Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The EU Maintains Control: Greece Parliament Passes Austerity Measures

There are a number of articles confirming that fact (below) - but first, I want to read Jane B's commentary on this event:

Greek Parliament Passes Austerity Measures

The banks and the euro have escaped immediate economic disaster after the Greek parliament today voted by a narrow margin in favour of privatisations and austerity measures mandated by the EU, IMF and ECB. However, a fresh clash with the Greek parliament and people is preprogrammed when the Troika undertake their next review of Greece’s finances in September.

George Papandreou’s socialist government pushed through a €28bn package of drastic tax increases and budget cuts by 155 votes to 138 while protestors outside the parliament faced tear gas and even plastic bullets from riot police. Unions also staged a 48 hour strike.

The passage of this legislation will clear the way for the next interest payment on the country’s astronomical national debt to be made to American, French and German banks in July.

Now she turns to the implications of this most recent vote:

The cost of the Greek bankster bailout is set to rise to 1,450 euros for each household in Europe, according to a report by Open Europe.

The Greek socialist government pushed through the austerity package demanded by the EU and IMF by fanning fears of bankruptcy after failing to take steps to prepare for an orderly insolvency of the country and in spite of the fact that the example of Argentina showed that a default, even a disorderly default, can return a country to rapid growth.

The IMF, EU and ECB are due to undertake their next review of Greece’s progress in implementing the austerity measures in September.

Welcome to the new rulers of Greece: The IMF, the EU and the ECB. We will see more and more of this - as countries continue to lose their sovereignty. Don't misunderstand - Greece and the socialized policies over decades led to this, as their unsustainable economic structure has forced these measures - in one way, they aren't exactly innocent victims in this scenario. But the problem is - their national sovereignty is now essentially gone. George Soros' vision is completed - at least for one country - but there are more coming.

The EU, IMF and ECB financial empire has taken off its mask and made an unprecedented grab for the assets and taxes of the people of Greece and in this lie the seeds of its own defeat.

The Bilderberg elite have launched their Troika to assault Greece like swarming ants and the result is that they have nearly been defeated already in the Greek parliament and at a fairly early stage in theircampaign of financial warfare against Europe. Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany are all still in earlier stages of the eurozone debt slavery entrapment than Greece.

There will be no more swift victory for the elite, just a prolonged campaign finishing in the demise of the euro given the degree of awareness already existing among people across Europe of how the banks are looting tax payers with the help of complicit governments and much of the mainstream media.

But in the modern day era of the internet and rapidly spreading news, the people are aware of these facts and uprisings are taking place (see news stories below).

As the social and economic meltdown that is resulting from transferring so much money to banks becomes apparent, resistance to the bankster bailouts is set to grow across the eurozone.

Also see:

Riots herald a 'dark day' in Greek history as MPs vote through austerity cuts

Hooded youths, their faces hidden behind gas masks ripped what projectiles they could find from the streets to hurl at police chanting "cops, pigs, murderers!"

Police retaliated with baton charges accompanied by sporadic rounds of teargas and stun grenades releasing terrifying loud bangs - and the crowds fled, regrouping within minutes in other parts of the square.

Such scenes were repeated over and over throughout Wednesday during a second day of protests against a deeply unpopular austerity package.

The protests demonstrate a growing social unrest across all levels of society bubbling into unprecedented public anger at the politicians held responsible for bringing a nation to its knees.

A recent poll showed 80 per cent of the nation was against the latest austerity measures believing it will cripple Greece for the sake of saving financial institutions.

Greece austerity vote: Q & A

So the euro is not saved yet?

No. There is a growing clamour from economists, politicians and others that the only realistic option for Greece is a negotiated default from its debts in order to let austerity and economic restructuring work. Currently the Greek government is battling protesters and a growing opposition to austerity, especially tax rises, just to service its debts, which are mainly held by European banks.

The continued instability threatens to pull Ireland and Portugal, already under EU-IMF bailout "programmes" into the crisis, a development that could start a run on Spanish, Belgian and French bonds. No one really believes that the euro, a single currency that binds productive Germany to debt laden Greece, can carry on with "business as usual".

Phew, so it's all ok then, crisis averted?

Only for now. Over the next two weeks the EU must come up with a second Greek bailout which could be as high as £107billion on top of the £98billion in rescue loans agreed for Greece in May 2010. Unless it does then the IMF will not give the green light to another bailout instalment, the sixth, in September and the crisis will flare up all over again.

So will the Greek bailout Mark II finally sort things out?

It's very tricky. New loans are deeply unpopular in creditor countries, like Germany and the savage austerity demanded of the Greeks is fuelling growing social conflict.

