Monday, June 13, 2011

In the news:

1. Quakes

Quake-Hit New Zealand City Hit

The New Zealand city of Christchurch has been hit by another series of strong tremors, four months after 181 people died when an earthquake damaged thousands of buildings.

The first quake to strike was measured at a magnitude of 5.2 and caused buildings to be evacuated.
An hour and twenty minutes later, the US Geological Survey measured the biggest tremor at 6.0.
It struck at a depth of 5.6 miles and some nine miles from the country's second largest city.

Christchurch struck by aftershocks

In New Zealand a series of powerful tremors have shaken the city of Christchurch. In February 181 people died after a strong earthquake caused buildings to collapse.

Workers were moved out of office buildings as people feared a repeat on the scale the quake four months.

2. Iran's Middle East Influence

'Iran helping Syria to crush anti-government protests'

British Foreign Secretary William Hague accused Iran of helping Syria quell anti-government protests, providing "equipment" and logistical support on how to crush the opposition, the Daily Telegraph reported Monday. Hague criticized Iran's "hypocrisy in world affairs."

The UK foreign secretary's comments come after Britain's top diplomat in Iran was summoned last Thursday in Tehran to reject similar a accusation the UK government had made about Syria-Iran ties during the upheavals in Syrian cities from Damascus to Jisr al-Shughur.

UK: Iran is helping Syria crush protestors

Hague called on the United Nations Security Council to make a "clear statement" to the Syrian government with a resolution condemning its crackdown of anti-regime protesters.

Syria has strong links to Russia, and the inter-connections between the Syrian government and Lebanon – the current Arab representative on the Security Council – had made it "impossible for the Lebanese government to take a clear position on this", Hague added.

3. The Epicenter

'Dozens of missiles could hit TA and Jerusalem in next war'

Dozens of medium-range missiles could fall in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in the next war, Homefront Commander Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan said in a Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee conference on Monday.

"The threats are not just limited to one zone. They are spread throughout the country, with a greater extent of weapons," Golan explained at the conference on emergency preparedness, which was organized in cooperation with the Union of Local Authorities in Israel.

Golan added that the next war will probably be longer, because "our enemies have a larger weapons inventory than they had before."

"The way their arsenal has developed is a dramatic threat," he explained, adding that Israel could face attacks on power stations and water treatment facilities. "The threat has become more significant," Golan said.

Turkish Election: Islamism Triumphant

The stealth Islamist party, Justice and Development (AKP), received almost exactly 50 percent of the vote. Under the Turkish system this will give them an estimated 325 members of parliament, or about 60 percent of the s

Now is this good or bad?

The AKP got almost–remember that almost–everything it wanted. It will be in power for four more years, infiltrating institutions, producing a new constitution, intimidating opponents, altering Turkish foreign policy, and shifting public opinion to dislike Americans and Jews more.

What all this means is that the AKP is entrenched in power and can now proceed with the fundamental transformation of Turkey.

4. The World's Economic Collapse

'Perfect Storm' May Threaten Global Economy

A “perfect storm” of fiscal woe in the U.S., a slowdown in China, European debt restructuring and stagnation in Japan may converge on the global economy, New York University professor Nouriel Roubini said.

“Everybody’s kicking the can down the road of too much public and private debt. The can is becoming heavier and heavier, and bigger on debt, and all these problems may come to a head by 2013 at the latest.”

Elevated U.S. unemployment, a surge in oil and food prices, rising interest rates in Asia and trade disruption from Japan’s record earthquake threaten to sap the world economy. Stocks worldwide have lost more than $3.3 trillion since the beginning of May, and Roubini said financial markets by the middle of next year could start worrying about a convergence of risks in 2013.

5. American Decline

Is the U.S. headed for another Great Depression?

If a depression by any other name would feel as bleak, what do you call the current state of the U.S. economy? A number of influential American economists are no longer mincing words: They argue that deficit-obsessed politicians in Washington are setting the United States up for a repeat of the 1930s.

For economists of the Krugman-Baker school, 2011 is shaping up to look worryingly like 1937. Then, as now, politicians and policy makers mistook the absence of negative growth for a nascent recovery. They turned to slashing deficits and snuffing out the perceived threat of inflation. That Mistake of 1937 drove the economy back into the red.

Politicians on Capitol Hill seem strangely impervious to warnings of 1937 redux. Neither the news that the U.S. economy grew at an anemic 1.8 per cent in the first quarter, nor the fact that job creation in May was four times below the rate needed to keep up with population growth, tempered calls for spending cuts.

An American Descent Into Hell

It’s hard not to see the signs all around us that America has begun a cataclysmic downward spiral in finances and morality. It’s like watching a slow motion murderous wreck, all the while denying that it is actually occurring. I assure you, what is unfolding in the US now is all too real. It’s a reality that is about to smack Americans full frontal in the face and many will never even see it coming until it is way too late.

It is hard for me to imagine how people cannot see what is happening in finances and in politics in their own country. It is in the news if you look at all… It is on the Internet for all to see… It is whispered by many all around us if you just listen.

