reading Scott's blog enjoyable again. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tekhelet...

You are very welcome. It's so easy -- especially with the evil one knowing our areas of weakness to perceive things wrong first instead of the best. I think we are all guilty of that to some degree :) It's so very nice to know your at peace about this. Truly... Welcome to the forum.


DrNofog said...

How's this for some "real" racism! The New Tuskeegee Experiment

Tens of millions of our hard-earned tax dollars used for experimenting on Zulu women in South Africa.

DrNofog said...

Mo bad news from Bad O-man:

Obama Regime Orders “total and complete” News Blackout Over Crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant

Anonymous said...

Hey Tek-I forgot to tell you I clicked on your name and checked out your spot. Very nice indeed! Most if not all of us here are quite enamored with God's chosen people! As a matter of fact, the only "church" I have been able to find around here that preaches truth is the messianic synagog. So here is to the Jews who manage to tolerate my old hippie self! Frankly when we get to heaven, I am flying as fast as possible to visit with the old testament saints. And you thought the line at Disney World was long! Hey, at least we have eternity. lol-ally

Scott said...

Tek - hate that you felt that way, even for 1/2 day!

I would never ever use any racist term or phrase. Its just not in my DNA. It never even occirred to me. I was out all day yesterday and didn't get back till late and I felt bad that someone out there felt that way even if for a brief period.
God Bless

Scott said...

Tek - hate that you felt that way, even for 1/2 day!

I would never ever use any racist term or phrase. Its just not in my DNA. It never even occirred to me. I was out all day yesterday and didn't get back till late and I felt bad that someone out there felt that way even if for a brief period.
God Bless