So this will be difficult to sustain politically.

By piling more loans on an economically weak and chaotic Greece, the debt burden might become all too much leading to a greater default risk with even more exposure for the French, German and European banks that hold the Greek government bonds.

Chaos reigns on streets of Athens

Greece - honest taxpayers bear the brunt?

Increasing revenue from taxes is the crux of the austerity plan put forward by Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou. The revised plan contains measures aimed at clawing back 14.9 billion euros in taxes over four years – that is 649 million euros more than the initial version, unveiled in mid-June.

There will be a new solidarity tax. Those earning more than 12,000 euros a year will be obliged to hand over one to five percent to the Greek Treasury. This should generate an extra 1.38 billion over the four year term. VAT in caf├ęs and restaurants will leap from 13 to 23 percent.

And on the streets, there is anger. It is estimated these latest measures will cut average earnings by a further three to four percent.

As police crush protests, EU narrowly wins Greek wote

In a joint statement, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and EU Council President Herman van Rompuy saluted the result: "This was a vote of national responsibility."

The pair looked forward to a similar result on Thursday when the parliament votes on a second bill outlining how the measures will be implemented.

"Tomorrow, the eyes of Europe will again be turned towards Athens as parliamentarians are called upon to approve the implementing measures for the programme," they said in a prepared statement. "A second positive vote would pave the way for the disbursement of the next tranche of financial assistance."

For now the EU maintains control. For now, the EU avoids another crisis. For now, the Eurozone stays intact.

But the situation is tenuous at best and this marks the beginning of a long struggle to maintain the Euro and the viability of the EU. In the process, the sovereignty of Greece has been handed over to the EU and the IMF, and this may represent a pattern for the future as more countries are destined for this path.

It almost appears to be part of a bigger plan. We shall see.


hartdawg said...

The question is this: does this decision set back the prophetic clock or does it set it forward? I think it set it back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott >>>>>>

Please go here >>>>>

Also, the EURO will NOT be saved
as bulls want. Elliott wave counts
are VERY BEARISH on the EURO, I just got the report......


I get it every few days....

THE CRASH is still on schedule.
Bulls may get away with another
day of rally, but after that,
watch out !!!!

Stephen in Hawaii !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hartdawg >>>>>


Please read my post......


alot sooner then Wall Street
and others believe.......

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...


I don't believe it does either. First of all - the story isn;t over, from reading the various commentaries - there are additional votes that have to take place and then the EU has to agree to the funds (formally)...Aslo - this will be more of a process over the coming months (years?) and this entire scenario is ongoing.

Add to the mix - we have no idea what additional countries will do as they face similar situations - and each of these situations will come with its nuances.

Its fluid and evolving, so its really hard to say what this does overall...

Today - Soros has to be happy - and its clear that the EU heads are happy...The IMF is happy..IMO that is never a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Scott-since this is a slow day and i doubt we have too many more breaks like this could you maybe talk some about the 5 foolish virgins and the 5 wise virgins or tell me where i could go for some teaching on that subject. Does this mean 5 foolish are Christians who are not really paying attention to what is going on and living worldly lifestyles? Will the 5 foolish not make it in the rapture? So half the Christians are going to be left? I'm asking because I don't know really. It seems the case but a lot of times Bible things are very literal and other times allegorical. Your thoughts? I'm sorry to always be asking questions, but a lot of things I haven't had good teaching on. Sorry and Thanks!

Scott said...

ohhhhhhhhhh boy anon....Thats a BIG can-o-worms you are opening up there.

This is one of the most debated passages in prophecy IMO. Even among scholars, I have never seen such a wide range of opinions.

I'll tell you mine, but take it with a grain of salt.

First of all - one could reduce the whole thing to ONE SIMPLE point - and that is to BE READY - and BE READY AT ALL TIMES..

More specifically - I think its coupled to Matt 24 :36-42, which I strongly believe is a rapture reference (I did an exhaustive review of this in the book "signs...." if you are interested.

Bottom line - Here is how I see it (and there is a simple point that many folks seem to miss)

1. Five virgins had oil (Holy Spirit) and five did not have oil. Many people assume that they had oil and ran out, but that isn't in the passage. "The foolish ones took lamps but did not take ANY oil with them" (emphasis mine. DOn;t forget, a lamp w/o oil will burn brightly for a brief period. Like someone pretending to be a Christian (or as R. Showers calls it, the "visible church")....No evidence that they ever had ANY oil as the scripture says. So they did NOT have the Holy Spirit, thus these virgins did not have salvation through Christ.

