Monday, June 6, 2011

Breaking: Iran 2 Months From Nuclear Weapon

Researcher: Iran can produce nuke within 2 months

Airstrikes can no longer stop nuclear program, US can do nothing short of military occupation, says report

The Iranian regime is closer than ever before to creating a nuclear bomb, according to RAND Corporation researcher Gregory S. Jones.

At its current rate of uranium enrichment, Tehran could have enough for its first bomb within eight weeks, Jones said in a report published this week.

The researcher based his report on recent findings by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), published two weeks ago. Making the bomb will take around two months, he says

Unfortunately, Jones says, there is nothing the US can do to stop Tehran, short of military occupation.

Jones stresses that stopping Iran will require deploying forces on the ground, because airstrikes are no longer sufficient. The reality is that the US and Israel have failed to keep Iran from developing a nuclear warhead whenever it wants, Jones says

It's time to recognize that this policy has failed and decide on the following steps, based on realistic assessment of Iranian uranium-enrichment efforts, he adds.

This is not surprising in the least. The first question now becomes - what will Israel do? The clock is ticking.

Israel is a sitting target for the Iranian regime, including the clerics and Ahmadinejad, who see a viable Israel as standing in the way of their domination in the Middle East. And this goes without mentioning Iran's leadership believing that the Mahdi's return is imminent - a return which will require warfare in and around Israel.

And now we have nuclear weapons added to the mix - a volatile mix at that.

As mentioned before, something will have to happen to prevent Israel from being nuked. We know this for a fact.

The next question (and it is a very important question) becomes: What happens to thwart Iran's plan?

Doesn't it seem like things in the Middle East are starting to converge?

At the same time, we are rapidly approaching the September deadline. Syria is about to explode. We have temporarily forgotten the whole situation in Lebanon, as Hezbollah continues to make their power bid. We are watching the Muslim Brotherhood make their move in Egypt. Turkey is arranging yet another flotilla as their alignment with Russia and Syria grows. The protests at the Israeli borders continue to increase. Water shortages. Famine. Turmoil.

At this time in history, the Middle East is just on the brink of exploding - and it seems that only a small "event" could push it over the edge.

These are interesting times for a prophecy watcher, there is no doubting that.

We know what awaits us; we know our fate.

One can almost hear the footsteps of the Messiah approaching.


Anonymous said...

lets see...2 months give or take plus some time to adhere it to a missle, lets see that would put us around sept? oct? Hey guys, can anyone see the writing on the wall?-ally

Anonymous said...

Israel need to take action, now !!

But i am afraid they will not, and
let the chance slip away.

I wonder if Mr. Amrani is the Madhi
that Iran is looking for ??

Scott >>>> what do u think about that ??

he will take over on 01 JUL 2011.

only a few weeks

Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

WVBORN56 said...

Yes looks like a lot is pointing to September.