Thursday, June 9, 2011

Iran: Moving Even Faster Towards Nukes

We just saw how Iran is only two months away from the ability to produce a nuclear weapon. We may have to move that timeline up even more:

Iran's slap in the face for Obama

Iran has struck another blow in its nuclear offensive against the world. Tuesday, June 7, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad termed Iran's nuclear program "a train with no brakes or reverse gear" after Tehran announced the deployment of submarines in the Red Sea.

Abbasi Davani said Iran's 20-percent uranium enrichment work would be transferred from Natanz to Fordo this summer. Purification capacity would be tripled, he said, by improved centrifuges.

DEBKAfile's military sources report that this move further shortens Iran's road to weapons grade uranium of 90 percent.

Three years ago, Obama accused Tehran of concealment and deceit. Today, the Iranians no longer bother to conceal the true function of the Fordo facility - or even that 3,000 advanced centrifuges will be working there when the plant reaches full capacity.

Iran's rulers feel they can be afford to be barefaced about their activities because they are certain that neither the US nor Israel with take military action against the Fordo plant. They do not find the condemnation of world powers or the nuclear watchdog too burdensome to live with.


Anonymous said...

WOW..I'll say the birth pains are picking up! Incredible!

Its also incredible that most people have no clue what is going on, where the world is headed, and most just don't get it. Have no interest in getting it. Materialism, technology is most peoples god.

The fullness of the Gentiles must be getting close. Those who belongs to Christ, will turn to Him before its too late. God is calling His people together.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, what is the faith of the posters here? (religion)

I came out of a false religion, that I was raised in since birth. It took me years and years to undo all of the lies taught to me. With much heartfelt sincere prayer, I was led to my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ. Born again. To finally understand the Bible, it is from the Holy Spirit. I understand it, I am not confused. I am not afraid.

Anyway..coming out of a false religion makes one wary of "religions". I am a Christian. That is my faith.

I do go to a Baptist Church to Worship. Nothing like singing praises to the Lord! Hearing from His word the bible. But, study at home and bible reading at home is my favorite. I also love Les Feldick ministies. He is right on target I believe.

God Bless all.

DrNofog said...

Anon, I've run across Les a number of times over the yrs, never seen him put out anything that wasn't good, solid Bible.

Concerning "religion", when I run into anyone that says "with all the different religions and denominations in the world all claiming to be the 1 true 1, how do you know which one is really right?"

I usually ask them "why not skip all these and just go back to the very 1st one ... what religion was Adam and Eve's??

Most will say "I have no clue."

I respond: They didn't have or need a "religion" because they walked and talked with God. They had a "relationship" with Him! Religion was "invented" after the fall to pretend to still be pious and have a relationship with God. Then I witness that Christ came & provided the way to restore that relationship.

I came out of a religion also. I wuz born & raised in the RCC until about the time I volunteered for Viet Nam [smart move on my part...]. During the Lent season that year, in which they teach that we're sposed to fast for 40 days and/or give up something important, I gave up Catholicism for Lent...

Bwaaaaaaa haaaaa haaa ha, I crack myself up!

Hope this helps...

Anonymous said...


I came out of Jehovah's Witnesses.(over 35 years).

WOw, when I found out who Jesus was..I had a grin on my face for weeks! I thought wow..God in the Flesh..Now that is love.

Caver said...

I have to kind echo DrNofog...
Never RCC here but I was in a very weak church at first, about 8 years ago. I found the Holy Spirit to be an excellent teacher also....without any labels other than God's Own.

The church I attend is Baptist and its truly a Spirit filled Church....but...prophecy doesn't mean much there. Their focus is on the Great Commission.....and they are very, very good at it.

Ellis said...

Hey, Anon 7:04 p.m.

Ex-JW here, too. I was even a "pioneer", you'll know what that means. I've been down some dark and dangerous spiritual paths since then--new age/occult stuff (and I don't like to talk about it, so please don't ask for details. I don't like to dwell on it.) But in 2008, God called me out of that. What a miracle! What I was into wasn't so popular back then, but it sure is now, and if I hadn't left when I did, it would have been so much more difficult later.

I've got this playing as I type this. :)

I'm trying to find the soundtrack to the above, but it's hard to come by here in Canada.

Scott, I've even got your blog bookmarked on my cell phone. It's an old phone and I can't get the comments, but at least I've got the main site.

Thank you so much for everything!

WVBORN56 said...

I was born and raised in an evangelical Christ honoring home. I attended a baptist church as a child and have been in the Christian and Missionary Alliance since High School. I met my wife there and we hae been there ever since. It is rock solid in evangelism, world missions and discipleship. Two of our Pastors talk about end times a good bit. One is pre trib and the other is pre wrath. I serve as an elder and treasurer and love teaching boys on Wednesday nights. God has richly blessed me.