Giddy up folks, because this fake ‘recovery’ is about to get very interesting indeed. And what will be even more enlightening is how Americans react to tough times coming our way. Gone are the days of our parents when it was a given that you helped your neighbor. The future in America is beginning to resemble more of a free-for-all. The Economic Collapse site has some pretty horrifying signs

Crony Capitalism and Obama's Anti-Coal Crusade

Barack Obama has long sought to bankrupt the coal industry. But, Cook County politician that he is and always will be, the relevant question is: who benefits from his plans wreck a major portion of our economy while also boosting electricity prices across America?
A clue: he and his pals from Chicago have incestuous ties to the one company whose prospects will be boosted by Obama's policies

He told the editorial board of the San Francisco Chronicle on January 17, 2008 of his plans:

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted.

He also promised that under his plans to transform the energy industry "electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket."

6. Bilderberg Meeting

Awareness of Bilderberg Cabal Explodes in 2011

The amount of publicity garnered by the secretive Bilderberg conference this year in St. Moritz, Switzerland, far surpassed the coverage afforded to past gatherings of the elite cabal, with major media outlets and international news wires finally reporting on the yearly event after refusing to do so for over five decades. Protests, the alternative media, and anti-Bilderberg politicians played an important role in spreading the news.

By any objective standard, a meeting of over 120 of the world’s most powerful individuals would seem to be extraordinarily newsworthy. But until recently, the confab rarely attracted even a passing mention in the establishment press. The eerie silence fueled deep suspicion and innumerable theories about what the group may be plotting in secret. This year, however, was different, at least in terms of media coverage.

7. Pestilence

Germany's E-Coli Outbreak Investigations Indicate 'The Plague' DNA

Germany’s E. coli epidemic, which has killed as many as 15 people so far, has alarmed doctors, who have never seen such an aggressive intestinal bacteria before. Epidemiologists are desperately searching for the origin of the deadly bacteria.

The eeriest thing of all, according to Rolf Stahl, is the way patients change. “Their awareness becomes blurred, they have problems finding words and they don’t quite know where they are,” says Stahl. And then there is this surprising aggressiveness. “We are dealing with a completely new clinical picture,” he notes.

The bacterium that is currently terrifying the country is an enterohemorrhagic strain of the bacterium Escherichia coli (EHEC), a close relative of harmless intestinal bacteria, but one that produces the dangerous Shiga toxin. All it takes is about 100 bacteria — which isn’t much in the world of bacteria


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Scott and all :) Just wanted to let you know, though you probably have heard already, Jack Van Impe is being refused airtime on a "christian" chanel that he has been on for a long time. Why? Because he refuses to deny the blood of Christ! Because he disagrees with the "purpose driven church". A church that takes down it's crosses inside and out, a church that doesn't allow altar calls, a church that doesn't allow the blood of Christ to be preached. Oh wait, ya can't mention sin either. makes people uncomfortable. Well just add golf and we will call it a country club yes it sounds funny but it is not! This is serious business (wait that is what it is about money money money) Jesus come turn over the tables at the temple PLEASE! Scott-help! This is the line in the sand isn't it? Either you believe in truth or you believe in lies. Love, your sister in Christ Jesus!

Anonymous said...

W.O.W...I went to the quake site provided. The pictures speak volumes. The postings below that from others is beyond words. I just wonder how many will get what is happening before it's too late. You can just see the divisions taking place. It truly is just a matter of time.


Alice said...

Anon, how did you hear about Van Impe? Is there a link? And what network is this? I have heard some questionable things in the past about Day Star... In any case, it's definitely not good news...

Ellis said...

I'm not "anon", but Jack Van Impe's website itself talks about it:

and the link to the specific article:

Ellis said...

Hmm, was trying to make those clickable links, but I guess it didn't work, eh? (I should have asked my son how to do it, LOL!)

Caver said...

Alice and Ellis.....

Words fail. They just don't work.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a long, long way from a JVI listener but in this instance I applaud to the roof his courage, decisiveness, and bold proclamation of the truth if it is, in fact, the truth.

Ellis said...


I haven't listened closely to JVI for many years either. Back around the time of the first war in Iraq, I think, was when I last watched his program closely. I'm not sure if I would entirely agree with his doctrine or some of his take on things prophetically, but I honestly don't know because I haven't closely examined it for a very long time. I never doubted Jack's sincerity, though or his zeal. One could never accuse him of being lukewarm, anyway! ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, he believes in the blood, resurection and ascension. He is pretrib, I'm guessing, since he is looking for Christ and talks a lot about the AC and NWO. I haven't listened in a long time but have been watching lately and last night, boy o boy! He is concerned about "Christians" and "Christian leaders" who are leading the sheep astray by denying the blood, and cross. And trying to merge Islam with Christianity but saying its the "same Jesus". He is definately not lukewarm! But at least he is standing up for Jesus! The network is Trinity Broadcast Network. -ally

DrNofog said...

