Saturday, June 11, 2011

"It Can't Happen Here"

This is a very interesting commentary - fact based - and it includes many of the elements that we follow daily. It also follows a rather deep "rabbit hole" that is most definitely worth watching. The beginnings if this article deal with the aspect of world-wide natural resources and the ultimate quest to control these resources:

It Can't Happen Here

No nation, no matter how large or powerful, is immune to the need for resources. Not America, not Russia, and not China.

With over a billion mouths to feed, a growing economy to support, and a trajectory to eclipse America to maintain, China has its work cut out if it is to maintain and grow.


Water. Food. Oil.

Metals.Nearly the entire history of humanity has been a constant struggle for resources, with a few scattered periods of quiet, made possible through violence and subjugation.

This introduction sets the stage - now we get into the ramifications of this struggle in the modern-day world and the coming North American Union (NAU), which I believe serves as an indicator of possible movement of the world into the 10 kings stage (Daniel 2):

Enter North America. Mexico. America. Canada.

Exhibit one: page three of the following:

Link here

This outlines the North American Supercorridor, shown below.

See This

And This

Take into consideration the weakening of America, the ascendancy of China, the fact that China practically owns our nation (in the sense that the .gov is monetarily indebted to it), and the very real fact that China, a country that killed somewhere around forty million of its own people (See for some estimates) within the lifetime of many people still living, is going to need an ever-increasing supply of resources in the next few years. Think.

Add to this the fact, or even the possibility, that our nation is heading towards a cliff, brick wall, or oncoming train, as inexorably as any other of nature’s laws and consequences, and the possibilities / potentials are, well, they are.

It makes the criminal actions of our oathbreaking elected officials all the more serious, all the more consequential. It puts the actions taken by officials, elected or not, in a whole new light.

See, I don’t know what “collapse”, or even a slow fade into obscurity will bring.

Depression? Probably.

Hyperinflation? Maybe.

I think "the economy", while a concern, is not the worst of our problems right now or in the near future. A "nation" is should be more than an economy. Americans are should be more than consumers.

These ideas can no longer be scoffed at or ridiculed. It is time to wake up and face reality.

Internal Conflict? Our medicated, reality-denying nation is tiptoeing on a hair trigger on many, many levels. We are perhaps as divided as we have been in a long, long time. We are Balkanized, even now.

OK, back to the issue of dwindling natural resources:

The world is getting smaller. Resources are thin. Our nation is being weakened by forces within and other forces, now outside of our control.

It’s simple, cold math.

It’s not about anything other than cause and effect.

Think about the ramifications of American decline.

We fool ourselves and are vain if we think that “progress” has immunized us to the possibility of yet another total war. I can refer you to the same vain conceit expressed in the years just prior to Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination, and the start of WW 1.

We fool ourselves to thing that the first stages of a total war will resemble the crossing of the Maginot line, Pearl Harbor, or the breach of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

We humans are experts at devising ways of weakening and killing each other. Not all wars begin with tanks rolling across a border, or bombs falling from the sky.

This all ties into the prospect of a North American Union - and one has to consider if the managed decline of America and the collapse of the U.S. dollar (as planned by George Soros) is a necessity for the formation of a North American Union. How many Americans would embrace such a movement if they know it was the only way to save their 401K, IRA, home ownership and their way of life?

It is hard to consider any other scenario in which Americans would allow such a union to be formed. And the people working behind the scenes (such as the Bilderbergs know this full well).

If indeed the world will continue its progress into 10 world unions, as seemingly planned by the EU (see here), then the NAU would present the biggest obsticle.

Progress is being made on this front. All we have to do now is sit back and watch because there is a plan, as admitted by Mr Soros many times, but no one seems to be listening nor payng attention.

It can happen here. It already is.


WVBORN56 said...

It is hard to know how much of this we will see Scott. I am holding out for a soon to occur rapture....but one can not know for sure other than the fact we are clearly in the season. We just need to practice Hebrews 12:1-3 and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus!

jill said...

scott, i really don't want to go to far off topic but I am in a quandry. I need to purchase a car in order to give my car to my father. I am looking at the economy and wondering when is the other shoe going to fall and make going into more debt right now a foolish choice. Or because I believe we will hear the SHOUT very soon should I not worry about getting the new vehicle with a monthly patment :) I am looking for some spirit led advice! Buying totally with cash is not an option unfortunately. Thanks so much for sharing about your Father, it made me look for ways to bless mine while he is still here !:)

Scott said...


