Sunday, June 12, 2011

The EU as a model for future world government

We know from Daniel 2 and 7 that the EU will somehow morph into a stage of development which is described biblically as the "10 kings" stage (also see Revelation 17), a stage of development which will also produce the antichrist.

We know from Daniel 2 that this is the final stage of world history. Upon the Second Coming, Jesus will destroy this final form of human government, forever ending the concept of human governance as it will have been proven a complete failure.

From this, we can watch the developments in the EU with a keen eye, knowing that it is destined to serve as a template for what is to come.

That gives us the context for this interesting article:

A unified Europe will be great news for the Eurocrats

Last week saw some depressingly familiar stories from the EU: officials travelling separately on private jets while lecturing the world on the need to cut CO2 emissions; MEPs demanding to increase the budget and proposing new taxes in order to achieve greater "harmony" between EU states, despite the cuts being made across the continent.

But we know that historically, the ruling class rarely suffers as the population does, during any time of crisis. That is one of the hallmarks of the ruling class throughout history and one of the many reasons that human government doesn't work.

Contrast that with Jesus, who endured the worst suffering imaginable - didn't own a home - had no earthly possessions and lived as the poorest humans would, not as today's ruling class lives. What a contrast.

Additionally, we see this (things to come):

Most EU politicians, just like most EU policies, lack legitimacy and they know it. So when Tony Blair insisted last week that Europe needs an "elected president", he was giving voice to the deep-seated belief of nearly every official involved in the pan-European political bureaucracy that greater unity is better for everyone.

What is the basis of this view that the nation state will and must be superseded by European authorities? It boils down to the seemingly innocuous claim made by Mr Blair last week that it is "sensible for European nations to combine together, and to use their collective weight in order to achieve influence".

The key phrase here is "seemingly innocuous". On the road to oppression, as imposed by human government, we always see its first selling point as being "for the people". Nothing could be further from the truth.

The question of how the entity formed by "combining together" comes to have any legitimate political authority over and above that of the nation states which make it up is never answered.


Electing a European president will not change this. It will merely give a spurious democratic veneer to the unification project – when, in fact, the effect will be to erode the only connection between the way laws are made and the will of the people.

I can appreciate that greater European union has benefits for the continent's politicians, who get their hands on the delightful baubles of office: motorcades, private jets, fawning officials and the intoxicating sense of power. But what does it do for the rest of us?

The enthusiasts claim that a united Europe will be a powerful Europe, able to negotiate better deals on trade and security.

That term "seemingly innocuous" keeps coming to mind.

Free trade between nations has large benefits, but achieving it does not require anything more than co-operation between individual nation states. It certainly does not need the replacement of the nation state by a supra-national bureaucracy.

And the idea that a unified Europe will be better equipped to defend the security and values of its people is fantasy.

Actually, once the EU morphs into the 10 kings phase and produces their supreme leader, there will be no "security" for individuals and the only "value" that will be recognized will be forced worship of the antichrist. That is where human government will ultimately take the world.

A "fantasy"? Indeed.

One of the main aspects of the Tribulation is to conclusively reveal that human's are incapable of governing themselves. Greed, corruption, oppression, lies, distortions, bondage and ultimately, a complete lack of individual freedom reveal the true nature of human government. Just look what happened to the U.S. after a couple of hundred years, because this natural evolution is happening here as well.

This is the real nature of human government, in some instances it takes longer than others, but it always evolves in this tragic but predictable manner.

The Tribulation will represent the absolute worst that man's governance has to offer and it serves as a stark reminder of man's inability to rule other humans for all the reasons cited (and many more reasons not cited). It has been this way throughout history.

Even today, there are many people of the world who reject Christ Jesus and appear to seek their god in the form of human government and government leaders. One would think that the lesson would have been learned, but apparently it hasn't.

Following the gathering up of the Church (aka the Rapture), the unrepentant world will seek their human god - leading a human government - and they will indeed embrace and follow this man-god. Unfortunately, they will see (once again) what an epic failure this will be. What a tragedy that it will take the Tribulation for them to see this truth.

The only King worthy of leading mankind is Christ Jesus. We already know this.

That point should already be abundantly clear - but an unrepentant world will have to be shown this truth the hard way.

[[Update: This article from Pajamas Media reveals the same ideas regarding "human government"]]


hartdawg said...

Once again the race is on. 10 nations or10 regions? as I said many times I lean towards 10 nations of the roman empire and once again we see both possibilities coming to the forefront. which way will it be? Keep watching the developments.

Scott said...

Thats a good question. I think we are closer to 10 regions (at this point in time) than 10 countries (unless assuming that the WEU will become the 10 kings, which, to me seems less likely)...

But these things can turn on a dime, as we are used to seeing.

We may be long gone before getting anywhere close to the 10 kings phase.

Anonymous said...

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