Monday, June 13, 2011

Book of Joel: Part III

Joel Rosenberg now has part III of his study of the book of Joel posted and it is developing into an excellent study.

A Trumpet Call For Israel and the Church

Before getting into the heart of this study, we see an interesting preface:

Both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament teach that in the “last days,” severe military threats will mount against the State of Israel, yet the Jewish state will become more and more isolated internationally. Ultimately, the Bible indicates that no country will come to the defense of the Jewish people when the major prophetic battles unfold and Israel’s enemies attack.

Rather, Israel will find herself all alone in the world. This makes recent headlines all the more troubling, for international pressure against — and isolation of — the modern State of Israel seems to be intensifying this year. Consider the latest key stories from the epicenter from just the past few days and weeks:

The New York Times reports that an anti-Israel leader and his party have just won a big election in Turkey.

They are increasingly moving away from the West and towards the Radicals in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza, as well as building closer ties to Moscow.

The AKP government has also continued to support Hamas, which Washington and Brussels classify as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).”

Ynet News reports that Italy is turning against the Jews, citing a “murky wave of anti-Israel zeal, demonization of Jews growing at alarming rate in Italy“

The Washington Post reports that the U.S. is bullying Israel to make deal with Palestinians

The Washington Times reports that the U.S. is pressuring Israel to agree to accept the pre-1967 borders as a basis for peace talks

This is all happening as we would expect from biblical prophecy, including an increasingly isolated Israel with no support from any nation. Turkey's alliance with Iran and Russia also sets the stage for the epic battle of Gog-MaGog as described in Ezekiel 38-39.

There are 43 "points" in this study and a few are worth repeating here:

- As the “Day of the Lord” approaches in the last days, those who know the Lord, follow the Lord, listen to the Lord, study the Word of the Lord, and teach the Word of the Lord are supposed to do a series of things:

- Understand that danger is coming and thus ”blow a trumpet in Zion” and ”sound an alarm” on God’s holy mountain — that is, call people to action (2:1)

- We are to alert “all” the inhabitants of the land of Israel that the “Day of the Lord is coming; surely it is near” (2:1)

- We are to let Israel know that that the Day of the Lord will be historic….”there has never been anything like it” – even the previous apocalyptic plagues of locusts described in Joel chapter one – “nor will there ever be again after it” (2:2)


Anonymous said...

I was wondering, since the bible says.... (Ultimately, the Bible indicates that no country will come to the defense of the Jewish people when the major prophetic battles unfold and Israel’s enemies attack.)..
Would this fact give us a clue that more than likely Obama will gain another term in office?

The republican's as far as I know, support Israel and would probably come to their defence.

If someone gets the office of President that truly supports Israel, that could mean that we still have a ways to go before the rapture..but, if Obama is elected again, that could mean we are very, very close as we see events coming together for the battle.

Does that make sense? Just wondering.

Of course we don't know the mind of the LORD, He can harden who He wants to fulfill His purpose.

Alice said...

I constantly run those types of scenarios through my mind, too. But there are so many variables... For instance, I heard one prophecy watcher say that if the Middle East erupts, we could be so purposely crippled from lack of oil that we're UNABLE to respond. I don't know if that's realistic or not, but it seems plausible.

Scott, I don't know how to do the linky thing (maybe DrNo can explain again... ;) ), but here's an article about a volcanic eruption--this one may send a cloud to Israel...,7340,L-4081744,00.html

Anonymous said...

Alice..good point. That is very possible. Maybe the US is just not able to respond. I hope that is the case rather than another term for the current President!

Ann Marie said...

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Hope it helps!

WVBORN56 said...

Obama could easily be re-elected if the rapture were to occur prior to 2012 election. With 30-40 million evangelicals gone it would give the dems a slam dunk victory. That is the scenario I think plays out.

Anonymous said...