2. At midnight the wedding procession showed up and it was time for the bride to be taken away, Those w/o oil could not go (those w/o salvation will not be raptured) - only those with the Holy Spirit - EVEN when "sleeping" - STILL have the Holy Spirit (salvation) and will be raptured.

3. Now this is what nails it for me.

Passages discussing the rapture will often use the "door" as the visual image for Jesus' appearing and the "door" into Heaven...Verse 10 said that the "door" will be shut to those w/o oil (aka Holy Spirit).

Where else do we see the door?

Luke 12, where we also see the parallel to the Lamp - as we are supposed to be vigilant re - watching for Jesus (12:35) - "...keep your LAMPS that when He comes, and knocks they can IMMEDIATELY open the DOOR for HIM (also see verses 37-38-40)...Then in verse 54 He rebukes the people of that age for not knowing the SIGNS....Knowing the SIGNS is for watching for the RAPTURE, not for the second advent.

Also see John's ascention in Rev 4 - a clear parallel to the Rapture:(REV. 4.1)

"After this, I looked and there beforee me was a DOOR standing open in Heaven...And the voice I first heard (Jesus) speaking to me like a trumpet said "Come Up here! "...

Again, the door is seen in a clear parallel to the Rapture.

So I believe the 5 "wise" virgins are those saved and have the Holy Spirit (oil) and those who aren't saved are not allowed to go to the Wedding.

This also requires an understanding of the Wedding Parallel (John 14:1-3) for a full understanding

Those who nitpick the nuances of the "bride" vs the "Virgins" and make their case that way, IMO - are missing the point.

Just my 2 cents


Scott said...

So to summarize...

1. The coming of the wedding procession is the "rapture" part of the whole wedding analogy to the Rapture of the Church, which we see in John 14....The Bridegroom (Jesus) goes to prepare the place for His Bride (Church) - aka New Jerusalem

2. When Jesus (aka Groom) comes, unexpectedly (as seen in the parable of the Virgins) - then those who have the Holy Spirit (salvation) will be taken to the "wedding" in Heaven, for the 7 day/year consummation period,.

3. Those who are not saved, ie, those without "oil" (or the Holy Spirit) will NOT attend the wedding (ie, will not be raptured)

4. The Door is symbolic of this "entry" into Heaven, as seen in John 12 and Rev 4:1.

5. This parable is strongly linked to the wedding parallel of the Rapture (John 14:1-3), which is necessary for full understanding.

6. To further nail this, the passage ends with "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the say or the hour" which can ONLY apply to the Rapture - because that is the ONLY imminent event AND, even the bridegroom didn't know the "day or the Hour", as only the Father knew when the Groom could leave to get the Bride.

Hope that helps !

Paula said...

Here is another possibility:

The Bride is not mentioned at all in the parable. The Groom is coming to meet her, not the bridesmaids, who are her attendants. And the wider context is focused on the Jews and the kingdom, not necessarily the church and the "children". It's possible that the bridesmaids represent Israel and the wise virgins are saved Jews.

Scott said...


I just don't believe this - but I am aware that there are folks who do. Its a perfect fit for the church being taken to the wedding which fits perfectly with John 14:1-3

If this has to do with the Jews and Israel, then why does it end in the verse that says no one knows the day or the hour (which is repeated from 24:36 and 24:42, which is clearly a rapture reference...

What is this verse (v25:13) pointing to, in the context of the Nation of Israel?

DrNofog said...

SINCE you have the "BIG can-o-worms" open ... I thot I would thro dis into da mix:

"Perry Stone [MannaFest] did a excellent program a yr or so ago on that gave me a totally new perspective on that controversial, much disputed passage that made much more sense. The 5 wise are the Christian church, the 5 foolish are Israel.

Oil represents the HS that ALL ten clearly have, only Israel doesn't have enough to be ready for the reception - wedding feast.

At 5:6 "And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.
7 Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps.
8 And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out."

Perry then pointed out again, that according to vs 9, the Oil ==> the HS that they had some of, and that "They" are not cut out altogether, but rather, They must go back to their roots of faith and 'buy' more of the Oil => HS to receive their original promise.
9 But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.

Hope this helps."

This may look familiar of course, cuz I wuzn't about to retype all that from May 24, 2010, so when we get home you can slap my hand for the re-post.

"Snarky" huh? That's a wee bit strong for my "style"! [and you thot I may have missed that...]

Paula said...