Aubrey said...

My eyes are welling with tears and I am praising God that eyes have been open and cults were left. I live in an area with a LOT of Mormons and I just love on them and share the truth when I can. God is opening the eyes of many, praise Him! Can't wait to meet you all!

Anonymous said...

Ellis, I am thrilled to hear that you too were a JW's.Unless you have been one, you have no idea how incredibly hard it is to come out of that religion. You lose your family, and almost your sanity. ONce you are free, and find Christ, you are truly free. Just as Christ said, the truth shall set you free. I am sure your story is amazing. I know mine is just incredible, God's hand was there the whole time, guiding me to where I needed to be.

I would rather have Jesus than my family.

Much Christian love to you!
And to all the other saints here!

Scott said...

One thing I love to do when I meet new Christian friends is to hear their "stories" of their Christian backgrounds and their conversion stories.

DrNo - I didn't realize you had RCC roots. How interesting. The funny think is - the most "anti-RCC" people I know are always x-RCC people.

My story is pretty boring (and whenever I encounter people who came to Christ later in life always have these dramatic stories which I envy to some degree :)

I never remember not being a Christian (raised Baptist) - as I went to church from infancy on. And I never doubted the whole story of Jesus and salvation (of course there was a definitive moment of saying "the prayer", but it was a tiny baby-step.

Then backslidden (severely) for years (but never doubted Christ) - and it was prophecy that brought me back to a daily walk and closeness to Christ (one reason I am so passionate about prophecy). There had also been a "road to Damascus" moment that contributed significantly, but thats a long story.
And later, it was prophecy that brought my brother to Christ...

DrNofog said...

Scott said... "...Then backslidden (severely) for years (but never doubted Christ)..."

Yes, and Amen!!!

I have been *fully-cycled* thru that "hot water, cold-rinse, Heavy denim" dry cycle a couple of times before I finally got fully rooted in the "sure promises", the Truth of **every single Word** of His Holy Word!!!

Scott said...

DrNo - you have a way with words my friend..:)

One thing I love about prophecy, and staying in the world of prophecy - is the fact that it is almost impossible to go back to those 'backslidden' days when prophecy tells you that Christ's coming is close. Probably the reason that Jesus was so passionate that we watch for the signs....

Anonymous said...

Good Morning~

Raised RCC with casual approaches by family to attend. Always knew God loves us and that was enough. Family moved to a small rual town to retire when in high school. Nothing going for it but trouble. Married young which most did because they were bored out of high school, failed marriage after 5 years, then 25 with a JW who shows up at our door with a book. Read the book, something seemed odd. (this reads very funny at times:) Girl throws book down, and shouts "OK..if there is a God, get me out of this"...I kept getting prompted to go North when I knew no one. Diagonosed with a major medical condition. Followed the prompting as it felt so right. Settled near Chicago. Everything fell into place. Met the right team of Dr's for my condition going forward and to this day. Worked for a wonderful Christian organization doing the same type of work in the small town. Came to know about having a personal relationship with Jesus and God and received the Holy Spirit at one of their churches. I cried like a baby soooo long :) Met husband at work. Became longtime friends before we married 8 years later and have a new life in Christ with many blessings. Sadly, family members believe going through this saint and that saint will get them the results they need. I have tried to no avail. I keep praying God will lead them. Husband raised RCC very strongly but converted to our church used by his work which is a non-denominational but a wonderful evangalistic church. I guess you can say as someone earlier stated we are Christians with a one-on-one personal relationship with Christ while honoring God :)

That's my scary-blessed journey of coming to Christ :)


Anonymous said...

Love hearing these stories of finding Christ!

James said...