It is very amusing (and tragically sad and disappointing to me)when I see things like all of the above comments :( And I know that most of you won't or can't understand why even if I explain, but I will try. I love each of you so much that it goes beyond the realm of human love into the supernatural love of Christ! I spent years accidentally working for the other guy so I am quite familiar with his tactics. I have been in high places with people of power, the movers and shakers, dare I say...some of the people who are from the dreaded "B" group who just met in the land of the Swiss. And THIS MUCH I KNOW WITH GREAT CERTAINTY-If you truly believe the above, you are only slightly awake.

Anonymous said...

The US is over, done, kaput, history, finished! Game over! The only thing that could POSSIBLY change this situation is the hand of the Father and it is most likely NOT going to happen for 2 reasons. The first is because certain things must occur before, and in order for, the trib to happen. The second is because his people, who are called by his name, are refusing to humble themselves and pray! For some odd reason, people only really pray when things suck. Do you think the people of Joplin, Mo. are praying hard now? Praying for food, toilet paper, a photo of a loved one? Praying for EVERY thing they need! See, I'm afraid because if people don't get off their duffs, we are all going to be like the people in Joplin! Yes, God will watch out for us, love us but the rain falls on the just and unjust my friends. And as much as I love him, I am no Elijah, Moses, or Noah! Are you? I pray that we are raptured before it gets too ugly. But I also know the current church is weak weak weak. At least in America. Where and how is the church strong? Where it is persecuted!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my rant today but so many Christians just don't "get it". Do you really think your republican candidate is going to save this nation? Whomever that may turn out to be? No one (even the professed Christians)have obtained that position since Kennedy, at least, without approval of the "B" group. They are all in on it. They have been setting up the NWO for decades if not centuries. So many Christians have glorified Reagan and Bush-you know-the guys who really paved the way for the NWO! Go back and read their speeches, you will surely see it now, if you didn't see it then! Because of where I have been and what I have been privy too, the basic American mentality sickens me. It's all a set up folks by the evil one, all of it. Have you noticed the few Christians who are in office have been told by God not to run for president this go around? The condition of this nation makes me WEEP for hours at a time as I cry out to the Father!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone said that a republican canidate is going to save this nation. We all as believers know that no one is going to save this nation. What was said, is that it can happen a lot faster, or slower depending on who (rep. or dem) in office. Maybe , maybe not. But no human goverment can save this country or this world for that matter. Only the hand of God. We are talking prophesy, and what can bring about prophesy..Just tossing the ball so to speak as to what could tip things. Not saying one thing or another will.

As for prayer. I know many Christians who pray constantly..Not only when we need something, but praying for others, praying for His will to be done, praying for wisdom, praying for Israel, for the lost. But , I agree we as a Church need to come together strong. I pray for that as well.

I pray that the Lord come quickly.

God bless. I love each of you very much in Christian love.

DrNofog said...

Mo-Bummer News!:

It seems Obummer's 'New & Improved' long form 'Certificate of Live Birth', that he claimed "didn't exist" awhile back but suddenly here it is on the net, is definitely causing more problems than it wuz sposed to cure:

Obama forgers admit they produced phony documents

These slithery, slimy criminals are now looking for a way to back-peddle out of the can-o-worms they opened with their forgery now that they realize they are 'potentially' looking at felony charges ["IF" anyone will actually take the case...]:

Criminal complaint charges Obama birth record 'forged'
22-page brief filed with FBI claims 'irrefutable proof' document a fraud

Jun 2, 2011 ... Bob Bauer, President Obama's top lawyer at the White House is resigning to return to private practice and represent Obama as his personal attorney...

Yeah, he saw the 'writing on the wall' as soon as WND said "forgery of a public document is a felony" and decided it's time to tuck tail and run!

Now if we could get the 'Bad O-man' to do the same...

WVBORN56 said...

I think many "get it" anon...I agree America is toast...we are too far along the prophetic timeline and we have been sold out by republicans and democrats alike. Bush however did throw us a couple of bones along the way and is still a country mile better than Obama.