I have a similat situation. I wish I had the answer..I have been trying to decide what to do with one of our cars, and yesterday, my 'finance guy' was urging me to take a intrest free loan for a car, but I HATE that idea, as I haven't had a car loan in over a decade.

Still trying to decide what to do myself.

Ellis said...

Considering what a cesspool of drugs, murder, and corruption on an official level that Mexico is, I as a Canadian am not the slightest bit interested in any type of "NAU". Canada is a little island of economic prosperity right now and has been throughout the global recession. We're not big enough to lift up another country, but we're small enough to get pulled under by a drowning one. And have a mentioned...we have LOT of natural resources, which makes us desirable pickings.

Ellis said...

Oops, should have read "And have I mentioned". I usually look at 'preview' B4 I post. ;)

Scott said...

I don't blame you Ellis, if I were Canadian, I would feel the exact same way

Ellis said...

Ah well, Canada is going to end up getting pulled under like everyone else in all of this. There's nothing in prophecy saying this country is going to be some little paradise oasis while the rest of the world falls, so I shouldn't get lulled into a sense of complacency because we've currently got a nice little life going on here. (Actually, it seems the Jordan area is the one that the AC doesn't get his mitts on, eh?)

Sorry if I came off a bit grouchy. Got some difficult family issues going on right now.

Thanks, again, Scott, for such good information and for keeping abreast of things. It's great to come here each day and see things presented in such a clear, concise way and from a Biblical perspective.

Anonymous said...

Jill, and Scott-

I hope I'm not giving unsolicited advice (I guess I am!), but I personally would avoid taking on debt at all costs if possible (Prov 22:7b the borrower is servant to the lender). Sometimes it is hard to wait on God, but I would give the Lord some time to provide a car for each situation. Make your request known to Him, then bask in the peace He gives regarding the request until the prayer is answered (Phil 4: 6 -7, my paraphrase). He knows you need transportation and will provide an appropriate vehicle in His time. The beauty of having old cars is that you can give more to the needs of others. I know there comes a point where old cars are not worth repairing, but again, try to wait on the Lord to see what He provides.

Just my two cents :)


P.S. Just last evening God provided a "vehicle" for my 12 year old who is really into horses - a horse to lease for $100/month. She gets all the privileges of riding him with none of the headaches/expenses of ownership. Isn't God good?

hartdawg said...

Scott and Jill... sue stole what I was gonna say so I can do is agree with her. stay out of debt. rapture or no rapture within the next few years the advice remains stay out of debt.
Ten nations or 10 divisions? as I stated before I lean towards ten nations but others wouid disagree with me with good reason. it seems a number of scenarios are in a race and it's anyone's guess which 1 will come about. the north american union which was also named canmerico have been in the works for a few years. will see ( a perhaps we won't) how it plays about

Anonymous said...

Scott >>>>

I agree with the 10 Union business.
In fact, I believe that is the 10
right there.....we just need 10
humans put into control of those 10

i do NOT agree with the dollar bears. I think the DOLLAR will
EXPLODE, and soon....

it is the EURO that will be crashing. Current Elliott Wave
counts indicate that clearly.

Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

hartdawg said...

Stephen, has it occurred to you(tho its just conjecture at this point) the possibility of an entire new currency maybe in place soon rendering BOTH the dollar AND the euro moot? Perhaps after a world economy crash. just a thought the think about. that thought only occurred to me yesterday.

gearedup2go said...

On the subject of cars....I had to trade in my vehicle for a new one when, after several attempts, the mechanic could not determine the problem I was having with my older car. I was torn too about taking on a car payment considering the state of world affairs. We are paying extra each month to pay it off within 3 years, maybe 2 if we can swing it. I have not regretted this decision and the Lord has provided abundantly each month for us to reach our goal.

I hope this helps. Whatever you decide, the Lord will assist you with your stewardship. : )

Scott said...

I think you are on to something there...It could be that the Euro morphs into a world currency, and hangs on until that happens. I could see that happening.

Kerminator said...

God is not into getting cars for anyone!

Most people {even Christians} are enamored with the things of and systems of the world; they don't know what to do!

Check plus the (message board) @ for some answers!

Maybe this will help...

Scott said...

It looks interesting - I want to dig a little more - thanks for that

d said...

Scott saith... "...It could be that the Euro morphs into a world currency, and hangs on until that happens..."

"saith"?? that's funny, I typed that on autopilot, started to back-space over it, then decided that was weird enough to leave in [possibly as an indication I need to be weaned off the KJV]...