I think we agree that this all has to do with the Rapture, but what I'm saying is that we can't forget that Jesus came that first time primarily for the Jews and was teaching only them. He did say a lot about the coming church, but this was unknown at the time of these parables. I think it's pertinent to ask what Jesus was telling the Jews in these things. God did turn to the Gentiles after Israel rejected Jesus, but these parables were spoken before anyone knew of the coming church. Just something I think should be taken into account.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'm not trying to create division, I have a need to know these things. When i was in 5th grade i asked how astonauts used the bathroom. You would have thought i comitted a murder. lol. I can't help it. i think a lot and i don't have a pastor so you guys are all i have for answers to Bible questions that i can't figure out. Guys I have been thinking about this for many decades. So at least I have a pretty good idea now. A lot of stuff in the Bible is pretty mysterious. I've been making a list since I was about 4 years old entitled "Things I'm asking Jesus when I get to Heaven" Boy it is a long list!

Scott said...

DrNo - I saw (or heard) that from Perry Stone and I was trying to recall exactly what he did say, because I remember hearing it and thinking that it was very interesting and made sense. I could definitely see that scenario as pertaining to the other 5 being the NOI. I'm really glad you brought that out and now I do remember hearing him say that. Yea, I could see this - definitely. As long as it is a rapture reference I'm happy:) :)

Paula, I have never been of the belief that Matt 24 is speaking 'only' to the Jews. The signs for for the Church to know and understand and not until the AOD is the NOI back in the picture.

When He transitions from the second coming to the parable of the fig tree, he is no longer on "chronology" as He was in earlier verses, and is now dealing with specific topics (generation, Rapture, parables, and then back to the nation of Israel at the end of Chapter 25. So on that basis, Matt 24 has the church in view and the NOI in view ( depending on what is being discussed).

This goes back to the notion that because the apostles were Jews (at that time) then Jesus was ONLY discussing the thinks that would directly apply to the NIO/Jews.

This is incorrect (IMO) for so many reasons. First of all, we don't apply that principle to anything else biblically. Additionally, I can make a lot of cases in which the verse 36-42 segment is a clear rapture reference, further making the case that Jesus has the Church in view.

And every one of the may verses stating that no one (but the Father) knows the day or the hour, is a direct reference to the Rapture, as the Rapture is the only prophetic reverence that this scripture can apply to.

But DrNo may have it - (well, I should say Perry Stone; sorry DrNo)...It could apply to both, and I could see that easily.

Not trying to be argumentative, just stating my POV and why.

Again, what is most important is to remember that we must be ready at all times - everyone agrees with that - and that is the most important take home message IMO.

Scott said...

Anon - the discussions are most welcome. I don't profess to know everything by any means, and the input here is terrific, everybody is knowledgeable and the discussions are excellent.

I also put this parable in the category of - "its a great parable but not necessary to form/change our fundamental beliefs"...In other words regardless of how you interpret the parable it doesn't change the pre-tribulation Rapture and the signs that we all watch daily.

So I love the parable, and I study it (I actually obsessed over this parable for an entire summer several years ago LOL :)....I read almost everything that I could get my hands on. And these are the conclusions I have. And like the overall view to Matt 24, I am in disagreement with some of the "old reliable" folks like Pentecost.

But I know Hal Lindsey and Perry Stone (just to name two) believe that v. 36-42 is a rapture reference, and that Matt 24 is directed to both the CHurch and the Nation of Israel. At least there are a few in that camp.

Fruchtenbaum also believes that the signs given in the first 15 verses are given to a generation and not just the Tribulation period.

Just for interest sake.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott >>>>>>

Please go here >>>>


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

wow, really enjoyed this discussion!

Very interesting .


Anonymous said...

Great insights... Just one...little.....? Can you clarify what the acronyms stand for? God Bless Dr.'s but sometimes you can speak such a secret code - haha. JK. I got a bit confused at this points and don't want to assume anything :)

I do get that pov = point of view, correct?

God Bless!!


DrNofog said...

AOD => Abomination of Desolation, although in proper convention it's AoD ['of' is lowcase].
NOI => Nation of Israel
NIO => ?? Scott fooled even me on that 1 too as he gets his finners tangled on the keyboard sometimes, + he uses 'teh' frequently so he may have a little dyslexia going on...

Dyslexics of the World: UNTIE!!

Anonymous said...

Auh...Thank you.... :)Hh..yes..that is me at times too - (ha ha)

DrNofog said...

Caver said... "...Our own PTB is our biggest domestic enemy..."

Caver, I missed that day in blog school ... wut's "PTB"??

Caver said...

Dr No....PTB is Powers That Be


Scott said...

DRNO -That was actually pretty funny :)

DrNofog said...

These things have to be set up very carefully.
And that requires a little bit of fore-thot ... owww!