Friday, June 3, 2011

The Coming North American Union

We've seen this story before, and now the National Post is reporting some more details:

Leaked U.S. cable lays out North American 'integration' strategy

The integration of North America’s economies would best be achieved through an “incremental” approach, according to a leaked U.S. diplomatic cable.

The cable, released through the WikiLeaks website and apparently written Jan. 28, 2005, discusses some of the obstacles surrounding the merger of the economies of Canada, the United States and Mexico in a fashion similar to the European Union.

“An incremental and pragmatic package of tasks for a new North American Initiative (NAI) will likely gain the most support among Canadian policymakers,” the document said. “The economic payoff of the prospective North American initiative … is available, but its size and timing are unpredictable, so it should not be oversold.”

I personally believe that the financial crisis will be used as an excuse to form such a union, with a new currency and the entire "deal" would be sold as a way out of the financial crisis.

Many different areas of a possible integration are discussed throughout the cable, but the focus is on improving the economic welfare of the continent. It suggests one of the main benefits to Canada would be easier access across the U.S. border, calling it a “top motive” for this country.

In the cable, U.S. diplomats focused on a number of key areas to move forward with continental integration, including a possible common currency, labour markets, international trade and the borders of the three countries.

The document states Canadian economists point to labour markets as one of the areas which could have the greatest benefit for all three countries.

“They advocate freeing up professional licensing laws, and developing a quick, simple, low-cost work permit system, at least for U.S. and Canadian citizens,” the cable said.

It goes on to say North America would be well served by implementing a single, continent wide, tariff or a customs union arrangement.

We've already seen the "common borders" theme used as a basis for integration:

It suggests one of the main benefits to Canada would be easier access across the U.S. border, calling it a “top motive” for this country.

The cable states Canada and the U.S. already share permitter security “to some degree,” the question is then how “strong” the two countries want to make that bond

Whether this succeeds or not is anyone's guess, but undoubtedly there is a movement to accomplish this union. Additionally, because this previously hidden information now reveals that there actually is a tangible effort to get this done, it must be taken seriously.

Will we ultimately have 10 world unions?

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

You know what guys. I love all of you here. I love all of the saints everywhere.. I feel as though you are my family. I read the blogs daily, and the comments. It is such a beautiful thing to see all of my brothers and sisters in Christ watching out for the Lord together.

Scott said...

Just wait until the reunion!

Also - for a glimpse of this reunion, just read Revelation 19 - its a description of what all of us will be doing, in heaven, just before the Second Coming.

DrNofog said...

2005, Hmmmmm?!?

Gee, isn't that the same yr that Bush had a "secret" meeting at the Crawford ranch with Vicente Fox of Mexico and Paul Martin of Canada, and made plans to set up focus groups to implement our merger into the NAU???

Then, about a yr later when he was up visiting Mr.Martin again, they both laffed and poo-pooed media questions about the NAU as being "conspiracy theories" and rumors [that's "rumours", for EI, ;) ]...

What?? Does that mean our Prez lied to US?!?

Doesn't that violate his Oath of office to uphold the SOVEREIGNTY of the US?
Did he lie when he took the oath??

I wonder if any other Prezes lied to US??

Wasn't it just 3 or 4 yrs ago someone, after many yrs of filing FOIAs, finally received the recently declassified documents confirming that FDR did, in fact, have FULL knowledge that the Japanese had planned and were on their way to attack Pearl Harbor, and he deliberately "sacrificed" 2,400 Americans soz he could get into the war and save his buddy Joe Stalin from Hitler??

If they lied about that back then, what about 9-11?

Scott said...

DrNo....Don't even get me started.

What do you think of Building 7? That is what mystifies me.

You have a god memory about '05 and Bush.

The whole NAU thing is going to be VERY interesting to see play out IMO

WVBORN56 said...

I hope we are long gone before the NAU develops. I was a big supporter of President Bush until I took off my partisan glasses. He spent money like a drunken sailor, he did not secure our borders and now this thing with the NAU bearing his finger prints. He obviously was a globalist just like his dad. He did give us two good supreme court justices and is a far cry better than "Obummer" but he turned out to be a big disappointment...a sell out too. Just another sign of the times..marching toward a one world government...bad news...good news. "When you see these things occur, look up, your redemption is drawing near."

DrNofog said...

Scott said... "...You have a god memory about '05 and Bush..."

That may have been a typo, or God, but thanx anyway!

I do believe that God has gifted me in this way so that I can walk up & start a conversation with anyone, anywhere, about the weather and the latest current events, and then turn it right back to history and prophecy being fulfilled.

--> Building 7... I've seen it from a number of different video perspectives, especially the straight-down, "bird's-eye view", tightly between 2 taller buildings and nowhere near enough to 1 & 2 to catch fire, yet it went down [CD style] on it's very own footprint without any major damage to the 2 it was wedged in between!?! That's the reason the Big 3 LSMs NEVER show it anymore, only the 2 towers coming down!! [Too obvious!!!]