Coincidence-funny, that similar related topic came up over on LambLion on whether it will then morph into a truly "cashless" controlled economy.

Of course, I felt 'compelled' to provide a link back here where Scott posted info on the Bilderberg's stuff going back to the 50s and Dr. Stuart Crane pointing to it coming right out of Rev. 13!

Appropriate title for this article, Scott!
And all-the-while Frank Zappa's classic plays in the background:

"It can't happen here
It can't happen here
I'm telling you, my dear
That it can't happen here
Because I been checkin' it out, baby
I checked it out a couple a times, hmmmmmmmm

And I'm telling you
It can't happen here
Oh darling, it's important that you believe me
bop bop bop bop
That it can't happen here..."

DrNofog said...

d said... indeed!
If I can ever git my email/blogger ID back again soz I don't have to fool wif dat URL ID an' git my fingers all tangled up...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill~

I hope and pray the Holy Spirit will guide you in your final decision. It can be hard sometimes because your situation just may afford the opportunity to help someone else out all the while preparing yourself for something in return.

One of the key factors I try to use is does this situation give me pure peace? If it doesn't then I won't proceed. This is the internal ability provided by the Holy Spirit to guide us. Pray on it for a few days and see if the peace is still with you. If you have to purchase, I believe with the ideas to keep the debt out or minimal is because poverty is a curse designed by the devil. God only wants to give us blessings. Poverty can limit our growth potential in the overall design God has for our lives. If we are deep in debt, we can not provide for him and his children in the manner he desires. Your situation is tough because you are trying to help one of his children :) In some studies I have been working on right now in this time, is that God doesn't want us operating in the natural but the supernatural. I will share just some of that right here to see if it helps.

Picture yourself in Heaven and standing before him. You will be able to call things as they are because up there we will have all we need. Call for this car if it be Gods will on your life. Surrender the need to purchase another if that be his will. See if he will bring you a surprise in another method, just like Susan's daughter received. I am hearing he is wiping out debts without rhyme or reason latley because many are operating in the supernatural abilities God gave us. People are finding they go to pay on something, Bam the bill is wiped out of the computer system. They are calling things in faith to get back in the original design that God had on our life and many wonderful things are happening in these last days. Almost like he is making his children whole while on earth. I hope I am saying this right. I never want it to seem like he is a genie in a lamp :) Satan has taught many for so long it's OK to rob, steal and lie and cheat with money. Many Christians have felt guilty doing something that doesn't serve God. There are many scriptures were God wants us to be living abundant lives, but in the end we have to check our hearts on why we are making that choice. He will make the deal happen so smoothly and usually for a lot less than you planned. You can even claim your low..low price and just stay in that area no matter how goofy it sounds and watch him bring you that item within your means :)

We don't want to use God for material things but it is OK to ask to have all our debts freed and gone and stay on that path once we obtain it-because now we know better. Overall it's his will to see us prosper in every arena of our lives and not just let the devil run around convincing others that money is bad. Adam and Eve had everything they needed in the Garden of Eden. They knew how to take care of the animals because they were operating in the Supernatural. I hope this helps you.

God Bless!!


Scott said...

Well stated GG - as usual. Thanks for your insight and wisdom

"d" - Many thanks for the lamblion link - I often forget to go there, but I love his stuff. A Zappa reference huh?
Thats great - I bet DrNo is old enough to recognize that one :)

Scott said...

I'm surprised that "Somark" wasn't mentioned - which really solves the problem of a visible mark AND the technology - all combined in one.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome Scott...sometimes I see these posts and I get the most amazing feeling as I am stepping back and the Holy Spirit is using me to relay the message to the group. The devil is flipping around right now because we keep sharing in Gods wisdom and he can't get one step ahead of us. When I think of that..I love to take the chance on sharing and listening to something that the Holy Spirit is needing me to do on that particular day. Sorry Mr. Devil we are strong in this family we have here on this forum :)

Have a great day everyone!


DrNofog said...

I didn't notice that I din't git my name in until after I posted it. Thot you would have recognized my "style"...

"old enough" huh... It's from their "Freak out" album - it's funny, a definite must hear, at least 1x!

It's sung solo with the group chiming in all off key on each occurrence of "here" for m-fass-sis!

d... indeed!

Scott said...

Heh :) - I knew it. :)

You need to go back to that tread on lamblion and let them know about SOMARK!

DrNofog said...

tread?? Is dat like "Don't Tread on Me"?