Anonymous said...

Look at the Joel study. Look at God's words. He is trying to tell us super bad things are coming. Things that make every bad thing that have come before look pretty. Imagine Aushwitz looking fabulous? Well folks, the trib is going to be beyond our worst nightmares. Our sole goal right now should be getting people saved! Scott is so kind and gentle to us, he delicately feeds us milk like the little babies we are in Christ, and I am so thankful and amazed by his patience (fruit of the spirit)and by the wisdom of some of the people here! But the Bible says to shout it from the rooftoops so I am shouting. Time is short, Satan is MAD and trying to fill up hell fast. Jesus is the answer and if you want to wait til they execute you for saying it...I'm yelling at myself here too guys! I apoligize if I have offended anyone! I just cant hold it inside any longer. Jesus is Lord. Nothing else matters! ally

Anonymous said...

I agree..
You know, I was raised as a JW, for over 30 plus years. It took me years and years to unravel what was taught and find the "truth". Of course I found it in Christ. But, what bothered me is why , why didn't anyone ever tell me the gospel. Why didn't anyone tell me who simple and pure the truth was. No one ever told me the gospel. I have to find it out myself, with God doing it of course.

But, since that time, I have tryed to save my family who are JW's. I tell them the Gospel, I try but they are blinded. SO I pray for them to understand. Anyone who is of the saved, the fulness of the Gentiles, will be brought to salvation , drawn in by the HS. I tihnk God is gathering His people now.

No one has offended me! Love you all!

DrNofog said...

Alice, take this from yesterday, change the Bkts for "<" and ">", and save it in a text file 4 future ref until you get the hang of it:

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1 thing to remember is if you start with something [bold], you have to close or end it with the "/" [which is Boolean for negative] - [/bold], but you don't have to spell it out - [b]will make this bold[/b] if I got rid of the Bkts and used the "<", ">" instead.

[i]"is 4 italics"[/i]

Scott said...


I tend to agree with your sentiment above. I was never a big fan of G Bush, especialy Condi Rice - who was no friend of Israel. my first criteria for a president is how they act towards Israel, and Bush wasn't a whole lot different from Obama.

Additionally, I agree that there are covert groups (the usual, Bilderbergs, CFR, Trilateral) who are really pushing the buttons behind the scenes - just as I believe that Obama is basically carrying out Soros' plans.

I don't think that every Republican candidate is a tool for the Bilderbers however, but I do believe that the more moderate ones could be, if not now, later.

Having said all of that - I still believe that the ultimate "tipping point" is the Rapture of the Church...We all (myself included) often forget what an enormous "game changer" the Rapture will be. It will instantaneously change EVERYTHING and the change will be immediate. It could also be satan's signal to "go" with his last plans.

And I also agree that the U.S. is beyond repair. The debt is simply too big now (much of which can be attributed to Soros and his plans). This has been by design IMO.

So even if we were to get the most conservative president available in office AND a conservative house and senate - the rapture would reverse that immediately.

It seems another "good" reason for the rapture to occur prior to the Tribulation

Expected Imminently said...

Dear Anonymous

To human eyes, Christ’s Bride; His Body, the Church is a bedraggled little street urchin dreaming of imaginary wonders.

To the eyes of Faith focused upon The Word; she is gloriously arrayed in the perfect Righteousness of Christ.

Her Bride-groom, her Head, has all eventualities covered, and He is never taken unawares, and He says to His Beloved “Fear Not”.

While watching for our returning Saviour, and as this present age draw to an end; fret not, and do not strive about those things that are coming upon this world to try it because Christ’s own Church is not of this world.

Christ’s Bride is nearly complete and each individual is baptised INTO Christ by The Holy Spirit from the second we were ‘born again’. We are IN Christ and He is seated at the right hand of God the Father on His Father’s throne. We ARE Citizens of Heaven awaiting the redemption of our bodies as Christ is seated in session with His Father.