That's why I mentioned it "here" and wanted you to "Watch the Google video documentary - "Loose Change 2nd Edition""...

They got the UN-CENSORED video from all the 'little" local TV stations on scene and were able to zoom in and show all the "squibs", the pre-mature detonations blowing I-beams and stuff out the sides of the 2 towers many floors below the falling upper section!!!

DrNofog said...

My dad, as a young man working on both Chem & Mech Eng degrees in college at the time prior to Dec. 7th said he knew that FDR was deliberately provoking the Japanese with economic sanctions to get US into the European war.

This is documented in "Shanghai Conspiracy" by Maj. General Charles Willoughby, Chief of Intelligence for General MacArthur.

In Tokyo General Willoughby studied materials from the Japanese secret-service files, which yielded a wealth of data concerning the Soviet Sorge spy ring that was operating in the German embassy.

Seems that Stalin needed to know for sure whether or not if he could move his eastern army to the western war front since the Japanese had fully intended to expand north and attack Russia.

Soviet spy Alger Hiss in our State Dept. convinced FDR to put economic sanctions against Japan to draw them away from Russia and attack US instead.

As soon as the Japanese revealed their change of plans to the Germans, Sorge was able to tell Stalin he could safely move his army...

...and now you know the rest of the story...

Scott said...

WV - that is pretty much how I would summarize things.

DrNo - sorry, that was a typo....(I don't want you to develop a "god-complex" anyway :)

The weird thing is - the vast majority of people that I know have absolutely no idea about building 7 , or even that there WAS a building 7...When I explain what happened, I get blank stares. The public is woefully uninformed.

Plus, as you say, there is absolutely no good reason that building 7 would have gone down. There was a tiny amount of damage to the building and then it spontaneously implodes. Come on.

Yes - I have seen that video a couple of times.

One thing that I disagree on however (well, with a lot of folks)...I don;t believe that any of this necessarily implicated Bush as involved in some conspiracy. I see a huge number of scenarios that could have occurred. I don't understand that immediate link (the 'link' being that if what actually happened on 9-11 was not what we are told, then it had to be a Bush conspiracy. I have never understood that 'definitive link'....There are so many potential scenarios in play IMO

Anonymous said...

Hey guys-really you should check out the Bohemian Grove, well it is getting ready to happen in July as usual. Located in beautiful Monte Rio, Ca, World Leaders and Corporate Moguls gather together (with a few uber rich powerful media types, rock stars etc) where they gather together to play and relax like frat boys. Or so they tell the world! They really gather together to decide what they will do for the next year. Merkel(Germany's retired leader) even wrote about it in his book. You can believe how many giant private jets will be sitting on the tarmac at the Santa Rosa, Ca airport!
They have gathered together to worship the god Molech there. I may sound wacky but check it out! I am telling the truth. Dr NOFOG-you will love researching this. I lived in Monte Rio and these guys would leave the camp all trashed to try and find prostitutes (of which there were many who had flown in from all over the world just for this event) Male prositutes were allowed in to the compound and there are many of em too.

Scott said...

Anon...I have been telling people about this, and people find it hard to believe...But I have seen the video tapes and its very real - and its definitely, unequivocally satan-worship. VERY disturbing that so many political leaders from both sides of the aisle attend this./

Anonymous said...

Funny, the most info that has ever leaked out from the event was due to a gay porn star, brought in especially to service those mega wealthy, mega powerful meglamaniacs. He filmed somethings secretly and exposed a lot of world leaders to aids, which is the main reason info was leaked. Only men are allowed into the camp though some women work in the dining hall. Google earth even blocked the camp from their site. However the fiery worship and sacrifice continues.(they claim its an effigy, but look at earlier photos from the 20's and its clearly a living person) And its important to note that this is held almost always immediately preceding or following the bilderberg group meetings. Obviously Queen of the Netherlands can't attend the Bohemian Grove-ally

Anonymous said...

Scott-I'm almost scared to sign my name to stuff like the above but it is true! And it sounds so unbelievable, but this tiny peaceful town just explodes in July and the powerful people don't even worry at all about who sees what or what is said. They have been safe here for at least 100 years and continue to feel that way. The big thing i learned from all of this is, there is no republicans or democrats brother. Its all just a game to distract us from what is really going on and to divide us. No one is elected who doesn't belong to this frat of satan.

Scott said...

Alex Jones snuck in there and took some videos as well..If you google "Bohemian Grove", the videos show up quickly. Take a look if you haven't done so.

Very very disturbing.

Satan's time is almost upon us.

Scott said...

but only as allowed by God. His time is coming too.