Ellis, you mean like this?

I keep this pattern at the top of my text file for a quik ref:
[a href="http://BLAH" rel="nofollow"]VisibleBLAH[/a]

I'm using brackets in this post so the system doesn't grab it and go nuts into never-never land.
Substitute "greater-than" and "less-than" symbols facing the same way as the brackets.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys- I don't know how to do the linky thing but check this out! It is at a12iggymom's Blog look for June 11th an article called "Obama Dictates to Israel: Jerusalem is Not Your Capital" It's unbelievable-Ally DR NOFOG and WVBORN check it out

DrNofog said...

JVI has always been a straight-up, PTR, fundy, Independant Baptist Evangelist. I met him back in the early 70s at Highland Park Baptist Church/Tennessee Temple Schools [his alma mater] whenever they would have revivals or missionary week.

At the time, he had already memorized over 3000 Scripture vss. I wound up buying his album "Hell without Hell" [he hadn't converted over to cassettes yet].

It was an excellent counter to the JW removing the word Hell out of their little green monster. He quotes all the vss that describe a place of torment and judgment without using the word hell.

He just became a little too theatrical for me when he finally made it to TV.

Matt Crouch was no surprise. He's been running TBN into the ground ever since Paul turned it over to him.

DrNofog said...

Ellis said...


OK, I'll try:


That seems to work, but I didn't type the 'rel="nofollow" thing in there. When I 'inspect element', though, I see it is in there.

I don't know anything about code and html tags, I was just experimenting. I typed in:

[a href=""]breakingnews [/a], subsituting ">" and "<" where the square brackets are.

Starting to confuse myself here, LOL! ;) I'm going to read the rest of the comments now. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doc!-ally

Dylan said...

Hey Scott, remember the essay I wrote for my English final on the pre-1967 borders? Apparently my teacher liked it because I got 31/35 on it. Not my best, but certainly not bad. And about JVI, I respect him, but the one thing I don't like about him is that he tries to predict the date. Last I heard he's a 2012er. But good for him for rejecting an offer from a network that doesn't let him talk about Christianity.

Scott said...

Dylan - SO glad to hear that and bravo for you speaking the truth. Kudos to that teacher too!

One thing I have learned over the years, is that with a few exceptions, I don't agree 100% with anybody's view, including JVI's. But we're all after the same basic thing - telling people that Jesus is on the way, and that we are at the end of the age. We can all agree with that.

DrNo - I ALMOST posted that link re: Obama signing that doc. I ran out of time this morning.

One thing that we all have to remember (and I was JUST having this conversation with my brother a few minutes ago - and this HAS to be remembered.

The Tribulation won;t suddenly happen, like a light switch, going from a near perfect world, to immediate darkness. It HAS to be a continuum.

We are seeing this taking place - and no matter what we are seeing - we just can't have dismay. It HAS to happen this way - from Obama's presidency, to the age of Laodicea, to abandoning Israel, to America's collapse, to false teachings, etc etc etc

It ALL has to happen in the way that it is happening - and as hard as it is to watch, we are seeing God's plan playing out.

And as I have said before, it puts new light on the scripture of Luke 21:28, where we should LOOK UP (ie, focus on Jesus and where we are headed soon) rather than to "look" at this world.

Looking at this world will only fill us with anger, frustration, dismay, depression etc. That is why we have Luke 21:28. We have to look towards our imminent redemption - the rapture - and that is (IMO) one of the main reasons we were given these prophecies.

What is happening (including JVI) should be completely expected. its all part of this process as we enter the end of the age, and head into the tribulation.

LOOK UP ! Our Redemption is drawing near!

Anonymous said...

Scott >>>>

Yeah, it does take time to happen, does it not ??

Sometimes, I feel like watching this world end is like WATCHING
paint dry......takes so long...

But I understand

It's all cause of Mercy....

since Jesus would PREFER to not
leave anyone behind at the rapture.
I can understand that; yet there
is a clock and it WILL continue
to tick.....and tick.....

The Gold and silver are starting
to crack again, and I believe
the stock market is going over
a cliff in the near future.

BAC is basically insolvent,
although they are not admitting

so is GE, which owes almost 300

These are NOT small numbers.

Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

hartdawg said...

Hey everyone I just logged on... I think jack van impy is a sensationalist so I don't agree with everything he says but I do believe he is a solid firm christian, andas very well speak out against the seeker sensitive movement. he is not the best prophecy teacher but he is a man of integrity and will tell it like it is and people do find encouragement and conviction through his ministries

DrNofog said...

Scott said... "...DrNo - I ALMOST posted that link re: Obama signing that doc. I ran out of time this morning..."

It's Ok, Scott. As soon as I get Ellis, Ally, & a few more up to speed on posting links you'll be able to kick back and twiddle yer thumbs once in a while...

Scott said...

No way DrNo - I'm too quick :)
.I wish I knew how to kick back; I get antsy after a few hours of that :)

Dylan said...

I have to agree with Scott. Scott's too quick

Scott said...

Heh :)