The devil knows his time is short, like a farmer whose lease is near closure, so out of spite he seeks to burn, pillage and spoil what he cannot possess to deprive the Land Owner of His rightful inheritance; BUT the gates of hell shall NOT prevail against The Church.

The devil would sift each one of us as wheat, but Jesus has prayed for us that our faith will NOT fail.

The accuser of the brethren is routed as Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us. It doesn’t matter what we know, or we do not know; what counts is what Jesus has DONE so He say's “FEAR NOT”!

Proverbs 3:5.Trust in The Lord with all your heart and do not lean to your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He WILL direct your paths.

May the Lord bless each one here with His Peace that passess all understanding.


DrNofog said...

"...It could also be satan's signal to "go"..."

No "could be" about it! He'll know instantly that we're gone and it'll be the biggest 'Green light' he's ever seen in his entire lifetime ... and yes, he'll tromp the pedal to the metal and it'll look worse than the hoards that were chasing Mad Max!

Alice said...

Thanks, DrNo and Ann Marie! Now I want to try to bold something... or link something...

Alright!!! It worked! I bolded! Older dogs CAN learn new tricks! (notice I had a hard time calling myself old)

Now on to more advanced things like links! Links look hard...

Mrs. C said...

Oh my, the fact the U.S., or anyone else for that matter, wont defend Israel in the coming battles, is a subject that the HS brought to my attention, that makes me hesitate with great, great, sadness, to even speak of it. There are a few possibilities why, and neither are the Rapture. IMHO, I dont believe the Rapture happening first, will cause the U.S. to not defend Israel :( obammy coward, has pretty much set the stage for that to happen. He has already betrayed Israel! Dear God Almighty forgive us! Remember Hillarys comments, that the U.S. will defend Israel "IF SHE IS ATTACTED". Umm... it will be too late by then Hillary! But most, importantly, is what Gods Word says about this...His Timing and Purpose. Isaiah 17 is the key, and when that happens time will be short, events will happen very quickly! It is God beginning, but not yet completely, of His turning His attention away from the Church. Ezekiel 38-39, is His completion of the process. We are so close!

Scott said...

Mrs C --- whenever I think about America leaving Israel alone to defend herself (in addition to it being part of God's plan---forcing Israel to look to God and ONLY God) -- I think of the prayer daniel had in Daniel 9....Its always worth reading during times like this...Even though Daniel wasn't part of the greater sins of Israel, he felt compelled to pray in the way that he did...

Scott said...

DrNo - Good point - I agree - satan will see a HUGE Green light, plus, he will know that his time is short and it will be "petal to the metal"...

Anonymous said...

It may be hard to defend Israel if a significant number of military members are raptured.

DrNofog said...

Anonymous said...

"It may be hard to defend Israel if a significant number of military members are raptured.

But that's the whole point!!!

God, behind David Vs. Goliath, does NOT always seem to be larger than "a significant number of military members", Yet He will deliver His Israel!!!

Mrs. C said...

Thank you Scott, yes, Daniel's Prayer is good to read :)

Mrs. C said...

It breaks my heart to think of what will occur , as clearly, no "allies" of Israel defend her in the multiple fronted war of Isaiah 17. Great suffering is coming to Israel, they will barely survive, and Gods Word clearly says why He allows it to happen. At the same time, God is clearly cleaning up His Church, in preparation for the uniting with His Son. It seems to me, that the Church is going through a purification process, as if God is returning the Church to the more pure Faith of the original Believers.
Should the Lord tarry,(and I believe He will), Isaiah 17 will be a final, and most powerful Witness for us to share with the Lost. However Brothers and Sisters, expect great persecution for that Witness...

Scott said...

Good points Mrs C - I agree. He is indeed cleaning up the church - and the division between the lukewarm church (of which many different varieties can be included here) and those who are allowing to be purified is becoming more and more stark by the day.

Mrs. C said...

Amen Scott, Amen!