Friday, June 3, 2011

Iran and Nuclear Weapons

It looks like Iran is further along in their quest for nuclear weapons than originally thought. This was actually predictable, as the same scenario played out with North Korea's nuclear development, not to mention India's and Pakistan's nuclear development programs. One can see a pattern of the "experts" falling to accurately predict a nation's nuclear development progress. Or, perhaps this is by intent. Either way, we have seen this scenario over and over so Iran's nuclear development being far ahead of predictions is expected:

Iran has secretly stocked enriched uranium for four nuclear bombs

The Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, American's scientific watchdog on world nuclear weapons production, estimates that by Dec. 2008, Iran had accumulated enough U-235 to fuel one nuclear bomb; by 2009, enough for a second, by August 2010 material for a third bomb and by April 2011, enough enriched uranium for a fourth bomb.

These estimates presuppose an Iranian decision to further process low-enriched material to weapons grade - a process taking no more than a couple of months.

Iran, says the Wisconsin Project, is consolidating its status as a "virtual" nuclear weapon state – meaning it can set about building a bomb whenever its rulers so decide.

Our sources stress that these revelations are highly pertinent to the controversy taking place in Israel over the surprising comments by ex-Mossad Director Meir Dagan.

Dubbed "Mister Stop the Bomb" for reputedly directing covert operations that held off Iran's nuclear threat for five or six years – though this may an exaggeration - Dagan suddenly began speaking out strongly against any Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear program. Wednesday, June 1, he implicitly warned that such an attack would precipitate a regional war in which Israel would fare badly.

Now comes even more ominous news:

The controversy around his comments reflects a similar argument afoot in US political and defense circles over whether the time has come to smash Iran's nuclear capability or stand by and let the Islamic Republic becomes a "virtual nuclear weapon state."

In the last three years, the two schools of thought for and against military action against Iran have been joined by a third, which affirms that the US and Israel can live with an Iran armed with one or two nuclear bombs because this number would be dwarfed even by Israel's reputed stock let alone the American arsenal.

Therefore, until Iran stockpiles a serous arsenal of weapons, it does not constitute an existential threat to Israel.

This might be the most ridiculous premise that I have seen to date.

The reason is strikingly obvious: It would only take a single nuclear bomb to completely destroy Israel.

To argue that "until Iran stockpiles a serious arsenal of weapons, it does not constitute an existential threat to Israel" might be the single most absurd statement that I have read in decades. This statement would apply to the U.S. - certainly not Israel.

That is like saying that an armed intruder is about to break into your home - where a husband and wife live - but the intruder is no threat because he only has two bullets in his gun, and he hasn't acquired an armored tank yet, so he is no threat. Please.

However, the article concludes with this:

That is the reason why the military option is back on the table in Jerusalem.

We know from biblical prophecy that Israel will not be destroyed by a nuclear bomb. Therefore, something will act to thwart Iran's nuclear development.

Perhaps the battle of Gog-MaGog takes place before Iran can put the final touches on their nuclear development plans.

If so, it needs to occur sooner rather than later.


Caver said...

Your last conclusion is what nails it for me. Israel is not destroyed and the way I read scripture, Iran is probably not destroyed but is taken way down before Gogg/Magog.

Sure are interesting times Brothers and Sisters.

Anonymous said...

SCOTT >>>>>>>>

I noticed the game continues with
Greece; more attempts to bail them
out. Seems to me the money would
be put to better use flushed down
the toilet.

I said it before, I still believe it.


and soon

Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

Dylan said...

There's so much in the world now adays that are signs. It really sucks that we the sheeple are not being told by George soros and his mainstream media what is actually going on. If I hadn't read here, I wouldn't have known about the sept. UN security council vote, obamas meeting with Netanyahu, anything about the new govt in Egypt, anything about the nakba day protests or the reopening of egypts borders to Palestine, the list just goes on. Thank you Scott for making this blog.Btw, my essay is done. Now to wait and see if my teacher likes my pro-israel point of view.

Anonymous said...

Btw Stephen, correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard there were bad floods in Hawaii at the moment. Is that true?

Anonymous said...


It is on the other islands

NOT in Hilo where i am.

Stephen >>>>>

Anonymous said...

what does BTW mean ?? please tell me, thanks, Stephen

Anonymous said...

