Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brief Headlines

Just a few news briefs:

PA 'Unity" Falters Over Fayyad

The much ballyhooed Palestinian Authority “unity deal” appears to be falling apart over the question of who will lead its government. The Fatah faction headed by Ramallah-based PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday nominated PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad for the post.

The Hamas terrorist organization that rules Gaza, however, has rejected the nomination out of hand, calling him a “tool in foreign hands rather than national hands. ”Spokesman Mushier Al-Masri told reporters Sunday that Hamas “has no possibility to accept Fayyad's nomination because he is an undesirable personality for the Palestinian people.”

Israeli police storm the Temple Mount

Israeli security forces stormed Jerusalem's Temple Mount on Friday after Muslims there began hurling stones at Jews praying at the Western Wall below.

In related news, a Muslim mob raided and razed a small Jewish community in the Jordan Valley following Friday prayers at a local mosque. Apparently whipped into a frenzy by an anti-Jewish sermon (which are all too common in Palestinian mosques), an estimated 200 Palestinian Arabs arrived at the Gaon Hayarden outpost armed with clubs and metal chains.

The Muslim mob burned several tents and small structures, including one used for prayer and containing numerous Jewish holy books. One of the Muslim leaders told Israel's Ynet news portal that the Jews of Judea and Samaria could expect more such raids in the future.

IAEA: Bombed Syrian plant linked to suspected nuclear sites

London-based Al-Hayat newspaper revealed Sunday a correspondence between the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Amano said the Syrian nuclear plant bombed in 2007 was linked to three more sites. The locations of the sites and their functions were not discussed.

A few weeks ago Amano confirmed for the first time that the target allegedly destroyed by Israeli warplanes in the desert area of Dair Alzour in September 2007 was actually a reactor under construction.

American support for Israel on the rise

While the White House is often seen to be putting Israel's future at risk for the sake of political expediency, genuine support for the Jewish state is on the rise among average Americans.

A poll conducted by CNN late last month showed that 67 percent of Americans side with Israel in its conflict with the Palestinian Arabs. That number is up from 60 percent of Americans who sided with Israel in a similar poll conducted two years ag

Just 16 percent said they side with the Palestinians over Israel.


hartdawg said...

" American support for israel on the rise" That is 1 of the biggest reasons Why I think psalm 83 MIGHT not take place till after the rapture. Current regime knows this full well that the majority of the support come from christians who vote. for israel to be all alone which is the case predicted the church has to be gone

hartdawg said...

I hope you see my point... about the palestinian "unity" falling apart personally I think they'll work that out. " The enemy of my enemy is my friend" just keep an eye on that and see what develops.

Scott said...


Don't forget though - as the article relating to Iran pointed out yesterday - with Obama, the terrorists feel that they have a golden opportunity right now. He is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood elsewhere, and I believe its well known that he won;t come to the defense of Israel despite the desires of the American people (see Obamacare). The desires of the American people are completely irrelevant to this administration.

hartdawg said... be honest I think it could go either way. the difference between obamacare and now is we have a more conservative congress. I am not saying it happens before or after the rapture but you have to admit that there are very good reasons for placing it after the rapture ( as well as before)... and again to be honest I still lean toward the rapture occurring just before Gog/magog

Scott said...

Oh yea, Hart, absolutely --- I'm just looking at this from every angle. Its one thing that makes prophecy watching so fascinating, is the various twists and turns and unexpected developments!