James Dickens in Nashville
Part 1
Good afternoon to all of you and thank you for sharing on how you came to Christ. I was raised Church of Christ where it was widely viewed that we were the only ones going to Heaven because we supposedly took a literal view of scripture. That literal view opposed all other denominations claiming they were teaching a false doctrine.
As a child, if I knew someone who was Jewish I was told not to associate with them because they didn’t believe in Christ. As I grew older, I started to see that our ministers were really negative about other denominations and encouraged us to be like that. Don’t get me wrong, we have to take a stand against what we know to be unbiblical but I also believe we have to reach out in love by example to witness for Christ.
Later on I met my wife who was Catholic and I have to tell you that the subject of religion was a stressful one for us. What you have is two extremes and neither one giving one inch to the other. We did not go to church for the first ten years of our marriage because we couldn’t agree on a where to go. During that time, the Lord reached out to us in so many ways and finally we both came to the conclusion that we really didn’t know the Lord that well. We both came to the realization that the religion we were raised with left us empty and without hope.
It was at this time that we experienced the worse tragedy of our life. In July of 2002, we lost our 12 week old son Luke whose death was ruled as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or S.I.D.S. As you can imagine, the darkness that surrounded us at that time was so intense that it literally took everything we had to just breathe. I was very angry at God and as you can imagine said a lot of things to Him that I didn’t mean. Simply put, the level of hurt I felt at that time was like a complete separation from everything I knew and loved. Sharon and I never felt more alone than we did then.
In that grief, I started to realize something. I started to understand that in the world all we have is each other. That the time we have together here is precious whether it is 12 weeks or a lifetime. All the sudden, I realized that life was a gift that needed to be measured by living in the moment fully understanding that there is no promise of tomorrow in this world. All we really have here is right now and to remember that in the moment is the challenge. Then I started to think about scriptures that described the only “promise of tomorrow” that anyone has ever been given. That hope, that promise, that fact was a home in heaven if we followed Christ. Looking deeper, there was even a greater promise in the hope of Heaven of being reunited with our loved ones. You see, all my life I had thought you had to believe in Christ, be good to people and go to church and you get to go to heaven to be with God. In an instant, I now believed all those things but the goal was to get there to be with Luke. I then knew and understood that God uses everything for His glory. I knew that He didn’t cause are allow my son’s death, but that in my grief, He would use that to draw near to me and give me a much more personal reason to long for Heaven. While God is the Alpha and the Omega, his love is humble enough to reach down and understand that my feeble mind, with its juvenile understanding of anything and everything, needed my son to be my connection to Him and He’s okay with that.

James said...

James Dickens in Nashville
Part 2

We knew then that we had to get back to church and really commit our lives to Christ. Through God, my son’s death taught me more about love than I had learned in my previous 37 years on this planet. I’m 45 now and over the last nine years this path has lead me to teach in my church, to study prophecy and to work with my dear friend Scott here on this blog and to help him take this his ministry for Christ to other churches in my area.
I hope by sharing this story of my faith that if you doubt God’s love in any way you will know how much you are loved. I was watching a testimonial of Heaven on you tube about a guy who died and did not breathe for an hour and forty-five minutes. He was describing Christ’s presence and he said that whether he looked in to Christ’s eyes or looked at his body or his hand he said that Christ radiated a love for him that was so deep and so complete that he felt as if he was the most important thing to Christ. We are so loved. In the spirit of that kind of love let us be all that we can be for Christ in these coming last days. Let us tell everyone about the person who radiates love with all of His being that died for us so that we may be with Him in paradise forever. God bless all of you and thank you for sharing your testimony on this site.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your testimonies. In heaven, I look forward to hearing each and every testomony of my brothers and sisters. What joy that will be!

Anonymous said...

Auh..James..what a beautiful testimony. Truly amazing how one has to pull themselves out of a deep hole in loss to find God. I am grateful to hear all these testimonies. It shows just how much God loves us that through the pains, loss and emptiness of no-purpose in our lives, he makes something wonderful out of a disaster. It took me years to figure out that God wasn't responsible for the pain and I was living in a fallen world. Almost as a visitor in Satan's world. It finally dawned on me years later that it is a blessing to have God to help us get through the battle field of Satan's destruction in this fallen world and that he will hold our hands, carry us through it and even bless us 10-fold on top of the losses. Though we will never be satisfied that we had to loose something or someone so great as in your case, what courage you and Sharon have today to stand up and share what God has done inspite of your loss of Luke. I am so happy he was the motivating factor to help you in your trinity with God. The three of you have walked together now and it's amazing how you and everyone has come out of the bad to the beauty. Thanks for sharing that special testimony. I can't wait to meet Luke too!

God Bless!!


DrNofog said...

Scott said... "DrNo - I didn't realize you had RCC roots..."

Scott?!? ... That thing about Lent is a cut & Paste [cuz I'm not a very fast typer] from just a little over a month ago!

Duz that mean yer age is catching up with you?

EI says that's 1 of the 1st of 3 things to go when you get older, and I can't remember what she said the other 2 are...

BTW, I don't recall you ever mentioning what line of work your dad was in? Was he a Doctor like you, or at least the scientific type?

My dad past on about 7 yrs ago. I had mentioned that he was a Mechanical, Chemical, & Nuclear Engineer for many moons at LLNL, and his favorite hobby was the study of Cosmology [from a Christian perspective, of course], so maybe they'll get along and have some interesting discussions...

Oh, that reminds me of a little ditty that I'm pretty sure it was EI who penned it, - many, many moons ago:

O to be above, with Saints we love,
That would be Glory.
But, to live below, with Saints we know,
Well, that's another story...

James said...


Thank you for your kind words. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

God Bless you James, and your wife, and Luke is being loved and taken care of. You guys will be together soon.