Scott >>>

This is getting Obama
and company is trying to get a PEACE CONFERENCE in JUNE in Turkey.

Please go to J Post right away.

If that AC shows up in Turkey
in June and confirms,

watch out. the rapture is next.

Stephen !!!

Anonymous said...

btw means by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Scott >>>

sorry to keep coming back, but something else just came in >>>>

Vatican talking URGENT about ME

this is UNREAL

and scary

I am getting VERY concerned....

Stephen >>>>>>>>

Dylan said...

Can't believe the Vatican would betray Israel. Should I be surprised that the Vatican has taken this point of view?

Anonymous said...

Dylan- no you should not be surprised! the history of the roman catholic church is filled with much torture and murder of true believers including true believers who are members of the catholic church. try googling spanish inquisition for a start. they dont teach the blood of christ, they worship idols, etc etc. they also stood against the jews time and time again WW2 for example. even within the rc church they know this is the last pope before the a.c. one world religon, the church r.c. church will participate-ally

Dylan said...

Ok. Thanks ally. I do believe there are some true followers of Christ in the catholic church, but I think the structure of the catholic church is corrupt.

Scott said...


Actually, (and I do't have tangible numbers to support this) I believe that the RCC has been responsible for as many Christian deaths as any other group. I also believe that there are several references to the RCC in Revelation 17. There is a LOT of 'conspiracy' ideas in terms of the RCC and WWII and hiding money etc for the Nazi's. They are dirty beyond belief. So this is not surprising one bit.

Stephen - many thanks. I'll head to the links. I have been out all day, and just now getting back on line.

Its AMAZING that these days, if you miss 1/2 day, you are out of the loop. Just think about that...When I first started following prophecy, we could go MONTHS without anything remotely prophecy related. Now 1/2 day goes by and I feel like I have missed weeks...It just shows how much is happening these days.

WVBORN56 said...

This article on Iran and the thought that it may be gog-magog (Ezekiel 38-39) that is required to nutralize their nuclear progress and a recent article on Israel taking out Damascus (Isaiah 17) because of a potential luming missle threat to cities in Israel confirms our nearness to the rapture. Both of these Biblical prophecies occur after (IMO)or certainly near the rapture making this an amazing time to be alive. Just how close are we to the biggest single event in all of human history? I can only imagine what it will be like to see the King of Kings and Lord of Lord face to face! What a priveledge to be a child of the King! Amen!

Anonymous said...

Ally >>>

You are correct about the RC church. And if you read 17 revelation, it talks about Babylon.
I think John meant the city of the
7 hills, which is figurely Babylon.

If so, then this RC Church could be
the source of the False Prophet,
sidekick of the AC.....

Scott >>> Yeah, its spooky....
i don't KNOW what Obama and
Sarkosky are cooking up, but
I am HIGHLY concerned it has
something to do with presenting
the AC to the nations...

If so, watch out....

Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

Anonymous said...

Dylan, go check out Mary's prayer
by Danny Wilson from is
a song about Mary and HOW the RCC
thinks SHE can save them...."leave
a light on in Heaven for me"

Listen to the lyrics if you find it.

Stephen !!!!

Anonymous said...

yes there is a lot of confusion about babylon! there is babylon the mystery religon, babylon the city, and the nation of babylon. whew, all different babylon, all involved in end time events and all left for us to decipher as events unfold. many people think the mystery religon and or the city have to do with rome and the rcc. ex. city on 7 hills, drunk on the blood of the saints, colors of purple and scarlet etc. Scott-comment please thanks-ally

Scott said...

I believe that 'mystery Babylon' of Rev 17 is Rome. I believe this for several reasons - one of which is the fact that any other potential city (other than Rome) - the apostle John could have just come out with it and not 'hidden' in with mysterious writing. With Rome however, given his circumstances and imprisonment,he had to cloak it as 'mystery Babylon'. Also, it is one of the few places that could fulfill the sea merchants watching its burning and its destruction.

I also believe that a post-Rapture Vatican will somehow create a world-religion and include the remnants (after Gog-MaGog) as part of it, Perry Stone has an excellent video on the commonalities between RCC and Islam and its an eye-opener.

Of course this is speculation on my part :)